"Was I Just A Bet?"

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What do you when your coldhearted father tries ruin your life?

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Luka's Pov
I sat with my father and best friend,Jake at the dinner table eating lunch.My Father never has much time for me,because he is the boss of the Kingdon Mafia Clan.My mother left him when i was three and ran off with my dad's best friend and started a new family due to my father's cold heart.I spaced out every now and then while eating "Are you okay Lulu?" Asked Jake using my nickname he gave me years ago.Before i could respond i heard "Hands off Jake" i looked at my dad and seen him glaring at our intertwined hands.We let go as i looked at my dad using my best possible puppy dog eyes saying "Can i go with you to work today please dad?" My dad looked at me glaring before looking back at his food saying "How many times must i tell you TO ONLY CALL ME SIR Luna."My father yelled as i looked at my food mumbling "My names Luka dad not that you care."Jake stood "Well i should be going now bye Luka bye Mr.Kingdon"Jake said walking out as i looked at my father seeing him glaring at Jakes leaving figure.Dad stood and walked away yelling "BE READY IN 10 MINUTES IF YOUR COMING WITH ME" I stood quickly running to my room to get dressed.

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