"Was I Just A Bet?"

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Chapter 2

Luka's Pov
I took a quick shower throwing on a t-shirt and black ripped jeans with converses.I checked the time as i did my hair seeing that i had 3 minutes left,I pulled my blonde hair into a ponytail.Putting on light makeup before running down stairs to see my father walking to the front door.After we locked up the house we got into his Mustang GT5 and drove to his warehouse.
~~~After Arriving At His Warehouse~~~
We walked inside the warehouse people bowing their heads as we walked by not daring to make eye contact with my father.We got to his office and he sat in his chair behind his desk "Sit on the couch and don't say a word unless i say so understood" he asked as he opened his computer loging into it.I nodded my head before pulling out my phone texting Jake.
A man walked in after knocking "Hello Boss"the man spoke unto my father."What do you need Kia"My father asked looking up at the man "The cartels are requesting their payroll Sir" The man known as Kia replied "Tell them they will get payed tomorrow" Kia nodded and turned to walk out stopping when he saw me "Well hello there girlie,who might you be"Kia said smirking "Thats my daughter,Tell him your name" father replied."Luka"i said glaring at the smirking man.
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