"Was I Just A Bet?"

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Chapter 3

Mr.Kingdon Pov
I looked at Kia as he smirked at my daughter."Why dont you two go hang out Kia?"I asked,Luka looked at me wide eyed "I'm not going anywhere with him"Luka responded scowling at me and Kia with fury in her eyes.I scowled at her "And why not?"i asked my voice laced with vemon.
Luka's Pov
I scowled at my father before standing "I'm calling Jake to come get me Sir"i said walking out and going to bathroom locking myself in a stall.I texted Jake asking for him to pick me up from this address,a few minutes later he responded he'd be there in a few.I smiled before walking out washing my hands then going outside to wait.
Mr.Kingdon Pov
'I need to firgue out how to get rid of that Jake boy' I thought as i seen Kia looking at my daughter's leaving firgue on the security camera's behind my desk."How would you like to make a little bet Kia" i asked smirking,Kia looked at me questionably "what kind of bet sir?" Kia asked.I leaned back in my chair saying "Ill pay you to make my daughter fall inlove with you so i can handle that little Jake fellow."Kia's eye widen before he smirked "I accept that bet sir"

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