"Was I Just A Bet?"

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Chapter 4

Jake's Pov
I had just got out the shower when my phone went off,tieing a towel around my waist i walked over to my phone to see a message from Luka.I read her message replying i would be there in a few to pick her up.I put on a tank top and blue jeans putting on a pair on black boots.Grabbing my keys i locked my apartment and walked down to the motel parking lot,I unlocked my Lamborghini Hurrican getting in and driving to the address Luka sent me.
~~~After Jake Arrived At The Warehouse~~~
I pulled up to the address and seen Luka sitting on the sidewalk in front of a ware house.After getting out of my car and locking it,I walked over to Luka "Whats up Lulu"i asked "Nothing just wanna go hang out with you"She replied.Luka stood up walkimg over to my car as i unlocked it walking over to the driver side getting in "So where you wanna go"I asked she shrugged.
Luka's Pov
As we drove around i looked at Jake lovingly.Ill admit i have a small crush on him,but I'd never tell him that.Jake looked at me before looking back at the road "Wanna go watch a movie?" I lit up excited "Yes let's go"i replied.
~~~After Arriving At The Theatre~~~
Jake's Pov
I got out the car opening the door for Luka helping her out.I grabbed her hand smiling when i seen her "Let's go get our tickets Lulu" i said as we walked hand in hand to the theatre lobby buying tickets to a horror movie knowing Luka would get scared and grab onto me.We got our food and went to our seats near the back,As the movie started she looked at me sideways "what kind of movie did you pick Jake?" She asked.I smirked saying "You'll love it" when the first jump scare happened she screamed grabbing onto my arm before letting go and glaring at me.After the movie ended i drove her home as she was about to get out she gave me a quick peek on the cheek blushing before running into her house,us not noticing the glaring shadow watching us.
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