Precious Virtue

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[Sequel To Precious Sins] As the weeks go by and summer break ends, Preston King and Adrien Aguilera's mending friendship becomes just a bit more complicated as they start university, and they're separated by distance. For Preston, while he's excited to take his first steps into gaining the career he's wanted for a long time, he isn't sure how he is going to juggle his heavy course load, make new friends, while also rebuilding his relationship with Adrien while they are far apart from each other. And for Adrien, well, he just doesn't know what he's doing, period. With new friendships and (possibly) new relationships, both boys struggle to comprehend what this'll mean for their future, and if they'll come out of this stronger than ever, or end up crashing and burning. [Content Warning: Mental Health Topics; Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Substance Abuse.] [BOYXBOY/MPREG] Copyright © 2021 by Angel Jaxon All Rights Reserved.

Romance / Other
Angel Jaxon
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Chapter One

A/N: If you haven’t read Precious Sins, make sure you read that book first!

Preston's POV

Dad and I arrived at the university campus bright and early at eight-thirty in the morning, where we had been shown to where the parking lot was for Elizabeth Hall, the residence building I would be moving into. We had gotten up bright and early at five am, giving us an hour to shower, get dressed, and load up all my stuff into the trunk and back seat of Dad's car. Then, when six am hit, we were on the road.

The whole trip to campus had taken us two hours, including the time we stopped to grab breakfast from a random coffee shop in the middle of a town I've never been in before. Needless to say, I was fucking tired and no amount of coffee could wake me up. But at the same time, I was excited to be moving into my residence dorm today.

It was busy. Despite it being early in the morning, there were already many first-year students and their families helping them move into residence. Though I was glad I was given the morning slot to move in, because I knew for a fact that it would only get busier later in the day, and by then, I would already be moved in. I picked up my residence keys from the resident desk, which was in a separate building considering Elizabeth hall was made up of a community of townhouse-style residence buildings, with each townhouse holding four to six students.

Now, I was helping Dad bring all of my stuff into my townhouse dorm, up the stairs to the second floor where my room was located. I helped him bring in my suitcases with my clothes, my bins of kitchen supplies, all my toiletries, etc. What was great about this residence, was that I got a full-sized kitchen with a fridge and stove to cook on, and my own bathroom that I had to share with only one other person. Oh, and a single room. Despite it being one of the most expensive out of all the buildings, I thought it was worth it.

"Fuck, you have a lot of stuff, Preston," Dad huffed, placing the last of my bins down on the floor in my dorm room. I glanced over at him and chuckled.

"Well, I am going to be living here for the next six months."

"Yeah, no kidding," He shook his head, the ghost of a smile on his face, "I'm going to miss you, ya know that?"

"Yeah..." I sighed, briefly glancing around at all my stuff on the floor, then back up at my dad, "I'll miss you too. And Kodey. But I'll be back for reading week next month—and Christmas, and the reading week after that..."

"Quit rambling and come give your old man a hug, would ya?" He said. I smiled crookedly at him, and when I walked over, Dad pulled me into his arms in a tight hug and patted my back. I hugged him back, and we stayed like that for a moment before he let go of me.

We got to unpacking. Dad helped me put on the mattress topper over my bed, before he made my bed, throwing on the sheets along with my comforter and my pillows. While he did that, I unpacked my suitcase, putting all of my clothes and shoes into the wardrobe. After I did that, I unpacked my laptop and school supplies, which I organized on my desk, and in the corner of my room, I put down my guitar.

It took me nearly two hours to unpack everything, but once I did, my room looked much more like a room, and it finally started to sink in that I was actually here, a freshman, majoring in neuroscience at the University of Leighton, the number one school I had been wanting to get into.

It was still crazy to think about, but it was an exciting fresh start that I couldn't wait to embark on.

I said goodbye to Dad. We gave me another one of his warm hugs, and this time, when he let go, he had tears in his eyes. I've rarely ever seen my dad cry, so the fact that he was tearing up now, just as he was about to leave, made it hard for me not to tear up as well.

"I love you kiddo," Dad said, clasping my shoulder, "and I'm so proud of you, you know that? I hope you have a good experience here."

"Thanks, Dad," I smiled softly at him, "and I love you too."

Dad returned the smile. He then kissed me on the forehead, and with one final wave, I watched as he walked out of my dorm room, closing the door behind him. I sighed, heart, squeezing in my chest the moment the door closed, the room instantly falling silent.

I moved and sat down on the bed, pulling out my phone, where I saw a text from Adrien from a few minutes ago that said: Are you moved in yet? How's the dorm? I smiled at the text and quickly replied.

Preston: yeah, I just finished unpacking my stuff and my dad just left. The dorm's a lot nicer than I thought it would be tbh.

Adrien: That's great! My mom and I are going to be heading out shortly, we just got all my stuff loaded in the car...and her friend's van because I have way too much stuff. Have you met your roommates yet?

Preston: how much shit did you pack for you to need to bring two cars??

Preston: And no, I haven't seen them yet.

Adrien: my art supplies take up a lot of room, okay??? Don't judge me :(

Preston: mhmm...totally not judging :) <3

Adrien: :((((( </3

I chuckled at Adrien's reply, and just as I was texting back, I heard the front door opening downstairs, followed by the sound of voices and other ruckus.

I stood up from the bed, tucking my phone into my pocket along with my dorm keys as I stepped out of my room, walking down the short hallway towards the stairs. When I reached the top of the stairs, I instantly saw two guys standing at the doorway with their stuff around them, the two of them talking and laughing away. I made my way down the stairs, gaining both their attention as their gazes landed over to me.

"Let me guess, Elijah and Flores, right?" I asked them, a smile falling onto my face. The only reason I knew their names was because they were listed under my resident information online.

"Yeah, I'm Flores," The blonde guy greeted me with a smile holding his hand out. He was a king, roughly an inch taller than me, with brown eyes and beige skin tone. His ears were also pierced, a stud on his left ear, and a dangly earring on the right. I shook his hand and returned the smile before I turned to the guy beside him.

"I'm Elijah," The other guy greeted, a hockey bag shrugged over his shoulder, and his dark auburn hair casually brushed away from his face. He was also a king, the same height as I was, with warm hazel eyes and warm ivory skin tone. He also had a silver nose ring on his right nostril. "You're Preston, right?"

"Yup, that's me," I smirked, then shook Elijah's hand, it's nice to meet you both."

Elijah laughed, "You too! So I guess this means we'll be roomies for the school year, eh? I have to say, I find it pretty funny that I'm rooming with a dude whose first name is the same as my last name." Elijah turned his gaze to Flores as he said that. Flores chuckled at him.

"What can I say? I am pretty hot," Elijah joked. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Elijah, hun!" A woman's voice called from outside, "come help your dad bring in the rest of your things!"

"Okay, one sec!" Elijah called back out, to who I assumed was his mom, before he placed his hockey bag onto the ground, "welp, that's my cue to leave, boys. I will be back to chat once I get all my shit in my room."

"Do you need any help?" I asked him.

"Nah, I think I'm alright. Thanks though," Elijah smiled at me. I smiled back before he waved and headed back outside.

Flores said he still had to bring in some of his stuff as well, and when I offered my help, Flores agreed. I followed him outside over to his vehicle, where both his parents were unloading his stuff. I introduced myself to them, and then, I helped them carry all of Flores' bins and other items up to the third floor of the townhouse, where his room was located.

It didn't take too long to bring all of Flores's stuff up to his room. It only took another hour for him to unpack and put his stuff away. By the time Elijah and Flores were officially moved into their rooms, the three of us sat around in the sitting room on the couches, chatting away as if we knew each other for a long time, even if it's only been a couple of hours.

Even if we've only met, they were pretty laid-back guys, and I enjoyed talking to them. It was honestly refreshing to meet new people, and just from our interactions, I could tell that I was going to enjoy being roommates with them for my first year here.

"So, you play guitar? That's awesome. I actually like the drums. Are you thinking of maybe doing a music minor or something?" Flores said, leaning back against the couch, legs perched up on the coffee table. Elijah was sitting on one of the chairs, legs hanging over the arm of the chair, while I sat beside Flores on the couch, facing him.

"Yeah, actually. I was thinking about adding a music minor," I nodded my head, "what are you two majoring in any way?"

"I'm in biomed," Flores replied.

"Mathematical Science," Elijah butted in after Flores, "I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do with the degree, but I just kinda like math. I also dabble in a little bit of guitar, so. I guess we're all a couple of music geeks."

"Well, I mean...we are all part of the music house," Flores chuckled.

Elijah hummed, "touché."

I laughed, shaking my head. Music House was part of the Living Learning Communities we had, which ultimately brings students together through similar interests. Each house is located at a different residence building, and the music house just so happens to be located in Elizabeth Hall. There were roughly around fifty students who were part of the music house; me, Flores, Elijah, and our other two roommates who weren't here yet are part of it as well. It's the main reason we were all roomed together.

Speaking of our other two roommates, the front door opened suddenly while the three of us were talking, two girls wandering into the townhouse while chatting amongst themselves. Flores and Elijah looked over at them, just as I did, watching as the two girls walked further into the place before their eyes caught sight of the three of us sitting around in the living room.

"Oh, seems as the rest of our roommates have finally moved in," One of the girls spoke up. She was a king. The two of them were kings, actually. Her hair was long, reaching half of her back in tight, dark brown curls, while her skin was a warm sepia colour. Her brown eyes looked at us in curiosity and amusement. The girl beside her smiled.

"Hello, boys," The other girl greeted me with a distinct French accent. Her hair was pastel pink that faded light brown roots, her skin was a light sandy colour, and her eyes were a deep green. I smiled at her in greeting.

"Hello, girls," Elijah greeted with a laugh, "you guys have already moved in?"

"Yeah, we moved in yesterday, actually," The first girl replied, then walked over as she held her hand out to Elijah, "I'm Blaire," she said, then gestured to the girl with pink hair besides her, "and that's Primrose."

"Nice to meet you both, I'm Elijah," Elijah grinned at them, shaking Blaire's hand before gesturing to Flores and me, "blondie over there is Flores, and then that's Preston."

"Nice to meet you all," Primrose said with a smile, "mind if we join you?"

"Not at all," I replied. Primrose and Blaire didn't hesitate to join the three of us, Blaire sitting on the couch with Flores and me while Primrose sat in the other chair across from Elijah.


The five of us ended up chatting and laughing nonstop for the next couple of hours. We all told stories about each other, from our childhood and high school. Flores even brought up the fact that he had a partner, who had moved into their dorm at Faith University this morning, which was funny to me considering that's the school Adrien is going to. He was supposed to have moved in this afternoon.

"Your partner goes to Faith? My best friend goes there as well. He should have just moved in this afternoon," I told him.

"Really? What a coincidence," Flores laughed, "perhaps they'll run into each other."

"Yeah, maybe," I laughed, "I can ask him about it later when I get the chance."

"Well...I don't know about you guys," Elijah spoke up then, sitting up straighter on the chair, "but I'm starving, and uh, we have no food."

"There's a family restaurant about a ten-minute bus ride from campus," Blaire stated, "why don't we go check it out? They have pizza there."

"That sounds like a great idea!" Primrose agreed.

"I'm in. I could use a pizza," I laughed. Flores agreed.

"Perfect!" Blaire cheered, "let's go then!"

The five of us jumped up from our seats, grabbed our bags and wallets before we were out the door.

We all headed to the bus station that was located at the University Center. Once we got there, we all double-checked which bus to get on, before getting onto the correct bus, showing our student cards to the driver, as we had a free bus pass.

The bus ride didn't take long. As Blaire said, it only took about ten minutes. So when the bus pulled up to our stop, we all thanked the bus driver before stepping out of the bus.

We all followed Blaire down the sidewalk before we came up to the family diner. When we stepped inside the restaurant, the place was buzzing with people. The restaurant was a diner on the left side, and on the right side, there was a sports bar.

We were greeted by the hostess at the podium, and it didn't take long before we were guided by a waitress to an empty booth in the corner of the restaurant. Once we were seated, she gave us our menus, and filled our glasses of water, before walking off.

"Ugh, everything looks good," Elijah groaned from beside me, as he flipped through the menu, "I have no idea what I should get."

"Why don't we just order a large pizza and split it between all five of us?" Primrose suggested, "and we can each get our own sides."

"Yeah, that's not a bad idea," Flores agreed. Primrose smiled, and when she glanced at the rest of us, we all nodded our heads in agreement.

When the waitress came back to take our orders, Blaire ordered the large pizza for all of us, and then we each ordered our sides and drinks. During the time the waitress came back with our drinks, the five of us chatted amongst ourselves while we waited for our pizza and sides to be ready. We all compared schedules, to see if we had any classes together considering we were all science majors. I ended up noticing that I had a couple of classes with Flores and Blaire, and calculus with Elijah and Primrose.

Once our food arrived, Elijah was first to dive into the pizza, stealing a couple of slices. Overall dinner at the restaurant was a blast, and I had a great time with my new roommates. It was like the five of us just meshed together, like we have been friends for ages. It brought a smile to my face.

Yeah. I would enjoy it here.
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