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Kiara is an element, fire to be exact. As Alina gathers everybody for a group meeting to discuss plans for future years, Kiara is more occupied with something else, or should I say someone.

Romance / Fantasy
Jane Doe
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Kiara took a deep breath as she stared out from the front of the farmhouse in which she lived. Her fingers fished in the pocket of her dress until they had found the smooth edges of the familiar object they had been searching for. She pulled out the marble and rested it against her lips as she breathed in. She thought of the memories that went with the marble. She sighed and dropped it back into her pocket. Those memories were from when she was a child, a little innocent girl. It was remarkable how suddenly her innocence had been stolen. She had grown up in the years after that. No, she would not dwell on the past. She would move on to more pleasant things. She wouldn’t think about the one who wrecked her life. Her fingers moved mechanically back into her pocket and around the marble. As she struggled to forget the person who gave her the marble, her fingers began to glow and the marble grew in heat until it burned a hole through her pocket and rolled off the porch into the grass.

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