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Chapter 1

“I’m not going.” Kiara spat out. As Anila whispered the meeting place and time for the Conventus. This was an annual meeting where the elements had to assume a human form and go to a cave in the side of the great mountain Edithe to discuss what the necessary duties of the elements are for the coming year in order for life to survive on Earth. Anila gathered up her winds to create her human form. She had windblown blond verging on white hair cascading down her back, rosy lips, and white eyes mixed with a little light gray. She looked like she was twenty even though everyone knew she had been around much longer than that. She sat down next to Kiara who was already in human form. Kiara had a very soft slightly gold shade of orange hair. Her eyes resembled wood still glowing from a fire almost out. Her smooth caramel skin, honey colored lips and perfectly shaped teeth deceived most people into thinking she was kind and passive, but she was true to her nature. Fire is warm and comforting from the right distance, but if you are too close, it burns. When given the right opportunity it takes over and can consume homes and forests and is never satisfied. It only stops when there is no more to take. She crossed her arms and hissed.

“You can’t expect me to just abandon my duties for a day and run up to the side of a stupid hill when ever y’all decide to have a meeting. Do you know what I have planned for today? Not only do I have to create fire to cook meals for thousands of people at different times because of the ridiculous time zone stuff, but I have to keep people warm with contained indoor fires and...and...I am an element most people can’t live without for a night! Did you know that there is this poor person suffering from hypothermia in the North? He needs a fire near him constantly. If I leave for even thirty minutes he will die.” After waiting patiently for Kiara to finish, Anila smiled warmly and said,

“We all know that the main things on your list of things to do today is to burn people, forests, and animals. This meeting is only once a year. You don’t even have to fully be there. You can keep fires going in other places as well like you are doing now.” She sighed.

“I was also told to tell you not to mess with Delwyn this year. It was very entertaining last year although it resulted in nothing being done due to the heightened emotions.”

“He sat too close to me. He is ice and I am fire. It hurt.” Kiara snapped. Anila brushed Kiara’s hair out of her face with a gust of air.

“You have a short temper, honey. You get upset over the smallest things. You are always picking on everyone and everybody for no reason.” Kiara snorted.

“So he can cause me physical pain, and I’m just supposed to ignore him.”

“There is no need to be bitter.”

“Come to the meeting, and this time don’t accidentally burn off anybody’s arm. Okay, darling?” Kiara bursted into flames and then sputtered out leaving Anila sitting by herself. Anila clucked to herself, and then twirled around transitioning back into her true form of wind to go and tell Ginevra about the meeting.

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