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Chapter 2

Ginevra was in the swelling tide splashing the toes of a baby playing in the water with its mother. She smiled as she heard the baby laugh and made the water gentle and the current near the shore nonexistent so the baby would not be swept from its mother who waded with it in her arms a little deeper. She then turned to a pair of kids splashing in her a little further out. She watched them suddenly begin an argument over a beautiful shell they had found. As they reached to hit each other, she sent a forceful wave which knocked both down. The children came up laughing and were friends once more. Pleased, she drifted herself farther out in order to watch a group of whales. A new whale had just been born into the group and she couldn’t wait for it to grow a little older so she could play with it. Suddenly Anila appeared rippling the water as she blew past. She came to a stopping point and regained enough of a human form to communicate. Ginevra rose up and let the water around her build up a similar form. She had sea green eyes with long dark lashes, matching hair in a messy wet braid, and light brown skin.

“What’s the news?” She asked as she put one of the many loose strands of hair back behind her ear.

“The Conventus is today.” Ginevra smiled as a flower drifted towards them and swept it up into her hair.

“Have you told Kiara yet?”

“Yes, stubbornly against it like usual.” Ginevra giggled as one of the whales brushed her feet when it came up for air.

“Did you tell her Terran was going to be there?”

“No, but really, earth isn’t truly an element. He doesn’t belong at these meetings. I’m about to go talk to Delwyn. With some luck he might actually come to the meeting. The poor thing, always picked on by Kiara. We mustn’t blame her though, she has been through some rough times herself, an orphan and all.”

“Well she also is fire, so it might just be her personality.” She snorted at her bad joke. “Why do they attribute those sort of traits to fire? Is the meeting at sunset again?”


“I’ll be there. Oh, Terran though. You invited him right? He is so handsome. If he wasn’t with Kiara already I would try to snatch him. That lucky goose.”

Anila smiled, and whisked herself away creating some small waves in her departure. Ginevra giggled and turned her focus back to the whales before getting distracted by some dolphins further off.


Delwyn was walking through the streets of New York City. A little girl was dancing along down the street with her mother. He rushed forward as snow making her fingers sting from the cold. She stopped and cried out, and then he turned and made the mother’s cheeks sting as well until she pulled her scarf a little higher. He was in a bad mood that day. He had just come from the prison where his father was held. Anila came through pushing clouds away revealing the sun for the grateful mother. Delwyn scowled and turned around to face her as she drifted down.

“Why are you here?” He had already assumed human form by the time she came down, and as he turned his black eyes, the sight of his dark hair, albino lips and skin was frightful. Anila shook her head and proceeded to tell him about the meeting as well as comment on how he should spend some time in a country during summer in order to bring some color back into his complexion.

“Oh, and before I leave, don’t let Kiara bother you at the meetings. She has just been through some hard times as of the past few years. Her last grandparent died last year and left her to manage the whole farm on her own. I’m sure she is more stable and less stressed now. She is just very busy with managing her ‘human’ life and making sure fires are created, kept in control or not, and put out when need be. She shouldn’t have taken her anger or stress out on you though. I don’t see why she dislikes you so. You don’t deserve it. You have your own struggles.”

His cold grin almost made her stop mid-sentence.

“Look, you need to be at the meeting. It’s only once a year.” Anila attempted to give him a sympathetic smile before she turned away and disappeared with a breeze that blew past. Delwyn grunted and sat down with his back to a tree. He wished Kiara didn’t hate him, not that he would admit it to anybody. Nobody knew the true reason she hated him. Nobody knew that he deserved her resentment. He had a flashback to when he was younger. He was playing in the woods. He had created snowballs using his element even though it was supposed to be summer in England and was feeding a nearby fox by making them form under its nose. Kiara’s dad had been asked to look after him for a few hours while his dad took care of the restoration of a melting glacier in Antarctica since they were close friends. It’s funny to think about fire and ice being besties. He grinned. This wasn’t the time for reflections. He would go to the meeting if only just see her face again. Suddenly he frowned. What if Terran was there? He sighed. He probably deserved to watch her kissing someone else. It would be painful, especially since dirt was not even considered an element by most people, but if she truly loved him...Contrary to the popular opinion, he did not have a heart of ice though even he believed the lie at times.

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