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Chapter 3

Terran was sitting in the forest in his human form. He had bright green eyes that resembled fresh green grass beginning to grow. He had dirty blond hair and his nose was splashed with freckles. He had already agreed to go to the meeting. He smiled. He couldn’t wait to see Kiara again. He took a deep breath. How he loved the smell of the wilderness around him. He saw a little sapling struggling to grow and bent down to free it from the weeds choking it. He hated killing things, even weeds, but as he transformed the sapling into a tall oak tree that would normally take decades to grow, he was put at peace again. He gently formed the branches to grow in the shape of a T. Then in his excitement, he created a K next to it. A bird flew overhead and landed in between the letters. It began to sing as it cheerfully and meticulously found and picked up the nearby twigs to create a nest. Terran hummed cheerfully trying to pick up the bird’s melody but soon gave up and started to stroll through the forest. He began to think about the upcoming meeting again. What should he say? He knew the others all viewed him as a joke. Anila had likely only invited him in the hopes it would convince Kiara to come. Then he remembered the last meeting. He recalled how Delwyn had given them a weird look before sitting down on the other side of Kiara. Delwyn’s arm had accidentally touched Kiara’s and then...to put it simply the meeting had ended. At the very end Kiara had grabbed him and kissed him in front of Delwyn as if trying to say something. He frowned as he came back to the present. Were they a couple before she met him? He didn’t think he had much competition from this boy who clearly disliked him given how much Kiara seemed to hate him. Well, he might as well keep his guard up when around Delwyn. There could be no harm in that. Pleased with this conclusion, he started to whistle as he continued leisurely strolling through the forest on his way to Kiara’s house in order to take her to the meeting.


Alina sat at the head of a big round oval table in the cave at the top of the mountain. She looked at the clock. She wondered if time was an element. Should she have invited Neander? No why risk it. He had a sort of evil aura to him she didn’t like. Plus everyone was already hesitant on earth being an element. They weren’t a very inclusive group. Better to not invite any others and play it safe. She sighed and leaned back in her chair praying this meeting would go better than the last one.

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