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Chapter 4

Delwyn walked into the big fancy room inside the cave where they usually met. It was the very opposite of what you think of when you think of a cave. It was brightly lit, lavishly decorated, and you couldn’t find even a speck of dirt or dust. Dirt. Hmmm. He hoped Terran wasn’t coming to this meeting. He took a seat at the end of the long oval table. Anila was the only other person there for the moment. Well this should be awkward. Anila looked up at him, smiled, looked back down and started to rearrange her one notepad and two pencils. There is really only so much organizing you can do before it becomes obvious that you really are just trying to do something to make the situation less awkward which makes the situation more awkward as a whole. Delwyn could only bear this for so long. He coughed and then slid his chair leaning back heavily.

“So, is anyone else coming?” Anila finally looked up again and trying to make it sound like she really had been working and concentrating hard on the question of which of the indistinguishable pencils should be in front of the other, she attempted to look and sound startled. This only succeeded in making her flustered.

“Oh, I don’t know. I mean, yes, everyone else should be coming. I think...no..wait...yes, that’s right...Ginevra, Terran, and well...um...Kiara.” She had been looking everywhere in the room but at him, but at the last name she turned to see how he reacted. At that moment, Kiara strolled in with Terran. They both sat down, and looked around. After acknowledging that Ginevra had yet to make her appearance so the meeting couldn’t possibly start yet, they turned to each other to continue a private conversation, giggling and what not. Delwyn watched as Terran grew a flower in his hand and placed it in her hair. There once was a time when Kiara would smile and take his flowers made of ice even though they didn’t last long in her hands. He sighed. He was about to leave when Ginevra stepped into the room. She clapped her hands in excitement and sat down.

“I am so sorry I am late! I did not mean to at all! There was just this shiny rock I found when going up the river to the base of the mountain.” She giggled with delight, and it was a while before she was able to continue. “There were beautiful fish gathered all around it and they wouldn’t move because the rock was there. The poor things were going to starve, and I couldn’t let that happen. I removed the rock, and you will never guess what was beneath it! The eggs of a sea turtle! They must have drifted upstream. I only had to think about the water moving them before I realized where they fell into the water. So of course I had to go back and bury them in the sand near the shore where they once were. They are going to be so cute! I am going to name one Charlie!” Everybody smiled.

“How many were there?” Terran asked.

“Oh, about five or six drifted downstream. The mother buried hundreds. Only a few will survive though. It’s sad really, but the other animals must have something to eat.”

“Well, we can name all the rest Terran and hope a few make it out.” He smiled. Ginevra giggled and then snorted. Anila coughed in an attempt to get everybody’s attention.

“We need to discuss what we need to do the following year in terms of seasons, natural disasters and so on. We should probably start by discussing what we did this year so we can form a list of what needs to be done now. I’ll start.” She looked around making sure that everyone’s eyes were on her before continuing.

“Most of what I did was help everyone else’s events happen. Giving air to fires and helping them spread, moving water in hurricanes, typhons, cyclones, and we even did a tsunami, right Ginevra? What I did on my own however was a tornado.” She smiled remembering how pleasant it had felt.

“Yes, I made several tornados. Only a few made the news however so if I create more this year I’ll make sure to store up my energy before I make it. I also helped farmers by controlling my winds during their harvests so they weren’t struggling to keep their food like the year before when I blew half of it away, and I shipwrecked a few sailors who seemed quite evil however they all survived thanks to Ginevra.”

“Oh, those poor sailors. One was named Tommy you know. He was a darling. When struggling to survive adrift on pieces of wood in the water with the other sailors, he had told his friend that he was going to make it back home. ‘A storm couldn’t keep him from marrying his sweetheart’. Oh, how sweet! I couldn’t help saving him and his friends.”

“I’m done. Why don’t you continue, Ginevra?” Anila smiled as she wrote everything carefully down on her notepad.

“Oh, well there was a hurricane. Eta I believe they called it. Those poor Americans. That was back in November though so they are quite recovered from it. Let’s see...oh there was a flash flood in Afghanistan in August before that.” She suddenly smiled and her eyes lit up again.

“I worked with Terran to create a tsunami. It hit Greece and Turkey I believe. I am afraid it killed a lot of people, but we agreed that they needed that awful city to be wiped out so they could rebuild it. The pollution was nasty too. Oh and I hit Bangladesh and India with a large Cyclone. I got a really cute postcard from Bangladesh! Oh, and that was in May like we agreed. Oh there was a hurricane in August I forgot about! Laura, I think they called it. One day they will get my name right. Hmmm….There were a few more flashfloods. I don’t think there was anything else. Oh wait! In November, I sent a typhoon to the Philippines. I was sort of sad about that one. My cousin lived there. He told me that I avoided the right house, but I accidentally wiped out his neighbor. Okay, I think that’s it!” She grinned and sat back in her chair to wait for the next person.

“Terran, would you like to go?” Alina turned to face him.

“Oh, um sure.” He had been busy looking at Ginevra.

“So I created an earthquake in October in order to help Ginevra with her tsunami that hit Greece and Turkey. In January I created another earthquake in Turkey, and I also worked with Kiara” He smiled at her. “To create a volcanic eruption in the Philippines. Okay, that’s it. I’m done with all the major incidents I caused.”

“I’ll go next.” Kiara cut in before Alina could ask her.

“I created a series fo brushfires in Australia lasting from January to March.” She began to glow and the room grew hot from her excitement.

“I also created a volcanic eruption with Terran’s help.” She turned and kissed him.

“There was a drought and heatwave somewhere in America, and several firestorms in the West. That’s it.” She smiled.

“I created a few hailstorms and a bunch of snowstorms in the North. In order to keep this global warming concern thing going, I wasn’t permitted to create a snowstorm or any snow at all in Russia. And that’s it.” Delwyn started and finished very quickly so he wouldn’t have time to get especially upset over the lack of things they had asked him to do.

“Well then. This year, I think the area that was suffering from a drought should get some hurricane of sorts. The areas with wildfires...Delwyn, why don’t you hit them with something?” Alina could sense his anger at not being asked to do much the previous year.

“Terran, you should work with Kiara at what the humans call the ring of fire. Keep those volcanoes erupting! Ginevra, throw a few hurricanes and storms where you think necessary. I will keep in touch with you. Everyone else, create small stuff of everything, but I think this year should be more relaxed on the people. Let them have some time to recuperate from the previous year before you hit them hard.” She looked around to see if she was missing anything.

“Meeting adjourned.” Terran turned to Kiara.

“I have to go take of something. If you wait here, I’ll be back soon and can walk you home. You can go ahead if you don’t want to wait though.” He sank into the ground. Ginevra sighed as she watched him and shook her head commenting on how lucky Kiara was as she transformed into a stream running down the mountain. Alina had already left as a sweet mountain breeze. Delwyn looked at Kiara and started to transform into snow that the breeze would carry away when Kiara interrupted him.

“Why did you do it?”

“It was your birthday, and I wanted to impress you.” He disappeared in flecks of snow.

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