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Chapter Five

Delwyn sighed. He remembered how he met her. The fox he had been playing with had gotten startled when he moved and run away. He had followed it into a village. He had lost track of the fox and had gotten bored. He sat down and started to create a snowman. He remembered seeing a beautiful girl’s face peer around the corner at him inquisitively. He had smiled and created an ice flower for her. She had run over and grabbed it excitedly and in her enthusiasm her hands started to glow a fiery red and melted the flower causing her to cry. He quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out a marble which he gave to her while feeling very generous and like a hero, he had been, after all, six years old. The five year old girl had smiled and pecked him on the cheek. She had run away directly after from embarrassment and had proceeded to watch him from the window of her house across the street ducking whenever he looked up. After that day they had become best friends. His dad was often gone and so he was often left in her father’s care. He woke up from his reverie. They wouldn’t be together again. At least not like they had been before. Those days from the past were gone. Only little kids liked ice. As he walked to his house in a village in the North, he passed a little girl playing in the snow. She was laughing. He walked over to her and handed her a flower made of ice.

“Look what I found.” He smiled at her, and then walked around the corner of the house. The little girl ran after him to thank him, but when she turned the corner all she saw was snow.


Kiara sighed. Her hand reached into her pocket grasping for the familiar comforting object she always kept with her only to discover a hole.


Terran returned to the cave gasping as he created a human form from the ground again. He had just fixed another problem with the underground volcano at Yellowstone. He stretched, yawned, and looked around. Kiara was gone. He shrugged. He hadn’t expected her to wait. She had a whole load of problems to take care of as fire, and it had taken him an hour to discover how to fix the problem. It was a shame though. He had been really excited to show her their initials in the trees. He had grown several flowers around the letters, and it had turned out pretty nice. He was proud of his work. He decided to go to her house before continuing his load of work for the day.


Kiara rummaged through her shelves, and drawers. She pulled the blankets off her bed and checked the drains in the sinks. It couldn’t be gone. It couldn’t be gone. She kept repeating to herself. Suddenly Terran appeared.

“Hey, what are you searching for darling?” He grabbed her hand, gently pulling her upward from where she had been checking the cracks in the floorboards.

“Oh, nothing of great importance.” She tried to casually wipe her hands off on her dress.

“Well then, I had something I wanted to show you.” Kiara really didn’t want to leave, but as she looked at his excited face, she couldn’t refuse him.

“Sure.” She tried to smile for him. Sure he was cute, and romantic, but he wasn’t Delwyn. If only Delwyn hadn’t....It was too late for that. She followed Terran into the forest.


This is useless, Delwyn decided. I’m not going to get over her, but I might as well try to talk to her about the incident. See how much she knows. She deserves to know everything. He reappeared as snow at her house. When he transformed back into human form, he started to walk to her door. Then he stepped on something. He reached down and picked up the marble. He rolled it around in his hands until he found their carved initials. They had each carved the others into the marble when they were 19, two years ago. He sighed. She had thrown out the marble. She probably didn’t want anything to do with him. He put the marble in his pocket, and went back to his house.


Kiara returned home. She found an envelope on one of the chairs on the front porch.

Dear Kiara,

I don’t know how much you know. Probably just enough to hate me for my part in it, but you deserve to know everything. I was going to ask you to marry me. I was too excited. I was working on creating a ring for you out of ice that wouldn’t melt. I was so occupied by it that I walked out into public with it. I didn’t even stop to consider that I was in public. I was foolish. My dad sensed it, and arrived. I was in one of the small villages. One of the small villages that you know very well because you parents lived there. The code, essential for many reasons, insists that any human who witnesses such magic be killed in a reasonable way due to a natural disaster. I had walked into the center of the village. My father didn’t know who had seen me, and I didn’t know either. He didn’t hesitate. He sent a snowstorm and wiped out the whole village. Your mother was human. She died. Your father came to the village instantly when he learned of the snowstorm. He was too late. He incorrectly blamed my father instead of me. He charged my dad and they fought each other. My dad killed yours and then was imprisoned for it. He wouldn’t allow me to take the blame. I am sorry. I still love you, but I don’t deserve you as you already know. I found the marble in the grass where you threw it. I hope you don’t mind my keeping one memento of us.


Kiara’s fingers went to her pocket and fingered the hole before they fingered the new ring on her finger. She burned the letter, and went to go continue her duties as fire.


Delwyn smiled when he heard the news of Kiara’s engagement from Alina. No one ever saw him again. The only thing the search party found was a heart of ice lying on his bed.

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