Nightmare kiss

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What would you do if you found the man you love kissing another woman on the day before your wedding?

Romance / Horror
Emma S Harris
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Chapter 1

Only 20 minutes to go before the best day of my life begins. I will finally be able to send the rest of my life with the man I love. Jake is the most amazing guy I ever. We have been together ever since we were 16 years ago. I sit patiently in my wedding dress to walk down the aisle.

I hear a lot of freaking out going out saying the groom is missing. People are rushing all over the place, trying to find him. But no one could locate him. I am starting to freak out. I wonder why Jake would disappear 20 minutes before our wedding.

I know it is a tradition for the bride and groom not to see each other before the wedding. But I am the only one that can find out what is terribly wrong with Jake. I walked out of my room and began looking for him.

I walk into my mother’s room and to my horror. My fiancé has his arms wrapped around my mother. They were kissing so passionately. My heart fell into a million pieces. I watched as the kiss continued. I couldn’t believe what I had seen. A gust of wind blew the door closed. The kiss ended “I must leave to go and get ready for my wedding.” Jake turned, and I was holding there looking at him “How could you kiss my mother? How long has this been going on for?” “Lara it is not what it looks like” “Yeah it doesn’t look like much at all. It just looks like you are having an affair with my mother.” Lara removed her engagement ring and threw it at him “No wait, Lara, don’t do this.” “We are no more, Jake. Get out of my sight.”

I run out of my mother’s room, and I can hear Jake following me. I try to run, but it is so hard to move in this wedding dress. Jake grabs hold of my arm and turns me to face him “Please, Lara, it’s not what you think at all.” “It looks like you were very cosy with my mother forgetting we were getting married.” “You only imagine things the kiss it never happened I swear to you.” I feel like I have nowhere to live now. My mum let Jake move into our house when his parents died. I look at Jake, and he did look distraught that I was hurt or was it because I caught him?

I start walking away from him. The bottom of my wedding dress is getting destroyed in the muck. It had been raining all night, so the roads were filthy dirty. I honestly thought that Jake loved me as much as I loved him. But now I can see that it was one big lie. Jake never loved me at all and used me for a home to live in when his parents passed.

Suddenly I hear something breaking, and it is so strange there is nothing around me that could break. I keep looking for the broken item, and then I was thinking could I hear my heart breaking? The gardens of the house where we were to get married look lovely. I remember the first time Jake brought me to this place. He couldn’t afford a room, so we sat in the garden’s and just watched the water flowing. This place became our go-to place when we were celebrating something. I can’t believe this place has destroyed my life now.

I watch the stars later that evening. The tears are rolling down my face. I am so upset. My life is over, and I will never find another man like Jake in my life. I can’t believe he would do something like this to me. Am I not good enough for him anymore? Why would he not tell me instead of waiting until today to snap my heart in two completely? No matter I will pick myself up, and I will continue with my life without Jake. I have money saved. I will buy a small little house for myself where I live on my own without anyone else.

The night is getting colder, and this dress doesn’t prove a lot of heat. I am continually shivering. Cars are driving by and don’t seem to notice me at all. I feel like such a fool. I had my whole life planned around one guy and now look at me. He has left me for not a young woman but my mother. I have never felt more sicker in my life.

As the hours begin to roll into the next morning, I start to hear a weird buzzing noise. It was my alarm clock. I woke up in my bed a couple of months later. I start to wonder was it all a horrible nightmare. My mother places a tray of food on my lap “Eat up darling you have a big day ahead of you” she doesn’t look like a woman who is dealing with guilt. “Have you seen Jake today?” I asked my mother expecting her to say yes, and then I know it wasn’t a nightmare. My mother laughed for a moment “No Lara. Jake started at the best man’s house last night. You know a groom can’t see his bride before the big day.”

I look at her for a moment “Mum, I need to talk to Jake before we get married, and it is a private conversation.” my mother looked at me and walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. I dialled Jake’s number not wanting to know the answer, but I needed to know the truth. “Lara darling, is everything okay?” I can’t believe I am going to ask him this question “Have you ever kiss my mother, Jake?” Jake was sort of quiet for a moment and then answered: “Well, just on the cheek to say thank you for letting me stay in the house, but no other time why?” “I think I am a little stressed about us getting married and I dreamt in last night.” “Lara if you are not ready, we don’t have to get married?” “No, I want to marry you. I will see you later, and I love you with all my heart.” I felt so much happier after talking to Jake.

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