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pain [ peyn ] noun physical suffering or distress, due to injury, illness, etc. That's the dictionary definition of pain, and its wrong. As a person who has experienced endless amounts of pain I would know. My definition of Pain is being blamed for what happened to your mother. Pain is watching your little sister die. Pain is being worked to your breaking point. Pain is hurting every one you love .Pain is being told others can't love a monster like you. Pain is being told your Incapable of love. That's you life until a boy shows that you are Capable.

Romance / Action
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Get to know the character

Name - Ty Lee Moon

Age - 14 (when you first meet her)

DOB - July 4 (kind of important)

Occupation - Singer (Songs will be used in this book but unless otherwise is said I don't own any of them)

Star sign - Cancer (not really important just there in case anyone wanted to know)

Personality - Overly confidant, unhappy, nice if your nice, mean if she gets a bad vibe from you (Or she just really doesn’t like because you did something that pissed her off)

Quirk - You’ll find out

Hair color - Her hair is half black on the left half white on the right (this is for later on in the book)

Eye color - Her eye on her left side is red and on her left its a light gold (kind of like Hinata’s eyes in Naruto)

Thoughts are Italicized

If you guys want to know anything else let me know. Also as the book continues this stuff will be updated. There is slight cussing.

PLEASE TAKE TO NOTE THAT I DON'T OWN MY HERO ACADEMIA IT WAS WRITTEN BY Kōhei Horikoshi. I ONLY OWN TY LEE AND HER STORY. Also I found the cover picture on Pintrest so that also Is Not Mine.

Also a reminder that I LOVE YOU!!!

- ItzKittyCat

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