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With a very complicated love-life...way too complicated for someone who only wants a cute and funny boyfriend. Nicole has to kiss a few frogs before she meets her Prince Charming. But how many is a few??? We all wonder This is a story of how Nicole will kiss all those frogs and hopefully find the Prince Charming while battling life itself. It shouldn't be that complicated...right??

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

For one meets the best of people when they least expect it
-So she writes
For as long as I can remember I never had hair past my shoulders and now that I think about it, I never had hair past my ears and that kinda sucked because I love long hair...I think, I wouldn't know coz I never had long hair before but I think I'd like it better.Anyways thats the reason why I'm on my way to the salon, I just took off my infamous braids and I had to quickly wash my hair before braiding again. Tomorrow was school and the principal really fussed about hair a lot, so to get her off my case I'm going to be a good student and have a neat hairstyle.

I was walking along the sideline thinking about anything that came to mind. My mind never ponder about something for too now I was thinking about how tasteful water can be on a hot summer's day to how one day we could wake up and the sky will be green to how green frogs look more froggier than any other frogs, Crazy I know but that's just how my mind is.

"I like your hair but I like you better" I quickly look up to see who said that and find a guy who is a few inches taller than me, meaning he was short seeing as I was a little below average height. One point down for that.
"I like me better too, seeing how my hair isn't really the best there is out there" I smugly reply.

I was never really afraid or shy of the opposite gender, I mean I may blush and act all cute but never shy. I could say it had a lot to do with growing up with my boy cousins and having siblings that are boys.
"Now I'm certain that I like you" he smiles sheepishly.He was what you'd consider cute with his dark eyes and a very very cute smile.
"I think I like you too" I simply said as I laughed and carried on with my wash-the-bird's-nest mission.
"Hey, wait up
Did you mean what you said ??
Were you serious?
I mean I don't really mind dating you, I think this is love at fir-"
"Woah,hold it right there buddy, you kinda cute but let's not rush into things. Let's not pull a Jack and Rose how about that ?" I quickly said to the cute, dark eyes guy.
"Hahahaa, of course. Excuse my manners, my name is Jake and I'd really really like to know yours" he says, he was a little flustered and cute. Damn! I use cute a lot with this guy.
"Nicole, nice to meet ya" I say, continuing with my journey to the salon, I really need to wash my hair.

Jake and I spoke for a bit, he walked me to the salon and I found out he went to my school,Shocker! As I've never seen him before.
I don't know everyone from my school but I know enough faces to not see anyone new for a while and him I've never spotted him before. It probably had to do with him being 2 graders older than me and all. Our talk consisted of us actually arguing that we go to the same school as he didn't believe me.
According to him he could have never missed this "goddess face of mine" his words not mine. And to prove to him that we went to the same school I had promised to meet him during lunch to show him that indeed we go to the same school when we parted ways.

I had just came back from the salon when I opened the gate needing nothing more than sleep at the moment. My braids hurt a little and I needed my bed to lay down, sitting down for a whole 4 hours is not pap and flaas(South Africa saying meaning 'easy').
"Stop dragging your feet, you lazy bum" my mom shouts from the house
"I'm not dragging them, I can't help I'm too down to earth than most people" I shout back.
My mom is and will forever be against how I walk, apparently I'm lazy to lift my feet up when I walk..ha! As if, okay maybe a little but I'm not about to admit that to her.

I walk up to the door and open it finding my mom in the kitchen cooking stir fry.
"Awww, sweetie you look fabulous like a grown girl should look"my mom gushes as she pinches my cheeks.
"Noooo, mom stop, thank you and how do grown girls look?" I say taking her hands off my cheeks as her pinching was a lil too hard.
"Like you of course." She fires back
"you must be exhausted. Oh did you happen to see your younger brothers outside?"she asks
", didn't they say were they were going ?"
"No, they never do. It's okay sweetie, go rest dinner will be up soon" my mom says.

I have two annoying younger brothers that are never home, they always out playing and only coming back to eat. We were a family of four, the happiest family of four there is.
In case you were wondering, my dad thought it was best that he go 'explore' what the world had to offer him, that was a key word for saying I'm tired of this and I want something new. He lived only 10 minutes away but he is never in the picture. It hurts to know that my dad would rather support his other children than my mom's simply to spite her.My mom is an awesome single parent who never lets the world pull her down and I loved her for that. She never let us go to sleep without eating nor did we lack all the necessary things, she was both my mom and dad.

When I got to my room I tried to take a quick nap but my head way too much for that, so I ended up fixing my school uniform and thinking about a certain cute guy.

I don't know why, but I was looking forward to seeing him than being in a new grade or seeing my friends again.

Hope you enjoyed
And let me know what you think by commenting down below

Your Savage bitch
Lettie 💜
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