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It's a love story of Emile Kiddie and Nate Dickinson. Nate Dickinson, a very rich famous CEO married to Emily Dickinson four about 3years. Unfortunately for Dickinson he can't bear children due to a sickness he had in the passe.  Nevertheless, he stored some of his fertile sperms before his treatment and operation which render him, infertility.  Emily his wife a famous model which lives a flamboyant life style. She had two unsuccessful inseminations. These miscarriages had a bad impact on her. It made her depressed with alcohol being her only shield.  Dickinson chances of ever being a father were diminishing. The doctor confirmed that only a sample of sperm was left. Emily didn't want to go for it again. She said that she had a lot of trauma already. But Her husband Mr Dickinson insisted on having it. It was planned to be inseminated to Emily and it was their last attempt to have a baby. So if it failed again, Mr Dickinson will never have a child!.  Unfortunately, Emily drank too much the previous night that she didn't show up for her appointment at the hospital the next day. Rather, Emile Kiddie did show up that day and she was accidentally inseminated.

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