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Chapter 2

I perceive some weird glance on me as I enter the bus barefoot with both shoe sides in my hands.
I don't mind their weird interviewing glance on me. I'm stress enough already. I rapidly take a seat.
I take the other side of the shoes with the heel still on and I try to remove the heel.
“I can't enter the building bare feet, they won't take me seriously.”
I carelessly wiggle my wet tongue on my outer lips, practically fighting with my shoe right now, the heel appear to be stronger than I thought. Very pathetic to observe.
A lady approaches me
I don't notice nor heed her call the first time. I'm busy battling with my shoe. She notices the frustration in me. She kindly calls me back for the second time.
I cry, thou it's more like yelling at her.
I recall initial saying that I don't care about their weird glance at me but it's a lie. I'm unable to glimpse at them. I'm shy, nervous and I don't need their query gazes or pity.
“I can help!.”
She says
I desperately lift my head to a shiny chocolate skin lady in her early 30s seating next to me. She has a soft padded carrier hanging on her belly with a baby in. I guess her baby.
She searches her bag, while I impatiently dawdle...
“Take this!.”
She hands over a pair of flip-flops.
“I hope it helps you!.”
She adds with a sorry glance on.
I hesitate!.
How will I enter such a building with two ropes flip-flops slippers on?. OMG, I can't walk in barefoot either... “Uurrrr!...” I scream in frustration deep within.
While the woman urges with the pair in her hands.
I guess it's better than walking barefoot.
“Thank you Ma’am!.”
I grab the pair of flip-flop and I put it on. At least it's relieving to know that I'm not more barefoot.
“Don't mention it!.”
She seats back with a smile on as if nothing had happened.
I'm truly grateful for her kind gesture!.
As I reach the building,
I read the big signboard. “Dickinson's Castle and Rock Ltd.!.”
My heart rate increases.
I take the lifter to the ward where the interview is taking place. Still, with my pair of shoes in my hands. Unfortunately, it can't enter my tiny bag and it makes me very uncomfortable, with my files in my hands at the same time.
I walk straight in, with all their stares fix on my feet and up to my hands. As if the announced my arrival before I got to in. Anyway, that is how I feel and it's very embarrassing.
I notice a pile of sexy girls impatiently waiting for their turn. I doubt whether there is a sort of festival or it's still a job interview. Their dress revealed more of their bodies than it should. Glancing at them,
“I stand no chance to have this job.”
I cry to myself not mentioning the fact that I have two ropes slippers on. This pains me more and makes me very uncomfortable.
I watch a series of girls entering and leaving the office with very disappointing gaze some even crying. “Weird!.” I whisper deep within.
Each beautiful and sexy as the previous.
This freaks me.
“Emile Kiddie!.”
An elegant lady calls.
I shudder off my thoughts.
I place my shoes by the chairs on which I was seated and walk towards her.
She looks at my shoes and she slightly grimaces. OMG, this makes me very nervous.
“It's your turn!.”
She points to the CEO’s door. I'm dumbfounded because I can't believe I'm going to see Mr Dickinson in person and I'm embarrassed with my situation.
I make a sign of the cross and I talking in faking a smile with my trembling lips. Not only my lips are trembling right now but my entire body is.
I stand till he offers me a seat. I seat placing my CV files on his table.
He rapidly passes through it.
“Hmm. What's your name?. Briefly introduce yourself!”
He instructs with his emotionless looks fix on me. He lays back on his chair.
“Like seriously menh?... You have my CV in your hand!.” I wonder deep within as he asks for my name.
“I'm Emile Kiddie!... I'm...”
I'm interrupted by the ring of his phone.
However, I continue speaking. He waves at me to stop speaking as he picks the call. Normally I had to stop without him asking. This makes me sick.
**On the phone***
“Hello Mr Dickinson, your wife didn't show up for her appointment at the hospital today. I was asked to inform you!.” The receptionist of the hospital calls.
An unexpected cold look swipes over his faces as he answers the call.
**Ends of call***
Mr Dickinson yells as he carries the beautiful glass pitcher on his table and hits it on the wall!. I shudder at the sound of the broken glass.
He unties his tie Groaning in fury!. He clenches his fists so rigid that it slightly cut into his palms as he drops the phone.

“F*ck!. He looks like a beast right now!.” My heart falls into my stomach!. I start sweating in fear that he might hurt me in the process!. He looks rowdy. I'm seriously doubting whether I still want to work for him!.
OMG, what was he told that will put him in such a despicable mood?.
He seats and takes a deep breath. That is when he realises that I'm still in his office. He was so carried away. While I'm shivering on my seat.
“The interview is over!. Get out of my office!.”
He yells with without giving me a second.
I walkout practically running not wanting to piss him any further.
I take a deep breath of relief once I reach out.
Then I realise that I forgot my CV on his table.
I walk back into his office since I'm still standing in front of it. Before I can take a step in.
He yells
“God out!.”
Louder without giving me a second to express myself. What's an embarrassment?.
I walk to the Secretary and I explain my problem.
“I can promise you anything. I will see what I can do about it. You can come back tomorrow!.”
She explains.
“Please, do your best. Thank you!.”
I keep begging.
I walk out of the building, desperate knowing that I will never walk in this company. However, I have three other interviews next week and I hope to succeed in one.
I take a bus back home to have some rest before going to work late in the afternoon.
Yes, I work in a night club. It's not my dream job but someone has to help mum to pay the bills. Regardless, this job doesn't matter so much to me. I don't want to end up my life as a bar attendant. I have greater ambitions. I also thinking I deserve more.
More to that, men at the club is very perverted and disrespectful. They have no respect for others and I hate that so much.
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