Two lives in one

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Ayumi finds herself in her favorite novel and meets the villain?!"Will I stay here forever?" she said with tears in her eyes. But her fate holds many things in store. "Did I return to my world? But I just slept?" she said confused. Why does the constant change of worlds happen? Romance blooms.... "Please stay with me Ayumi..."said Kurai while he was holding her hand tightly. Will Ayumi survive? Will she manage to return home once and for all or will something hold her back?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1- A strange place

Hmm ... Is it morning?" Ayumi said as she rubbed her eyes to wake up from a good night's sleep.She raised her body with a yawn."I slept well? I should have woken up earlier.Is the alarm off?"she said contentedly.

That was the moment she realized that she had forgotten something important. Today was the exams for which she lost valuable sleep studying the last three months.

She got up abruptly feeling very anxious. Couldn't it be too late right? She turned to see what time it was. The clock wasn't there. She was startled. Her room was very dark. Strange ... Her mother always came and yelled at her to get up. She was starting to feel a tightness in her chest.

"Am I being paranoid?" she said, feeling her pulses rise.Ayumi started to freak out but covered her mouth with her right hand.She was afraid, but decided to explore the strange room. The room didn't get any light from anywhere, so she tried to feel things with her hands. She was on a big bed, bigger than the one she had in her house. The blankets were so soft like they were made of silk. The pillow was comfortable too.

She got out of bed carefully not to bump anywhere. The space reminds her of nothing. On the wall she was relying on to feel less afraid she found something that looked like a switch. Is it for the lights? After some thought,Ayumi pressed the switch and the lights turned on. Light filled the room and everything was obvious now.

The room looked like that of a king. Where the hell was Ayumi ? All the walls were painted with gold colors, decorated with many portraits of nobles as well as numerous statues. It was too big.

Ayumi tried to remain calm.She was only 18 years old and nothing like this had ever happened to her. It was very shocking for her. After a while she sighed and made up her mind. This was not a strange dream but the reality.

"Who would stay there?"she wondered. Her thoughts were interrupted by a noise outside the room. She remained motionless. The door opened and Ayumi saw a man. He had a large body, wide shoulders, snow-white skin and long black hair. The strange man was not surprised to see her and just looked at her with a glare. His eyes were blue like the sea that Ayumi loved so much.

To be continued...

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