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Lila made a decision that changed her life forever, she's a hard working student because her mom had cancer and her father left them behind, her father had a second rich wife, making her move to a new popular school, will she meet her soulmate? will she not regret it?

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Chapter 1

Lila was 10 years old when his father left her mom and left her, her mother had a cancer for a really long time and still healing, her father, Jason, still provided them food and shelter even though he left them. He married a new wife which was rich and wealthy, so that's why Jason can provide food and shelter for his daughter lila and her ex wife Sarah.

Lila worked really hard for his mom and her two cousins, her aunt needed help to look for her kids because she had to work abroad, she thought she could earn more money on going abroad. Lila worked at a coffee shop for three years every morning till 5am - 7am and 8pm - 10pm. She even had a work on fixing broken Cellphones, Laptops, and other gadgets in her free times, she always earn money by doing all of those work every single day.

One day, her father Jason, asked him to meet him at the coffee shop that she worked on, she was vey confused because she never saw her for a really long time since the day that his father left them, she was kind of mad after her father called him for a talk because of leaving him and her mom Sarah.


/*Lila answered the call

/*Jason his father:
I need to talk to you tomorrow at your shop, I needed to discuss something with you.

Umm.. okay, I would, but can't you just tell it now on the phone?

/*Jason his father:
No, It needs to discuss face to face, because it's something that's gonna change your life.

/*Lila: (no answer)

/*Jason his father:
By the way, how is your mom doing right now?

She's okay, no need to worry, she can walk now, thank you for all the medicine you gave her.

/*Jason his father: (smiles)

(Call ended)

Lila didn't cared about what her father said, because she thought that was just a joke and her father is not coming to see her, she even thought that he would stop giving them food and getting their home away, she was very confused and thinked about it for a long time. But all she thought was that his father would just visit her and just ask normal questions.

But in reality.....

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