My Highschool story

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Chapter 2

Lila's parents, Jason and Sarah had a really healthy and good realionship, but because of different life desicion between them their life had been gone wrong. Jason wanted to go out their country alone to find work, while Sarah wanted to stay in their city and countinue on decorating cakes and baking bread. They had a bakery at their hometown that hasn't been going really well, because the people aren't buying their goods.

When lila was 8 years old, she wanted to help her parents by finding work while studying so she can earn money at a young age, but her parents never agreed, until they decided to file a divorce. Lila as a child went to a really bad childhood because she needed to help her mom since she had cancer for a really long time and still healing. Her father that have left him had another wife which was rich and wealthy and only he uses his wife for money and wealthy. But because of his rich kind heart for his Ex wife sarah that had cancer and her daughter Lila, he wanted to help then by giving them anything that they needed without his wife knowing.

Jason had a feeling that he still loves Sarah so much that he helped him with her bills in the hospital. But he didn't want to go back to Sarah because he couldn't give them any more money or provision if he broke up with his rich wife named Liela. Liela and Jason had two wonderful kids, The oldest was named lola, and the youngest was named trisha. But since they were rich and wealthy because of his wife and him, they haven't spend time with his children, which made the two kids a brat, for not knowing what is being kind and being loved.

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