To Love Is To Be Destroyed

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"will you marry him?" Nikos spoke with a husky voice that had my inside burning from the gulit ive hidden "I-i " I stutter "yes" I spit out looking up and seeing Nikos face turn white made my entire body fall apart i felt as if someone grabbed a dagger and crushed it into my heart "let me help you" his voice spoke calmy "I cannot go against my family honour , their name , my name no matter what I feel for such a creature " I snapped back i knew calling him a creature was out of line but it was the only way he would leave me boy was I wrong Nikos face turn scarlet red and his fists where clenched as well as his jaw then he did something I never though he do he took a pics of glass and slot his wrist letting his shadow blood drikledown his palm .... my heart beat fast knowing exactly what he willing to do within speed of light nikos pinned me to the wall and shived his wrist in my mouth "well princess it just so happen your not pure enough for the ceremony to take place" he spat vulgar words at me while pinning me harder than usual and just like that he gone coughing up the rain of his blood out my mouth I realise what he done he gave me a choice...... with the speed of light Follow Adira through her troubled life, fot being a Ann powerful witch that family secret reply only on her to retore their name what will Adira do become powerful or will true love get

Katelynn ๐Ÿ’™
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Sneak peak ahead

If you had of asked me a year ago if I were to choose between vampire or a human in sickness and health I would have laughed in your face and called your crazy. But now here I am standing before them asking myself to choose , will it be the one that keep me safe and cared for or the one that make me feel wild and alive?

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