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"People don't love me, they love the version of me I choose to show. But to you, my men, you truly and unconditionally loved me. With every touch, every kiss, and every beautiful word that spilled from your lips, you began to crack the walls I've spent years building to protect myself. Our love for each other is destructive, but even then, beauty can still be found in chaos. We're all broken on our own, but together, the four of us have been able to combine what little pieces remain to form one soul, one body, and one love. I can only hope that that same love doesn't leave us in a pile of broken promises and shattered hearts in its wake." ____ All it took was one moment for everything to change. Madelyn Adams recently moved to New York in search of her missing father, but when she becomes a witness to murder, everything becomes more complicated. A gunshot wound to the head is what she tells the police, but after an investigation, they inform her there's no evidence indicating a crime was committed. No blood, no fingerprints, it's almost as if it never happened. Almost. But that's not the complicated part. No, it's the three dangerous men that covered it up and caught interest in Madelyn in the process. ____ "I don't know how long it's going to take you to realize this sweetheart, but you belong to us." He says, yanking my head back so that his intense eyes meet mine

Romance / Erotica
Aurelia Collins
5.0 35 reviews
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Disclaimer - Please Read

For starters, thank you so much for choosing to read my book. I’ll try to keep this brief so you can start reading, but there are a few things I would like to say first.

1. This is my first time ever writing a book. Please be aware of this while reading and remember that I am still learning and growing as a writer.

2. Please don’t be rude in the comment sections. When writing this book, a very important aspect of my characters is the fact that they are written with the intent to be realistic. A lot of my writing has been an outlet for me and my own personal experiences, and I’ve channeled a lot of this through these characters. They are flawed and anything but perfect, but I hope that through them I will be able to explore many sensitive topics in a beneficial way. Getting back to my main point, if I see any hateful comments, they will be deleted immediately. I don’t want to read that type of stuff on my page, so please keep it to yourself. Thanks :)



- Violent subject matter.

- Mature Language.

- Discussions about things including self-harm, thoughts of suicide, and emotional, physical and sexual abuse. (Content warnings are always posted at the beginning of chapters containing sensitive subject matter, but please still be aware of this before choosing to read my story).

- Explicit sexual content: This book does contain various aspects of a BDSM relationship and is a reverse harem story. Sexual content may include, but is not limited to: spanking, bondage, blindfolding, impact play, oral sex, temperature play, humiliation, triple penetration, knife play, degradation, breath play, dacryphilia, foursomes, begging, sensory play, orgasm control, squirting, anal play, the use of various types of sex toys, role play, exhibitionism, consensual non-consent (CNC), and masturbation.

(Please note that all characters partaking in these acts are fully consenting adults).


Copyright © 2021 by Aurelia M. Collins

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without the prior written permission of the copyright owner. Any copying, manipulation, distribution, or selling of this work is punishable by law.

This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real places are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places and events are products of the author’s imagination, and any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy my story. For anyone interested in additional information such as chapter updates and aesthetics, feel free to go follow my Instagram @ aurelia.2395.

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