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Chapter 14 : Madelyn

Chapter 14 : Madelyn
Monday, July 19th, 2021

“Madelyn, let’s go!” Hailey laughs as she, Alec, and Aaliyah move past the long line of people, heading straight for the nightclub’s entrance.

The two girls really had needed multiple hours to get me ready for tonight, finishing with my hair styled, makeup done, and a tight black dress on my body that left nearly my entire back exposed.

This is the most dressed up I’ve been in probably well over a year, and I couldn’t help but feel like I’d just gotten a part of me back I forgot even existed.

The hungry look I received from Alec when he saw me only added to that feeling.

Rushing over to them the best I could in my heels, the bouncer doesn’t even check the list in his hand, stepping aside to let us through.

Hailey and Aaliyah walked in first, but just as I went to follow, Alec stopped me and grabbed the bouncer’s attention.

“Remember her face. She is welcome here anytime free of cost. Make sure the others understand that as well by the end of the night please.” Alec says and the bouncer with the name tag reading Tony takes a quick moment to look at me before nodding his head.

Satisfied by this, Alec loops his arm around my body before finally leading me inside the nightclub.

Everything I saw and read online proves itself to be true as I take in the sight before me. Despite it being a Monday night, the place is packed with people.

This isn’t my first time going to a club, but none have ever come close to this.

Alec must notice my amazement as he leans into my ear.

“Like it?” He asks, loud enough that I can hear him over the loud electric music.

“You seriously own this?” I say, not seeming to believe that someone as young as him could create something like this.

I actually have no clue how old he is, but I would guess he’s somewhere in his late twenties, early thirties.

“Let’s grab you a drink and I’ll introduce you to some of your coworkers.” He offers instead of answering my question.

When I spot the blue lit bar, I see that the people working there are dressed in the same uniform I was given at the house. The men wear the same colours, just in the form of pants and short sleeved shirts.

Xavier hadn’t actually asked if I had bartending experience before giving me the job, but thankfully I do. Considering how fast paced everything seems, it’ll come in handy.

“Hey Mr. Sawyer, what can I get for you?” One of the girls says immediately as we walk up to the counter.

“I’ll just grab the usual, thanks. And she’ll have a...” He says, allowing me to respond for myself.

“Gin and tonic please.” I answer and ignore Alec’s raised eyebrow at this.

“I would have guessed something sweeter for you.” He says as the woman starts to make our drinks.

“And I’m guessing your usual is probably something like...” I pause, thinking for a moment. “I’m betting on whiskey neat.” I decide, smirking when only seconds later, his glass is placed before him proving me right.

I wrinkle my nose as I watch him take a sip of it with a smile.

“Want some?” He teases as I shake my head at him.

Sticking to my own drink, I hand the girl a $20 as she slides mine towards me.

“It’s on the house.” Alec says, giving me back my money and placing his own tip, before pulling me away.

We both thank her before locating Hailey with her arm wrapped around a girl I don’t recognize, and Aaliyah with who I’m guessing to be her husband. After seeing her with Alec, I honestly have no clue.

“Ah, Madelyn there you are.” Hailey says the second she sees me. “This is my girlfriend Mila, Mila this is my new roommate I was telling you about.” She introduces the two of us.

“It’s nice to meet you.” I smile, but I’m then suddenly pulled in by the man next to Aaliyah who plants a kiss of each of my cheeks.

The movement was so sudden, I froze for a moment before laughing it off.

“Hi, I’m Issac, Aaliyah’s husband.” He says, returning to his spot behind his wife.

“H-hi.” I say, blinking my surprise away. Hailey wasn’t kidding when she said he was forward.

“I was just waiting to introduce the two of you, but we’re going to head down now that I have.” Hailey calls out, not clarifying where down is.

Before anyone can response, she and Mila are already moving towards a new set of doors I’d failed to notice until now.

There are two bouncers standing on either side, and I watch as they check their IDs and a list before letting them pass.

“Where are they going?” I ask Alec, who’s suddenly gotten a lot closer to me than I noticed.

“It’s just an extended section of the club for VIP members. It’s a lot less crowded and easier to hear people there.” He explains, answering my question.

“Makes sense.” I respond and jump slightly at the feeling of his hand being placed on my lower back causing my breath to hitch. Thanks to the cut of the dress, he’s touching my bare skin.

“You wanna dance with me, princess?” He asks, trailing his hand down a little lower before moving back up again. He does this a couple of times, and I nearly forget to answer.

“No, she doesn’t.” Aaliyah cuts in, grabbing my hand. “She’s going to dance with me, but you are more than free to watch while you hold our drinks for us.” She says, grabbing my half finished glass from my hand and placing it in Alec’s.

Before I get the chance to speak, I’m quickly dragged away and pulled in with a group of people.

“He likes you.” Aaliyah says as the two of us begin to move our bodies and allow the effects of the alcohol and music to kick in.

“Who does?” I ask, unsure of who exactly she’s talking about.

“Alec. He wasn’t planning on coming tonight until he found out you would be here too.” She says, moving in closer to me as we dance.

“Oh?” I say stupidly, because I really don’t know how to respond to that. “I doubt it’s because he likes me.” I tell her.

He’s probably just doing his job and keeping an eye on me to make sure I don’t spill their secret.

Of course Aaliyah doesn’t know that.

“You wanna find out?” She smirks, taking a step and pulling me in close to her body. My arms end up on her shoulders as she takes a hold on my hips.

It doesn’t take me long to guess her plan and taking a quick glance at Alec, I find that he’s watching me with her husband next to him.

His expression doesn’t show what he’s feeling, but I can’t help but want to draw one from him.

“You know what? Fuck it.” I say, pressing myself into Aaliyah’s body.

A devilish grin appears on her face, and I can’t help it as my own appears as well.


I forgot how much I loved to dance.

Apart from taking the odd break to grab drinks, Aaliyah and I have been on the floor together for most of the night.

We have yet to gain any kind of reaction from Alec yet, but he stays. He watches.

“You wanna do something crazy?” Aaliyah shouts from beside me, laughing at nothing in particular.

“Like what?” I respond, feeling a little lightheaded and relaxed from the multiple drinks I’ve had tonight.

“Grind on my leg.” She says, placing hers slightly in between mine.

Her statement took me by surprise and I wasn’t sure what to do.

I’m pansexual, so I have no opposition against all of this, other than the fact that I’m not hidden from the crowd of people.

Alec has not let his eyes wander from us once since we started dancing and quick glances on my part has proven that.

But I’m not sure that even the liquid confidence gave me that much confidence.

Live a little, Jolene’s words echo in my head for only me to hear.

“Are you serious?” I verify looking her in the eyes.

“You, my friend, have a full audience.” She says, tilting my head back towards the bar where Xavier and Caleb now stand as well. “You don’t have to, but it would sure be fun to tease them, don’t you think?” Aaliyah smiles at me as she leans into my ear.

“If you put on good enough of a show, we may even be able to lure them over here to take over.” She says, but I’m not sure if I want that.

The thought of them touching me close like this along with the alcohol would probably end with me doing something very very stupid.

Looking at Caleb, I see that he’s smirking as if he knows I won’t follow through.

“You only live once.” Aaliyah grins, and that was the final step for me.

At the rate I’m drinking, hopefully I won’t even remember this by tomorrow.

“Fuck it.” I mumble under my breath for only me to hear.

Adding a little pressure on her thigh, I slide forward slightly, wrapping my arms around her neck.

I can’t bring myself to look at the three at the bar, so instead I close my eyes and allow myself to let loose a little.

“We’re going to be great friends; I already know it.” Aaliyah says, her hands dropping down to control my hips.

“Your husband won’t mind this?” I ask, breathing through the heat currently spreading through my body.

“Issac lives for this. We both get off on the jealousy of seeing each other with other people and it almost always ends in rough sex.” She laughs. “It’s a win win if you ask me.”

I just nod my head in acknowledgment. Personally, I have no complaints.

My mouth parts slightly as the two of us twist so that I’m now facing Alec, Xavier, and Caleb standing at the bar with hungry looks on their faces.

Only a slight crack in their inhumanly controlled personalities.

All three of them command my attention and I give it to them as my hips are still being pressed along Aaliyah’s thigh.

“Is our little game working?” She says into my ear.

I’m too lost to answer though. Lost in these three, insanely powerful men.

Twisting us to see for herself, my eye contact with them breaks, and I take that moment to actually breathe. To calm my rapid heart pounding against my chest.

“Ah, it looks to me like it is.” She says with a smile before stepping back.

I give her a confused look, but when I go to speak my words get caught in my throat at the feeling of a large body pressing into me so that my back meets his chest.

I’m able to tell that it’s Xavier just from the familiar alluring smell of him.

I faintly see Aaliyah get swept away by Issac, but my mind becomes slightly foggy from the light touches on my back.

My breath hitches as his arm wraps all the way around my body, resting on my lower stomach before pressing me back to him.

I try to ignore the intensity of the butterflies filling my stomach right now, causing my eyes to shut and my head to fall back against his shoulder.

“Was that little show of yours for us, sweetheart?” He asks me intently.

Just then, I feel another set of two hands touch my waist and when my eyes fly open, I see Caleb standing in front of me with a devilish smile on his face.

“Oh, I think it was.” Caleb answers for me, since I’m not really able to.

His eyes meet mine, and my words suddenly come to me.

“Sorry to disappoint, but it was for neither of you.” I say, choosing to leave out the part that it was for Alec initially until I saw the two of them there as well.

“No?” Caleb smiles. “Because it seemed like you enjoyed the three of us watching you.”

I didn’t know what to say to that, so instead, I said nothing at all.

Xavier’s hand shifted slightly on my stomach, causing tingles to shoot straight to my core. It was embarrassing how turned on I already am from their presence alone, but I couldn’t help it.

Especially when I was pinned in between two undeniably attractive people.

I would look to find Alec if I could, but I was too distracted to do anything but dance.

Every movement of our bodies resulted in us brushing up against each other and it soon became the sweetest form of torture I’ve ever endured.

I was panting from a combination of both sexual frustration and tiredness from being on my feet for hours on end. Despite this, I couldn’t bring myself to stop.

“I haven’t forgotten about that stunt you pulled with my keys.” Xavier’s voice reminds me, and I choose at that moment to press my ass back against him.

“Fuck Madelyn, don’t do that.” He groans as I rub against his hard on.

As payback, Caleb places his leg in between mine and puts just the right amount of pressure on my clit.

My mouth falls open slightly, but I recover quick enough.

“And why not?” I pant at Xavier as my hips roll to the rhythm of the music.

Grabbing my side, Xavier pushes me forward causing a slight gap between us. The action causes me to brush hard against Caleb’s leg drawing a quiet whimper from my mouth.

“Because you’re testing my control and when that last shred of it snaps, I won’t hesitate to carry you up to my office and take you against the window for everyone in this club to see.” He says, pushing my head with his finger to the direction of his office.

It’s on the floor above us, and the entire wall overlooks this section of the club. While the glass is tinted, everyone would be able to see our silhouettes.

Fuck, that wasn’t as much of a deterrent as he thought it would be.

“Promise?” I counter, in an attempt at poking the beast.

Caleb lets out a chuckle before grabbing my chin and forcing me to meet his eyes.

“You’re trouble when you’re drunk.” He muses, still keeping his leg between mine.

“I’m not drunk.” I insist even though I know it’s a lie.

“Oh but you are. It’s the only reason why you haven’t been dragged upstairs by one of us yet.” He says blatantly as if his words didn’t just cause my core to tighten at the idea.

“And what makes you think I’d want to go with you sober?” I challenge him just to be difficult.

Caleb looks to Xavier and within the same second, I feel long rough fingers trailing the outside of my thigh.

The touch causes a shiver to trail down my spine as my mouth falls open slightly.

“I’m betting that if Xavier moved up just a little higher and to the right, he would find your panties soaked through, wouldn’t he.”

Yes, yes he would.

Xavier doesn’t make any sudden moves, continuing to trace his hand up and down, teasing just slightly under the fabric of my dress before retreating.

When I don’t say anything, Caleb smiles and I’m sure Xavier does too from behind me.

“Would you like that?” Caleb asks. “Would you like it if Xavier slipped under that teasing little dress of yours and fingered you in front of all of these clueless people?”

I take a sharp inhale at the image he just planted in my mind.

Jesus fuck, did he actually just say that?

What’s worse is that the urge to say yes is too much.

My breath hitches when Xavier’s fingers inch just slightly around, traveling for my inner thigh.

I was so close. So close to letting him continue his path, but one thing made me hesitant.

Surely he would be able to feel the scars I caused lining my thighs, and I can’t bring myself to have that conversation right now.

Reaching my hand down, I grab Xavier’s before shifting away from both of their bodies.

Xavier’s eyes look wild; mine probably do too.

For a moment, we just stand there, our chests rising and falling rapidly at what we’d just done.

I need to go before I change my mind and let them continue.

“I’m going to grab a drink.” I say, using the first excuse I could think of.

They didn’t protest and instead just nodded their heads at me.

Jesus Christ.

I don’t know why I did that, but it felt good. It felt right.

I’m so fucking screwed.

- End of Chapter 14 -

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