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Chapter 15 : Alec

Chapter 15 : Alec
Monday, July 19th, 2021

I swear Madelyn Adams is going to be the death of me.

For the last two hours, I’ve watched a total of three of my close friends touch her on the dance floor, all in ways that have resulted in those beautiful lips of hers parting open.

First, it was with Aaliyah.

I saw the way Madelyn looked at me while her hips were guided back and forth to grind along my friend’s leg; she was turned on, and the cute flush that appeared on her face was proof of it.

She’ll probably regret the majority of her actions come tomorrow morning, but I personally enjoyed seeing this loosened up side of Madelyn.

She needed this night to take a break and to lose herself in the music for a while.

I didn’t have the slightest clue she was into girls until tonight, and every time I’m with her, I can’t help but find myself more and more surprised.

The most shocking part for me was the fact that Madelyn not only let Xavier and Caleb touch her in they way they did, but she also reveled in the feeling of it.

That was when the real torture started; it gave me a peek at what things would be like if she were ours.

Seeing her pressed in between my friends’ bodies, her head leaned back against Xavier while the other teased the insides of her thighs nearly killed me. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but love it.

The sight of the three of them together looked right, there was no other way of putting it.

Madelyn was perfect for us in almost every way, and at this point, her sexual interests were the biggest mystery so far.

I want her so bad it hurts, but I know ultimately nothing would be easy if she were ours.

Sure, we have the next thirty days off, but who knows what will happen when that time is up.

On the other hand, I can’t help but think of all the amazing things we could do with her in thirty days. The things we could do to her.

She doesn’t realize that I’m currently watching as she strides away from Caleb and Xavier in a state of slight sexual frustration.

Her face is flushed, her hair is messy, and that tight little dress of hers has risen up slightly from the dancing.

Her chest rises and falls with every breath she takes, and I can’t help but smirk when her lustful eyes meet mine.

She seems to have become a lot more comfortable around us recently and I can only hope that’ll continue to grow.

I noticed that when Xavier first touched her today.

He had come up from behind her, and I saw the way she jumped slightly by his embrace, only to relax into his touch when she noticed it was him.

She didn’t move away from Caleb when he pressed his thigh in between her legs and she didn’t look away at the sight of me watching her.

She was already becoming ours, and she didn’t even know it.

Fuck, we were already becoming hers.

At this point, I didn’t even care if we had different interests in bed.

If Madelyn wanted me to fuck her nice and slow and gentle to grant me the sight of her coming undone, I would do that happily.

Over and over and over again.

However, I don’t think that would be the case. I can sense the little bit of wildness in her that is begging to be challenged—to be tamed.

I see it, even as she walks up and sits down beside me, returning the smile I give her.

“Can I buy you a drink?” She asks, looking at the now empty one in my hand.

No one has ever offered to buy me one; it’s always the other way around.

“Sure.” I grin at her offer.

The same bartender from earlier places down my usual and the same drink Madelyn ordered before.

The bartender, Riley, walks away before Madelyn has the chance to pay her.

So instead, she places down the cash on the counter and then twists in her seat to face me.

“Having fun?” I ask, checking her out for what feels like the millionth time tonight.

Her legs are crossed, one arm on the counter, the other on her drink.

“Yeah, you guys did a really good job with this place.” She responds, glancing over the large crowd of people to our left.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.” I say and watch as she nods off into a peaceful silence before biting her cheek.

Her eyes flick between me and her drink a few times and I soon realize her actions are because she’s nervous to ask me something.

I take the first step for her.

“Is there something you’d like to say princess?” I inquire, opening up the conversation.

Tracing the rim of her drink with her finger, she seems to be debating something before looking back up.

“Why do you keep throwing away money at me?” She asks, her gaze flickering down the second she’s done talking.

That seems to really bother her, I’ve noticed. Most people I know wouldn’t have made a second comment about receiving more money than what they asked for.

Yes, it shows she has an honest character, but I know there’s more to it.

“It’s not throwing it away.” I explain. “We had it, we knew you needed it, and it’s not like you didn’t deserve it.”

“And the car?” She asks.

“Well how else were you supposed to move all of your stuff in with Hailey?”

“The car was there before I made my decision.”

“Was it?” I say innocently.

It was, but those are minor details.

“Yes it was. I guess I just wanted to say that while it’s appreciated, I’m paying you back.”

“Oh are you now?” I grin because I’m truly interested in how she plans on doing that. She already knows we’ll send double if it’s a direct transfer, so I wonder what schemes my princess has waiting for us.

That is once she’s sober.

Madelyn doesn’t notice that Caleb has seated himself behind her, smiling at her most recent words.

It’s clear she’s not used to getting much help from others in her life, and that’s why she’s so wary right now. I’m willing to bet she views the money as her being in debt to us, not being used to receiving things without having to give back in return.

Wanting to gain her attention, Caleb reaches out and slowly trails his fingers along the side of her neck, sweeping her hair to rest on her right shoulder.

The slight movement of her hand was her only indication of being startled before realizing who it was.

“Did you miss me?” He quips, leaning into her ear.

Pushing back, she teases, “Shit, I knew I forgot to do something while you were gone.”

Caleb looks up at me with a smirk that told me he would do anything to put her over his knee for that comment.

I wouldn’t mind seeing that.

Instead, he settles on a soft chuckle before murmuring into her ear, “Do you want to play a game with me darling?”

His question causes me to give him a look in warning.

I don’t want her doing anything she’ll regret tomorrow, and while my friend wouldn’t want that either, a quick reminder never hurts.

“Careful princess.” I say. “Caleb’s games never end in favour for anyone but Caleb.” I smile at her confusion and the devilish glint in my friend’s eye.

“What do you mean by that?” She asks, straightening her posture.

“You see, Caleb can be quite the calculative bastard when he wants to be.” I explain and Caleb just grins because he knows it too. “He likes to play games, but only because he knows he’s going to win them.”

She turns to look at him, and he just shrugs innocently but doesn’t deny it.

Caleb taunts her as he holds her gaze, and eventually, she bites. “What’s the game?”

My friend’s smile twists as she agrees to play into whatever cards he plans to deal.

This should be good.

“It’s simple really,” He starts cruelly. “Xavier is currently downstairs in the VIP section, but he should be back in about ten or so minutes.”

The second Xavier’s name was mentioned, I already knew what Caleb’s intentions were. It was the same reason he pulled him away from me and the two of them danced with Madelyn earlier.

He’s trying to make him feel.

I’d spent my entire life learning how to read people—manipulate them, but I couldn’t tell for certain the extent of Xavier’s interest in Madelyn.

I couldn’t tell if he wanted it to be a one night thing, make her ours entirely, or use her as a distraction to subdue the trauma he fails to acknowledge exists.

While we love each other like brothers, out of all of us, Xavier is the most reserved.

He uses sex, money, and work as a distraction, but his interest in Madelyn was much more than any of those three. Even the sex part, though I doubt he’d have any objections to that either.

“Okay, but what’s my role in that?” Madelyn asks, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“I have a strong feeling Xavier’s going to walk over here, say we’re leaving, and tell us to get ready to go.”


“All you have to do is ask him to dance with you one last time before he leaves.”

“Caleb.” I say contemplating his words.

Odds are high that Madelyn gave him a hard on from their dance, so he went downstairs to find relief and didn’t find it.

He’ll come upstairs demanding we leave and then be in a pissy mood for the rest of the night.

I doubt Madelyn challenging him would do anyone any good.

“That’s all I have to do? Ask him to dance?” She questions.

Ignoring me, Caleb hums to say yes.

“So how do we know who wins then?”

“If he says yes, which I think he will, I win. If he says no, or outright ignores you, you win.”

“And the rewards?”

“You win, you can ask any one thing of me at any time and I will do it.”

This clearly caught her interest. Holding a debt over the heads of people like us opens the door to a lot of things.

Gulping, she remembers the other possible outcome of the game.

“And if you win?” She manages, looking keenly at him.

A dangerous look appears on his face, and I already know the context he’s thinking of.

The bastard is going to make me watch Madelyn do something again that gets me hard.

“I get to do a body shot off of you.” He finishes, and I smile at how Madelyn’s eyes widen slightly at this.

My eyes flick down to those tan legs of hers and I watch as they press together before she shifts them entirely.

Seems to me like Madelyn doesn’t hate the idea herself.

“So what do you say? Do we have a deal?” Caleb moves so that he’s beside me and holds out his hand to her.

She doesn’t take it though.

“What’s the catch?” Madelyn asks, looking at me, then Caleb, then back at me.

Ah, smart girl. She’s not just jumping into things.

“A catch?” Caleb says innocently.

“Yes. I don’t see any reason as to why Xavier would say no to dancing with me, which would automatically mean you win. Why would I agree to a bet where the odds are already looking bad for me?”

Caleb’s hand falls in place to cross with his other arm since Madelyn didn’t take his.

Her mind is in the right place, but only experiencing Xavier first hand when he gets like this could explain her unanswered question.

“He’s probably going to be in a bit of a mood when he walks out, and Caleb wants to see if you can calm him.” I tell her, and she then looks at the doors behind me.

“A mood?” She questions.

“You’ll find out for yourself soon enough.” Caleb tells her. “It’s up to you if you want to try and get something out of it or not.”

He’s trying to bait her.

After a moment’s hesitation, our words seem to give Madelyn the clarification she was looking for. She extends her hand to him.

Side glancing, the corner of Caleb’s mouth twists up and I can’t help but be curious to see how this plays out.

“Alright, deal.” She says, and lets out a sharp gasp as Caleb takes her hand and spins her so that her back is pressed against him, facing the second club entrance.

“Try not to be too disappointed when you lose.” Caleb teases, and with that, we wait.


We’ve been standing for almost fifteen minutes for Xavier to walk out those doors.

Caleb still has Madelyn pressed against him, drawing lazy circles on her hip as they patiently wait.

The three of us had briefly been talking about Madelyn’s new position here when she suddenly went silent at the sight of our third friend making his way towards us.

It only takes a handful of long strides before Xavier curtly says, “Let’s go,” the second he’s in hearing range.

I don’t miss the way his eyes purposely avoid looking at Madelyn, despite being well aware of her presence.

Seems like it was another unsuccessful night.

“Hey, Xavier.” Madelyn grabs his attention, but seems to be aware of his recent change in mood.

Most times he just walks out and waits in the car, but he actually stops and looks down at her.

His jaw clenches when those bright big eyes of hers look up at him.

“Do you want to dance with me one last time before you go?” She says, and it’s only then that I realize something: Madelyn’s doing this for the game, but she also wants to be with Xavier.

Despite meaning she’d lose, this temptress before me wants to feel his hands on her again.

“Sorry princess, but that’s not a good idea right now.” Xavier says, his voice coming out almost like a growl.

Madelyn doesn’t respond; instead, a faint look of shock appears on her face at the fact she just won.

Seems to me like the little minx wanted to lose.

Her words don’t betray her, but her body does.

“No problem. I’m sure I’ll see you guys soon for work.” She says in goodbye.

At this, Caleb’s hand wraps a little more around her waist, as if ensuring she doesn’t run from us.

“Actually, we’re driving you home.” Xavier says, noting the look of confusion on her face. “Hailey’s a little... preoccupied right now, so she asked me to drop you.” Xavier tells her, but this time, he doesn’t wait for her response.

Walking out, we watch as he leaves before Madelyn turns to Caleb with a small smile on her face.

“Don’t look so disappointed.” She mimics his words from earlier when he was so sure he’d win.

In retaliation, Caleb swiftly leans her head back against his shoulder and says against her lips, ”You don’t look so disappointed. All you have to do is say the words, and I’ll take that shot right now.”

A cute blush appears on her cheeks as if she isn’t fully opposed to the idea of it.

Gulping, she doesn’t take my friend up on his not so subtle offer.

“Xavier’s waiting outside.” She says downing the last sip of her drink before placing it on the counter.

Cop out.

Caleb only grins. He loves the chase just as much as the rest of us, and Madelyn is the perfect prey.

Only, I have a feeling that underneath, she has a bit of a hidden predator in her as well.

Grabbing her purse and slinging it over her shoulder, she looks at us.

“Ready?” I ask.

“Yup. Wouldn’t want to keep him waiting.” She says, following Caleb as he takes her words as his cue to lead the way.

With Caleb in front, I take the opportunity to drape my arm over Madelyn’s shoulder, the two of us walking together in step.

I like the little sigh that falls from her mouth at my touch.

I really, really like it.

She seems to be a lot more relaxed with us today, and I’m not sure if it’s a result of the alcohol, or something else, but one thing is clear; her actions had shown that tonight was a distraction for her.

I’m all for it if that’s what she needs, but considering how comfortable she seems with me right now, I’d guess there’s other shit going on in her life—other than us— that she doesn’t want to face.

A part of me hopes she’ll still want to do things like dance and laugh with us tomorrow when her head is clearer; a part of me doesn’t, because I know that she’s too good for us.

“Is Xavier alright?” Her sweet voice asks me, slight concern showing on her features.

She’s checking in on him?

“He’s just a little worked up right now, but it’s nothing a shower...” a very cold shower, “and a good night’s sleep can’t fix.”

I smile as she just hums in response, fighting down a yawn in the process.

I can tell she’s exhausted, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she fell asleep in the car.

“Come here, you.” I say, scooping her up in my arms so she doesn’t have to walk in those shoes that look insanely uncomfortable.

If she were sober, I know Madelyn would protest, but she’s too out of it right now.

I don’t mind anyway. The car is close and even if it wasn’t, she would still be in my arms.

By the time I get outside, Caleb’s already in the passenger’s seat, while Xavier’s behind the driver’s.

Caleb’s placement is no doubt another ploy to get our friend to show emotion by forcing him into the back with the very cause of his hard on right now.

Watching me walk outside, they turn down the music at the sight of Madelyn nearly out cold in my arms.

As usual for this time of year, the roof of our car is down, so I’m able to easily place Madelyn on Xavier’s right.

Just as I move to put on her seat belt for her, Xavier beats me to it. He’s already reaching over, moving her arms into the right places so she’s strapped in.

I don’t comment on it, knowing this is new ground for Xavier and he’s already worked up enough. Instead, I allow him to do his thing, while I move to the front.

Caleb’s giving me an I told you so look at the sight of him helping her, but I motion for him to leave him be.

I’ve never seen Xavier be so... careful with someone else. I don’t want to mess this up.

“Thank you.” A small murmur comes from Madelyn once he’s done. Xavier just nods his head in response.

She’s still awake as she reaches down to undo her shoes, but her head falls back against the headrest soon after.

Choosing to get moving, I don’t wait for long before pulling out of our designated parking spot and onto the main road.

None of us speak, and I have a pretty good feeling it will stay that way for the next twenty minute drive to her house.

I’m sure we’ll talk about everything that happened later tonight, but for now, silence is how it will remain.


We have about ten minutes left until we get to her house, and at this point, Madelyn is fast asleep.

No words are exchanged, even when Madelyn unknowingly shifts so that her head rests against the top of Xavier’s shoulder, and her body leans into his.

I expected him to gently move her back to where she was, but instead, he just stays there, allowing himself to be used as a pillow.

I’m pretty sure the only reason Xavier’s allowing it to happen is because Madelyn’s not awake to witness it, but either way, it’s happening.

Staring ahead at the dark road in front of me, my head snaps back at the sound of Xavier’s voice.

“Hey.” He drawled and when I followed where his eyes were, I saw that her hands were shaking.

Her eyebrows have furrowed, and her lips have formed into an unhappy line.

“Madelyn.” He tries again, but when she doesn’t stir, he looks to me.

“Is she having a nightmare?” Caleb asks, reaching back and touching her shoulder softly.

“Mads, wake up.” He says, he too eyeing her hands.

I have to keep my focus on the road, but I take multiple glances back at her through the mirror.

Her eyes flutter open as a soft gasp falls from her mouth at the same time.

Blinking a couple times, Madelyn’s head picks up off of Xavier and looks him up and down realizing her previous position.

The brief look of fear on her face from the dream was enough for me to tighten my grip on the steering wheel as she mutters a small apology to Xavier before moving over.

“Sorry.” She says again to everyone, before leaning her elbow on the side door. Her head falls into her waiting hand.

Meeting my eyes in the mirror, I see the plea in hers asking me to just drop it.

For now, I do.

It’s late, and we’re getting close to the house.

No point in pushing her boundaries if she doesn’t want to.

Not being able to fall back asleep, the four of us sat in silence for a little while, just listening to the hum of the car and the low music on the radio.

“Wait, do you have keys to get in?” Caleb suddenly asks, being the first one to break the silence.

Shit, I didn’t think of that.

“Oh god.” Madelyn groans because we all know she doesn’t.

I have to give it to her; Hailey is one sneaky fucker.

She was the one to tell Xavier to take her back, knowing fully well that Madelyn doesn’t have a key yet. So, unless we break into her house, Madelyn either has to go back to the hotel—which isn’t happening— or she’ll have to come back with us.

While Madelyn silently panics in the backseat, I pull out my phone and pull up Hailey’s number, making sure to keep an eye on the road at the same time.

To Hailey: Hey Cupid, the next time you think to meddle in my love life, don’t.

Her response comes within seconds as if she were waiting for this text.

From Hailey: Someone has to do it, otherwise you three are going to end up old and miserable with permanent cobwebs on your dicks.

Chuckling in disbelief, I toss my phone to Caleb, so he can read the message.

Madelyn’s head shoots up when he too laughs before moving to type back a response.

“You can crash at ours, princess. We have multiple guest rooms for you to choose from.” I tell her, easing her worry.

I expect her to protest, but she just nods in thanks.

My path redirects slightly, but we’ll still be able to get back in about fifteen.

We once again fall into a comfortable silence, and not another word is spoken until I’m pulling down into our underground garage, making sure the gate locks and closes behind.

Our house is one of the most secure places in New York with the exception of the base in which we work at.

Madelyn dozed off again, this time keeping to her own side and I didn’t miss the disappointment Xavier had at this. It was so subtle most wouldn’t pick up on it, but I did.

It was the sound of the car locking that woke her.

At this point, her hair was in a frenzied mess and her makeup smudged ever so slightly under her eyes and around her mouth. It only made her look more beautiful. More human.

Getting out of the car, Madelyn hisses when her bare feet make contact with the ice cold concrete floors.

Already moving towards her, I go to pick her up once again, but she just turns away.

“I’m good to walk now, but thanks.” She says, and I can’t even be disappointed when she leans completely over the side of the car to retrieve her things, causing her dress to ride up a generous amount.

It would only take one little push and we’d be able to see whatever thong she was wearing underneath.

The thought makes me mentally groan, and to my left, I see Xavier once again tense, and Caleb smirking, having no shame in eyeing her body.

Finally grabbing her shoes and purse, Madelyn uprights herself before looking at the three of us all watching her, a small blush appearing on her cheeks.

When she’s ready, Xavier just turns and leaves, not bothering to hide the obvious bulge inside of his pants.

I don’t think Madelyn is awake enough to notice anyways.

Moving off of the car, the two of us follow Xavier towards the elevator, Caleb following right behind.

I watch Madelyn intently as she walks inside the elevator wincing at her sore feet.

So stubborn.

Xavier holds the door, waiting impatiently for Caleb to get inside. My blond friend only smiles, purposely taking his time in hopes of getting a reaction from the third.

In response, Xavier simply shrugs to himself and allows the door to close shut.

I don’t try to stop it as Caleb rushes to us just a moment too late, his face disappearing on the other side of the wall.

Madelyn gives a small smile at this, and I take every moment to appreciate the happy look. I wish she did it more often.

Her head is currently dropped and looking at the ground to hide her grin, but she looks back up when a sharp ding sounds and the elevator doors slide open.

Xavier watches her along with me as she steps out and takes in the large space in front of us.

The doors opened to our entertainment area, our dining room, and our kitchen, but her eyes only brushed over that.

Following her gaze, I watch as Madelyn steps out of the elevator and towards one of the multiple balconies this house has.

Turning back to us, interest flares her eyes.

“Can I go out there?” She asks, referring to the glass platform leading off of the main room.

Nodding, I walk past her, and open the large clear door that leads outside.

In the distance, I hear Xavier shrug off his coat, before digging inside our fridge for something to eat.

My attention, however, is mainly on the beautiful girl before me, as Madelyn walks through the now open door. I watch as her breathing slows and her eyes widen at the view of the city lights from this height.

Looking down to her left, Madelyn briefly glances at the large pool built there, before sidestepping it and making her way to the railing.

Leaning her front against it, her eyes flick between every detail there is in front of her in awe.

“I feel the same way every time I’m out here.” I say, but this time, the city isn’t the breathtaking sight I’m taking in.

Walking towards her, I take note that her body doesn’t tense at all at my closer proximity. That would be the first time.

Positioning myself so that I’m right behind her, I take my hand and trace along the planes of her neck before tilting her chin up, so that her neck rests on my shoulder.

I feel her heart racing against my fingertips as they rest gently around her throat. The thought of adding a little pressure pops into my head.

I saw how she reacted to Xavier when she took his keys; I wonder how she’d react if I did it myself.

Her mouth parts slightly at the reason I tilted her head, looking at the thousands of stars that lined the sky at this time of night.

I faintly hear Caleb and Xavier talking in the kitchen, but my focus was primarily on my princess and the way she looked at the stars like she’d never seen them before.

“This is my favourite part of the house so far.” Madelyn says in a tone almost as quiet as a whisper.

“The one leading off of my room has a hot tub to sit in while you look.” I tell her, thoughts of her in it instantly flooding my mind.

I wonder if Madelyn has ever been fucked under the stars?

She couldn’t hear my thoughts, but her body turned to face me as if she were thinking the same thing.

I’ve found myself lost in this endless dark sky countless times, but right now, I can’t tear my eyes away from the girl in front of me.

My hand still traces her throat, successfully pinning her in between my body and the balcony railing.

Her own hands move up to fall against the folds of my jacket, toying with them for a moment.

Her eyes flick down to my lips before staring back up to meet my gaze.

Fuck, she’s really shouldn’t be looking at me like that.

“Tonight—” I start, but within that second, I’m pulled forward and Madelyn’s cherry coloured lips meet mine.

It’s soft and careful, and she pulls back almost as quickly as it started, but my grasp on her throat tightens, so she’s not able to get very far.

Her cheeks are flushed from the action, and she licks her lips while looking at my own.

I can still taste the cherry lip balm she put on earlier, and I want another taste. I want more.

Leaning in, I hold her completely still as my lips hover right over that perfect mouth of hers.

“Do that again when you’re sober, and I’m all yours.” I say, my lips just barely brushing hers as I speak.

With that, I loosened my hold and let her go.

- End of Chapter 15 -

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