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Chapter 18 : Madelyn

Chapter 18 : Madelyn
Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

I really underestimated just how high of a demand there was for nightlife on a Wednesday night here.

Having previous bartending experience has proved itself to be extremely useful so far, even as I shadow Riley, the bar manager for my shift.

It’s just past 12:00 am, and I think things are going pretty well other than the fact Riley has some unspoken dislike for me.

I can’t figure out why, but she’s snapped at me multiple times already for the little mistakes I’ve made, but offered assistance to the others who need it.

I don’t know what exactly I did to her, but I imagine calling out my supervisor on my first day of work probably wouldn’t be the best start.

For now, I keep my mouth shut and continue to serve drinks.

I haven’t seen any of the three owners of Rush tonight, and I find myself both pleased and slightly disappointed by it.

After my conversation with them earlier today at the cafe, I don’t find myself as concerned to be in their presence as I was before.

Growing up in a shitty town with a shitty family desensitizes you to a lot more than you’d expect.

I wanted an explanation from Alec, Caleb, and Xavier more than anything else, and they gave me one. I’m not stupid, I know there’s still a lot of information they withheld from me, but I take no offence to it.

I don’t know anything for sure, but I do know they have some sort of side business going on.

I have no doubt I’ll figure it out eventually, but they don’t scare me anymore.

They told me what I wanted to know, so it worked for me.

The only problem now is that there’s nothing preventing me from acting on my desire for them.

Last night, I spent hours thinking about everything that happened between Noah and I, and I allowed myself to cry over all the ways he’s hurt me.

A huge part of me knew I fell out of love with him months before we broke up, but I was simply too scared to finally end things.

I moved out the rest of my things from his house today, and Hailey hugged me when I came back home.

I feel like a huge part of my life was just closed down, but I can’t be sad when I feel like I’ve gained so much more.

I’m beginning to feel happy again and I even found myself excited at the thought of starting a new job. Maybe a little at potentially being able to see three particular men as well.

I like the way I feel around them.

Leaving the Horizon gave me the clarity I’ve been needing from them, but it also tore down the only barrier that was keeping myself away and my heart safe.

But... maybe safe isn’t what I needed.

“Hey Madelyn,” One of the other bartenders grabs my attention, “There’s a man over there asking for you,” He says, pointing to behind me.

Turning around, I find Alec sitting down at one of the bar stools, already looking at me with a smirk on his face.

Surprising myself, a smile appears on my own as I walk over to him.

“Mr. Sawyer.” I greet, mimicking what I’ve heard the other bartenders address him as so far.

I’m not exactly sure of the policy since I know him, but I figured formality was a safe bet.

“Hey, princess.” He grins at my endearment before adding, “Alec is more than fine.”

“Well, Alec, what can I get for you?”

“Oh, nothing for now.” He smiles. “I’m actually on my way to a meeting, but I wanted to see how things are going here first.”

“Great so far,” I say, but only half mean it.

I would love to know what grudge Riley has against me.

“Hm,” He hums, “And are the people treating you well?”

Fuck, he’s about to do his mind reading thing again.

Forcing myself to keep completely still and not letting my eyes blink too much, I say, “Yup. Riley’s been showing me the ropes around here for most of the time.”

That’s not a lie; she has, just not with a smile on her face.

“Good.” Alec says, but I can’t tell if he believed me or not.

Speaking of the devil, right when I go to open my mouth to speak, Riley comes up beside me, and ever so subtly tries to get me to leave.

“There’s a lot of people over there waiting to be served. Why don’t you go there, and I can help Alec over here with whatever he needs.” She says, a fake smile plastered on her face.

Just as I go to leave...

“It’s Mr. Sawyer to you, and if there’s a need for people, then you can go help.” Alec calmly corrects, “We weren’t done talking yet, we’re we Madelyn?”

Great. Do I piss off the boss I have to see everyday or the one who gave me the job?

“No, sir.” I say, not wanting to annoy either by addressing him by Alec or Mr. Sawyer.

Looking up at him, I find that something different has changed.

While Riley looks like she’s about to self implode, Alec is now looking at me differently.

Whatever he’s thinking is intense and for a moment, we just stay where we are saying nothing as Riley storms off.

“If you ever have any issues here, just let me know.” Alec says before rising from his seat.

His green eyes are more illuminated by the strobe lights above and I can’t help but notice they’re dilated as well.

“Have a good meeting Alec,” I say, and he merely smiles and nods in goodbye.

I watch as he moves through the crowd of people and out one of the back exits we have here.

I barely have a moment to think before someone else is speaking to me.

“Madelyn, I need you to run to the bar downstairs and ask for José to send at least two people up here for an extra hand. We’re low on staff today.” Riley says, already moving to make another drink.

“But Al— Mr. Sawyer specifically said that under no circumstances was I to go downstairs.” I remind, not sure of who’s command to follow.

I have to force myself not to flinch away at the annoyed look she sent my way.

“Well you are currently under my watch and when I tell you to do something, you do it. I won’t ask again.” She says, and with that, she’s already gone to serve another customer.

God, I hope this is the right choice.

Walking as fast as I can in my heels, I move to the same entrance I watched Hailey and Mila go through from the other night.

I’m met with two bouncers guarding the door.

“Hi. I was told to speak with someone at the bar downstairs?” I explain, my heart racing at the possibility of one of the men disagreeing with Riley’s order and taking it out on me.

“Sorry, but we’ve been given specific orders to not let you down here.” The tallest one says.

Well fuck.

“You see, my bar manager Riley, sent me over here, so I’m not sure if you want to talk to her, but I’m just doing what she said.”

The shorter, but just as large one waved Riley’s attention from the bar and when her eyes fell on me, she just nodded as if to say I wasn’t lying.

Ever so reluctantly, both men step aside with a slightly worried glance at each other.

Why is this such a big deal?

Shaking it off, I push against one of the two doors that leads me into something that looks extremely similar to a hotel lobby.

A woman who looks to be about in her late forties is standing at a reception desk, and not knowing where to go, I figure she’s my best bet.

“Hello.” I say to the woman who looks up from her computer and gives me a kind smile.

“Hi. How can I help you?” She asks in a welcoming voice.

I can’t explain why exactly, but she makes me feel really comfortable despite my nerves from Riley’s order.

“I need to speak to José.” I say, wishing I had his last name, “I was told I could find him down at the bar here, but I’m not exactly sure where that is.” I explain.

“Oh of course. You must be new, and that’s why I don’t recognize you.” The girl with the name tag reading, Cassidy, says. “There’s the door to my left, but that’ll place you right in the middle of everything.” She motions to where she’s talking about. “However, if you go straight down that hall and go through the first door on your right, the bar will be right in front of you.” She points to a different pathway.

The second option sounds like the better one, so I decided on that.

“Amazing! Thank you for your help.” I say, moving to the long hallway.

“Of course, dear. And remember to breathe if it’s your first time.” She offers.

I just smiled in response, not sure what she meant by the second part.

Moving down the blue lit hallway, I find myself quite surprised that I can’t hear a single noise coming from either nightclub.

The walls must be really insulated.

The path of the hall slopes downwards most of the way, and as Cassidy said, I soon see a door coming up on my right.

I can now faintly hear the sound of quiet music and muffled voices coming from the other side of the wall and from behind the solid door now in front of me.

Please don’t get mad, I think about Alec, Caleb, and Xavier.

Pushing open the door, I take a handful of steps out, before freezing right in the open at the sight before me.

I find myself in a massive room, the bar Cassidy was telling me about lining the entire one wall to my right.

In front of me, however, are six large stages in line with each other, over half of them occupied with people. Very naked people.

Everything seemed to have a place, including St Andrews Crosses, seated crosses, spanking benches, cages, stocks, tables, and so many other things I’ve never even seen before.

There were mirrors along some parts of the dark walls and a massive glass chandelier that hung in the center of everything.

Further to my left was a grand staircase, the one I’m guessing Cassidy said led into the middle of everything, and at the base of it was another wide hallway that led to who knows where.

A BDSM club?

The VIP, extended section of Rush, is a BDSM club?

My head is spinning, trying to comprehend where I am.

Now, I understand Cassidy’s words of encouragement: Remember to breathe.

All I have to do is find José, get extra staff, and get out of here.

I didn’t think places as good as this actually existed, but if I don’t leave soon, I’m not going to want to in general.

I take a couple of steps away from the door, but this time when I look at the people entering the empty stage in front of me, I truly cannot move.

I can’t move because right in front of me is a fully dressed Xavier positioning a completely bare woman under a chain attached to the ceiling.

“Oh darling, you really shouldn’t be here.” A familiar voice comes from directly behind me, Caleb taking a hold of my hips with his hands.

- End of Chapter 18 -

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