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Chapter 19 : Madelyn

Sexual Content Warning ⚠️
A/N: Buckle up readers because from here on out, most chapters will contain a lot of SMUT and mature themes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Chapter 19 : Madelyn
Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

“Oh darling, you really shouldn’t be here.” Caleb says, effectively keeping me pinned to him so I can’t run.

I don’t respond; instead, I stand and watch as Xavier gently takes the girl’s wrists from her side and fastens them into two padded cuffs. Each has a small metal ring hanging on the outside.

“You wanted to know my outlet? Here it is.” Caleb says, his one arm wrapping completely around my waist and pulling me in slightly closer.

Keeping my eyes on the stage, I watch Xavier work. Every movement he makes is precise and executed in a way that shows he’s had years of experience doing this.

He doesn’t even know I’m here, but his dominance demands my attention, along with the other people who’ve recently gathered to observe.

I should go, I really should, but I can’t.

It has nothing to do with the fact of Caleb’s hold on me either; it’s purely a mental pull.

“I’m—” I start to apologize for disobeying, but Caleb doesn’t give me a chance to speak.

“Shhh.” He coos. “Don’t speak right now; just listen and watch.”

I do exactly as he asks.

Small murmurs begin at the sight of a new man walking to the very front of the crowd, placing a chair down for himself and taking a seat.

The girl’s attention instantly slips to him with pleading eyes, but he does not move.

Xavier tests the tightness of the cuffs to ensure the grip wasn’t too uncomfortable before reaching up above him where a thin black bar pulls down.

“I should punish you for being in places you shouldn’t be...” Caleb says lowly in my ear, drawing a shiver from my body. “But, unfortunately I can’t. Not yet at least.”

Raising the brunette’s arms, Xavier attaches each cuffed wrist to the opposite ends of the bar, leaving the girl wide open and unable to move that section of her body.

So that’s what the silver rings were for.

“Master, please.” The girl begs and only then do I realize that this isn’t Xavier’s submissive, it’s the man’s who sat down in the chair.

In retaliation, Xavier lands a quick slap to her ass, effectively hushing her.

“There are rules here...” Caleb starts, “Rules that I live by. I will not force you to stay here, so if you wish to go back upstairs, tell me now and I’ll let you go.”

I can’t answer.

I’m not going anywhere, but speaking would mean admitting that I want to be here— want to watch.

“I need words, Madelyn. Do you want me to let you go?”

I can’t believe this is about to happen.

“No.” I say firmly, and even with the sound of the excited whispers from the crowd and the quiet sensual music, I swear I heard Caleb smile.

A second later, he makes the noise of clearing his throat causing me to tense in his arms.

To those around him, it’s merely background noise, but it grabs the attention of the man on stage instantly.

Xavier’s eyes meet—no, they capture mine.

He takes in the sight of Caleb holding me, my body pressed back against his. And then, he smiles.

It’s not kind; It’s not warm; It’s the kind that says, ′you fucked up’.

Moving his attention back to the girl, he crouches down in front of her, grabbing a second black bar by her feet, one that has different shaped cuffs already attached.

Looking down at Xavier, she doesn’t fight as he moves each of her ankles to be secured as well, once again checking to make sure they’re not hurting her.

“Why is he doing this if her master is here?” I ask Caleb, keeping my voice quiet.

“Xavier’s going to punish her for him.”

But why wouldn’t he just do it himself?

Caleb can sense my question before I even voiced it aloud.

“Master Dominic is currently healing from an injury that restricts him from being able to give his submissive, Caitlin, the punishment she deserves.” He explains. “Having seen Xavier do scenes down here before, he personally asked him to take over for this one thing.”

I just nod, letting Caleb’s words sink in.

This is real. This is actually happening.

Finally done with his set up, Xavier stands from the floor, circling Caitlin as he opens his mouth to speak.

“Does everything feel okay?” He asks the bound girl, checking in on her.

“Yes, Mr. Alcaraz.” She answers instantly and without hesitation.

“Are we good to start then?” Xavier looks to the man in the chair, asking for his permission.

“Please do.” I hear a voice sound from the front, and with that, it feels as if something inside of Xavier switched.

“Caitlin, can you please tell everyone nice and loud what you did to end up here.” He demands, and goosebumps appear on my skin at the authority.

“I came without my Master’s permission.” She says clearly, her head dropping to look at the floor in... shame?

“Do you think you deserve this punishment?” Xavier continues, his tone slightly condescending.

“Y-yes, Mr. Alcaraz.” The girl stutters.

With a short pause, he says, “Good. Now I want you to lift your chin and look at your Master. Show him just how sorry you are.”

At the sight of Dominic sitting in the gathered crowd, I can visibly see her body relax. As if just getting to see him brings her comfort.

“Don’t take your eyes off him; don’t speak unless given permission.” Xavier orders before pulling a remote from his pocket. Clicking one of the buttons, the bar holding her hands ever so slowly rises, until Caitlin is left with her toes just barely touching the stage floor.

My heart is racing in anticipation of what he’s going to do next, and Caleb knows it too based on the quiet chuckle he lets out.

Never once do his hands wander though. It’s only to keep me in place.

Walking to the back of the stage, Xavier gathers two of the multiple objects lining the back wall before returning in front of Caitlin.

It doesn’t take me long before I see what the first item is.

Placing a medium sized box directly in between Caitlin’s feet, Xavier steps aside to reveal the long pole attached to it with a dildo connected at the end. A sex machine.

It lines up directly at her entrance, but does not penetrate.

My own knees feel slightly weak at just the sight of it, and I suddenly become extremely thankful for Caleb’s grasp on me.

A second remote controls the machine, which is already in Xavier’s hand.

The other object he grabbed earlier slipped into his pocket, remaining a mystery.

“What’s your safeword?” Xavier asks, though I have a feeling it’s a reminder to Caitlin and the audience, not him.

“Kiwi, Mr. Alcaraz.” She says, though her voice sounds a little shaky and breathless surely from knowing what’s about to happen.

“Good.” And with that, a switch in Xavier’s hand is turned, starting the machine.

It enters slowly, pushing all the way in before retreating and moving back out so only the tip remains inside of her.

The motion happens again and again as Caitlin begins to squirm slightly.

“You’re not allowed to cum without permission and you’re not allowed to ask for permission either.” Xavier says, his hand slipping into his pocket. “The only word that’s allowed to fall from your mouth is your safeword, unless I tell you otherwise.”

Fuck. Why do I find this as such a turn on?

Finally taking his hand out of his pocket, I don’t understand what it is he grabbed until Xavier attached a clamp to each of Caitlin’s hardened nipples, a small chain connecting the two.

My body unconsciously pushed back against Caleb at the realization, and even though I shouldn’t, I found myself slightly surprised to find him hard.

At least I know I’m not the only one being affected by this.

My breathing shallows as Xavier connects one last thing to the center of the chain; a small weight causing the clamps to pull down slightly on her nipples. A quiet whimper fell from Caitlin’s lips as he stepped back, letting the full pressure of the added weight sink in.

I can tell as Xavier looks her up and down that he’s admiring his work.

I’m sure if I could see him, Master Dominic would be doing the same.

Circling her like a hawk, when he gets to behind her, Caitlin pinches her eyes shut, only for Xavier to land a hard blow on her ass with his hand.

“Eyes open.” He reminds, glancing down at the sight of the blue dildo moving in and out at a torturously slow pace.

Even from here, I can see her arousal coating the toy.

My attention keeps switching between Xavier, Caleb, and Caitlin, but when Xavier’s eyes look to the back and at me, I keep focused on him.

“Let’s get to the fun part now, shall we?” Xavier says, never once breaking my eye contact.

I’m pretty sure his words had a double meaning to them though, because the second he switched the setting on the machine, Caleb’s free hand shifted down to toy with the slit on my skirt.

Caitlin lets out a soft cry as the machine sped up, but with her arms above her head and her feet spaced apart from the spreader bar, there’s nothing she can do but take it.

That almost feels like background noise though at the feeling of Caleb’s large hand moving ever so slightly under the tight material of my skirt.

“Can I touch you?” He asks, his voice suddenly a lot huskier than it was before.

“What?” I breathe, not believing I heard him correctly.

“Can I touch you?” He repeats, his breath tickling the side of my neck. “I promise I won’t do anything you dislike.”

I believe him more than anything. I want this more than anything.

“Okay.” I agree, my legs pressing tightly together in an attempt to relieve the pressure, but it only makes it worse.

Caleb knows too and cruelly spreads them apart slightly with his foot.

“Lean back against my chest and keep your eyes on the stage.” He tells me, and I listen to his words.

Forcing my insecurities to the back of my mind, I press all the way back so my body is flush with Caleb’s.

Moving his one hand to rest on my waist, the remaining moves to touch my stomach, slipping just his fingertips under the slit where the end of my top meets the waistband of my skirt.

His hands aren’t exactly cold, but they aren’t warm either causing goosebumps to form as a result.

Moving up higher, it becomes a true effort to stop my legs from rubbing against each other as his thumb brushes against my bare skin.

With the combination of his touch and the desperate noises coming out of Caitlin’s mouth, my senses feel a little overwhelmed.

“Is this okay?” Caleb checks in with me as his hand moves over to cup my breast.

I take a moment to appreciate the feeling of him touching me, before remembering he asked me a question.

Somehow, I managed a truthful, “Yes.”

“Mm, and what about this?” He asks, as the pad of his thumb flicks against the hardening bud through my bra, before pressing down against the sore spot.

“Y-yes.” I stutter, trying to keep myself from making too much noise.

I don’t want any attention from others on me, but the thrill of knowing that at any moment someone can turn to find me like this has my panties soaked.

“Good girl.” He says, and I’m not sure if he knows the exact impact it had on me, but my core clenched at those two simple words.

While I was looking in the direction I was told, I didn’t realize that my attention had actually drifted away until a loud buzzing noise came from the stage.

Blinking a couple of times and giving Xavier back my attention, I see that he’s looking at me with hungry eyes, as he takes the vibrator in his hand and presses it hard against Caitlin’s clit.

This causes her to instantly jerk back, but Xavier’s hand follows so that no matter what way she twists, the dildo still thrusts and the vibrator remains.

Remembering his previous command, Caitlin pleads her Master with her eyes instead, even as she cries out in both pain and pleasure from Xavier’s movements.

I shift against Caleb as he moves his hand to my other breast, pulling against that nipple too.

My eyes pinch shut for just a split second from the pain until it turns into something much more intense than just pleasure.

My legs feel slightly shaky as he continues to touch me, and I can’t help but wonder what Caitlin must be feeling right now.

Her legs are actually shaking as she tries to fight off her quickly impending orgasm while Xavier shows her no mercy.

Looking at the large crowd that gathered, I see that I’m not the only one being touched while watching.

There are a lot of other people whispering in each other’s ears; doms giving their subs orders, other people just watching for the fun of it.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in Caitlin’s place, but a huge part of me wants to find out.

A loud gasp falls from her mouth as I hear a button click, increasing both the vibrations and the speed of the machine below her.

Within seconds, it becomes too much for her and she begins to fight against the sensations with everything she has.

“If there’s something you’d like to say, you may say it now.” Xavier says to Caitlin, and instantly, she begins to beg the man in the crowd for mercy.

“Please Master, I promise I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t do it again, but please...” She pleads, but right when I think she’s gotten her wish, Xavier smiles.

The bastard fucking smiles and reaches to the chain, harshly pulling on both of her nipples causing Caitlin to yelp before releasing them.

My guess is that he said no.

“Please—” Caitlin starts again, but Xavier cuts her off with another tug.

I watch as a single tear falls down her face, only for more to follow.

Her entire body is practically buzzing at this point from the need to cum, but she is not granted her release.

Over and over, I watch as Xavier speeds up everything until she’s on the brink of losing control, just to bring her back down. Never completely stopping, but just enough to keep her from going over that edge.

The entire time, I do nothing but watch as Caleb plays with my breasts, whispering dirty comments in my ear.

By the fourth time Xavier denies Caitlin’s orgasm, it’s a wonder she still has the energy to squirm away.

I know each of his actions are dictated by Master Dominic, but I can’t help but notice how absolutely comfortable Xavier looks right now.

This is the most relaxed I’ve ever seen him before, and while he needs to keep his attention on Caitlin to make sure she’s okay, every time his eyes meet mine, I swear I see just as much desire pooling there as I’m currently feeling.

With a scream, Caitlin’s about to go over the edge for the fifth time, but Xavier doesn’t let her.

This time seems to break her.

With a sob, her body finally goes limp as she submits completely over to those controlling her.

“Do you like this darling?” Caleb asks, brushing a knuckle over my sensitive skin. “Do you like watching Xavier punish that girl while I play with your nipples?”

Oh my god.

I’m too lost and embarrassed to answer.

My body is aching from his relentless touch, my clit in need of just as much attention, but not getting any.

Due to my lack of response, Caleb takes my nipple in between his two fingers, pinching down hard and twisting at the same time.

An unexpected whimper comes from my mouth and Xavier’s head snaps right at me at the sound. His attention goes straight to Caleb’s hand under my shirt before he licks his lips.

This time, he does not turn away, watching as I am teased and squirming.

“Answer me, Madelyn.” Caleb says, easing up on his assault just enough to make my mind less foggy.


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Caleb. I like it.” I say, and in the same moment, I hear another voice say okay, not to me, but to Caitlin.

Crying out, the girl’s master finally gives his permission as her legs give out and she comes all over the dildo and vibrator.

A continuous string of thank yous fell from her mouth.

Moving up behind her and wrapping his arm around her waist, Xavier holds Caitlin’s body, keeping her upright and preventing there from being too much of a strain on her shoulders.

I expect the scene to be over, but just as she comes down from her first orgasm, Xavier does something with the remote again, sending the vibrations even stronger against her already sensitive clit.

“No more. Please, I can’t!” Caitlin cries, but never once does she call her safeword.

Master Dominic offers words of praise and encouragement from where he’s seated and with a slight nod of his head, Xavier pulls the clamps off all the way, sending her over the edge one final time.

“You’re doing so good.” Caleb murmurs against my ear. “Once this is done, we can go somewhere more private where we can talk.”

I just nod and watch as Xavier swiftly moves, having the tired girl unshackled in seconds and transferred into the arms of her master.

Tears are still falling down her cheeks, but a sated smile has now formed on her face. The man plants a kiss on her temple, saying something that causes her to hide her face against his shoulder as the watchers clear out.

Caleb drops his hands from my shirt, but I remain pressed against him, allowing my heart rate to slowly come down.

Drawing lazy circles on my hip, I watch as Xavier says a few words to Master Dominic and shakes his hand. The second their conversation finished, Xavier turned to me.

I don’t know what it was, but the sight of him walking in this direction caused something in me to tense.

The reality of what just happened came crashing down, and despite being extremely turned on, this was still a lot to take in.

“Caleb, please let me go.” I say, when Xavier’s close.

Instantly he respects my wishes, but I can tell he’s confused and didn’t want to.

My confusion is the reason I’m pulling away.

“Madelyn?” Caleb calls as I step right back through the doors I came through, trying not to worry about the fact I never actually spoke to José and have been missing from the bar for nearly a half hour.

If Riley didn’t hate me before, I know she will now.

I can hear both Caleb and Xavier following behind, but they don’t try and stop me as I walk past Cassidy, the bouncers, and back behind the counter.

Riley shoots me a surprised look and when I go to ask her why she sent me down there without a heads up, she asks, “What are you doing back here?” And instead of anger on her features, it’s annoyance.

“This is my job.” I snap. “What are you doing sending me into the pit of a sex club without a warning?”

Just as she goes to respond, her expression suddenly changes to a happy one as she looks behind me.

Sure enough, Xavier and Caleb are leaning against the bar, watching me.

“What can I get for you?” Riley smiles at the two men, pushing her boobs out a little.

Not wanting to be in the middle of this, I turn away to the counter, stacking clean glasses as a way to keep myself busy. At the same time, I’m doing my best to ignore the ache between my thighs and on each of my nipples thanks to Caleb.

But I freeze when I hear Xavier say, “Her.”

“Pardon me?” Riley asks, her grin faltering slightly.

“We want her.” He clarifies and when I turn back to them, I see Riley clenching her jaw and Caleb and Xavier waiting patiently for me.

Saying the first excuse I can think of, “Sorry, but I’m busy working.”

I mentally curse myself for how pathetic that was, and Caleb only raises his eyebrow.

“We own the entire goddamn business. It’s really no problem.”

I go to protest again, but Riley shoots me a harsh look as if saying, are you crazy?

Sighing, I place the glass in my hand down and step around the counter.

The second I do so, they each place a hand on my back, directing me once again to the entrance of the VIP section.

I’m so not prepared to go back there.

They can sense my hesitation.

“We’re just going to my office to talk, not the club.” Xavier informs me, and I feel like a small weight lifts off my chest at his words.

Even as nervousness fills my body, I can’t deny how incredibly turned on I am right now.

I can’t stop seeing Xavier on that stage or feeling the way Caleb’s hands were teasing my body in the most exquisite ways. If I’m being honest, the only thing that I felt was missing in those few moments was Alec.

Like Xavier promised, after passing the bouncers who this time avoided eye contact with all of us, he led me to the left, and down a long hallway where we soon arrived at five different doors.

Stopping in front of what I’m assuming belonged to Xavier, he punches multiple digits into a keypad before the sound of his door unlocking sounded.

They stepped aside, allowing me to move in first.

Quickly taking in the space, I find that it’s a lot bigger than I thought it’d be.

A large office desk is placed close to the back wall, a series of filing cabinets and bookshelves standing in behind it.

Like I saw the other night, right in front of me is an entire wall made of glass and I find that I can see almost every part of the nightclub from here.

“Can they—” I go to ask, but Xavier is already answering.

“No, it’s made up of something called switch glass.” He explains, “The control panel over here changes the visibility. I can make it so I can see them but they can’t see me, vice versa, and completely closed off on both sides.”


I can guess what setting it’s on now then.

Still taking in the room, I subconsciously hear every step they take and the way the door closes behind one of them.

“What’s the point of me being here?” I ask and when I turn to my right, I find they’re both sitting down on a long red couch large enough to seat six.

Across from it is a matching red chair, which I sit down on when they motion it.

It’s surprisingly comfortable and big enough that I could probably fit another person beside me if I wanted to.

Caleb and Xavier are right across from me, both staring at where I’m seated.

They look extremely calm, and I have to force myself not to squirm under their gazes.

What are they waiting for?

Little did I know, the what was actually a who.

My heart begins to race as I hear someone from the outside punching in the code to the room, and seconds later walks in a rushed Alec.

“What was so urgent that I had to leave—” Alec starts, but stops when he notices me.

He then looks to Xavier and Caleb for a moment before seeming to read the tension in the room.

Holding my eye contact, he slowly undoes the buttons on his suit jacket, before shrugging the coat off.

Then the tie, and then the sleeves of the dress shirt are rolled to be kept out of the way.

“Madelyn.” He greets, tossing his jacket and tie on the arm of the couch.

I can’t help it as my eyes fall to his arms covered in sticker tattoos. Everywhere I look, there’s a new one and I have to force myself to look away.

Just as I open my mouth to speak, Xavier cuts in, “Madelyn here got a little curious and wandered places she shouldn’t have been.”

Alec looks me up and down, but doesn’t say anything or reveal what he’s thinking.

“I see.” He says as he too sits down on the couch.

It is now Xavier in the middle with Alec to his left and Caleb to his right.

I feel extremely under the spotlight sitting here, and I can’t help but wonder if that was their plan.

“We did tell her that under no circumstances was she to go down there, didn’t we?” Caleb asked Alec as if I wasn’t even there.

No, I can not find this hot.

“I believe we did.” Alec responded, but never took his eyes off me.

None of them did.

“So why did I find you down there with Caleb’s hands up your shirt then?” Xavier asked, and Alec’s eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

“I’m sorry, what?” He asked, interest filling his eyes.

“I had that scene today with Dom and Caitie. Madelyn stayed to watch.”

Something switched in Alec at that moment.

Like me disobeying their words didn’t matter at the moment.

“And what did you think of it?” Alec asked, all three seeming extremely interested in my answer.

What the hell am I supposed to say to that?

Instead, I simply don’t speak.

I feel like I’m walking on a tightrope right now, but I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if it snapped.

They did not like my silence.

“I’m sure it was a big change seeing that compared to what you’ve experienced in previous relationships.” Xavier says, trying to get a reaction out of me.

“What’s that supposed to mean? I ask as a smile appears on his face.

“I mean, Jolene does go out of her way to call your ex Vanilla, so I think it’s fairly self explanatory.”

Asshole. I don’t even care that he’s trying to work me up.

He can give it, but let’s see if he can take it.

“You want to know what I thought about what I saw?” I taunt, bracing myself for what I’m about to say.

“Please, do tell.” Xavier says, leaning forward slightly.

Alec is looking at me in warning and Caleb is amused, waiting for what’s to come.

“The only thing I learned from that scene is that you have to rely on sex toys and machines to make a girl orgasm.” I say and force myself not to run as I watch Xavier’s eyes go dark. Like midnight black dark.

Who cares if it’s probably not true. He was trying to get me worked up, so he can’t be mad when I talk back.

“Alright,” Is his only response.


Fuck, that’s not what he was supposed to say.

“Alright Madelyn.” He repeats. “Here’s how this is going to go. You’re going to answer all of our questions and then you’re going to sign an NDA for what you saw.” Xavier says, but his tone tells me that’s not all that’s going to happen.

Gulping, the look Caleb shoots my way says that I should just cooperate.

I think I should too.

I expected Xavier to get mad. To deny my words. Anything other than this unsettling calmness.

“Why did you go down there?” He asks.

I’m smarter than to lip him off right now.

“My manager told me to go find a man named José and ask for him to send some extra help upstairs.” I say simply.

“But did we not tell you to not go down there?”

“You did.” I say, urging my racing heart to calm.

“So why did you go anyways?”

“Because I was told to, and I didn’t want to make an enemy of my boss on the first day.” After that, none of them spoke and instead just sat there and watched me squirm.

“Listen, I won’t go down there again and I promise I won’t tell anyone what I saw.” I insist.

“But that’s not the problem.” Caleb cuts in and his voice reminds me of the way his fingers felt on my body.

I can feel my nipples hardening under my shirt once again. I know they can see it at this point, so I don’t make a move to cover it up.

“The issue...” He continues, “Is that you went against a direct order from us. Honestly, I think we can all agree there’s a lot of overdue punishment you’ve earned yourself since we first met.”

Punishment? Oh God.

“You won’t do anything without my permission.” I counter.

“You know princess, you’re right.” Alec cuts in, “We would never do something you aren’t okay with, but lucky for us, I have a strong feeling that if I asked you to bend across my lap so I can redden that pretty little ass of yours, you would willingly.”

“And you would enjoy every second of it, wouldn’t you?” Xavier adds.

He’s right but like hell I’m admitting that.

“Another reason to punish you.” Alec tuts. “If you were ours, we would be sure to fix that quickly.”

“Yeah well I’m not yours.” I say, feeling a little outnumbered here.

Why do I find it hot nonetheless?

“Would you want to be though? We can change that pretty easily.” Caleb says.


“What exactly is it you’re asking right now?”

“We want you; I’m pretty sure you want us...” Caleb says.

“That’s not an answer.”

“No, it’s not.” He smiles. “Tell me, what do you know about a BDSM relationship?”

“I know a bit.” I keep my response vague, crossing my one leg over the other, needing something to relieve the pressure. It offers little help.

I guarantee my underwear is now ruined thanks to them.

“Are you interested in it?” Alec asks.


“Am I not here to sign an NDA?” I dodge and hold my breath as Xavier stands from his seat.

He towers over me even more in this lowered position.

Moving over to his desk, he opens one of his drawers, retrieving a piece of paper along with a bullet point pen.

It only takes him a few steps before he’s in front of me.

Taking the paper, I pretend to read over the words I’m about to sign when in reality, my attention is primarily on the three men watching me.

Skimming to the bottom, I grab the pen from him, lifting my knee slightly as a surface to sign my name.

Handing it back, he purposely brushes his fingers against mine as he takes it.

Tingles shoot up my arm from his touch, causing me to pull away before he notices the effect he has on me. They have on me.

Dismissing the paper on his desk, Xavier is soon seated right across from me again, looking at me expectantly.

“Is that it?” I ask, my voice surprisingly steady considering how I feel on the inside right now.

“Only if you want it to be.” Caleb answers.

Do I want it to end here?

“Okay.” But I didn’t make a move to leave. They don’t either.

“We may be controlling assholes,” Alec starts, “but if you want to leave, then you can get up right now and we won’t stop you.”


“Or, you can stay for a while and we can show you just how desperately we need the help of sex toys to make women come.” Xavier says, causing me to nervously swallow.

I shouldn’t have said that.

I don’t regret it, but it’s going to fuck me over now.

“I’m not a submissive.” I warn, not exactly sure what I’m agreeing to right now.

I want to be, but I have no experience.

“You don’t need experience to call yourself a submissive, sweetheart. And how far tonight goes lies entirely on you.”

I can’t believe I’m considering this, but I can’t deny that I want them.

“We like you Madelyn, but if you’re going to be with us, it will be 100% your choice.”

“Even if I just want it to be a one night thing?” I ask. I don’t think I can commit to something like this on the spot.

“If that’s all you desire this to be, then yes. You are free to leave anytime, but I have to warn you, we’re no Prince Charmings.”

I’m not a princess looking to be saved.

One night.

One night to lose myself.

One night to live a dream I’ve wanted for years.

I never once imagined it would happen with three, but crazier things happen everyday.

“Okay.” I say, my heart pounding against my chest as the word leaves my mouth.

“Okay?” Alec copies as if making sure he heard me right.

For a moment, everything goes silent.

No one moves.

And then, an evil smirk appears on Xavier’s face, the others’ following right after.

Oh God, what have I just gotten myself into?

Leaning forward, Xavier never takes his eyes off of me as removes his jacket, dropping it to the floor behind him.

During the few times I’ve seen him, he’s always had something covering his arms, but I can’t imagine why he’d ever want to.

The tight black shirt he’s currently wearing leaves little to the imagination as my eyes glaze over his skin.

Every inch of his muscled arms are covered in ink, and I can barely focus on one design before another catches my eye.

In combination with the rings once again on his fingers, Xavier Alcaraz looks exactly as the media depicts him to be: bad, dangerous, and the bachelor that everyone wants, but no one gets.

The rumors are the same about all three men before me, and my body is practically shaking with the need to feel them again.

“Good.” Xavier’s voice draws my attention back to his eyes.

They totally noticed my ogling.

His next words caused my breathing to slow and my legs to press tightly together.

“Take off your skirt and come kneel in front of me.”

- End of Chapter 19 -

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