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Chapter 20 : Madelyn

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Chapter 20 : Madelyn
Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

“Now take off your skirt and come kneel in front of me.” Xavier commands, his voice completely steady and controlled as he speaks.

I can’t believe I’m doing this.

I can’t believe how much I want to be doing this.

Taking a deep breath, I stand from my seat, all three gazes following my action.

I know they’ll be able to see my old scars any moment now, but I can’t let my past control me anymore. Especially when I want this so desperately.

With slightly shaky hands, I tug on the waistband of my skirt, slipping it easily down my legs so it pools at the floor.

I’m left in my black underwear, bra, and the top half of my uniform.

“Come here and kneel.” Xavier patiently waits, as I keep my legs pressed tightly together.

The past does not control me. Not anymore.

Taking a few steps, I can’t bring myself to look at them— to look at their reactions.

My eyes remain on the floor as I drop to my knees before them, right in front of Xavier.

Gently but firmly, Xavier grabs my chin with his fingers and tilts my head to look at him. He forces me to meet his dark eyes, but instead of seeing pity or disgust like I expected, all I see is a desire that runs so deep, I know I’m not the only one who’s been craving this moment.

“You are fucking stunning.” Xavier says, and in that moment, I can’t help it as a tear of absolute relief falls down my one cheek.

It doesn’t get the chance to fall to the floor as Xavier promptly swipes it away with his thumb.

“Are you ready?” He asks after a moment and I take a breath.

“Yes...” I say, debating whether or not I should follow through on that word. “Sir.” I decided to add.

I see a smile appear on Caleb’s face to my right, but he and Alec allow Xavier to take over for now.

“Personally I prefer Daddy, but Sir is more than fine for today.” He clarifies, and I can’t fight down the small blush that appears on my face at his words. “Under other circumstances, we would have you pick a safe word, but since no contract has been signed, all you have to say is stop and we’ll listen.”

I only nod in response. I don’t trust my words to do me justice right now.

His hand adjusts so that he’s cupping the left side of my face, and I can’t help it when I lean slightly into his touch.

He seems to have no issue with it himself.

“As for the matter at hand, I think that since it’s our first time, light punishment and reward would be a good place to start. Do you agree, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Sir.” I shiver at the endless possibilities he has just placed in my head.

“Good,” He smiles. It’s small but genuine this time. “Tell me, what did you like and dislike about what you saw me do downstairs?”

I bite the inside of my cheek at the memory.

“I—” I try, but I’m struggling to force myself to say the words.

None of the men rush me, allowing me the time I need to gather my confidence.

“I didn’t like that you were the one touching her...” I start, but instantly realize that didn’t come out in the way I wanted it to. “I mean I wouldn’t want someone other than my dominant to touch me; it had nothing to do with you in specific.” I ramble, but they don’t seem to mind.

Their only reaction is when Xavier begins to stroke my cheek with his thumb, calming me and giving me the strength to continue.

“And I wouldn’t call it a dislike per say, but the nipple clamps would make me nervous if they were going to be used on me specifically.” I say, trying to remember anything else I was unsure about.

I can’t think of anything.

“And what you liked?” Xavier encouraged.

“Everything else.” My response comes instantly.

I wanted to be in Caitlin’s place earlier, even if it was considered a punishment.

“Be more specific.” Caleb says, and I shift on my knees at the sound of his voice.

This part is a lot harder to talk about. Just thinking about it is only adding to the increasing wetness between my thighs.

“I liked... I liked when you denied her orgasm,” I took a breath, looking away from Xavier’s gaze. He allows it and just continues to draw circles on my skin. “And I liked how you used the vibrator on her. And the fact she was immobile.” I finish, taking another breath before looking back up.

“Is that all?” Alec asks, and when I look at him, I can tell he knows it’s not.

Freaking psychic.

“I liked that people were watching. I don’t know if I could ever actually do it myself, but I liked it.” I finished, and that truly was the end of it.

Alec knows too.

Finally satisfied, Xavier nods and removes his hand from my face.

I’m surprised at how much the loss of his touch actually affected me.

I wanted it back.

I stay where I am since I wasn’t told otherwise and watch as Xavier leans back on the couch.

My knees are starting to get sore, but the ache between my legs makes it more manageable.

After a moment, it’s Caleb who takes over.

“You may stand now.” He says, and on shaky feet, I do as he asks. “Take off your underwear, hand it to me and then go sit down in the chair.”

Following this order is much harder of a mental block to overcome.

There’s something about that commanding voice of his that urges me to please him and I’m so worked up at this point that their voices seemed to have a direct connection to my clit.

I was so lost in my own thoughts that I forgot about what Caleb said until his voice snapped me back to reality.

I find he’s now leaned forward, resting his elbows on his legs with his hands clasped together in front.

I can tell he’s not happy with me ignoring his demand, and his next words convey that.

“When we give you a command, we expect you to follow through with it. I will not ask again, take off your panties and hand them to me.”

His voice is still calm, but it was what I needed to get out of my head.

Reluctantly, I shimmied out of my underwear, bending at the waist to step out of it.

I can see my arousal on the fabric and have to force myself to bunch it in my hand before giving it to Caleb.

Smiling, he slips it in his pocket and watches as I move to follow the second part of his command.

Trying not to focus too much on the fact I’m almost entirely bare in front of them, I sit back down on the large chair, my legs pressing together.

At least I’m in a position that still leaves me somewhat covered. Or as covered as I can be under their gazes.

I expect them to comment on it, but they don’t.

Instead, when Xavier goes to speak this time, it’s not directed towards me but at Alec.

“What was it she said again? That we didn’t know how to make a girl come on our own was it?” Xavier says, still not removing his eyes from me.

A part of me is tempted to say I only had doubts about him as a taunt, but I knew that wouldn’t go over well for me.

The evil glint in his eyes instantly tells me he’s planning something, however I couldn’t figure out what.

All I knew is that it got my heartbeat racing even faster to the point where it was a miracle it didn’t beat right out of my chest.

“Yes I believe so,” Alec agrees, smiling at me and tilting his head slightly to the side. “The question now is what are we going to do about that?”

I can’t explain why, but something about them talking about me as if I wasn’t even there did something to me.

“Well sweetheart, since you think we’re so incapable of bringing you pleasure, you can do it yourself.” Xavier says, and instantly, I think I heard him wrong.

“What?” I hesitate.

He can’t be serious; I can’t masturbate while they watch me.

“Place your legs on top of each chair arm.” Caleb ordered with an amused look, knowing that position would leave me completely open and laid out for their sinful gazes. “Let us see you.”

The thought made me shiver, but their lustful looks were enough encouragement for me to follow through.

Adjusting myself so I was seated closer to the edge of the chair, I slowly spread both of my legs up and apart to rest over each arm.

The mens’ watchful eyes never once moved from my body as if they wanted to capture every movement and breath I made.

For what felt like forever, I just stayed here in this position, leaving me to feel vulnerable and slightly humiliated.

They just sat there and took in every inch of my body, but not one of them said a word.

Were they disappointed in what they saw?

They could probably see the stretch marks and scars lining my inner thighs, and not knowing what they thought stressed me out.

Before I had the chance to overthink this whole decision, Alec’s voice redirects my attention.

“You make me want to do truly sinful things to your body, princess.”

I want to press my legs together at his words, but I’m too spread out to gain any form of relief.

I bet that was a part of their plan as well.

Finally starting to feel a little conscious in this position, I shift slightly, not knowing what to do with myself.

I was so wet at this point that when I felt some of my juices run down my slit, I forced myself to close my eyes, knowing they could likely see it too.

When Alec groans, my eyes open and the looks on their faces reveal that they most certainly can.

“Touch yourself for us.” Xavier commands, his chest rising and falling much more deeply than before.

I swear these men are going to be the death of me.

I’ve never touched myself before unless it was in the privacy of my own company. Even when I had sex with previous partners, it was always too dark for anyone to see me in such an intimate state.

But yet again, I’ve never been as turned on before as I am now.

“You don’t have to.” Caleb speaks, causing me to look at him, “We don’t want you to feel pressured, but don’t let your own head prevent you from experiencing something you want. The three of us are going to push you and test your limits, but you can trust that we’ll never force you into a position you don’t wish to be in.”

No, I wanted to do this.

Not just to please them—however that’s most definitely something I feel a strong urge to do—, but I also owed this to myself.

Taking a deep breath, instead of responding I close my eyes and just let myself feel.

Starting at my neck, I drag my hand down, along the space between my breasts, and against my stomach.

The cold air from the air conditioning blows against my wetness, causing me to squirm in my seat.

I take my bottom lip into my mouth, just as my hand brushes ever so gently against my clit.

I’m so sensitive already; I know it won’t be long before my body is completely worked up.

Slipping my middle and ring finger between my folds, I collect some of my juices, before bringing it back up towards my clit.

The contact instantly causes my skin to heat up and my head to fall back against the cushion.

My eyes remain open, but I keep them looking up at the ceiling, not having the courage to look at the men in front of me.

Slowly adding more pressure, I draw continuous circles around the sensitive bundle of nerves, before lightly pinching.

The sensation causes a soft moan to escape from my lips, but my mouth snaps shut just as quickly.

“Let us see your face.” Caleb commands, and this time, I do it without hesitation.

Another moan falls at the sight of all three watching my movements between my legs.

I instantly feel myself begin to grow slicker down there as Xavier ends up capturing my gaze.

“You should prepare yourself, Madelyn...” Xavier says, and the husky tone his voice has fallen into causes my core to clench. “Because one way or another, we are going to make you ours.”

Circling faster, my hips push up against my hand in a desperate attempt to gain more friction.

“One day, whenever you’re ready, you’re going to want to sign a contract with us,” His words make me think of all of the possibilities we had yet to experience together, “And then, the three of us are going to fulfill every single fantasy you have and more you didn’t even know existed.”


They haven’t even touched me yet and I feel like I could come undone at any second by their presence alone. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of pleasure they’d be able to bring me if they touched me themselves.

I screwed up. I shouldn’t have said what I did earlier.

“Xavier.” I groaned, needing their hands on my body, but not sure how to make it happen without begging.

“Finger yourself.” Is all he says, smirking at my desperation.

I need more.

Continuing to rub my clit with my left hand, I slip my other down to part my folds.

The second I sink my middle finger in and curl it upwards, I know that’s what I needed to finish.

Letting a whimper leave my mouth, I look back up to see all three men now rubbing themselves through the material of their pants.

Fuck, this has to be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen before.

I gently roll my clit with my thumb and index finger, as my hips squirm in my seat.

Knowing I’m less than a few minutes away from orgasming, I quicken my pace, eager to finish myself off.

I started to roll my hips more, no longer caring that I was being watched, before adding a second finger and sinking it in with the first.

I was so wet I could hear it. They could hear it.

“Fuck, princess. You should see yourself right now.” Alec says, my eyes landing on him, “I can’t wait to be able to touch you. Feel you. I bet our words alone are enough to make you come apart, isn’t that right Madelyn?”

The way my name sounds on his tongue causes me to tighten around my fingers.

I was close, so so close.

Moving my right hand from my clit, I bring it up and take my already sensitive nipple between my fingers, pinching hard.

My eyes fall closed as I feel my orgasm nearing.

Thrusting my fingers up slightly, I find my g-spot, soon hitting it with every stroke.

My walls clamp down and my mouth falls open.

Just as I’m about to go over the edge, Caleb’s voice holds me there. “Watch yourself, darling.” He said in a warning tone.

This caused me to slow my actions, as my eyes fluttered open to look at him in confusion.

“You only get to come when we say and not a second sooner.”

Glancing at Xavier, then Alec, their expressions confirm they aren’t kidding.

“No, I need to come.” I say, halting all movements. I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer, and I didn’t have it in me to disappoint them.

“You’ll do what we tell you, and I don’t believe any of us said that you could stop.” Alec smiles, knowing how needy I’ve become.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to hold it back. I’m too sensitive.” I looked at each of them with pleading eyes, but in return, I only got amused expressions. They’re clearly enjoying every second of my torture.

“Continue.” Is all Xavier says, and reluctantly, I listen.

Making sure to soften my touches, my one hand returns to my clit while my other fingers myself at a much slower pace.

It’s still an effort to contain my moans, but I don’t feel like I’m going to go over anymore.

“That just won’t do.” Xavier tuts in a displeasing tone that has my heart stopping for a moment.

Narrowing my eyes in confusion, I look at Xavier, but instead of seeing annoyance like I expected, I see... excitement?

“Madelyn, place your hands down on either side of your body.” He orders.

With a racing heart, both of my hands fall to my side while my legs remain spread for their viewing.

I faintly hear him say something under his breath, but it was too low for me to hear.

Suddenly, my gaze is switched back to Alec and Caleb as they simultaneously stood up. It was as if it were planned as they made their way over to where I’m sitting.

Xavier just remained on the couch, looking at me and taking in my every reaction as the two men crouched down beside me, Alec on my right, Caleb on my left.

Not knowing who to look at, Alec made the decision for me, gripping my chin and turning my head in his direction.

While he’s composed on the outside, I could feel his desire for me coursing through his body and into his touch.

“Stay just like that for us, okay princess? Don’t move.”

“Y-Yes, Sir.” I stuttered out.

“Good girl.” Caleb says, and I jump slightly at the feeling of his rough hand slowly traveling up the inside of my thigh.

My body relaxes slightly at the feeling of them touching me again, but not as much as it silently pleads for more.

I try to turn my head to look at what Caleb’s doing, but Alec keeps my focus on him.

Surprisingly, not knowing or being able to see where his hand is going to travel next makes me ache even more.

My clit is throbbing at this point, but I know I have no choice but to take what they have to give.

Slowly, very very slowly, Caleb’s fingers begin to slide upwards, getting closer to my wetness with every second.

My breath hitches when his thumb brushes over one of my more prominent scars, but it then redirects and moves back down.

“Breathe.” Alec reminds me, and I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding.

I was so worked up and Caleb’s soft touches are most certainly not helping my ache.

“You’re doing so good for us.” Alec praises, as I feel Caleb’s hand begin to move up again. This time, I feel a second hand on my other leg, and even though I can’t see, I know it belongs to Alec.

I squirmed in my seat and tried to press my legs together but couldn’t because of their firm grip spreading me apart.

With Caleb’s teasing touches, Xavier’s gaze from the couch, and Alec’s voice in my ear, all I can do is pray they have mercy on my body.

I didn’t know it could feel this way, and they’ve barely even done anything to me.

“Don’t worry.” Caleb comments on my squirming, “Alec and I are going to show you just how much we can pleasure what’s ours and then you’re going to thank us for giving you your release.” He shifts his hand to the side, planting a light kiss on my inner thigh.

“Thank you, Sir.” I say, my relief clear in my voice.

“Don’t thank him yet, gorgeous.” Xavier warns from the couch, and Alec finally lets my face go so I can look at him.

“Why not?” I questioned, doing my best to keep my hands at my sides as both men began to lay kisses and nips on my inner thighs.

“Because,” He smirks when a small, breathy gasp forced its way past my lips, “the night is far from over and I doubt one orgasm will be enough to satisfy the beasts inside of us.”

With that, both men reposition themselves so they’re now kneeling in front of me, instead of beside me. Each laid a hand to rest on a leg, keeping me even more spread apart for them.

I shivered. I could feel their every breath in this position, and it only made me want them more.

Remembering that Xavier still hadn’t moved from the couch, I looked at him wondering why he was just staying there. As if he could read my mind, he answered my train of thought.

“I like watching you. You’re quite interesting to observe, and I know things about you now that I didn’t before.”

“Like what?” I dared to ask, pinching my eyes closed as my core clenched desperately.

Why are they teasing me so much?

“Like the way you shiver every time you hear one of our voices in your ear.”

As if on cue, Caleb and Alec start to move their hands up my legs, this time towards the one place I needed them to go.

“And the way you like it when we praise you and how you get off on forced eye contact.”

My breath hitched as I felt one of their thumbs brush against my clit.

“But most of all,” Xavier started, demanding I look at him, “I learned that this is something you’ve craved for a really long time, and even though you may deny it, we are going to give you everything you want and so much more.”

And with that, I was gone.

Two thick fingers slammed into me, instantly curling upwards and stroking against my walls.

My breath left my lungs as a second hand trailed over the wetness leaking from my slit before bringing it up to circle my clit gently.

The mixture of harsh and soft is something I’ve never experienced before, but it was something I could never come back from.

While Xavier’s demanding gaze forced me to keep eye contact with him, the two at my feet began to pick up the pace, bringing me that much closer to the edge.

Considering how sensitive I already was from my own touches, it became nearly impossible to contain my sounds of pleasure as a moan fell from my parted lips.

“That’s right princess. Let us hear how good we’re making you feel.” Alec says, planting a kiss on my knee. I then realize it’s him playing with my clit.

Knowing he has my attention, he tests the waters by pinching the nub harder than I’d ever dare to, instantly sending jolts of pleasure throughout my entire body.

I whimpered at the unbelievable sensations as I felt my legs begin to shake slightly under their grip. I knew I was getting close.

“Look at me.” Xavier’s voice says from where he’s seated and it’s only then that I realized my eyes had fallen closed.

Snapping them open, I find that he’s undone the button on his dress pants, touching himself over top of his boxers.

The visual caused me to clamp down on Caleb’s fingers and at the same time, I suddenly feel something else prodding at my entrance.

Looking down, I find Alec watching me as he now has two fingers of his own positioned right along with Caleb’s.

He’s not serious—

I buck my hips as two additional digits are pressed into my cunt, curling upwards in time with the blond’s.

I panted and watched all four fingers moving inside of me in perfect rhythm, drawing back before thrusting back in at the same time.

Together, Caleb and Alec stayed perfectly in sync as pleasure began to take over my entire body.

“Fuck, Alec.” I whimpered as he somehow forced himself even deeper inside of me, pressing directly against my g-spot.

That was all I needed.

“I’m going to come.” I gasped as my stomach tightened beneath their touch.

The second I was about to go over, Caleb and Alec slowed their movements, denying me the release I so desperately wanted.

“No, what are you doing?” My voice nearly came out as a whine, while they simply smirked up at me.

Looking at Xavier next, it was clear he was the one currently in charge of my body.

It all makes sense now.

I insulted him— tried to provoke him, and now he gets to decide whether or not I get to come.


“What do you think Caleb?” Xavier interrupts, “Do you think our little sub has earned her release yet?”

His nickname for me caused me to clamp down on the slowed fingers still fucking into me.

I know it was just for effect, but if I’m being completely honest, I fucking loved the sound of it.

“I don’t think I’m done watching yet. You?” Caleb said, looking to Alec for his reply.

“No, I happen to quite like the view from down here.” The third responds, and I know I’m in for it.

They were truly cruel, and I think they knew it too— got off on how torturous this was for me.

Knowing they made up their minds, Alec and Caleb resumed their movements as Xavier said, “Hold it.”

Within seconds, I was already close to orgasming again, clenching my walls around their fingers in an attempt to resist the urge of my release.

That only seemed to encourage them to thrust their fingers inside of me faster. Harder.

Knowing it was Xavier in charge right now, I swallowed my pride and begged, “Please, Sir. Please let me come.”

I’ve been teased and worked up for far too long and I don’t think I could handle it if they stopped their movements again.

“Not yet sweetheart. You’re doing so good, just hold on a little bit longer; I promise it’ll be worth the wait.”

Tears started falling from my eyes and I could tell that I was slowly losing control of my body under their efforts.

At the same time, a sense of relief suddenly overtook my mind.

It was like nothing I’d ever felt before, but I no longer felt nervous, or worried, or awkward.

I just felt free, even as I had to do everything I possibly could to prevent myself from giving into the urge to let go.

Looking down at Alec, he smiles at me as if he knows.

He knows what this is to me.

Sucking on a sensitive spot on my inner thigh, Alec pulls a cry from me as I try and press myself harder into their touch.

Anything that’ll get me there without me having to beg further.

“Fuck, you’re perfect for us,” I hear him mutter under his breath, so quietly I wonder if he even knew he said it out loud.

I didn’t get much time to process what those words meant before the pleasure became too much.

Against my will, my body tried to close my legs to relieve the immense amount of pressure building up, but failed as the men managed to keep them open.

“Please Xavier, please, Sir.” I begged him, not caring that tears were running down my cheeks and that I probably sounded pathetic saying it.

With a smile, he nodded.

“You may come.” And with those three words, I let go.

I threw my head back, moaning as someone’s mouth attached to my swollen clit and sucked hard.

The multiple fingers inside of me moved faster as I felt my walls tighten desperately as I finally came apart, my entire body shaking under their touch.

After a half hour of teasing, I finally got the release my body craved, while the two men at my feet continued their fast movements.

Caleb and Alec drew out every last second of the most pleasurable orgasm I’ve ever experienced, until it almost became painful for them to continue.

Falling back in the chair, I watched as their movements slowed, and together, Caleb and Alec removed their fingers, allowing me to come down.

I could see my release coating their hands, and I felt my cheeks flush at the sight. That embarrassment quickly turned to heat however as I watched them suck their fingers into their mouths, tasting my arousal on their tongues.

Holding my gaze, Alec let out a quiet groan and when I turned to Caleb, I found a pleased grin on his face.

Aftershocks of my orgasm were still passing through my body as I breathed heavily in my seat.

I feel like my mind drifted away for a moment before I noticed that all three were still very much hard for obvious reasons.

Once the shaking in my legs slowed, I carefully moved them from their previous position, allowing them to drop to the floor.

Just as I went to reach out for Caleb first, he and Alec both held a hand against my shoulders, keeping me in place.

Confusion flashed over my features, but it quickly faded as Xavier rose from the couch, cocking his head ever so slightly at me.

I pressed my legs tightly together, wincing slightly at the soreness between them.

I knew that whatever this is was far from over as the dark haired man peered down at me, his eyes swirls of obsidian.

“Sweetheart, do me a favour and remind me what you said earlier to get you into this position.” Xavier asks as he kneels down in front of me. Even on the ground, he’s still taller.

“That you needed toys and machines to make a girl orgasm.” I mumble, not meeting his eyes as I say this.

In turn, Xavier’s hands land on my hips, pulling my body all the way to the edge of the chair.

My heart rate spikes as my legs are lifted to rest on either side of Xavier’s neck, falling over his shoulders.

“Hmm,” He chuckles into my inner thigh as I feel Alec and Caleb begin to tug at the bottom of my shirt from the side.

Lifting my arms for them, I barely get a second before it is tossed to the floor and my bra is unclasped, falling with it.

“I say we find out, shall we?” Xavier says, hovering his mouth right over top of my core.

I could feel every one of his breaths on my skin and I swear for a second my heart stopped as he looked up at me with a look of hunger in his eyes. “Can I have a taste, sweetheart?”

Hesitating a second too long, Alec pinches my nipple hard between his fingers as a reminder that for tonight, I answer to them.

“Yes, Sir.” I nearly trembled, and the second those words left my mouth, all three men dove in at once causing an overload of sensations to overwhelm my body.

Xavier didn’t waste a second driving his tongue into me, before moving up to swirl around my already sensitive clit. My hips bucked towards him as he sucked me into his mouth, and as Caleb and Alec both took a nipple between their teeth.

I cried out, not caring who heard.

These men themselves were fucking machines and it didn’t take me long this time to build up to my high.

Sliding two fingers into my dripping cunt, Xavier sucks hard on my clit as Alec releases his hold on my breast.

He’s a lot rougher than Caleb is, but as Alec’s lips move up and brush against the side of my neck, Caleb’s free hand reaches over to roll the excluded nipple in his fingers.

“Jesus, fuck.” I moan, trying to both move away and push harder into their touch.

I begin to feel my body slip away, giving up all of my control to them.

The cold nip of Xavier’s rings were almost painful as they dug into my thighs with his grip, but I know it’s only adding to my pleasure.

On a choked gasp, Alec’s hand wraps around the column of my throat. Tilting my head towards Caleb, he moves my hair out of the way for his friend.

Alec instantly takes the opportunity, sucking and nipping at the most sensitive spots on my neck. At times, I can feel his tongue playing along my skin.

Not caring about their previous order, my hands moved to the two men on either side of me, sliding my fingers through and grasping desperately onto their hair, just needing something to keep me grounded.

Both Caleb and Alec groan as my grip tightens.

I can’t help it, when Xavier’s teeth ever so gently grazes my clit, sending me over the edge instantly.

Crying out, my legs move to press together, but Xavier only hums as his head stops them.

The vibration he makes sends directly to my core causing my hips to buck up, but he easily pins me back down by pushing his hand on my lower stomach.

“Xavier! Xavier, please!” I begged as my head began to spin with pleasure. They made me overwhelmed in the most exquisite way.

“I’m not satisfied yet, come again.” Xavier commands and Alec chooses that moment to suck hard on the spot on my neck that never fails to make my knees weak.

On a choked sob, white spots began to appear, blurring my vision.

My head was spinning as I came again, the three of them holding my trembling body upright as my orgasm continued, even as they let up on their movements.

“Good girl. You did so good.” Caleb praised as my spent body finally went limp in the chair.

I couldn’t help it as my eyes fell shut in exhaustion, feeling the most relaxed I’ve ever felt in my life.

They gave me multiple minutes to come down and once again regain bits of my strength.

I faintly remember one of them giving me a sweet tasting drink and holding it to my lips for me considering my hands were still shaking from the rush I just experienced.

I guess the name of this place did make sense.

When my eyes finally reopened, I found all three men looking disheveled and pleased, none of them leaving my side.

Remembering the very last part of Caleb’s order earlier, I mumble a tired, “Thank you.” before my vision went dark and I allowed myself to drift into a peaceful sleep.

- End of Chapter 20 -

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