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Chapter 22 : Madelyn

Chapter 22 : Madelyn
Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

Opening the front door, my heart quickens at the sight of my dates dressed in suits and waiting for me patiently on the porch.

“Hi,” I breathe as three pairs of eyes look me up and down, hungrily taking in my body as I do the same to them.

“Darling, you look—”

“Hot,” Hailey abruptly interrupts, “She looks fucking hot.”

I can feel the heat begin to rise in my cheeks at her words and based on how the men are looking at me right now, they don’t disagree.

Muttering a thank you, I give a small smile before bending down to secure my heels into place around my ankles.

When I stand back up, now a few inches taller, I find Alec already holding out his arm for me.

Taking him up on his offer, I say goodbye to Hailey before looping mine in and around his.

Alec seems more than satisfied by this, and when he leads me out of the house, I find a long black SUV parked out front with a driver in the front seat.

Looking up at Alec, he smiles at my slight confusion.

“Parking isn’t very easy to find where we’re going. And this way, we’ll all be able to talk to you without having to focus on the road as well.”

Before I can think of a response, Xavier opens the door for me, revealing an interior very similar to what you’d see in a limousine.

Ducking inside of the vehicle, I take a seat on the far end of the long couch.

I reposition my dress again once I’m sitting down, more specifically the slit that leaves a long strip of my right leg bare.

Alec, Caleb, and Xavier in that order follow me inside.

“So... where are we headed to?” I ask when the car starts moving.

Caleb smiles, “Have you ever heard of the River Cafe?”

Holy shit.

“We’re going to Brooklyn?”


We were indeed driving to Brooklyn for dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants there.

Bookings go up to a year in advance, and the place even has a dress code for the guests.

Noah and I saved up and made a reservation here to celebrate our anniversary this month; who knew that I’d come here with not one, but three other men.

Pulling up out front of the restaurant, my breath is stolen from me as Alec offers me a hand out of the limo.

The establishment has a direct view of the Hudson River, Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan skyline, all from within the building and outside on the patio.

“It’s almost as breathtaking as you are,” Caleb voiced in my ear, low enough that only I could hear.

Even though I try to fight it, a blush makes its way onto my cheeks at his compliment.

“Come,” He smiles, wrapping his arm around my back and effectively getting me to move from my frozen state.

I couldn’t help it; it was truly one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen.

“How the hell did you manage to get a spot here?” I ask, watching as Xavier speaks to a hostess at the door.

“Xavier did a huge favour for the owner a couple of years back. All it took was a quick phone call and they told us they’d keep a spot open for 7:30.”

“So many connections,” I mutter, causing his smile to widen.

Falling into step beside us, Alec, Caleb, and I move up to the entrance where Xavier is.

“If you follow me right this way, I’ll take you to your table.” The hostess says, walking away before any of us could respond.

Following her inside, my eyes scan over every inch of the expensive interior.

Caleb’s hand on my back allows me to look around while still moving in the right direction.

We walk past all of the tables, and I see that to my left, the entire wall is made of glass so those seated inside can still see the incredible view.

Having my attention redirected to where we’re going, I watch as the hostess leads us through a set of swinging doors, walking out onto the outdoor patio.

There I see one large circular table with four chairs sitting around it.

It overlooks straight onto the water, and the ground is more like an unmoving dock than concrete.

What I failed to notice at first glance was that there are no other tables on the patio, only ours.

I shoot Xavier a look, but he only winks at me as the lady lays down our menus and silverware.

“Your server, Angelo, will be with you shortly,” She says, walking back inside before we’ve even sat down.

“I told them to linger as little as possible,” Xavier explains, “Wouldn’t want someone to walk in on us talking about bondage or sex toys, now would we.” He gives me a playful grin as I bite my cheek in both amusement and a little bit of surprise.

I will never know how they can just outright say things like that.

Rounding the table and taking a seat, I have the sight of the building right in front of me, with the view of the river to my right.

Alec takes a seat beside me, Caleb across from him and Xavier across from me.

I could tell the sun was about to start setting in an hour or so based on the golden lighting that fell over top of us as we sat.

I open my mouth to speak, but forget my words when our waiter walks outside.

“Welcome to the River Cafe. My name is Angelo, and I will be your server for this evening. Can I get you all started with something to drink?” He asks.

“Water would be great for now, thanks,” I say when he looks at me first.

When he nods, Alec asks to just get water all around. An unspoken dismissal.

Watching as Angelo promptly leaves, I listen as the sound of the river splashes up against the rocks this place is built on.

“This place is amazing,” I say in awe, giving a small smile when I turn back to see all three men looking at me.

I would have been perfectly happy at something less... fancy, but I have to admit it would be worth coming here for the view alone.

“Is this your first time in Brooklyn?” Caleb asks, drawing my attention to him.

“Yup. Apart from where I grew up and where I’m living now, the only other place I’ve traveled was to Denver when I got my degree.”

“Is there anywhere else you wish to go?”

“Everywhere,” I simply answer, “I’m not picky, but traveling is definitely on my to-do list once I have the time and money to do so.”

Moving to the menu, my head tilts, and my eyes narrow slightly at the laminated paper.

“Where are the prices?” I ask any of the three.

There’s no amount included with each dish.

“It’s known as a prix fixe menu, which translates to fixed price in English.” Alec explains, but that doesn’t answer my question.


“It means there’s a fixed price for each guest who attends in exchange for having your pick of one appetizer, one main course, and one dessert of your choice.” Xavier adds, clearing up my thoughts.

That changed from when I first looked into this place.

The waiter walks back out with the glasses of water in tow, placing them down in front of each of us.

“Are you ready to order, or would you still like a couple minutes to decide?” Angelo asks once he has circled the table.

The men look at me with the menu still in my hand, trying to figure out what half of this food is.

After a short pause, “I’ll get the tortelloni as my appetizer, the beef dish as my main course, and the chocolate Brooklyn Bridge as my dessert please.”

The waiter seems pleased with my choices as he jots it all down on a notepad.

“And for you gentlemen?”

One by one, Xavier, Caleb, and Alec order things that I can’t even pronounce properly before watching as Angelo leaves to submit our order.

Knowing that no one will return for a while now, I feel myself start to fully relax.

The three seated with me can sense it too.

My mind then travels to the real reason why we’re all here.

How the hell do you start a conversation about BDSM?

Alec being Alec can sense that I don’t know what to say and gives me a reassuring smile.

“I’m sure you’ve had many questions and thoughts on your mind in order to agree to this dinner. How about we tell you what we’re looking for and we can go from there?”

Thank God for this man’s mind reading abilities, because I could feel myself about to be awkward again for no reason.

“That sounds good.” I simply say.

It seems like for now, Alec will be taking over this part of the conversation, so I just remain quiet and allow him to speak.

“As you probably would have guessed, we’re all dominants and members of the VIP section of Rush. Individually, we’ve all looked for submissives and tried to find a match that worked with our interests, but finding a partner can be a tricky thing in BDSM. Every person’s interests vary, and I’ve found that in the past, finding a compatible submissive while living with my two best friends was complicated and never lasted long.”

I look at him the entire time he speaks, not interrupting, even as more questions cross my mind.

“We’ve never even spoken of the possibility of sharing one person between the three of us until we met you, but assuming our interests align, we would love to have you as our submissive.”

That was just the start to this conversation I needed.

“So what exactly are you looking for in a submissive?” I ask.

He’s right about the fact that finding a partner who’s hard limits aren’t must haves for another and vice versa can be complicated.

It’s one of the main reasons I’ve never reached out and tried to look into attending a place like Rush on my own.

“You would be our partner. To those we wish to keep our BDSM tendencies a secret, we would introduce you as our girlfriend and we would be your boyfriends. Whether or not we do things that romantic couples take part in is entirely up for discussion.” Caleb answers this time.

“We would be exclusive?” I verify. I’m not looking for an open relationship.

“Yes.” Xavier says, and I see that this is non-negotiable for him as well. The look in his eyes is purely territorial causing me to cross my legs.

“So you’re all okay with the world knowing we’d be a group?”

“While it may seem a little unconventional to an outsider, yes, we are.” Alec says, “The world’s going to judge you either way. You may as well be happy while it happens.”

“I’m okay with it too.” I agreed after a moment.

“Okay, what else do you have on your mind?” Xavier asks.

“What about more of the specifics of our relationship?” I look at him, “Like how often would we do scenes, where would they happen, would it always be a group thing or would I see you individually as well?”

I know that was actually three questions, but none of them seemed to mind.

Just as Xavier goes to answer, his mouth falls shut. Seconds later, four small plates are brought out by our server.

How the hell did he know he was coming?

I offer Angelo a smile in thanks as he lays down our plates before leaving once again.

The plate of pasta sitting before me smelt delicious and the others seemed just as pleased with their dishes.

“A lot of your questions are up for discussion, but we were thinking that we could do scenes four times a week; one with each of us, and then a group scene incorporated at some point around that.” Xavier says while unwrapping his utensils from the cloth. “Some scenes will be at the club, others at our house...”

“Really wherever we desire, assuming you agree to that in the contract.” Alec grins, placing his hand down on my thigh, the part where the slit left it exposed.

Insatiable, I think to myself.

“And do you have a contract already prepared?” I ask, not moving my leg from Alec’s touch. His hand doesn’t roam, and honestly, I find a little comfort in it.

While Caleb goes to answer, I can’t help it as I stab a piece of stuffed pasta with my fork and bring it up to my mouth.

I have to force back a small moan at the taste and focus on what the blond has to say.

“I have both a digital copy and multiple physical ones already prepared at the house. Assuming you still want us by the end of this dinner, I’ll send you the digital one right away.” Caleb smiles.

“The fact that I have no experience in this doesn’t bother you either?” I ask once I finish chewing another piece of pasta. That question has run through my head a lot ever since I saw Xavier down in that dungeon.

His actions made it very clear that he knew what he was doing and likely had a lot of experience too.

“Some doms prefer already trained subs, but we actually find your lack of experience as a positive.” Alec answers.

“How’s that?”

“The first session we do together will likely consist entirely of conditioning. Every dominant prefers different things and has certain commands they commonly use. Once a sub is trained, it can take months for them to fall out of those habits, and even longer for the new ones to become instinctual.”

That actually makes a lot of sense.

My next question is one that I want to know the answer to, but I’m not exactly sure how to say it.

I bite my cheek trying to figure out how to phrase it without saying the wrong thing.

“You don’t ever have to be embarrassed with us.” Alec says, giving my leg a comforting squeeze.

A pause.

“Is there anything that’s a major turn on or turn off for you?” I ask, nearly blurting the question as I feel my face begin to turn hot.

To them, conversations like this are nothing—lord knows I’ve heard more than enough foul things come out of their mouths—, but it’s not as easy for me.

I look at each of them, but I find that this time, they too are figuring out their words.

“While I have a handful for both...” Caleb starts, “Some turn ons are humiliation, degradation, and exhibitionism. Turn offs are pet play, blood play, and anything that will bruise your skin for long periods of time.”

I raise my eyebrow in slight surprise at some of his turn ons. Not once when we were together did he show signs that humiliation or degradation would be something he’s interested in.

“You didn’t sign a contract; I didn’t want to cross any boundaries.” He provides, instantly knowing what I was thinking.

I nod my head in understanding before looking at Xavier.

“I’m interested in impact play, sensory deprivation, and dacryphilia,” He starts.

“What does the last one mean?” I interrupt, not being able to help myself.

“Seeing you cry during a scene. Possibilities could be you crying from overstimulation or pain.”

“Sadist.” I smile.

“And you; are you a masochist?” He smirks.

I squirm in my seat becoming suddenly aware of how turned on I’ve gotten from this conversation alone.

“Yes.” Is all I say, but I know it’s enough for him.

“Some of my turn offs are included with Caleb’s, but I wouldn’t be opposed to knife or blood play at all.” He grins. “I suppose that could be a benefit to consider when having three dominants. Anything you want will likely be an interest of at least one of us.”

True. That’s very true.

“And you?” I ask Alec as he was the only one to have yet responded.

“Orgasm control, bondage, and... really anything that involves having that pretty little mouth of yours wrapped around my cock.” He says, causing me to nearly choke on my almost finished food. His thumb rubs across my leg in response, “I can’t think of any specific turn offs as of right now, but I do ask that you continue to maintain good hygiene,” Alec cracks a smile.

“I have no opposition to that,” I say. Any of it. “Okay, so how—” I go to ask my next question, but Caleb cuts me off.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” He chuckles, “What about you darling? What are your turn ons and offs?”

“You want me to answer?”

The hungry looks in their eyes show that they indeed were interested.

“Okay, um... turn offs are electrocution, golden showers, and I’m not sure if this counts, but small spaces.” I say, listing off the first few things I could think of.

“You’re claustrophobic?” Alec asks.

“Since I was a child.” I say, trying not to relive the cause of it. “After a lot of exposure therapy, I can now go in things like elevators for short periods of times, but generally I’d prefer to not be closed in anywhere.”

I know they have questions about it, but they don’t voice them and I don’t offer anything more.

“And turn ons?” Xavier asks after a pause.

This was the part I didn’t know how to answer.

I have so many interests that I’ve never voiced out loud. It feels a little unusual to actually say it.

“I like every single one of your turn ons.” I answer, not looking anyone in the eyes as I say this. “But I’m also interested in...” Jesus Madelyn, just say it. “Multiple penetration, temperature play, and I’m not sure about this one yet, but I’ve wondered for a while what a CNC scene might be like.”

Letting out a breath, it surprisingly feels really good to have finally said those thoughts, even if I’m sure my face has gone red at this point.

Leaning over slightly, Alec plants a small kiss to my temple, though his smirk says that his mind is currently filled with dirty ideas.

“If you’re looking for CNC, Xavier will be your guy.” Alec says, and sure enough when I look at him, Xavier’s eyes sparkle with future promises.

A shiver trails down my spine from it and he notices.

All of us are finished eating our appetizers at this point and as if on cue, the patio doors swing open to reveal one person who walked up to remove our finished plates, while the other two carried in and laid down our main courses.

They smelled as good as they looked.

Thanks to the tips from my shift at the club, I have more than enough money to pay for my dinner as well, so I can enjoy it without stressing.

We all thank the servers who smile and tell us to enjoy our meals before they leave us on our own.

The sun had begun to set at this point, and I noticed the mini lanterns that hung across the railing had turned on as the sky got darker.

“I—” I start to speak, looking up at Xavier, but when I see the inside of the restaurant from behind him, I lose my words.

What the hell is Noah of all people doing here, and why is he accompanied by the girl he cheated on me with?

- End of Chapter 22 -

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