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Chapter 23 : Madelyn

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Chapter 23 : Madelyn
Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

I’ve never believed in karma, but I have to admit that seeing Noah’s arm in a cast was a satisfying sight.

I don’t care how he broke it or what that meant for his chances at joining major crimes, but I have to admit, seeing him with that girl hurt a little.

It reminded me of what I walked into and what I saw.

Quite frankly, I couldn’t help but find myself a little angry too.

I could feel the eyes of my dates on me once they too understood what I was looking at, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the couple inside.

“Do you want me to get their table moved?” Xavier offered, his words spoken carefully but there was no pity to be heard in his tone.

“I’m good.” I simply say, looking up to see all three men looking at me.

He doesn’t get to ruin this dinner for me.

“Honestly, don’t worry about it,” I insist, my words directed at Xavier, but my eyes looking at Alec.

He knew I wasn’t lying.

“I say we continue where we were then.” Alec gives a devilish smile that makes my heart speed up.

“I can’t believe I still haven’t asked you this yet, but how old are you all?” I ask, thankful that we can get back to normal.

Turns out Alec’s thirty two, Caleb’s twenty nine, and Xavier’s thirty three.

I’m not too surprised though considering all they’ve achieved in life.

Considering they never asked for my age, I’m assuming they’re well aware of the age gaps between us.

The smirks on their faces showed they probably even liked it a bit.

I know I didn’t mind.

“So if I did agree to this arrangement...” I say while cutting into a piece of my steak, “What would happen next?”

“You would take a couple of days to review the contract I would send you after dinner. Think about what you want and decide whether this is something you’re truly interested in.” Caleb answers, as he too digs into his food, “I highly suggest you keep a notepad with you while looking over the contract to record any comments or questions you’d like to keep with you for when we reconvene. Google any definitions you don’t know because I guarantee you’ll have some and we’ll just go from there.”

“And as for the dating part,” I add, “If I just want this for the sex and none of the relationship stuff, you’re okay with that?”

I’m not sure what I want yet, but knowing my options would be helpful.

“If that is what you wish for, then yes, we can keep our relationship purely sexual.” Caleb says after a pause.

“Sex isn’t just about getting fucked you know?” Alec adds, squeezing my thigh and causing me to look at him in amusement.

“No?” I challenge.

“No, it’s about fantasies too; exploring sides of you that you have yet to experience.”

My curiosity can’t help itself as I ask, “And what do you fantasize about Alec?”

A smirk from all three.

“Are you sure you really want to know?” He says, his hand curling around my thigh and trailing up along my leg. I know they can all see the goosebumps that appeared on my skin from it.

“Yes.” I breathe, well aware of the power change that has occurred just now.

“Yes what?” Xavier smiles.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Oh, but I have so many, princess. I want to see you tied up, begging for your release as tears stain your cheeks. I want you choking on my dick while someone else is pounding you from behind.” My breath hitches when his fingers move under the fabric of my dress and brush against the wet spot on my panties.

Thank god for the table cloth and Caleb and Xavier’s large bodies.

“I want to take a whip to that perfect ass of yours and watch as it reddens with each hit. I would touch you and see just how wet each of my lashes had made you.” His fingers pull my soaked panties to the side before they slip past the fabric, easily sinking two of them past my folds.

My one hand drops down to hold onto his wrist, the other gripping the edge of the table.

The fact that we’re out in public has definitely intensified every feeling as I do my best to keep my expression neutral.

Caleb and Xavier had the advantage of their faces being hidden from inside, so they were able to fully show their desire for what their friend was currently doing to me.

“But most of all, I want to watch you come again and again and again under my touch. Right when you think you couldn’t take another, I would force another orgasm from your spent body. You would beg me to stop, but I wouldn’t. Not unless you used your safe word.” Alec’s thumb adds into the mix, circling just the area around my clit, never fully giving me what I want.

“I would have you crying and shaking beneath me until the point where all I’d have to do is blow on your clit for you to come undone yet again.” His words spoken like a promise, “There’s a whole world out there that the three of us want to show you. Don’t let your fears stop you from experiencing it.”

I want this, I decided at this moment.

This is everything I’ve ever wanted, and I’m going to say yes.

I feel my walls clamp down as Alec’s fingers curl deeper inside of me, easily finding my g-spot in the process.

Not knowing where to keep my eyes, I choose to look at Xavier, but the ones looking at me from behind him have me shifting nervously.

“Alec, he’s watching.” I fight down a moan as he hits my spot again.

Noah looks furious at the sight of me outside with these men; little does he know what’s actually happening right now.

“I guess you better maintain that poker face of yours then.” Alec chuckles and I shoot him an are you crazy look.

Shutting my legs closed so his hand can’t move, amusement flares in his eyes.

“You say stop if you want this to be over, okay?” Xavier says as I feel his foot move under the table, forcing my knees apart so Alec has full access again.

“You’re insane,” I tell him, though I don’t fight it as a certain person’s fingers begin to move again, this time the strokes are much faster.

“Mildly put, but yes.” Xavier agrees, flashing me a teasing grin.

My hips squirm as Alec continues to avoid my clit.

He sees me getting desperate under his touch, but I can’t do anything to act on it otherwise it would reveal what’s happening to the man still watching me in fury.

I make the mistake of looking down at his hand because the second I do, a moan forces its way past my lips at the sight.

All three smile as Alec says, “Why don’t you take a sip of your water, so you don’t look like you’re just sitting here while your food remains untouched?” An order phrased as if I have a choice.

Trying my absolute best to keep my hand from shaking, I pick up my glass, making direct eye contact with Caleb as I do.

He watches intently, clearly unworried about the possibility of someone finding out what’s happening.

Somehow, I manage to take a steady sip, before placing the cup back down beside my food.

As I’m distracted by that, Alec uses his free hand to reach over, sweeping the hair from my neck to the other side.

It takes me a moment to realize his intentions though before I remember the generous sized hickey he left from last night.

“W-what are you doing?” I say, as a familiar knot begins to form in my core.

This is so dirty—so wrong, but I love it. Hell, I’m getting off on it.

“I’m simply showing that asshole over there that you belong to us.” Alec says with so much intensity, his voice comes off with a possessiveness I’ve never heard from him before, “He’s going to watch you as I make you cum for us under the table; watching us please you in the ways he never could.”

My clit throbs at his words and I now know why he was avoiding it this whole time.

It’s what I need to finish.

With one stroke, I’ll be able to come on demand.

“Alec, I—” I panted, my legs shaking ever so slightly under the table.

“Shh, you’re doing so good. Just let go when you’re ready,” He encouraged, his words comforting despite how worked up I am right now.

“I don’t think I can do it.” I whimpered, “Not here.” Not with him watching.

“He left to use the washroom thirty seconds ago, now come.”

Finally giving my clit the attention it was begging for, Alec pressed down against it with his thumb, sending me spiraling over the edge.

My head turned away from the window as I took my bottom lip in between my teeth, Alec working every last second of my orgasm out of my body.

Panting, I open my eyes and find that there was indeed no sign of Noah at the table anymore.

I can’t believe that just happened.

My hand’s grip on Alec’s wrist tightened as he slowly pulled out of me, before propping his elbow on the table.

“Are you fucking crazy?” I whisper shout at the sight of my arousal soaking his fingers on display for anyone to see.

I try to pull his arm back under the table, but he doesn’t move an inch.

“Taste yourself.” Alec smirks, bringing his fingers up to my lips.


Looking at the window to find no one watching, I open my mouth slightly, making sure to look up directly at Alec as his two fingers slip past my parted lips.

I hummed at the taste of myself on his skin as I sucked my release off of his fingers.

I made sure to make a show of it too, swirling my tongue around them.

Alec groans, pulling his fingers back with a pop.

Looking down at his lap, I’m not surprised to find him hard but my eyes still widen slightly at the size of him.

Jesus Christ.

When I glance back up, all three are intently watching me and my legs press back together.

They all look like they want to eat me.

My cheeks flush at the realization of what I just did, but instead of showing embarrassment, a small smile appears on my face.

Like earlier, Alec leans over again and plants a kiss to the side of my head before pulling in his chair slightly.

“I say we should eat before this food gets cold.” He smiles and we all hum in agreement.

This is only the beginning.


I don’t think I’ve ever been as satisfied as I am now.

The sun has completely set at this point, and it may have very well made the view even prettier.

All of the city buildings are reflecting off of the water right now and the mini lanterns strung on the patio added to the effect.

I’m not exactly sure how we got to this position, but I’m currently sitting beside Caleb, looking out at the river as he feeds me my dessert.

Xavier got pulled away to have a quick word with the owner about ten minutes ago and Alec’s on my other side, playing with the curls in my hair.

I open my mouth for Caleb as another spoonful of the dark chocolate marquise is fed to me, this time a little bit of the vanilla ice cream and blueberries mixing with it.

He pulls the spoon away from my lips at the same time the doors open to reveal Xavier walking through.

Like times before, I watch as they have a silent conversation with each other, causing me to teasingly roll my eyes.

“Everything going well with your other business?” I joked to make the point that I’m not dumb.

Xavier’s eyes flick to where I’m sitting before giving me a devilish smile.

His eyebrows raise at my question, just for Alec’s hold in my hair to tighten at the roots and pull my head back to look at him.

“Have you ever heard the expression curiosity killed the cat, princess?” A teasing smile on his face.

“Have you ever heard that cats have nine lives?” I counter, causing a chuckle to fall from his lips.

Releasing his hold, my head moves upright as my body turns to Caleb.

Taking the spoon from his hand, I take the last bite of my dessert before placing the cutlery on the now empty plate.

“Ready to go?” Xavier asks.

Considering it’s already 9:30 and the drive back is just under an hour, I nod my head, standing from my seat.

Caleb goes to put his arm on my waist, but Xavier grabs my hand and tugs me forward, shooting his friend a smirk.

Placing his tattooed arm around my shoulder, I walk in step with him while the others fall behind to put the chairs back in place.

Despite his expression being completely neutral, I can feel Xavier shaking slightly from what I’m assuming to be anger because I can’t see him being scared.

Walking past Noah, I forgot for a moment that he was even here.

Even now, I don’t grant him my attention.

“All jokes aside, are you okay?” I say lowly so only the dark haired man next to me can hear.

Looking down to meet my eyes, shock lines his features before he recovers in a split second.

“Maybe one day.” He mumbles, and I don’t push him to speak further.

He leads me to the front entrance, and I move to stop when I see the payment terminal, but Xavier keeps me moving.

“What are you doing? I still have to pay.” I say, but he simply bids the hostess farewell and she gives a polite nod.

Caleb and Alec have caught up behind us.

“I can pay for myself, you know.” I insist when I realize he’s already taken care of dinner.

“We asked you out; we can pay.”

I go to open my mouth to speak again, but the look he sends me clamps it shut.

Knowing I can’t do anything about it at this point anyways, I give him a thankful smile as he opens the door to the recently arrived SUV.

Stepping inside, I sit down in the same spot as I was on the drive here, but this time Xavier is seated beside me.

The car begins moving shortly after the other two move inside, closing the door behind them.

Looking at each of them individually, I know this is what I want.

More than just sex, I want them.

“Caleb.” I say, causing his head to flick to me, the other two doing the same, “Send me the contract when you get home.”

He gives a smile.

“I did the second we picked you up, darling.”

- End of Chapter 23 -

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