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Chapter 24 : Xavier

Chapter 24 : Xavier
Monday, July 26th, 2021

It’s been four days since I last saw Madelyn and three days since we’ve spoken.

Sure, we’ve both been busy working, and I haven’t had the chance to see her at the club, but that hasn’t stopped my mind from thinking about her way more often than I’d prefer.

The day after we dropped her off from our date, we received a text saying she needed a few days to sort things out, but that she wanted to sign a contract with us assuming our interests align.

Tonight I will see her again.

Tonight she will be ours and we will be hers.

The sound of a buzzing at our front gate indicates she’s here, and I instantly hear footsteps coming from upstairs.

Caleb is walking down from the upper level within seconds and Alec walks in from the room the main discussion will take place in.

Now that everyone’s here, I move towards the front door to find a beautifully dressed Madelyn standing on the other side.

“Hi.” She nervously smiles, walking in when I step aside for her.

The light purple jumpsuit she’s wearing fits perfectly to her form, wrapping tightly around her top half before flowing looser at her legs.

Finding the other two gone, I can assume they’ve left to go sit down at the office and make sure everything’s in order.

“I can take your coat.” I offer at the sight of the black jean jacket she’s wearing overtop.

“Thank you.” She smiles, pulling it off and placing it in my hands.

Gently laying it on the front hall table, I rest my hand on the small of her back, silently encouraging her to walk with me.

“How are you feeling?” I ask as the two of us move down the long hallway.

“Honestly... I’m nervous, but really excited at the same time.”

It’s an expected reaction, especially because she’s never done anything like this before.

“Me too.” I confess, surprising both myself and her slightly by my admission. Above all, I can tell my words gave her comfort by the way her body seemed to relax slightly.

I’m glad. She’s going to need to be comfortable for what we have planned later.

Soon appearing before the doors to one of our many office spaces, we walk right in, Alec and Caleb both standing at the sight of Madelyn beside me.

“It’s good to see you again, princess.” Alec says, rounding the table and pulling her into a hug which she happily returns. Caleb grabs her next.

After a moment, Madelyn’s eyes then flick down to look at the four stacks of papers sitting on the long table in front of her.

We decided that the three of us would sit across from Madelyn together, so she’d easily be able to see us all and vice versa.

I see she has a notepad, pen and additional papers in her hand as she places them down beside her seat.

Knowing that she’s ready, the three of us move around the table as Madelyn sits down in her chair.

Caleb is now directly across from her with me on his left and Alec on his right.

Considering it’s him who made the contract, it’ll be him who directs the majority of our conversation.

“I’m not sure if you wanted it, but I brought confirmation that I’m free of any kind of STDs,” Madelyn says, unfolding the paper and laying it out before us. “I got one done after I found out...” Her voice trails off, but we all know she’s talking about that cheating piece of shit.

Nodding our heads to show we understand, we all pulled out our phones and showed her the digital confirmations that we too are clean and got tested three days ago.

“Alright then,” Caleb says, sliding his paper closer to him. “Are you ready to begin?” He asks, his question directed at Madelyn.

“Yup.” She says, tucking her chair in and straightening her posture.

“I’m just going to begin by explaining a few things before we go over the actual specifics, okay?”

Madelyn gives him a nod and a small smile.

“I printed off additional copies of the rating scale and abbreviation meanings, so we can all have one beside us while we go through the contract.” Caleb says, passing one out for each of us.

Looking down at my paper, I glance over the words I’m already highly familiar with.

Have you had real time experience with the activity? Circle YES or NO for each item.

Are you willing/open to try the indicated activity? For each item, indicate the degree to which you are willing to try that particular activity. Use the rating scale below for reference.

X = Hard limit, something you will never attempt.

0 = Soft limit, something you will not attempt at this time, but maybe in the future.

1 = Hate, utterly no desire to do this activity, but would put up with it for your partner(s).

2 = Dislike, willing to do this activity, but it has no special appeal for you.

3 = Don’t mind, usually like doing this activity on an occasional basis.

4 = Like, you are interested in doing this activity and would like to experience it.

5 = Love, this is a major turn-on for you and you are highly interested in experiencing it.

“If you have any questions or comments along the way, just cut us off to ask them.” Caleb says, drawing our attention back to him. “It’s important that we’re completely honest with each other when negotiating this, so don’t let things like embarrassment get in the way of any decisions.”

“I won’t.” Madelyn promises, though I can already see her cheeks starting to flush.

It will forever amaze me how easy she is to work up.

I have to admit, it’s something I love about her though.

“I say we all flip to page one and get started then.” Alec smiles, reaching across the table and giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

She returns the action before nodding in agreement.

“Alright then.” Caleb says, all of us taking a moment to turn to the first page.

There, I see all of our names listed.

We spend the next half hour going over things like each of our roles, the fundamental terms and other things like that.

During the discussion of contraception, we learned that Madelyn has an IUD and is comfortable having sex without the use of condoms.

We’re now multiple pages into the extensive booklet and ready to start going over the in depth BDSM checklist.

Everything is listed in alphabetical order and goes on for a large handful of pages.

“Age play or playing animal roles?” Caleb starts, and I watch as Madelyn shifts the paper closer to her.

A lot of these things are going to be hard limits or disinterests for her, but we can never truly know her interests if there isn’t a vast selection laid out.

Unsurprisingly, Madelyn responds with hard limits for both.

“Receiving impact play soft. Receiving impact play hard; hard typically means that it will cause bruising or scars.”

“Five for soft impacts, soft limit for hard.”

I smirked at her response. I know she remembers me expressing my interest in impact play, and when those beautiful green eyes of hers looked up at me, it only further confirmed it.

“Methods of impact play: canes, crops, floggers, hairbrushes, paddles, spanking, straps, whips...” Caleb continues, speaking slower so Madelyn can object at any time.

“Five for all and can be used on any location that won’t result in causing me severe bodily harm.” Madelyn answers this and the next part together.

I watch as Caleb circles a couple boxes on his sheet and jots down a few notes.

“No experience for any.” Madelyn adds, and Caleb makes note of that too.

“Bestiality, scat play and body modification are hard limits for all three of us, so I’m going to cross that off now unless it’s something that’s a must have for you.” Caleb says next.

Madelyn has no objections whatsoever.



For this section, there are definitions included with each part to add additional clarification.

Madelyn said five to bondage using cuffs, heavy, intricate, and light bondage, locks, spreader bars, suspension, and whole body restriction using the materials of chains, leather, rope, scarves, and tape.

Some of the more intense and advanced things she rated as a combination of hard and soft limits.

Like before, she’s had no experience with any.

“Breath play?” Caleb asks.

For this one, Madelyn grabbed her notepad as she answered.

“Five and no experience, but I would like to have a specific request for this one.”

We all gave her our attention.

For now, the most intense I’m willing to go with it is complete loss of airflow for ten seconds at a maximum. If I still have some way of breathing, I’m okay with the restriction to be for longer periods of time.”

I’m really glad she added this. It shows she’s put in a lot of thought, and it helps us to learn her boundaries in better detail.

“I just made the note to add that into the final copy.” Caleb says, before looking up from his paper. “How are you doing so far?”

Looking Madelyn up and down, she’s indeed different than when she first walked in. Her ears have gone red, and she’s been fidgeting a lot since we started going over the list.

It seems to me like our girl is turned on.

“I’m good, this is just a lot.” She answers and lets out a breath.

Glancing down at my paper, I find that we’re only on the letter C portion of the list.

“If you need a break at any time, just let us know. We plan to have you up with us all night anyways, so there’s really no rush.” Caleb quips, easing some of the tension from her body as she lets out a small giggle.

“I’m good for now, but I’ll let you know if anything changes.” She smiles, before flipping to the next page.

Fuck, she really is beautiful.

Madelyn agreed to having clothing chosen for her by us, limited to private scenes and scenes at the club.

It more or less meant that she was fine with us dressing her in corsets, full head hoods, harnesses, high heels, lingerie, and other things like outfits if we were to try some role play type scenes.

The mentioning of role play definitely piqued her interest, and I saw Caleb make a note for just himself at the observation.

Cervical dilation, electricity, and forced exhibitionism were all hard limits with both anal and vaginal fisting as soft ones.

She was however highly interested in crawling, discipline, medical examination (role play), voluntary exhibitionism, and slapping, the last one being rated as a two, maybe a three after trying it.

She was interested in all kinds of gags and began to squirm more at the mentioning of hand jobs, humiliation, and kneeling.

We simply smirked as we noticed, but didn’t comment on it.

All fives to massages, masturbation, nipple play, extended periods of nudity in private, orgasm control, orgasms on demand, and orgasm denial.

This time, she had experience with some.

Her legs crossed at the mentioning of phone sex, which she was both interested in and had experience in.

That sure piqued my interest, especially when she told us it happened with a past girlfriend of hers.

She never fails to surprise me.

At the discussion of pictures and videos, she once again grabbed her notepad.

“Yes, as long as there’s nothing that can tie me to it. During a scene, no face whatsoever, not even if you crop it out later, but outside of that I’m good with pictures of us together and things like that.”

“No face.” Caleb assures, making note of that promise.

We then briefly discussed different role play ideas that we wrote down and Madelyn was game for a lot of them.

Alec made a sexual comment during and Caleb teasingly hit him for it, telling him to save it for later.

The sensation play list was a combination of different interests.

“Hard limit to fire and needles. Five to deprivation, hair pulling, hot wax, ice, and teasing with all of the listed objects.” Madelyn states, reading off of the paper before looking up at us.

The next item on the list is tickling, and I can already tell she isn’t too fond of it.

“Another thing to add, if any of you tickle me I guarantee I will end up either punching or kicking you, so be forewarned...” A pause, “Two is the rating.”

All four of us burst out laughing when she finished, not at her words but because of how serious she got about it.

“Noted darling, noted.” Caleb chuckled after writing that down.

Now I’m really tempted to do just that.

We’re now at S and I smirk at this one because I know it’s gotten Madelyn hot.

“I’m assuming sex (general) is on the table?” Caleb asks and smiles as Madelyn gives a quick yes while looking over the next multiple items.

“Sex in the context of anal, cunnilingus, denial, fellatio, double penetration, triple penetration...” Caleb lists off and pauses for a moment as Madelyn says five. “Rimming, vaginal, and vanilla sex?”

“Five.” She says again before admitting she has no experience with anal, rimming, or double and triple penetration.

Caleb then proceeded to talk about sex toys which Madelyn agreed to most, before saying hard and soft limits for the remaining few items.

At the sight of this portion of the contract finally being done, Madelyn lets out a small breath.

I know she’s turned on and has been for at least the last hour of looking at this contract.

It’ll make what we have planned for her next that much easier.

Turning to the very last page, I see the outline of safe words.

“I’m sure you’re already aware of this, but during a scene if you say stop or no, we will not listen. However, if you call your safe word, that’s an entirely different story.” Caleb says, and Madelyn simply nods.

Alec is the one to speak next.

“Every dominant has their own preferred way of determining safe words, but we don’t think that one word is enough for communication when doing scenes.” He explains the next part, “We use the traffic light system, as well as a safe word during play.”

Looking down at my sheet, everything he’s saying is all laid out.

Green = Green means that everything is good. You’re completely comfortable in the scene, and ready for your partner(s) to increase the intensity if desired by the dominant(s).

Yellow = Yellow means that things are good, but it is getting intense. A check in or a small break may be needed, but your limit has not yet been reached.

Red = Red means that you have reached your limit for the activity occurring. That specific activity will end for the rest of the night, but you are still willing to engage in different plays.

Safe word = Safe word means that all play is done and after care begins immediately.

“Do you have any objections to this, or anything else we’ve discussed so far?” Alec asks, after Madelyn once again reads through the list.

“No, I actually really like having multiple safe words.” Madelyn admits. “I never thought of it, but I’m glad to have it.”

“Good then.” Caleb says, closing the booklet and placing his pen down on the table.

Madelyn’s eyes track his every movement because of it, knowing this meeting is coming to a quick end.

“Under the circumstances you can’t verbally safe word, we will provide you with a signal in substitution.” Caleb continues, watching Madelyn intently like the rest of us.

“Got it.” Madelyn says, her voice becoming slightly breathier than what it once was.

“What’s your safe word, darling?”

A pause.

“Purple, Sir.” She says, picking up on the change in dynamic.

We all smile because we know that’s all that was left.

Madelyn is truly perfect for us.

There isn’t a single thing she labeled as a hard limit that we’d want to do to her and this last hour has confirmed that all of the naughty plans I have for us are possible.

“Madelyn, will you agree to be our submissive?” Alec asks, standing from his seat, Caleb and I following suit.

“Yes, Sir.” She says, having to tilt her head much higher to make eye contact with us now.

Picking up his pen, Alec blindly signs Caleb’s copy of the contract, each of us taking a turn to sign.

When it gets to Madelyn, she bites the corner of her lip as she lifts her pen and writes her name next to ours.

It’s done.

Alec takes a step from his seat and Madelyn instantly shifts nervously at the sight.

Her hands curl around the arms of her chair in anticipation as Alec takes another couple of steps around the table.

Getting closer to her, Madelyn finally stands in an attempt to feel less low to us.

I can’t wait to have her on her knees before me.

When Alec finally gets to her, he tucks in her chair to get it out of the way.

“So when do we start?” Madelyn’s eyes looked at the signed paper, her face flushed from her aroused state.

In turn, Alec grabs the back of her neck, pulling her so that her lips rest right below his.

“Right now.” He growls, and with that he closes the distance, smashing his lips against hers and sealing the contract.

Madelyn Adams is officially ours, and I don’t plan on ever letting her go.

- End of Chapter 24 -

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