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Chapter 25 : Alec

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Chapter 25 : Alec
Monday, July 26th, 2021

My blood was humming in anticipation of what’s about to happen.

We finally have her. Madelyn Adams is ours, officialized by the four signatures on the paper in front of Caleb.

“So when do we start?” Madelyn breathlessly asks, turning her eyes back to me.

Grabbing the back of her neck, I keep her pinned so that her mouth is just beneath mine.

“Right now.” I finish, noticing the way her heart is rapidly speeding up against my fingers.

I need to kiss her.

I need to taste those perfect lips of hers again.

Pulling her in, I don’t waste another second before closing the small distance between us.

Her mouth instantly parts for me, and I don’t waste a second to slip my tongue past.

Madelyn’s hands grab onto my shoulders to balance herself as I devour everything she has to give.

She’s ours. She’s finally ours.

That fact goes through my mind over and over again as I pull and nip her bottom lip between my teeth.

Only once she moans into my mouth, do I pull away, leaving both of us breathless and extremely turned on.

Turning her head, Madelyn finds Caleb and Xavier intently watching us with hungry eyes. Xavier’s are darker than I’ve ever seen them before and I know what swirls within them: lust.

I know Madelyn is slightly nervous with all of this attention on her, but she’ll get used to it starting now.

I learned from our meeting today that she’s an overthinker and I made note of it.

Not giving her the chance to get in her head about this, I scoop her into my arms so that her’s fall over my neck and her legs wrap around my waist.

The giggle she lets out when I do this is music to my ears.

“I say it’s time we show you our play area, princess.” I say into her ear, and I can feel her heart beating fast against my skin.

Thoughts of what we’re about to do to her has me getting us upstairs and outside the door in under sixty seconds.

Hopping down at the sight of it, Madelyn’s eyes instantly travel to the keypad right above the handle.

“We’re the only ones that will ever go in there. We’ll clean it ourselves, and it’s password protected for a reason.” Caleb explains.

Giving Madelyn a soft push, Caleb silently tells her to watch as he punches in the code.


With two quick beeps, the door unlocks and Madelyn is the first to step inside.

I can tell just by her stance that she’s a little nervous, but I know that she’s also definitely excited.

Her eyes scan the dark purple room, and I do the same.

Madelyn’s the first girl we’ve ever brought home, which is why we spent the last four days having this room built and furnished specifically for us... for her.

Everything’s new, including the massive four poster bed that is more than capable of fitting all of us in it at once.

Anything one would desire to have in a play room; we made sure to get it.

I took note on everywhere Madelyn’s eyes travelled and what pieces they lingered on in interest.

We had entire walls and racks worth of equipment; some shielded by glass, others out in the open.

Madelyn looked at it all and by the end of it, her legs were pressing together in excitement.

Looking up at me, I knew that was her way of telling us she was ready.

“We’ll worry about specific training later. Tonight is just about the four of us. Does that sound okay?” Caleb asks.

Her head turns to him.

“Yes, Sir.” She says looking down at the floor as she does so. A small grin appears on her face at the endearment.

She’s learning already.

This is such new ground for us all and there’s so much I want to cover.

The three of us already agreed to save sex for our own nights individually for the first time, but there are so many other things we’re about to do to her.

“Strip and place your clothes on the desk over there.” Xavier gestures to his left.

This time, she hesitates for a few moments, before the spaghetti straps of her jumpsuit are pulled down her shoulders.

I make a mental note to work on that hesitation with her later. It’ll mostly come with time though.

I know she’s insecure and making her stand bare in front of us is a part of helping with that.

I feel the way she sucks in her stomach when my hands roam her body or how she doesn’t always lay her feet flat on the floor when she sits to make her legs seem smaller.

I notice all of this, and it breaks my heart that she finds herself anything but beautiful.

Another thing we’ll hopefully be able to help with.

After the straps fall, the entire piece comes off on its own, pooling at the floor and leaving her completely naked for us.

She shivers as the three of us all look her up and down, Xavier taking a few steps towards her after a pause.

Grabbing each of the hands that were currently trying to cover herself, he brings them down to her sides so we can see every inch of her tan skin.

Moving around so he’s behind her, Xavier leans into her ear and only says one word, “Beautiful.”

Madelyn closes her eyes at that, but they snap right open when Xavier lands a sharp slap to her ass, causing her legs to press together and a small gasp to leave her mouth.

“That was for hesitating with the clothes.” He says before smiling to himself and walking off. He loves this just as much as I did watching them.

Madelyn’s eyes follow him before Caleb grabs her attention.

A mischievous smile forms on his face as he gives her a motion with his finger.

“Come here.” He says, and she does with soft steps. Her hands are shaking slightly as he places them on his chest. “Kiss me.”

I watch as Madelyn bites her lip slightly before tilting her neck up and standing on her tiptoes.

Bringing his head down, her mouth presses against Caleb’s, leaning into his touch as her eyes fall shut.

It’s soft and slow, but when my friend soon wants entrance past her lips, he places his hand on her breast, rolling and pinching her nipple between two fingers.

Madelyn’s lips part instantly and Caleb takes full advantage of that.

I watch as our girl tries to pull him in closer and deepen the kiss, but Caleb keeps her still, controlling her mouth and drawing a string of light moans from it.

The two of them look so perfect together, and I can’t help but soak in every moment of it.

He only pulls away when Xavier walks back, three black drawstring bags now placed in a line on the bed.

Madelyn is spun around to face them.

“Pick two to keep for tonight and then go put the remainder back in the drawer.” Xavier orders and Madelyn’s eyes flick up to him.

She assumed correctly that she’s not allowed to open them, and I’m willing to bet the unknown has her mind spinning.

Picking up the middle one, she feels the weight of it in her hand before deciding that’s the one she’s going to put back.

I watch as she turns to put it away while Xavier opens the bags and pulls out its contents.

In the first is a dark teal blindfold and in the other is a small g-spot vibrator.

Fuck yes.

Madelyn returns empty handed like she was told and her breath hitches when Xavier shows her what awaits her for tonight.

It’s the perfect start; nothing she can’t handle, but it still introduces her to the dynamic.

“Everything in this room is new and has been thoroughly cleaned. We built this room with you in mind, and you are the only one to have ever been in here apart from us.” Xavier says, and Madelyn seems to relax slightly at this as if she was wondering it herself.

Wanting to be close to her again, I gently wrap my hand around her throat and pull her back so she’s leaning against my chest.

“Are you ready to have some fun, princess?” I ask, and I feel her swallow against my hand.

“Yes, Sir.” She manages and pushes back against me as my free hand touches down against her stomach, teasing her skin.

“Go on and ask Xavier to put on the blindfold for you.”

I release her from my hold and she slowly walks over until she’s standing right in front of Xavier.

“Can you put on the blindfold for me... um?”

He hasn’t specified what he’d like her to address him by yet and I know that’s what’s caused her hesitation.

“Sir or Daddy is fine. You choose.” Xavier says, taking the blindfold and tying it snug around her eyes.

“Can you see anything?” He asks, though I know his question is to hear Madelyn’s choice knowing damn well the blindfold only leaves darkness.

“No, Daddy.” She blushes, clearly liking the sound of the name.

I know it’s what Xavier was hoping for too.

“Good girl.” He says, leaning down and nipping her ear in approval.

Without any warning, he scoops her up into his arms causing her to shriek and grab onto him for balance.

He allows himself to smile at this, knowing she can’t see a thing.

Tossing her on her back and onto the bed, Caleb and I don’t waste a second, stepping forward and adding our weight next to her.

I take place in between her thighs, my body forcing them apart as I settle there.

I’m now laying on my stomach and when I look up, I find Xavier on her right and Caleb on her left.

She looks so small sandwiched in between the two of them, and I love it.

This is all I could have wanted.

Xavier still has the vibrator in his hand, passing it to Caleb to hold. We all glance down at our girl currently squirming from the way my hands feel on her skin.

The lighting in the room is low, but still more than bright enough to see everyone and everything clearly.

I need to feel her again.

Lowering myself, I kissed a trail along the inner side of her left leg and wrapped my hands underneath each one to pull her slightly closer to me.

At the same time I nipped at her skin a little, Caleb turned on the vibrator, causing her to jump at both my touch and the quiet buzzing noise now filling the air.

From the loss of her sense of sight, I know it’s only increased her anticipation, not knowing when or where the toy is going to touch her.

Moving on to give her other thigh the same treatment, Caleb finally brings the vibrator down, swirling and teasing around the outside of her one nipple.

Madelyn’s body presses up into his touch, but Xavier just as quickly pushes her back down with a hand on her stomach.

Readjusting his body, he leans down and presses a light kiss on her jaw, similar to the ones I’m giving her down here.

I can see Madelyn’s already soaked by our touches and the goosebumps lining her skin shows that too.

Planting one final kiss to her thigh, I turn my head, my mouth hovering right above her dripping core.

I know her body just tried to press up, but Xavier effectively kept her still.

With a smirk, I give her what her body craves, dipping my head down and slowly running my tongue all the way up along her slit. I make sure to flick it against her clit at the end.

The entire time, I looked up with my eyes, watching as her bottom lip was taken in between her teeth in pleasure.

Caleb seemed to have other plans though, passing the vibrator to Xavier before pulling her lip out with his own.

He swallowed her moan as Xavier’s own mouth connected with the curve of her neck and my tongue dipped just slightly inside of her, savoring the sweet, yet slightly salty taste of her.

I could happily remain here for years and never grow tired, especially with the small noises coming out of her mouth right now.

I can tell she’s still trying to hold back her sounds, but I know once she gets a little more comfortable, I’ll have her screaming in no time.

Pulling up and swirling my tongue around her clit, I take my one hand and line up two fingers at her entrance.

Her hips tried to buck off the bed again and that’s when Xavier passed down the vibrator to me which I gladly grabbed.

Taking my mouth off of her, I slipped my fingers inside, unsurprisingly meeting no resistance as I did so.

Caleb’s still claiming her mouth as I readjust my grip and the setting on the vibrator.

Putting it at a constant low speed to begin, I watch every detail on her face as I press the toy down against her clit.

Even though the blindfold covers them, I can perfectly picture the way her eyes just pinched shut and her mouth opened slightly.

Moving the vibrator in slow, gentle circles, Xavier moves his attention away from Madelyn’s neck and takes one of her nipples into his mouth.

His teeth grazes against her skin and Caleb ends their kiss, letting us all hear the sound of her sweet moans that were just once silenced.

Madelyn goes to hide her face in embarrassment, but Xavier doesn’t give her the chance.

“Why are you hiding your face, sweetheart? You look so pretty for us.” He says into her ear, and I can tell by the way she clamped down on my fingers that she liked that.

Her lips parted, breathless sighs escaping them as her face became all flushed from our touch and Xavier’s words.

Curling my fingers deeper inside of her, I soon knew I found her spot, making sure to brush against it with each stroke.

With Caleb now playing with both of her nipples and Xavier continuing his kisses on her neck, I knew that all three of us were working her up quickly to her high.

Switching the control on the vibrator, I turn it up two settings higher making Madelyn squirm under our touch.

“Can I come, Sir?” She moans when I move my fingers faster and just a little harder, adding more pressure to her g-spot.

“You don’t have to ask for permission tonight. Just let us make you feel good.” Caleb responds for me and in the same second, I press the vibrator against her hard, triggering her orgasm.

Madelyn’s head rolls back as she comes, shaking around my fingers.

Pulling off the vibrator, I take my fingers out of her pussy, dipping my head to lap up all of her juices.

Unintentionally groaning, I’m reminded of the raging hard on I’m currently trying to ignore.

We all agreed that tonight’s about our new girl and I plan on spending every second of it giving this beautiful person before me the pleasure she deserves.

Taking my mouth away from Madelyn’s panting body, I motion for Xavier and Caleb to keep a hold of her body with their arms as I bring the vibrator down to her entrance.

Instantly her body jerks in our hold as Caleb plants a small kiss to her temple.

Just trailing up and down her slit, I coat the toy in her juices, pressing slightly into her each time the vibrator comes down, just to bring it back up.

She’s squirming a lot now, and I can tell my teasing touches are winding her up quickly.

“Alec please.” She moans as I retract the toy again. This time, I pull all the way back and land a single slap to her clit causing her body to jerk away.

“It’s sir to you, darling.” Caleb reprehends with a smile.

I know he was just waiting for her to screw up so he could say that.

The look on Xavier’s face shows he was too.

She mumbles out a quiet, “Sorry, Sir.” But her words get lost as I slowly push the toy inside of her, this time not stopping.

I’ve turned the settings down again to give her body a chance to recover from her last orgasm, but I know I could have her coming again in seconds from the way this toy is designed.

It’s smooth and slightly curved at the end so that when inserted, it hits her g-spot almost instantly.

Turning it up, I pull the toy out about half way before thrusting it back in hard causing Madelyn to cry out.

There she is.

Bringing his hand up to her mouth, Caleb whispers in her ear, “Get these nice and wet for me, will you?”

Opening, Madelyn takes two of Caleb’s fingers in her mouth, obliging and getting them wet with her tongue.

After a few seconds, Caleb removes them, swiping his thumb over her bottom lip before trailing his hand down her stomach.

Madelyn arches her back as Caleb’s fingers move painfully slow, his and Xavier’s hold on her still remaining firm.

Finally meeting his destination, my friend circles Madelyn’s clit in precise motions causing her to moan in both sensitivity and pleasure.

“What’s the most times you’ve come in a night?” Xavier asks, flattening his tongue along her nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

Madelyn gasps from the sensation, trying to find her words through all of our touches.

“Three from the other night in your office.” She manages, yelping when Xavier bites down on her nipple.

“Say that again and say it correctly this time.” He corrects, soothing the sore with his tongue afterwards.

She whimpers under his touch, “Three, Daddy.”

When I feel her begin to tighten once again, I know she’s already getting close.

Looking at Caleb, he nods at me in understanding as he begins to quicken his circles around Madelyn’s clit while I up the vibrations.

Pulling all the way out, I thrust the toy back in hard against her spot causing her to come undone once again.

“Good girl. That’s it.” Caleb praises as this orgasm continues for much longer than the last one.

This time, I don’t give her a chance to recover, and her body reacts just as I hoped.

Xavier and Caleb have to use their arms as restraints as Madelyn’s body tries to move away from the vibrator.

“Come on, I know you have another in you.” Caleb smirks, taking the opportunity to kiss her neck as her head falls back against the pillow.

I can still see traces of the marks I gave her only a few days ago.

Fuck, I love this.

The three of us have never shared a girl before, but Madelyn is perfect for us in every way.

We just work.

Taking the toy out and replacing it with my fingers, I curl them up, finding her spot quickly.

“Fuck.” She curses as I force another orgasm out of her body. This time she squirts a little bit, causing us to moan along with her.

Knowing she hasn’t done that before, none of us mention it as I continue to push past her juices.

Her body is shaking and twitching by the time I finally pull out, crawling up so that my body hovers over her.

While I straddle her waist, Xavier gently lifts her head so I can pull off her blindfold.

She’s panting as her eyes squint, readjusting to the soft light around her.

Madelyn’s eyes meet mine, and I swear that this will be a moment I’ll never forget.

Even in this darker setting, her green eyes are unmistakable as she looks up at me with a sated smile.

Her beautiful skin is hot to the touch, strands of her hair sticking to her forehead.

I just brush them back into place.

“How was that?” I ask, checking in.

While she was clearly enjoying herself, not being able to see is a big step for many people.

“Good,” Madelyn breathes, “It was really good... Sir.” She adds at the last second.

“Yeah?” I smile, glancing down at her lips, “Think you’re ready for another two?”

At this, her legs press together once again.

“I could always do something for you.” She tries, taking her hand and bringing it down against the bulge in my pants.

I have to fight the urge to take her up on that offer, especially when her small fingers begin to rub against me.

“As tempting as that is, princess, I think I want to watch you ride Xavier’s face more.” I say, catching my friend’s evil smile coming from beside me.

Uncertainty instantly crosses her face, “What? I can’t do that, Sir.”

Those were definitely the wrong words to say.

Knowing my friend just took that as a personal challenge, I moved off of her body.

In the same second, Xavier grabs onto Madelyn’s waist, lifting her from where she was laying and positioning her so that her knees rest on either side of his head.

“Don’t overthink this; just let me make you feel good.” Xavier growls against her pussy before pulling her body down on top of his mouth.

Madelyn instantly cries out, grabbing onto the headboard in front of her for support.

Xavier shows her no mercy, as if she didn’t just have three orgasms in a row.

Fucking her with his tongue, Caleb and I just watch as Madelyn’s legs tremble in exertion, trying not to put her full weight on Xavier.

He wasn’t having that though.

Pulling her all the way down, Madelyn seems to finally just give in, as the tip of Xavier’s nose repeatedly nudges her clit with each motion forward, sending her that much closer to her release once again.

I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t come already considering how worked up she is.

“Daddy.” She whimpers as Xavier’s hands move to grip onto her ass, grinding her against his face.

In response to her moan, Xavier hums, the vibration no doubt going straight to her core.

Sucking her clit much harder, I watch as Madelyn melts into his touch. With his guidance, our girl begins to rock her hips in rhythm with his every movement, slowly gaining confidence.

Small jolts of pleasure made her whimper as Xavier gripped Madelyn tighter and pulled her down impossibly further, his tongue prodding and twisting at every angle he could.

Combined with her unwavering hold on the bed frame, Madelyn could barely move as Xavier moaned against her, undoubtedly heightening her sensitivity.

As her mouth silently parts in a gasp, she looks down to find Xavier’s been looking up at her the whole time.

That was all she needed as her thighs clenched around his head, coming hard into his waiting mouth.

She tries to lift herself off of him, but Xavier grabs onto her hips, keeping her down as his tongue continues to draw lazy strokes, licking and sucking her clean.

Only when she brings her hand down with a whimper and grabs onto his dark hair does Xavier pull back.

Flashing her a devilish smile, Xavier pulls her up before sliding her down to straddle his waist. The both of them stay where they are for many seconds, trying to catch their breaths from what just happened.

Madelyn’s head flicks towards where Caleb and I are giving us both a relaxed smile.

She knows Caleb isn’t finished with her for the night, but her hands remain planted against Xavier’s chest while she comes down from her orgasm.

“Do you want to be done for the night, darling?” My friend asks, he too notices her tired state.

It was dark out when Madelyn came over and we spent multiple hours going over that contract too.

None of us had any opposition to her falling asleep in our arms right now if that’s what she wanted.

“Just one more time, Sir.” She says, reaching out to Caleb who wastes no time grabbing onto her.

While he’s sitting up, he slowly transfers Madelyn off of Xavier and onto his lap so that she’s facing away from him.

“You’ve been so good for us tonight.” Caleb says into Madelyn’s ear, planting a small kiss below it afterwards.

We all smirk as she unintentionally shivers from his touch.

Moving onto my knees so that I’m more level with Madelyn, I see in the corner of my eye Xavier doing the same.

Her body is still slightly shaky from before, so I move each of her legs apart for her, leaving them bent up on either side of Caleb’s.

We never tied her hair up tonight, so Xavier takes the courtesy of fixing it a little for her so it’s out of her face before tilting her head back against Caleb’s shoulder.

Focusing on the way her chest is rising and falling, I can tell she’s already turned on again as Caleb’s hands begin to move slowly downwards, one placed on her lower stomach while the other moves between her slit.

“Ah, you’re already soaked for me.” Caleb says, nipping her earlobe as Madelyn’s eyes fall shut.

A breathy sigh falls from her parted lips as Caleb sinks a finger inside of her, adding a second one just as quickly.

I can hear how wet she is as her hips begin to rock slowly against Caleb’s hand.

“Good girl. Fuck yourself onto his fingers.” Xavier encourages before sucking onto her completely exposed neck.

Small bruises were already beginning to show on her body, and the sight of our marks brought a satisfied grin to my face.

She’s ours. Only ours.

While Caleb uses his thumb to stimulate her clit in time with his strokes, I dipped my head and swiped my tongue across her one nipple, smirking as she shuddered and the bud hardened.

“F-fuck.” Madelyn curses softly under her breath as the three of us work her tired body back up ever so slowly.

I think this is the most gentle I’ve ever been with someone before.

When her one hand reaches down and grips onto my hair for support, I nearly come undone myself.

Her other grips onto Xavier as her hips try to buck forward, but Caleb’s hand keeps her pinned close to him.

“Be a good girl for me one more time.” He demands as his two fingers continuously rock into her.

Her knees have bowed in from the overstimulation, but Caleb continues his motions anyways.

“I can’t.” Madelyn cries when I gently graze my teeth over her nipple before giving her other the same treatment.

“You can.” Caleb encourages, securely holding her trembling body in his arms and using his knees to spread hers apart.


“Come,” Caleb demands over her whimper and she finally lets go, squirming as she does so. “That’s it. You’re doing so good.” He praises as his fingers continue to fuck her through her orgasm until she nears overstimulation.

Pulling away from her chest and planting a small kiss on her jaw, I can’t help it as I begin to smile.

She’s better than I could have ever imagined.

Sucking off her arousal from his fingers, Caleb tilts her head towards him, and Madelyn pulls him in.

Glancing at Xavier, I already know there’s no chance he’d ever sleep here tonight, but I can tell the look on his face is one I’ve been battling with ever since I met this beautiful, amazing girl.

He doesn’t want to feel for her.

I don’t comment or push him as he rolls onto his back, his hands coming up to rest behind his head.

Xavier’s still here for Madelyn’s sake, I know that, and I can’t help but feel a little bit of sadness for my tormented friend.

I know he doesn’t want to talk, so instead, I too lay down next to him and gesture for Caleb to give her to me.

Laying her spent body in between the two of us, my heart beats a little faster as I hear a content sigh fall from her slightly swollen lips.

She’s perfect for us.

The last thing I remember is Madelyn’s faint scent of vanilla and lilac before drifting off into the best sleep I’ve had in months.

- End of Chapter 25 -

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