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Chapter 26 : Madelyn

Content Warning: Discussion about self harm at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 26 : Madelyn
Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

I woke up in a tangle of limbs coming from all but Xavier.

Somehow my head ended up on Caleb’s chest with his arm around my body, while my legs were intertwined with Alec’s.

I breathe in the familiar scents of their body washes, instantly relaxing into their touch.

I’m going to be honest, my body aches in places I didn’t know it could ache, but it was worth every delicious second of it.

I’ve never felt as relaxed as I am now, but there’s just one thing in the back of my mind nagging at me and preventing me from closing my eyes once again.

Under other circumstances I would’ve just fallen back asleep, but Xavier isn’t here.

I have no clue what time it is, but considering it’s still dark out, I already know I can’t go back to bed until I know he’s alright.

It’s probably just me overthinking again, but while only hours ago I fell asleep in Caleb and Alec’s arms, Xavier stayed on the outside, never once closing his eyes.

Checking in never hurt anyone.

Despite feeling like I ran a hundred miles, I lift my head up and do my best to untangle myself from my men’s large bodies.

My men.

I like the sound of that.

Going for Caleb first, I learned that he’s most definitely a deep sleeper as I manage to slip away, gently placing his arm back down on his chest.

Alec was a lot easier considering I was mostly on top of him and not the other way around.

Within two minutes, I find myself untangled and trying to remember where my romper ended up, but seeing no signs of it in the nearly pitch black room.

Giving up and shaking my head, I rub my eyes as I silently step off of the massive bed and pad over to the door out.

Making sure to close it gently behind me, I exit the room, squinting as I walk down the hall just to find another door wide open.

Taking another couple of steps, my curiosity gets the best of me as I peak my head through just to find the room absolutely trashed.

While the lighting is fairly dark, the moonlight coming in through the large windows illuminates the sight of the holes in the walls, the broken bed frame and the smashed television.

How the hell did I not hear this?

Just as I go to call for help, I find him.

Out on the balcony and in the hot tub is a familiar tattooed man with his back against me.

Is this Xavier’s room?

Taking a step inside, I move around a pile of shattered glass on the floor just to find a broken phone on the ground close by.

It looked as if it had been dropped, but the dent in the wall above it suggests otherwise.

“Xavier.” I say to announce my presence, but I know he already knew I was here.

He doesn’t turn to me, continuing to look out at the massive cityscape before him.

I have no clue what happened, but I can tell that this man is lost, confused, and most definitely angry about something.

Walking past the tattered bed, I stop just past the glass sliding doors that led out to him.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” I ask, knowing that asking if he’s okay won’t do any good right now.

A long pause, one so long I thought he wasn’t going to respond at all.

Finally turning to me, a look of surprise and sadness appears on his face, but all he does is motion for me to join him by his side.

I do just that, wanting to help in any way I can.

I’ve never seen him like this before.

Once I’m standing beside him, I can see that like me, Xavier’s fully undressed, droplets of water falling off of his dark hair, trailing down along the sharp edges of his face before falling back into the water.

I become mesmerized at the sight of him as my eyes scan over the hundreds of tattoos covering his entire body. I find myself wanting to ask just as many questions about them.

Remeeting his eyes, I keep quiet as his body slowly shifts to the other side of the hot tub before reaching out for me.

Taking a step towards him, Xavier easily lifts me over the ledge of the large hot tub and down into his lap so that my back is against him and I can’t see his face— can’t see the scar I’ve been wanting to ask about since I met him.

“I—” I start, but my voice falls silent as he quietly hushes me with his.

Sitting on his thighs and sinking my body halfway into the warm water, I let out a thankful sigh as his hands reached up to the back of my neck and his rough fingers began to massage the muscles there.

Surprising me and planting a small kiss on the back of my head, Xavier continues his path downwards, working out all of the kinks in my neck, shoulders, and upper and lower back.

My eyes fall shut in exhaustion as he expertly works the sides of my torso, effectively easing all of the knots and tension from my still spent body.

I want to say something, anything that might provide him some comfort, but I have no clue how to comfort someone like Xavier.

He’s even more closed off than I am and I can tell he doesn’t want to talk right now.

I have so many questions about his room, the never ending cuts on his hands, and why he looked at me with such uncertainty when I walked into the room, but in the end, I stayed silent, allowing him to continue to work his magic with his fingers.

By the time he’s through, I’m nothing but a puddle of mush for him, leaning back against him.

Once he’s completely done, he turns me to straddle him, hooking one large arm around my waist before standing with me still wrapped around his body. He effortlessly steps out of the tub, still not saying a word as my arms move to rest over his wide shoulders.

Studying his face, my gaze eventually drops down to look at his lips, causing me to realize we’ve never kissed before.

I don’t know if that was intentional on his part or not, but I don’t get to overthink it too much when I’m carried into his bathroom and placed on the cold marble countertop.

A small smirk appears on his face at my hiss, but still, silence.

Unwrapping my legs from his waist, Xavier steps away and grabs a towel from some weird compartment that looks a little like a miniature oven.

I can’t help it as my gaze flicks down to his ass before shooting back up when he turns.

I just give him an innocent smile, and it seems to brighten his sour mood just slightly.

Walking over to me, I expect him to hand me the towel, but he surprises me when he begins to dry every inch of my body himself, the cloth turning out to be warmed.

I’m still worried for him, but every movement of his seems to be a lullaby for my body.

I feel myself drifting back off to sleep by the time he too is dry and lifting me back into his arms like a baby.

“I can walk, you know?” I joke, happiness spreading through me at the small smile I managed to pull from his face.

He doesn’t put me down though.

Taking a few steps out of the bathroom, Xavier gently lays me on the non-destroyed section of his bed before opening a bottle of water sitting on his nightstand.

I suddenly become aware of just how thirsty I am at the sight of it and gratefully take it when he passes it to me.

I drink nearly half the bottle in one go before setting it back down on the table.

“You should sleep.” I murmur, wondering if he ever did to begin with.

I see to my right on his alarm clock that it’s just past four in the morning.

He only kisses my forehead in response causing my heart to flutter, but I soon know he’s not going to bed anytime soon.

Scooping his arms under my legs and around my waist, I rest my head against his shoulder as lifts me, carrying me out of his room and back down the hallway to my other men.

I don’t want to push him to talk if he’s not ready, so I don’t fight it as he punches in the code to the playroom, walks in and easily lays me down between Caleb and Alec.

They both stir slightly, but they only move to intertwine themselves with my body once again as Xavier pulls the covers over myself.

My eyes look up at him, barely able to make out his silhouette.

Before I get the chance to say thank you, he’s moving out the door and closing it behind him.


I didn’t wake up again until ten o’clock the next morning.

While Alec was gone, Caleb was there next to me, spooning my still naked body as he waited for me to get up.

Apparently Hailey had some big secret plan to go out today just the two of us.

Where exactly is still a mystery.

“I think Alec’s cooking breakfast for us downstairs if you wanna head down.” Caleb says after many minutes of us just laying in bed together.

Forcing myself to open my eyes and roll over to face him, I give him a small smile at the sight of his tousled hair.

“Let me use the washroom, and I’ll be right down.” I mumble, still tired from last night.

“Okay.” He says, moving in to kiss me, but I turn my head to avoid it.

“I need to brush my teeth.” I groan, sitting up and moving to get out of bed.

I don’t get far though when Caleb grabs me and smashes his lips to mine, sending thousands of butterflies off in my stomach.

I don’t think I can ever get enough of this.

I know he’s trying to make a point that he doesn’t care, but it’s unfair when his mouth already tastes fresh and slightly like mint.

I can’t fight it though when he’s so demanding, controlling my body in the most delicious ways.

Finally pulling away, Caleb smirks, planting one final kiss on my lips before getting up and walking out the door, leaving me a panting, needy mess.

Damn him.

Sighing, I force myself to get up, shuffling into the bathroom for the first time. I can’t help but find myself surprised at every detail in it.

They really don’t do anything halfway.

The glass shower is huge, and the freestanding bathtub to the left of it is even bigger.

Walking over to the sinks, I find a large mirror right in front of me, looking at my reflection for a moment.

I have multiple bruises around my neck, thighs, and other parts of my body I don’t remember them kissing, but that’s not the part that catches my attention.

I just look different... I look happy.

Glancing down at the counter, I find in the corner is a small compartment filled with things for me: toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, tweezers, lotion and so many other things I might need.

When did they get all of this?

I quickly wash my face and use the bathroom before the smell of food fills my senses.

Moving out of it, I locate my jumpsuit folded nicely on one of the tables before slipping it on and going into the hallway.

I can hear Alec and Caleb talking to each other from downstairs, but they both stop and smile when they see me.

“Morning, sleeping beauty.” Alec says as I make my way down the staircase and over to the line of stools.

“Hey.” I smile, glancing around the kitchen for the third man, but finding no one. “Where’s Xavier?” I ask after a moment and Alec and Caleb’s mouths only form into a straight line.

“He said he needed to clear his head for a while.” Alec tells me, seeming to debate whether or not to follow up on that statement. “No one will probably hear from him for a couple of days, but he’ll be back.” He adds.

What the hell happened last night?

I remember from a week ago them saying Xavier gets in “moods”, but I don’t understand what would cause him to inflict that kind of damage to his own room.

My mind can’t help but travel to last night when I saw him outside— when I saw him so vulnerable.

He was very clearly torn about something and when he looked at me, I saw sadness in those brown eyes of his.

Maybe I could text him?

I don’t want to bother him, but I’ll admit, last night had me a little worried.

Walking around the kitchen, Alec surprises me by pulling me in and connecting my lips to his.

It’s a slow and teasing kiss that has me melting into his arms instantly as they wrap around my body.

It doesn’t last too long, but it still causes my heart to race a little quicker and a small blush to appear on my cheeks.

Pulling back, Alec doesn’t let me get very far as his hands remain on me.

In the back of my mind I know Caleb’s there, but I surprisingly don’t find myself feeling awkward about kissing someone else in front of him.

“How do you feel about last night?” Alec asks, still keeping me close to his body.

Smiling at the memory of its events, I make a point of looking up to meet his dark green eyes.

“No regrets.” I say, knowing he can do that whole lie detector thing. I want him to know that I truly loved what happened last night. Every single bit of it.

“Anything you didn’t like?” Caleb asks from where he’s seated causing my head to turn to him.

“Nothing. I liked it all.” I blushed at my admission and they both gave me a pleased look at that.

Letting me go, Alec gestures for me to take a seat before moving to the counter to place a large plate of food in front of me.

Eggs, toast, berries... you name it, it was on this plate.

Giving him a thankful smile, Caleb and Alec each grab their own plate, promptly digging in.

After a few bites, I ask Caleb if Hailey said she needed me back at a certain time, remembering her surprise plans.

“Nope, but you can check your phone to see if she’s texted.” He responds, helpfully gesturing to where my purse from last night was now hanging.

Nodding and hopping off the stool, I quickly find my purse and pull out my phone.

There are no texts from Hailey, but there is one surprisingly from Xavier.

Xavier: Thank you.

My heart beats a little faster from only two words.

I’m relieved he’s not shutting me out after what I saw, I just hope he’s okay.

Seeing as there’s no texts from Hailey, I tell her I’m going to be back shortly before shutting off my phone.

“Anything?” Caleb asks when I walk back over to him.

“None from Hailey.” I say, sitting down next to where both men are now seated.

What happened last night, or I guess technically this morning, is going to stay between Xavier and I unless he decides to talk.

It was emotional and if I’m being completely honest, something about what we shared scared me a little.

It felt easy... it felt right and that scared me.

The sound of Caleb’s phone ringing brought me out of my thoughts.

“Hello.” He answered, his eyes raising slightly as the muffled voice spoke from the other line.

“No, I know her. Send her right on in.” He continued before hanging up his phone.

Seconds later, the sound of the front door opening came and in walked an excited Hailey.

“Here, I brought you a change of clothes and shoes.” She smiles, tossing me a plastic bag and taking a seat on the couch.

“Where are we going?” I ask, still trying to wake up and get my brain functioning.

Her smile only spreads.

“I just got a ridiculous amount of money, so you and I are going to go on a shopping spree.”

“A shopping spree?” Alec and I ask at the same time in confusion causing me to shoot him a quick smile.

“Yup, so go get dressed. We’re already behind schedule.”

Looking at the massive clock on the wall, I see it’s only 10:30, but I don’t question her.

Instead, I give Caleb and Alec a shrug before turning and heading to the washroom on this floor.

I hear Hailey laugh in the background and I only shake my head in amusement.

Quickly slipping my clothes off, I smile once again at the marks covering my body before putting on the new romper Hailey brought me.

It was similar to the one I wore here last night, but this one is shorter and honestly much prettier.

I don’t recognize it, so it must be one of her’s.

Opening the door to move out of the washroom, I find Alec standing there waiting for me.

I don’t get the chance to say anything before he’s moving in and pinning me to the bathroom sink.

My one leg wraps around his as his mouth dominates every part of me, his tongue slipping past almost instantly.

“Alec.” I moan when he nips at my bottom lip, but he pulls away much too soon for my liking.

“We’re all going to meet up on Friday to begin your training and get you signed up as a VIP member.” Alec says against my lips before kissing me again.

I think I could get lost in this feeling forever.

I would probably try if it weren’t for Hailey waiting for me and calling my name from the living room.

Groaning in frustration, I force myself to pull back, doing my best to steady my racing heart in the process.

“I’ll see you Friday.” I breathe, but he doesn’t take a step back, not even as my leg unhooks from his.

“Friday.” Is all he says, but there’s a lot of unspoken promise in that one word. It’s the kind that causes my thighs to press together, and of course, Alec notices.

Stepping back with a smirk, his thumb brushes against my hip one last time before he leaves without another word.


“What about a new dress?” Hailey asks, dragging me into the millionth store today. “You could use a new dress.”

Before I have a chance to speak, my arm is grabbed and pulled into yet another store.


“Shhh.” She shushes me, knowing I saw the price of the thousand dollar dress hanging at the front.

Apparently her father just got a huge promotion at work and gifted Hailey and her siblings a massive amount of money each.

How much, I have no clue, but what I do know is that Hailey has already spent a lot on both of us and she doesn’t seem close to being done either.

“This would look really good on you.” Hailey holds up a dark red dress and even I have to admit it’s beautiful.

“I think you should try it on.” I suggest instead, feeling guilty about how much money she’s spent on me already.

Almost all of the stuff she’s gotten me I’ve said no to, but still.

“I already found one for me.” She says holding up a short green dress.

Before I get the chance to make another comment, Hailey’s dragging me towards the change rooms.

“Here, take this and let me see it when it’s on.” Hailey smiles, thanking one of the workers when he unlocks two doors for us to change in.

“You’re relentless.” I laugh when I step in and she closes the door for me.

“True.” She agrees, and I hear the sound of the change room to my left opening and closing.

Stripping off my romper, I replaced it with the stunning red dress Hailey picked out for me.

I don’t know when I’d ever need to wear something like this, but I can’t take my eyes off of the mirror.

The floor length dress is tight around my chest, the neckline cutting into a deep V.

The rest of the material falls in multiple layers against my legs while the open back is held together with a combination of string crisscrosses.

“How does it fit?” Hailey’s voice sounds from outside my door.

Turning and opening it, her eyes light up at the sight of my dress.

Her own fits her just as nicely.

“Give me a spin.” She smiles, twirling her finger in the air.

Doing that, I look down and watch as the bottom half of the red fabric spins around in the air and flows perfectly around my legs.

“Madelyn, it’s absolutely gorgeous.” She admires, causing me to smile.

I can’t deny it, this ball gown type dress has to be the nicest one I’ve ever tried on before.

“Yours is too.” I say, looking her own up and down.

It seems exactly like something she’d wear, and it truly looked amazing on her.

“Then let’s get them.” Hailey grins as if it’s not a big deal. “Plus, there’s one more place we need to go before we leave.”

“And where’s that exactly?” I ask as the two of us both move back into our changing rooms.

“I took Mila shopping last night when I saw her, but I want to buy her one last surprise.” She says through the wall as I carefully move out of my dress.

Considering we’ve hit nearly every store in this mall, I can’t help but wonder what the surprise could possibly be.

Not responding, I place the red dress back on its hangers before shimming on my original clothes.

“Ready to go?” I say when I find that Hailey’s already beaten me out.


I follow her towards the counter, and I’m barely able to stomach just how much money the two of them together were.

I don’t understand how she can just easily spend this kind of money without giving it a second thought.

“One last stop.” She smiles, passing me my bag so the two of us can link arms.

Even though I turn to thank her profusely for everything, but that it’s not necessary, when I look at her, something in my heart warms slightly.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had an actual friend and I feel like Hailey is someone I can get really close to.

She’s never judged me or hurt me, and while I haven’t known her for long, I know that I’m extremely thankful for her friendship.

Taking a few more steps through the large mall, I barely get a chance to see the sign of the store before she’s dragging me inside.

Victoria’s Secret?

“That’s the surprise?” I ask as she instantly moves towards the lingerie sections.

“Yup, and you’re going to get yourself some surprises of your own.”

Looking up at her, I find she’s already picking out things and keeping them neatly placed on one arm.

“I’m honestly good, but thank you.” I insist, seeing that half of the things she’s chosen are way out of my comfort zone.

“Girl, you do realize there’s a dress code at Rush, right?” She flashes me a small smile.

Fuck, of course there is.

How did I not think of that?

“Okay, but I can’t wear anything like that.” I giggle, watching the newest piece she just picked out.

“Just trust me.” Hailey laughs. “We have absolutely nowhere to be, so just try them on and see what you think.”

Hesitating for just another moment, I nod my head and reluctantly follow Hailey towards the change rooms.

Forcing myself to not worry about how the hell I’m going to get half of these things on, I watch as the lady working there unlocks a door for me and helps me hang all of my items on the hooks.

“If you need any help, just shout.” She smiles before walking back to the entrance.

With the door still open, I look over all of my options, not even knowing where to start.

Hailey notices from the bench she’s settled down on.

“Try on the black piece first?” Hailey suggests, and when I look at the one she’s looking at, I find that it’s actually not too bad.

Nodding and closing the door, I easily slip off my romper before moving to put on the lingerie.

This one doesn’t take long, but I really don’t know what to think of it.

It surprisingly looks really good, I just don’t know if I could actually wear it for anyone else to see.

“Do you like it?” Hailey asks from outside the door.

“I actually do.” I respond, turning to see the back of the lacy black material.

I smile because while I’d never pick it out on my own, I think it looks really good.

My blood warms at the thought of what Caleb, Xavier, and Alec would think to see me in it.

The strings that hold the back together still remain untied, but I know all it would take is one pull and it would fall off for them.

“Can you help me tie the top?” I ask, knowing I’ll never be able to get the intricate strings together on my own.

Hailey instantly slips inside to loop it through the rings and tie it in a quick bow at the end.

“It looks amazing—” She starts before her voice falls quiet, “Madelyn, what is that?”

Furrowing my eyebrows in confusion, I move to find her looking at my legs and the scars in between them.

“Don’t worry about it.” I say, turning away from her in fear.

She’s going to hate me now.


“I don’t do it anymore.” I assure, trying my best to not completely shut myself off, “Please... it’s really not a big deal.”

She’s quiet for a moment, and I’m terrified that she’s not going to want to talk to me anymore.

Then, she surprises me and pulls me into a hug.

“I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through that.” Hailey says, and I can’t help it as I begin to silently cry.

My friend just holds me as more tears fall past my eyes.

“I’ve got you.” She promises, her hand rubbing my back, “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it now or ever, but please know that I’m always here if you need someone.”

Her words only make me cry harder, but this time, they’re partly ones of happiness.

When my mom found out, she told my stepdad Robert, who got angry and told me I was nothing but an attention whore.

When my dad found out, he beat him until I thought he was going to die, but my stepdad’s words have still stuck to me to this day.

I haven’t felt comfortable talking about it since, especially because then I’d have to talk about what memories cause me to feel so low.

“Thank you,” I say, pulling back, “I... just thank you.”

Hailey only gives me a small smile and a nod.

“What I was trying to say before is that I think you should get this.” She says, indicating the underwear set.

“I think so too, but... do you think you could find something for the club that would leave me a little more covered?” I ask, now being reminded that I’m going to have to be nearly bare in front of strangers.

The idea of it is most definitely a turn on, but it’s also a hell of a lot easier said than done.

“Of course. I’ll be right back with a few ideas.” Hailey says, slipping out when I nod in response.

Taking a look in the mirror, I wipe away my remaining tears and try to pull myself together.

Not everyone is like my stepfather, I remind myself.

Who would’ve thought the girl I ran to help only weeks ago is now one of the four people helping to pick back up the pieces my past left shattered?

- End of Chapter 26 -

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