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Chapter 27 : Madelyn

Chapter 27 : Madelyn
Friday, July 30th, 2021

This morning, I received a text from Caleb giving me the schedule for next week.

On Monday I’m with Alec, Wednesday is the group scene, Friday with Xavier and Saturday with Caleb.

I’m extremely nervous, but just as much excited at the same time.

I never thought an arrangement like this could actually be possible, but here I am with not one but three men who I truly believe would never bring me harm.

Honestly, I’m happy right now.

I decided to get a shift stocking the bar during the day, so my night could be free to get signed up with the more secretive part of Rush.

Alec also said we’d begin my training later tonight, and thoughts of what they possibly could have planned continued to appear all day at work and now as I move out of my parked car and towards the nightclub.

Readjusting my long coat, I make sure I’m still covered to outsiders.

My heart is racing, knowing I’ll soon be exposed to hundreds of people, but I try not to worry too much as I walk towards a separate entrance at the back, the one Caleb texted me about earlier.

As promised, I soon spotted new doors along the side of the building with a long horizontal stripe moving through the center of them.

Should be it.

Pushing down on the handle and opening the door, I see two bouncers similar to the ones standing guard at the entrance through the nightclub.

What do I say to them?

To my luck, they’re the ones who speak first in the small hallway I walked into.

Instead of checking a list like I expected them to, the shorter one pushes open the door behind him for me.

“Right this way, Miss Adams.” He says, and I assume one of my men told him I was coming.

Soon seeing the familiar setting of the lobby, I find the same woman from when I first came here sitting at the receptionist desk.

When Cassidy hears the door close behind me, her head flicks up at me.

“Ah, Madelyn, it’s nice to see you again.” She greets, stepping out from behind her desk. “So sorry for sending you down there without a proper heads up. I figured you were at least aware it was a dungeon.”

“It wasn’t your fault.” I say, internally rolling my eyes at the thought of my bitch of a boss again.

I don’t think I’m going to be able to put up with Riley’s shit for much longer.

It’s not what my dad taught me to do and I know if he were here, he’d tell me to stand up to her, most likely in a violent way.

We’ll cross that bridge if it comes to it.

“Mr. Sawyer wanted me to inform you that the three of them are running a little behind, so if you’re okay with it, I’ll give you a tour and run down of this place?” Cassidy says, reaching out and then offering to take my coat.

May as well just rip the band-aid off now.

Nodding, I shrug my coat off, goosebumps instantly appearing from the fans spinning from above.

“It’s warmer down there, I promise.” Cassidy smiles, gently hanging my coat behind the desk and grabbing a few papers before returning by my side. “I’m assuming you’d like to go through that entrance?” She says, gesturing to the hallway I walked down last time.

“Yeah, that would be great.” I answer, knowing the other option would put me square in the middle of everything.

Looking down at the white lingerie piece I have on, I’m already overthinking my outfit choice.

“You look amazing, if that’s what you’re worrying about.” Cassidy compliments, moving to walk alongside me down the sloped hallway.

“Thank you.” I blush, trying my best not to fidget with the garter belt I’m currently wearing.

I really do want this; it’s just a big adjustment.

“I’m guessing it works for the dress code then?” I ask, knowing that tonight is apparently devils and angels themed.

When Caleb and I spoke on the phone this morning, I remember him telling me that the club often has nights designated for certain kinks, activities, and themes similar to the one happening tonight.

There’s still many times a week where any member can come and follow a basic dress code, but that’s not the case for tonight.

“Believe me, you look like the perfect angel.” Cassidy says, and before I know it, we’re in front of the same doors I walked through on my own about a week ago. “Ready?” She asks, and I give her a nod and a smile in response.


Moving past the doors, I find myself extremely surprised at the immense change in setting compared to when I was last here.

The hidden lights glowing from under the counters are now red, including the statement chandeliers hanging from the ceilings.

This time, the red glow makes the diamonds look like red droplets.

My eyes then travel to the people occupying the stages, the floor and the new equipment that seemed to have been brought in.

I can already feel myself become turned on from the sight of this place alone, and all I want is for my men to get here as soon as possible.

“Let’s grab a drink, and we can talk there?” Cassidy suggests, nodding over to the bar.

“That works.” I say, following her over and taking a seat on one of the many black bar stools.

Swiveling the chair to face her, I untuck my hair from behind my ears, allowing it to flow down my shoulders.

“What can I get for you two ladies tonight?” A man from the bar asks once Cassidy is seated too.

“A strawberry virgin margarita would be great thanks.” Cassidy answers first, winking at me, “Gotta get back to work after.”

I smile.

“I’ll have the same please.” I say to the bartender, figuring I’m going to want to be completely sober for later.

He instantly moves to make our drinks, and Cassidy turns to me, shifting the papers she brought with her from her desk.

“I guess I can start by telling you about the bar.” She begins, “We have a one alcoholic drink rule here to help ensure safe play. You’re allowed to have more than one if you choose, but you will then also get a 24 hour lasting stamp on your hand that shows you’re not allowed to engage in play for the rest of the night.”

That’s reassuring.

I just nod to show her that I heard her.

“I can take you through each station after we get you signed up as an official member, and as for payment, I’ve already been told you’re being sponsored in equal divisions by your dominants.”

“Wait, sponsored?” I ask, not quite sure what that entails.

“Well there’s a membership fee to get in here, but with your dominants being the owners and all I was told you’re free of cost.”

“Oh... alright then.” I say even though this was news to me.

Both of our drinks are placed down on the counter for us, and I instantly take a sip after thanking the man.

I’m feeling a little hot right now.

“I saw that you’ve already signed our NDA and given confirmation that you’re healthy so now all you have to do is sign that you agree to obey all of our club rules and you’re all set.”

“And what are the rules exactly?” I ask, never being told.

At my question, Cassidy grabs a piece of paper on top of the counter and slides it over to me to see.

“All of these rules are in place to ensure everyone’s safety and ensure that consent is given at all times.” Cassidy says, gesturing for me to look over the list.

A lot of it has to do with asking permission to touch people’s equipment, following dress codes, creating a judgement free environment and things like that.

You’re only to engage in play in designated areas and things like drugs, smoking, and phones are all prohibited from entering this section.

Cassidy must have known my phone is in my jacket pocket upstairs because she never asked.

“These rules are essential and nonnegotiable here. We don’t give second chances either, so we highly encourage every member to become well acquainted with this list.”

I have no opposition whatsoever.

It actually makes me feel more comfortable here.

Taking a glance to my left, I grow excited at the knowledge that by the end of the night, I’ll not only be a member here, but I’ll also be in the arms of my men once again.


I’ve been waiting for just under an hour now for Xavier, Caleb, and Alec to show, and I swear at this point they’re doing it on purpose.

As of today, I’m now an official member of this club, free to watch the multiple scenes happening before me.

Even though Cassidy gave me an in-depth tour of every section in this place, I still couldn’t help but wander, joining crowds of people to watch countless dirty fantasies of mine come true for other people.

I’m soaked at this point, and as embarrassing as it is to admit, I’m feeling a little desperate for their touch right now.

Knowing my phone is upstairs, just as I decide to go searching for it, something in the room changes. Like there was a small shift causing the hairs on the back of my arms to raise in interest.

They’re here.

Looking to my left, I soon discover I’m not the only one who notices as nearly every person in the room pauses to look up at the top of the main stairwell.

Following their gaze, my heart quickens in excitement when I find what I’m looking for.

There, leaning against the railing are my men, all three dressed as red as the flames I’d imagine to burn in hell.

Their eyes scan over the room only for three pairs to capture mine seconds later.

Smirking down at me, I know things are truly about to begin.

- End of Chapter 27 -

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