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Chapter 28 : Caleb

Chapter 28 : Caleb
Friday, July 30th, 2021

We got a little behind with some personal business, but it was worth every minute because we got to come back to our girl peering up at us from the heart of our proudest accomplishment.

Fuck, she really is perfect for us.

I don’t know when she got that pretty lingerie of hers, but my cock is already growing hard from the mere sight of her in it.

It seems like I’m not the only one either.

Smirking down at our girl, she shifts and presses her legs together while looking up at the three of us.

It wasn’t very hard to spot her when we came in; we simply followed the gaze of others.

I know I saw at least fifteen people eyeing our girl up without her knowledge, and honestly, it was a huge turn on for me.

Knowing that you have the one thing everybody wants but can’t have is empowering.

As long as no one touches her, there won’t be a problem.

Xavier and Alec have very similar opinions on the matter considering their own smirks and predatory gazes.

Not wanting to waste another second, I know she sees me when I beckon her to us with my finger.

A cute flush appears on Madelyn’s face at the attention now directed at her as she moves to walk towards the large staircase.

She knows people are watching her, but her eyes remain solely on us as she walks up the multiple steps and straight into our hold right where she belongs.

“Hi.” She smiles, leaning up and kissing me in front of everyone, catching me slightly off guard.

Gently wrapping my hand around her throat, I keep her pinned to me, and I feel as she whimpers under my touch when my tongue darts out and licks against her bottom lip.

“You’re a desperate little thing tonight, aren’t you?” I pull back and whisper into her ear, noticing how different she’s acting right now.

Her cheeks are flushed, her eyes are blown, and it’s not hard to see that she’s turned on.

Madelyn buries her head into my shoulder at my words in embarrassment making me smile in satisfaction.

We’re going to have so much fun tonight.

Looping my arm around her back, she turns her head when Alec also places his hand just above mine.

“Come, we’ll show you our playroom here.” Alec says, and Xavier takes that as his cue to lead the way out of sight of the curious watchers from down below.

One day, we’ll do public scenes, but Madelyn is nowhere near ready for that yet.

We move in the same direction of Xavier’s office, one she was more than familiar with, but we keep walking slightly past that and into a room a few doors down.

It too was passcode operated, and I was excited to see what Madelyn’s reaction would be like.

With the same code as the one at the house, Xavier unlocks the door and walks inside, turning on the lights on his way.

This room is nearly a replica of the one we built at home, but this one was a little bigger and the equipment was placed in slightly different spots.

Madelyn steps into the purple space, her eyes roaming the room in both interest and curiosity.

I wonder what she’s thinking so far?

“We’re just going to do some conditioning and obedience training for today.” I say, kicking this thing off.

At my words, Alec passes Madelyn to me who instantly leans into my touch.

“Are you ready to begin, darling?” I ask when her head tilts back to rest against my shoulder.

Her eyes flick up to mine and she looks so docile in that moment that my cock grows fully hard, pressing into her backside.

I know she feels it too when her cheeks turn a little red.

“Yes, Sir.” She smiles up, and I can’t help but tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear when she does so.

“Good,” I say, seeing Xavier and Alec walking away in the corner of my eye, no doubt getting ready for what we’ll be doing later. “Have you ever heard of the present slave position?”

She nods her head, “Yes, Sir.”

Madelyn did say a while ago that she did a lot of research on this dynamic when she first became interested in BDSM.

“Show me.” I order, and she hesitates for a split second before stepping slightly away from my body.

I watch as she slowly moves down to her knees and I know that Xavier and Alec stopped what they were doing to watch as well.

She looks so pretty like this.

Sitting down with her knees spread wide, Madelyn then goes to rest her hands palm up on her thighs, her bright green eyes looking up at me the whole time.

“Head down, darling.” I smirk, watching as our girl moves into such a submissive state.

Taking my foot, I move her knees slightly farther apart before crouching down to help readjust her posture ever so slightly with my hands.

A small, quiet sigh falls from her lips and I know my corrections did their job in making this position more comfortable.

Soon, she’ll be able to do this on her own and use it as a meditative tool to calm her body before scenes.

Rising and moving over to one of the many drawers we have here, I pull out a black hair elastic to take care of Madelyn’s loose, long hair.

“Unless told otherwise, when we tell you to present, you’ll move into this position to the left of the door like you are now.” I say, stepping behind her and crouching down.

I can’t help it when I get a little distracted, toying with the strap of her intricate white bra.

“I just happen to like the look of this lace on you today, but every other time in this position, I want you naked, your hair braided, and your clothes folded nicely on that counter.” I point to her right, knowing she sees it in her peripheral view.

Gathering her hair to the back of her head, I gently comb my fingers through it before quickly braiding it back.

There are a few baby hairs that are too short, so I leave them to fall in loose waves around her face.

“Do you have any questions so far?” I ask right as Xavier and Alec finish their work and walk back to survey the beauty in front of me.

“No, Sir.”

Twisting the hair tie in place, I let my hand slowly fall down along her arm before standing.

“I see you’ve caught on quickly to address us properly during scenes, but I’ll remind you that failing to do so will result in a punishment as we see fit.” I continue, smiling when she shifts slightly.

I can see how hard her nipples are through the thin material of her bra, aching to be touched and teased.

Soon, darling, soon.

To my left, Xavier steps forward with determined steps, only stopping when he’s right in front of Madelyn, so close, I know she can see his shoes as she looks down.

I know that was his intent too.

Bending down slightly, Xavier’s newly cut hand strokes gently against Madelyn’s cheek, the epitome of an angel being caressed by the devil.

Using his hand to lift her chin, Madelyn looks up at Xavier completely submissive at his feet.

“We’ve decided that tonight, we’re going to work on the first, and arguably most important part of your training.” Xavier says, continuing to brush his thumb against her cheek as he speaks. “Would you like to know what it is, sweetheart?”

Madelyn’s only indication of nerves is when she lightly bites her cheek, but she stops just as quickly as she started.

“Yes, Daddy.” She blushes, her eyes averting down as she responds.

I can tell she’s still not quite used to that name, but I also know it has her soaked underneath that lacy white underwear she’s currently wearing.

“Look at me.” Xavier says, not allowing Madelyn to be embarrassed.

Tonight’s scene is aimed to help partially with that.

“Trust.” He then answers once she does as he says, “Tonight, we are going to challenge your fears so that by the end you can personally know you will never be judged, uncared for, or unsafe. Never with us.”


- End of Chapter 28 -

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