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Chapter 29 : Madelyn

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Chapter 29 : Madelyn
Friday, July 30th, 2021


Trust is what tonight is about, and while Xavier’s comment on challenging my fears should make me nervous, I’m not.

I’m excited.

Still on my knees before them, I feel myself slowly falling into a state of complete relaxation as I look up into Xavier’s brown eyes.

Every stroke of his thumb against my cheek calms me, and while my knees hurt slightly from the stretch of the position, I’ve come to embrace the feeling.

“Remind me of your safeword, sweetheart.” Xavier’s husky voice commands as his hand drops from my face and he takes a step back.

“Purple, Daddy.” I answer, dropping my gaze back down to the floor since I’m unsure if I’m allowed to look at them or not.

I hear the faint sound of clothes coming off, but I force myself to keep still.

“And what do each of the traffic lights mean?” He continues.

“Green means I’m good with what’s happening and I’m ready to increase the intensity if you desire.” I begin, defining the colours I’ve made an effort to become highly familiar with recently. “Yellow means I need you to slow down and check in on me. Red means I need that activity to stop for the night, but I’m willing to continue with other things.”

“Good.” Alec praises, and I both hear and feel him as he walks past my body, stopping right behind me, “Stand.”

Rising from the ground, I take a sharp inhale at the feeling of his bare skin meeting mine just like he planned.

Alec doesn’t waste a second before his hand wraps around my throat, no doubt being able to feel my thrumming heart against his fingertips.

I’m so turned on right now, the only thing my brain is allowing me to think about is touching them.

“You look so pretty in this.” Alec says, his free hand teasing just under the waistband of my underwear but never moving anywhere near where I needed it most. “Was this for us, princess?” He asks, continuing to stroke just under the waistline and making my thoughts go fuzzy.

“Yes, Sir.” I pant, both of us knowing damn well it was.

I hear him smirk against my ear as his breath tickles the hairs on my neck.

Moving away the hand currently wrapped around my throat, Alec angles my head slightly to the side, and seconds later, I feel his mouth hovering over my skin.

He just held me there for a moment, allowing every breath of his to shoot tingles down my spine, the space between my thighs growing more and more wet with each passing second.

Just as I debate begging him to touch me, his lips touch my neck causing a pleasurable sigh to fall from my lips and my eyes to flutter shut.

While the first kiss was gentle, light, the contact alone caused me to melt into his touch. He knew it too as his free hand moved to wrap around my waist while the other gripped my hair.

Dragging his mouth down slightly, the second touch was much harder as he sucked on my neck before grazing and nipping at the spot with his teeth. The feeling was pure bliss, and nobody said a word as Alec’s mouth continued to travel along my skin, his tongue darting out to taste me.

“Sir.” I moaned just as he sucked on a spot right below my ear that caused my knees to buckle slightly.

It was my weak spot, and he now knows it too, purposely keeping his focus primarily on teasing me there.

My right hand moves up to grab onto his head for support, my fingers raking through the soft brown curls and tugging to make sure he doesn’t stop what he’s doing.

My body is so worked up right now, I can already feel myself begin to grow a little shaky.

At the feeling of another set of hands touching my body, my eyes open to find Caleb now standing on my other side, his one leg pressing in between mine and forcing them apart.

The only way I’ll be able to get relief now is if I grind against his leg, but the last time I had the confidence to do that was when I was drunk.

Now I have nothing, and he knows it too as he smirks and kisses the corner of my mouth before moving down and planting nips along my jawline.

The scent of their colognes mixed together as Caleb’s lips connected with my neck, the warmth of them both kissing me together making me weak.

Both of them explored my neck, seeking out the spots that brought me the most pleasure and they sure didn’t disappoint.

With every touch, sharp shocks of hunger jolted throughout my entire body, traveling straight down to my clit.

“Please.” I whimper when Caleb drags his teeth against a sensitive spot on my neck causing my head to feel light.

“Please what, sweetheart?” Xavier asks, walking right up in front of me, reminding me of his presence.

“Please, Daddy, please touch me.” I practically beg as his hand loops around my back, teasingly toying with the clasp on my bra.

I know he’s purposely taking his time with it too.

Xavier cruelly smiles as he undoes my bra with ease, removing my hands from Caleb and Alec’s hair so he can slide the straps down.

As the material is tossed to the side, I expect him to touch me then, but instead he ignores my aching nipples, sliding his rough hands down the front of my body as he lowers himself.

“I think she’s been waiting for this for quite a while now, haven’t you princess?” Alec says against my neck, a small groan coming out of him when my hands reconnect with his and Caleb’s hair.

That noise makes my mind go foggy, and I can’t help it as my pride is pushed aside and I rub my clit against Caleb’s thigh.

Fuck, that felt good.

“Yes, Sir.” I moan as I repeat the motion, and I feel Caleb smile against my neck as if he’d already known I’d grow desperate enough to give sooner than later.

“It sure seems like it.” Caleb says, pulling his leg away when I try to grind against him again.

I let out a frustrated noise, but I know it only fed into their already insanely large egos.

“I mean look at her,” He continues, and with my head pinned to be used as Alec pleases, I can’t look down when I feel Xavier’s hands begin to toy with my underwear, “She’s practically shaking already and we’ve barely even done anything yet.”

The teasing, lighthearted Caleb I typically know has disappeared, leaving an entirely new person in replacement.

While I become submissive and compliant in this kind of headspace, Caleb becomes controlling and degrading.

“I bet that dripping cunt of yours is just aching to be filled right now, isn’t it darling?”

I feel myself clamp down on nothing but air at his words.

Holy fuck.

My body desperately pushes forward as Xavier plants a small kiss on my stomach, his fingers hooking into the sides of my underwear and pulling the material down.

The cold air instantly hits me, and I can’t help it as a small gasp falls from my lips. Caleb only hums in amusement before refocusing his attention back to a particularly sensitive spot on my neck.

They’re already learning the exact places that make my body tick.

Both men are breathing heavier now, and when Xavier lightly blows a breath of cool air to my wet clit, I lose it.

My body is screaming to be touched at this point as it becomes overstimulated in the best ways possible.

“Please Sirs.” I beg, “Daddy, please, I want to come.” I moan as Alec bites harder than he ever has on my neck, the action so unexpected, Xavier has to shift his hands to hold me still as I fall back into Alec’s chest.

That’s definitely going to leave a mark.

Suddenly and with no warning, Xavier positions three fingers at my entrance and slams them inside of me, so quick, I didn’t even feel it coming until he was just there.

I cry out at the action, and I feel both men smile against my neck as if they already knew I was going to react in that exact way.

Xavier’s pace is fast and relentless, sending sparks so intensely throughout my body, my mind can’t keep up with it all.

I already feel like I’m going to orgasm and he’s only been touching me for a few seconds.

While there has been well over an hour of foreplay if you include the time I spent watching people in the dungeon, I’ve never been worked up to my high so fast before.

“D-daddy,” I stutter when I feel my orgasm zeroing in already. I don’t even know what I’m asking for as my body begins to fall slowly apart.

“I know, sweetheart.” He says as his fingers continue to pump into me at an inhuman pace.

At the same time, Alec lets go of my head, allowing me to look down at the man at my feet.

“Come when you’re ready. Take the edge off so we can really get tonight started.”

My head falls back against Alec’s shoulder as my legs begin shaking desperately.

I whimper when Xavier harshly strokes my spot repeatedly causing my eyes to fall shut once again. Alec doesn’t allow it for long though.

“No, no.” He quickly mutters into my ear, “Keep those pretty eyes of yours open, princess. Xavier’s going to want to see them when we make you come undone for us.”

My body instantly responds to his rough words as much as to the rising desire forming in my core.

I quickly catch a glimpse of Xavier staring up at me before my eyes roll to the back of my head and I come, shaking on his now dripping fingers.

“Good girl. Keep going.” Caleb mutters against my neck as my orgasm continues to spiral through me and Xavier’s motions don’t slow.

His tongue darts out to lick up my juices and I go on my tiptoes to avoid it because of how sensitive I am.

I’m a panting, trembling mess by the time he retracts his fingers, sucking them into his mouth until they’re clean.

His dark eyes demand my attention during every second he does so, while Caleb and Alec hold my body upright until everything comes back into focus.

Each planting one final kiss below my ear, the two men slowly let me go, allowing me to stand on my own.

With Xavier still at my feet, I watch as the large man gracefully rises, ending up with his lips only an inch away from mine and our bodies pressed together.

My heart flutters as he brings his hand up, tucking back a loose strand of hair currently in my face. I simply stand there and watch as his eyes then roam every inch of my body.

Xavier steps back slightly to see the way my nipples have hardened against his chest and how my thighs are still slick with my arousal despite him licking me clean only seconds ago.

I have to admit, his gaze is just as much embarrassing as it is erotic and I can’t help but think back to what he said earlier about trust.

I guess my insecurities could overlap with my fears, but I have a feeling what’s about to happen is going to be a lot more intense than my three men eyeing me like hawks just because they can.

“Ready for round two?” Caleb asks from behind me, his one hand lightly brushing over the column of my neck, no doubt touching the marks and bruises he’s caused.

“Yes, Sir.” I gulp, now a little nervous about what’s to come.

I heard Xavier and Alec setting some things up while Caleb tied my hair back, and now that I have a clearer mind, I find myself wondering what could possibly be waiting for me.

“Good, then I want you to walk over to the bed and tell me what you see laying on it.” Caleb says after a pause.

Turning around, I walk across the large room and towards the bed, my heart instantly racing at what I find.

“Clothespins, Sir?” I say, extremely confused by why they’re there.

“Be more specific, princess.” Alec says, sneaking up behind me and brushing the bare skin on my hip.

What the hell are they planning?

I have a few ideas, but all scare me and seem like an unpleasant experience.

I remember rating this as a two point five during the contract meeting, but I still didn’t expect them to use them anytime soon.

“It looks like there are twenty or so clothespins spaced apart by small knots, but all connected to one rope, Sir.” I answer, trying to imagine what it would feel like to have those clipped onto my skin.

“And on the bedpost?” Xavier asks, causing me to realize the restraints I didn’t notice at first glance.

“Padded cuffs, Daddy.”

“Mhm,” He hums, stepping forward to draw calming circles on my hip, sensing that I am indeed nervous now. “Since you’ve never done this before, this is the kind of thing we’re going to discuss before jumping right in.”

Just like the contract said we would do.

“This is called a zipper.” Caleb explains, moving away from me and towards the bed. “The clothespins are attached to a thin rope so when you tug this open section down here,” He says, holding up the extra section of rope at the bottom, “All of them will come off at once.”

It sounds both really painful, intense, and intriguing all at the same time.

I watch as Caleb unclips one of the pins from the end before walking over to me with it.

I have to tilt my head up to meet his eyes and I can easily see the undeniable lust swirling within them.

“These pins are specialized for BDSM and we can adjust the grip of each one to make the experience more or less painful.” He says, showing me how he does it. “What you have to remember is that once they’re on, they have to come off some way, which can make safe words a little more complicated.”

Seeing the small black clip in his finger doesn’t seem as scary up close, but I’ve never done anything even remotely similar to this.

“If you say red or purple, we will remove each clip one by one and unclamp them as gently as possible, but we want you to be aware that it will still likely hurt a little.”

Trust and fear.

This entire scene makes sense, because while I’m scared of the unknown feeling of these clamps, I need to trust that my men would never do something I’m not ready for.

Caleb reaches his hand down to my stomach and gently rubs his thumb against my skin a few times before bringing his other with the clip down.

He pauses for just a moment, looking into my eyes for... permission?

Nodding, I let out a breath as Alec plants a small kiss on the back of my head while both of Caleb’s hands roam my body.

Taking two fingers and pulling my skin slightly, the other hand pinches the clothespin open before attaching it to a spot right below my breast and releasing the clamp.

At first, I didn’t really feel it but after a few seconds the bite of it hit and I couldn’t help it as I squirmed just to find Alec behind me, holding onto my hips.

It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle like I expected, and instead, I find myself wanting more.

I quickly notice the longer it’s on, the more the pain grows but it’s a pleasurable kind.

It has my thighs pressing together and my body aching to be touched again.

Before I can process what he’s doing, Caleb takes his right hand and quickly flicks the clothespin off causing my body to jerk back.

The sharp pinch of it caused my clit to throb, and I know they can probably all see my arousal at this point.

“Most of your fear is in your head,” Xavier says to my left, picking up the clip and moving to reattach it back onto the long line of rope. “Pain and pleasure often go hand in hand when done properly, as you just saw.” His eyes flick down to my legs with a smirk.

Yup, they definitely noticed.

“I trust you, Daddy.” I say, understanding what he was getting at, “I trust all of you.”

“We know you do.” Caleb smiles, planting a kiss on my hip before rising. “That’s why you’re going to go on the bed now and wait for further instruction.”

Picking up on the hint, I nod and I move over to the large mattress, sitting down on the right side of the clothespins.

Flicking my head to Xavier, he gives me a wink as I feel a pair of large hands grab my wrists.

Seeing Alec moving to straddle my body, both of my arms are pulled up and my hands are being locked into the padded cuffs.

I’ve never been restrained like this before and knowing that there’s absolutely no way for me to get out of them unless it’s a safeword has my blood pumping harder.

They didn’t hurt at all, so at least there’s that.

“Do they feel too tight?” Alec asks, looking down at me.

“No, Sir. They’re good.” I say, smiling up at him when his hand strokes the side of my cheek.

“Good. You’re not going to want to be able to move much once those clips are on.” He says, knowing it has a lot of questions now running through my mind.

What did he mean by that?

Alec effectively hushes my thoughts as he leans down and claims my mouth with his.

With my hands unable to move and his weight keeping my hips all the way down, there’s nothing I can do but give into his will.

I moan against his lips when two of his hands come down to my chest, tweaking and twisting my nipples painfully between his fingers.

The already hardened buds grow more sensitive at his touch, and I then realize he’s doing it on purpose to increase the pain there for what’s about to come.

He senses my realization and pulls back with a smirk.

Flicking his eyes down to my breasts, he confirms what he already knew.

“Ready?” He smiles.

“Yes, Sir.” I say, but he’s already moving off of my lap as Caleb appears by my feet and Xavier tosses the rope of clips across my thighs.

Looking at them, my heart races in both excitement and worry as Xavier lifts his end of the rope and opens a clip with two fingers.

“We don’t have to put them all on if you don’t want, but I want you to try and relax your mind for us.” He says, and I watch as he takes the first clothespin and attaches it to a spot to the right of my nipple.

Jesus Christ.

That’s a lot more painful than the spot on my stomach.

The men give me a moment to adjust, but I find that with every passing second the pinch only becomes more and more noticeable.

“Daddy.” I groan at the intense mixture of pain and pleasure as I feel some of my juices leak past my slit.

Seeing it, Caleb licks one long stripe along my core, but stops right after I’m clean causing my eyes to pinch shut in frustration.

The second one is applied just below the first, this time attached quickly, not giving my body the chance to get used to it.

I try to squirm away while trying to gain some sort of relief for the pressure rapidly building between my thighs, but when I try to clamp them shut, I’m only met with Caleb’s head keeping me spread open.

A third. A fourth.

All of which are placed in a curved line along my one aching breast.

There’s a small pause before I feel another hand begin to tease the skin on my other side, my eyes snapping open to find Alec dragging the rope across my bare thighs and into his grasp.

I watch with a racing heart as he lifts a pin of his own and clamps it reflectively to the first one Xavier attached.

He continues to do this a few more times, and once seven of them are on my body in total, I feel everything begin to heat up immensely, my hips attempting to thrust upwards while Caleb keeps them pinned to the bed.

“Colour?” Xavier asks, referring to what traffic light safe word I’m on.

“Green, Daddy.” I say even as my head begins to feel a little foggy.

Every single one of these feelings are much more intense and much more pleasurable than I ever expected them to be.

The places where the clothespins were clipped for longer have become slightly numb, but I can’t help but crave and desire for more to be placed on.

“You’re doing so good, princess.” Alec says as his hand moves down and places a pin on a sensitive spot right below my breast.

“Sir, please.” I urge Caleb to touch me as my body becomes desperate, but he only smiles up at me cruelly.

“You should see yourself right now,” He says, gently nipping at a spot on my inner thigh, “All exposed for our pleasure, this pretty cunt of yours begging to be given attention.”

I gasp when both Xavier and Alec place down a clamp at the same time just as Caleb takes both of his thumbs and spreads apart my slick folds.

“It’s pathetic really.” His breath meeting my clit and causing my body to squirm.

There are probably ten— fifteen clothespins attached to my skin at this point and I can’t help it when a frustrated whine falls from my parted lips.

Caleb’s words turn me on more than he knows, but I still shut my eyes in embarrassment when I feel my arousal drip all the way down my cunt and past my second hole, the feeling only making me wetter.

“Please.” I say again as I feel tears begin to build in my eyes and my wrists try to pull forward in an attempt to free themselves.

The noise the rings make against the headboard catches the men’s attention, but none of them give me what I want.

I look down to see no more than ten clips left that need to be applied, but my entire body is aching and silently pleading for both more and less at the same time.

“Do you want the remaining clips to stay off?” Alec asks, but I just as quickly shake my head no.

I crave the feeling of the bite each pin brings, as well as the way my head begins to grow warmer and fuzzier with everyone.

Almost instantly, I feel more clothespins being attached, and I happily indulge in the feeling of each one being connected to my body.

“Just one more.” Xavier says after multiple seconds, clipping the last one onto my lower stomach. I can’t help but let out a small breath of relief when his hand removes and I know I’ve made it through the first part.

“Relax.” Caleb soothes, and only then do I realize how tense my body has become.

My instant response to the painful feeling is to make it stop, but I enjoy it just as much as I want the clothespins to come off.

Letting out another breath, I rest my head against the padded board behind me and allow my arms to fall limp in their restraints.

“Good girl,” He praises at the sight, causing me to squirm with need and my clit to swell. “I know. We’re going to make you feel better, I promise.” Caleb says, and my heart quickens when I hear the sound of a familiar vibration filling the room coming from right in between my legs.

My body jerks upwards the second the toy comes in contact with my clit, but my action only causes me to cry out in a dizzying combination of pain and pleasure before falling back against the mattress.

Both movements caused every single one of the clothespins to pull slightly, the pinched skin that had finally gone numb awakening once again.

“I warned you not to move.” Alec chuckles as if he found my struggling amusing.

“No no no no no.” I pant as I already feel my orgasm knotting in my stomach and making my head feel fuzzy.

Without warning, Caleb thrusts a finger inside of me and my mouth parts in a silent moan as a plethora of sensations course throughout my body.

“Always so wet.” Caleb says, slipping in a second, “So tight. I wonder how it’ll feel for you to clamp down on our cocks instead of my fingers.”

I reduce my scream to a desperate whimper when Alec drags his finger down along my stomach, causing the skin to tug slightly and all of the clothespins along with it.

I feel a small gush of juices escape me at the action, but I tighten my core, fighting off my orgasm for as long as I can.

I know the second I give in, Xavier’s going to pull at the rope hard, and now that I’m experiencing it, the thought scares me a lot more than I initially believed it would.

“Don’t fight it.” Caleb says as he ups the vibrations trying to knock me over the edge. “It’s going to be so freeing as you let us watch you fall apart so beautifully.”

“You’ll be good and do that for us, won’t you?” I hear one of their voices ask, but I’m no longer able to comprehend who it is.

My legs begin to shake as I desperately try to prevent my orgasm, but suddenly that warm, fuzzy feeling from earlier hits me ten times harder than before, everything around me slowing.

While I feel every ounce of the pain Alec causes when he nudges a few of the pins with his fingers, every single touch only makes me feel more and more relaxed as a floaty feeling overtakes my entire body.

Everything is just blissfully empty... quiet.

It’s dizzying, but at the moment, the only thing I can feel is protected and cared for knowing my men are completely in control of my body and know its limits.

“Now.” I hear someone’s voice command, and in the same second, my body becomes overwhelmed as what feels like thousands of sharp pinches go off against my skin.

My orgasm comes instantly, crashing through me at the strongest wave it’s ever been before.

I can’t do anything but cry out as my entire body shakes and trembles, but I don’t fight a single one of the sensations when it feels so damn intense.

I can’t tell if I’m currently falling into multiple short orgasms or one long continuous one, but the feeling doesn’t seem to ever end as I feel six hands and three mouths caressing, blowing, and kissing the hypersensitive skin.

I feel my blood rushing back to the surface all at once, and every single touch only sends me deeper and deeper into this floaty feeling.

After what feels like hours, though I’m sure it was only seconds, my orgasm finally comes to an end and my body slumps down onto the bed.

While I can recognize my men are now moving and words are being exchanged, I can barely process a single thing they say.

I subconsciously feel someone undo the cuffs restraining my wrists before scooping up my limp body and carrying me over to the couch.

I’m placed on someone’s lap, and I feel my hair gently being unbraided as someone’s fingers begin to comb through the wavy strands and massage the ache in my scalp.

“You did so well, sweetheart.” Someone who I believe to be Xavier said, taking a seat in front of me, though I’m not entirely sure. “Let’s get you something to drink.” He says, picking up a clear bottle of some sort of refreshment from beside him and adding a straw to it.

The man behind me draws calming circles on my back while Xavier holds the straw up to my lips for me to drink.

“That’s it.” I believe Alec says in my ear as I drink the sweetened water for nearly a full minute straight.

When I stop to take a breath, Xavier removes the water bottle from my hands before lifting a small piece of dark chocolate to my lips.

Gratefully accepting, I feel my mind slowly drift back into reality as the dark haired man in front of me continues to feed small bits into my mouth.

“The antioxidants in dark chocolate help to give your body more energy and make you feel more alert.” I hear Alec say, and I’m now able to realize that it’s indeed his lap I’m currently sitting in.

“C-Cal—” I try, not seeing the third man anywhere.

“I’m right here, darling.” I soon hear him say, crouching down to the side of me and taking a hold of my hand. His padded thumb offers me slow gentle strokes as things start to become more clear.

“Was I-I okay?” I barely manage, still trying to get my brain to form a coherent thought.

“You were so perfect, sweetheart.” Xavier praises, “We’re all so pleased and proud of you.”

A small smile appears on my face at his words, my body leaning back against Alec as I feel a warm blanket get placed around my body.

“Why don’t you just sleep, darling? You’re safe, we’ve got you.”

Right now I feel extremely weak and vulnerable, but it doesn’t matter.

I have my men.

They were here, so I knew that their promises of keeping me protected and well taken care of would remain true.

Every single one of my usual anxieties and fears all fade into a distant background, every thought replaced by my men.

I can’t help it as my eyes flutter shut and my tired body curls up against Alec’s chest.

I know.

- End of Chapter 29 -

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