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Chapter 30 : Madelyn

Chapter 30 : Madelyn
Saturday, July 31st, 2021

I woke up to the feeling of fingers lazily combing through my hair, soothingly playing with it.

Memories of what happened last night crash into me like a train as I become highly aware of the aching all over my body.

I can still faintly feel every spot those clothespins snapped off of, and my arms are sore still from how hard I was fighting against those restraints.

“Morning, princess.” Alec’s voice came from behind me even though my eyes were still closed. Thankfully, he continues to play with my hair.

“Hi.” I rasped, likely as a result of how vocal I was last night.

My cheeks flush at the memory.

What the hell happened though?

I’ve never felt so relaxed, so submissive, and so wanting to experience that kind of pain before.

I can still vividly remember how in those few moments, nothing mattered other than the fact my men were by my side and every painful touch sent me further and further into those freeing feelings.

Forcing my eyes open, I find Caleb in front of me giving me a lopsided grin.

“How are you feeling?” He asks in a low tone, being aware of how exhausted I still am despite sleeping for... eleven hours assuming the clock mounted on the wall is correct.

“I’m sore,” I answer, wincing slightly at the reminder of my tender skin. “It was worth it though.” I add, also thinking of how much I needed last night to happen.

I felt like nothing could touch me and I was living completely in my own world with just the four of us in it.

“I have something that’ll help with that.” Caleb says, rolling over and reaching into the nightstand drawer. I can faintly hear the sound of him rummaging through multiple items before retrieving what he was looking for.

Holding it up in front of me, I see a small brown bottle in his hand with a purple label wrapping all the way around the center of it.


Before I get the chance to ask how that would help, Alec moves me slightly over so that I’m laying down on my back, peeling the sheets away from my naked body.

My first instinct is to cover up, but I already know they wouldn’t allow it.

“This essential oil can be used as both a relaxant and an analgesic to help relieve body pain.” Caleb explains as he pours a generous amount of it into his palm before setting down the glass bottle on the table beside him.

His hands are surprisingly warm as he brings them down to my stomach, gently smearing the oil across my front before attentively massaging it into my skin.

I can’t help it as a contented sigh falls past my lips and my head rests back onto the pillow behind me.

“Did Xavier leave?” I mumble as Caleb’s hands work out every tense section of my body, the scent of lavender now becoming very noticeable.

“I’m here.” I hear his voice say to my right, and I see that he’s settled down on the couch. Though, I know he didn’t sleep here because he’s already dressed for the day and looks as if he’s been up for hours.

Standing from his seat, Xavier walks towards me and sits down on an open spot next to Caleb.

I watch as his eyes shamelessly roam my naked body as his friend lathers me in oil, eventually meeting my gaze and giving me a wink.

“Do you remember during the contract meeting us talking about a protocol we’d follow if you were to ever fall into subspace?” Xavier asks, and suddenly it all makes sense.

“I went into subspace?” I ask, my brief knowledge of it kicking in.

That free floaty feeling I got is exactly what it was described as to me, but it’s so much different experiencing it firsthand.

“Mhm,” He nods, passing Caleb the bottle of lavender oil when he gestures for it.

My body is then flipped over onto my stomach, and seconds later I feel the cool drip of it fall onto my back.

“Shouldn’t I have had a subdrop then too?” I ask, not remembering ever having one, however things did feel a little foggy when I spaced out.

“With the proper aftercare it can sometimes be prevented, but you could still experience a drop even days from now. It’s never the same for all people.”

I hum as I allow his words to sink in hoping that I won’t need to have that experience.

I’ve done a lot of research on it to better understand what would happen if I were to have a drop, and I’ve heard that the emotions are just as intense as subspace, except you are overcome by the opposite emotions: loneliness, insecurity, a sense of feeling abandoned, depressed, and unloved.

Like subspace, every person will experience it differently, but it’s something nobody wants to go through.

“And last night as a whole?” Alec asks, “Was there anything in particular that you really liked or disliked?”

Turning my head to him, I’m really appreciative that so far after every scene we’ve talked about it.

“I liked the pain. Like a lot.” I start, remembering the bite of each clothespin on my body and the immense pleasure that always followed.

All three men attentively listened to me, even as Caleb continued to knead the muscles in my back and all across my shoulder blades.

“I also liked the way my hands were restrained, but I have to admit a lot of it was also dizzying for me. I think that if we were to do something like that again, it would be best if I said yellow and asked for a small break in between until I no longer felt like passing out so strongly.”

“That sounds like a good plan.” Caleb agrees, still continuing his movements.

On a particularly sore spot, he dug the heel of his hand down against it causing a groan to fall from my mouth and the corner of his and Alec’s lips to pull up.

“Do you know where else lavender oil feels good to massage?” Xavier’s deep voice asks into my ear, and right then I feel his large slick hand moving up along my inner thigh as Alec parts them further for him.

“Daddy,” I moan when I feel his hand cup my pussy, his thumb easily finding my clit.

“This is a good morning indeed.” He says, and with that, I close my eyes and simply let myself feel.


Work has been more unpleasant than usual, and it doesn’t help that it’s one of the busiest nights of the week.

My feet are seriously aching from these heels, but I do what I can to push through it; clean, serve, repeat.

Knowing I’ll get to go home to my bed in less than a half hour keeps me going as Riley makes her millionth comment of the night towards me.

It’s amazing how many times a person can insult you without saying anything directly bad.

Doing my best to ignore and avoid her, I see a man approach the bar and signal my attention.

Leaning slightly so I can hear him better, he orders a scotch on the rocks and I go right on to make his drink.

My previous bartending experience has kicked in fully by now, and I’ve managed to easily keep up with the constant demand.

Sliding the man his drink with a napkin, he places down a fifty dollar bill on the counter for me.

I move to grab him his forty dollars in change, but he just shakes his head and raises his glass to me.

“Thanks, doll.” He smiles, and I give him a friendly smile as he walks away.

“Less flirting, more working,” I hear Riley mumble under her breath as I walk past her to go clean glasses.

Hold your tongue. It’s not that big of a deal.

Taking a deep breath, I look at my watch to see that there are only fifteen minutes left before the nightclub closes.

Thank God for that.

“So I saw you talking to Alec the other day...” Riley continues when I don’t respond, instantly causing me to tense as to where this conversation is going.

Seriously, what is her deal?

I don’t give her a response, not wanting to feed into whatever she’s thinking about.

“Are you guys close then?”

“I just served him a drink,” Is all I say, so tempted to tell her we’re dating, but I doubt word getting out about me being with my bosses would blow over well.

It wasn’t a lie, but not exactly the response she was looking for.

“It’s just weird.” She says, moving beside me to help clean and organize behind the bar, “I didn’t think he was into fake blondes is all.” I don’t miss it when Riley makes a show of moving her brown hair into the front of her face.

This bitch.

“My hair is natural.” Is all I say, helping with clean up and trying not to make a scene.

Just be the bigger person.

“Hm,” Is all I get before our conversation falls silent and Riley turns, walking in the direction of the washrooms.

I let out a frustrated sigh once she’s out of sight, startling myself when one of the other bartenders sneaked up beside me, grabbing my attention.

“Don’t listen to her. She’s just bored and has nothing better to do.” A man I believe is named Josh says.

I just mutter a small thanks, but he continues.

“She’s been trying to get with the big bosses ever since she started here. That’s probably why she’s tormenting you, but don’t let it get to you.” He finishes, walking away before our bar manager returns.

As if on cue, seconds later Riley walks back in noticing that the odd remaining people still here are clearing out to leave.

Most of our work has already been done, and the remaining items on the bar closing procedure aren’t ones we take care of.

I hear in the background Riley saying to everyone that they can go home for the night, and I have never been more thankful to hear those words.

I’m so sick of her bullshit and I don’t think I’ll be able to contain my calm composure if another comment comes out of her mouth.

Seeing as everybody moves out to leave, I finish cleaning one last thing at my station before following everyone else towards the room where we keep our personal items.

Exiting the bar and moving into the back room, I see that the space is already empty and things are finally silent.

I don’t waste a second slipping off my heels and hanging my purse on my left shoulder.

Home, here I come.

Closing my locker shut, just to my luck I find Riley there, gathering her own things.

I turn and leave to go punch out, but she’s right there with me.

“Did you hear that tomorrow’s the big anniversary of this place?” She says, causing me to let out an annoyed breath.

“Yup.” Is all I say, having no interest in talking to her or hearing what she has to say.

“Well since Alec is definitely going to be there, I think I’m finally going to shoot my shot. I heard he’s great in bed.”

That’s it for me.

My training instincts instantly kicked in from all those lessons my dad taught me growing up, and I wait for the exact moment she reaches forward to punch out with her card to make my move.

With her right arm completely extended, I let my purse slide off as I placed one hand on her elbow and the other on her wrist.

Twisting, her arm bends to my will and I have her limb folded behind her back and her front pressed up against the wall before she has time to process what just happened.

Every single one of her comments she’s made goes through my head as I push her arm up ever so slightly at an angle that will become extremely painful in seconds if I choose.

Some call it a chicken wing, others call it an arm lock, either way it causes her to yelp out in pain as I add a little pressure.

“Listen here you two faced bitch, I’m getting really sick of all of your petty ass comments. I’ve done nothing wrong to deserve this treatment from you, and honestly, green isn’t your colour.”

“Let me go you psycho!” She cries, trying to push back against me, but I know I have her pinned.

I could deal with her commentary about my bartending skills, but Alec is mine and she better get that through her skull.

“Tomorrow, you’re going to call in sick and continue to do that for the rest of the week, because quite frankly, I need a break from having to see your nose up everyone’s ass.”

Riley makes an attempt at stomping on my foot, but I saw it coming.

“This conversation is going to stay between us, and if you don’t drop whatever act you’re playing, I will not hesitate to break every single bone in this arm, starting with dislocating your shoulder.”

I push up ever so slightly to drive my point across as she yelps out in pain once again.

I’ve been in her position a handful of times, so I know how much it can hurt when executed correctly.

“Are we understood?” I demand, trying to reign back my anger as best I can.

“Yes. Yes, just let me go you bitch.” She hissed, but it only brought a huge smile to my face.

Keeping her there for a few moments longer just to show her I could, I step back and release her from my hold.

Riley doesn’t waste a second shooting away from the wall and giving me an angry glare.

Even though she’s taller than me, we both know I’m the one with the power as I hold her stare, daring her to say something.

For the first time since I’ve met her, she makes the smart move, regaining her composure and walking through the swinging doors with a huff.

I forgot what it felt like to do something like to do something like that and honestly my body craves every bit of the adrenaline coursing through my veins right now.

I haven’t needed to fight in a long time, but I can’t help it as a satisfied smile appears on my face when I walk myself out of the building.

- End of Chapter 30 -

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