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Chapter 31 : Madelyn

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Chapter 31 : Madelyn
Sunday, August 1st, 2021

While I may be off work tonight, I’m still currently on my way to Rush as Xavier, Alec, and Caleb’s plus one.

Apparently people don’t pay much attention to each other’s dates, and that the club’s anniversary party is more of a business meeting rather than a celebration.

However, those working the bar are some of my fellow coworkers, and I know there’ll be a lot of questions for me to answer during my next shift.

While that part is practically a guarantee, I’m fairly clueless as to what the rest of the night entails.

I can guess it’s very important and filled with influential people though, because Hailey and Aaliyah made a huge deal about dressing me “properly.”

They made it clear that while this event was being hosted at the club, I should still be dressing to impress.

I trust that my appearance will play the part though, because the dress I took from Hailey made me feel like a goddess, and I’ve never met someone who could do makeup as flawlessly as Aaliyah.

The three of us have gotten fairly close recently, and when I’m not working or staying with my men, we typically hang out together.

Stepping out of the car Xavier sent to pick me up, I thank the driver again before he drives off to who knows where.

Turning to face the massive building, I instantly see multiple expensive cars filling the parking lot and the sound of distant conversations coming from inside.

No one questions me when I enter Rush, looking around at the anniversary decor and the completely converted club space.

There’s no loud music or flashing lights, just a room filled with multimillionaires— many of whom I recognize— as well as a large buffet with people walking around with champagne flutes.

So far my daily visit to Jolene’s is the most normal part of my day, and I got to watch her chase a man out of the place with a wooden spoon for complaining too much.

I can still figure it out here though.

I just pray I won’t stick out like a sore thumb to every other wealthy person.

Unfortunately that hope is crushed the second I walk into sight, multiple people glancing my way casually.

I can’t find Alec or Xavier anywhere, but I spot Caleb off talking to people, or he was at least.

I blush as he turns to face me, those he was talking to doing the same and falling silent from their conversation.

Show confidence and no one can touch you.

My dad’s common belief in faking it till you make it pops into my head as I take one step after another into the room, straight to where Caleb is.

When I got a better view of his guests, I nearly freaked out when I recognized the one man as a multi-award winning actor, and forced myself to look calm as I walked right to their side.

“And who might you be?” The famous man known as Ryan Harper asks as he takes in the sight of me moving into Caleb’s arms.

“Madelyn Adams. It’s very nice to meet you.” I say, offering my hand to shake, and he smiles as he takes it.

“She’s also our date.” Alec adds, suddenly appearing beside me and causing a small smile to form on my face. His voice doesn’t sound jealous, but it’s clear he’s staking his claim on me.

“Our?” The girl beside Ryan asks with a raised brow and an amused expression.

“Theirs.” I say, and the light squeeze of Caleb’s hand on my waist shows he was pleased by my words.

“Let’s grab you a drink, shall we?” Alec says to me, rubbing his hand on my side. “If you’ll excuse us.” He smiles, and Ryan and his date give a polite nod, watching as the three of us leave to the bar.

“You look absolutely ravishing today, Miss Adams,” Caleb says causally in my ear as if it didn’t just make my stomach fill with butterflies.

Alec then pulled me in beside him and made his own comment, except his made my thighs discretely press together as we stepped up to the bar.

Josh, my coworker who told me to ignore Riley’s commentary yesterday, walked up and I could easily tell he had to fight down his smile at the sight of who my dates were.

We both know Riley’s going to flip her shit when she finds out, and the two of us share the same amused thought in silence.

“What can I get for you?” His eyes stay on me as I order my usual gin and tonic.

He mixes one right up for me while my two men deny his offer to grab them drinks too.

While I wait for my drink, my heart skips a beat when I’m suddenly spun around by my waist, just to see Xavier standing in front of me.

I then notice he’s holding something small between his fingers.

Grabbing my left hand, Xavier runs the pad of his thumb over the top a couple of times before lifting what I saw to be a thin gold ring.

It was stunning, and all I could do was watch as he took it and slipped it onto my pinky finger. Perfect fit.

The top of the band had some intricate design carved into it, and when I looked closer, I saw a rose with a small arrow puncturing it through the center.

It was stunning, and when I looked back up at him, I saw a pleased look on his face. Alec and Caleb both wore slightly stunned expressions though, except they weren’t looking at me or the ring, but at Xavier.

He pays no attention to them.

“I need you to wear this at all times for me, okay?” He says, and I can tell this is important to him.

“Thank you,” I say, but he’s not done.

“I want you to wear it to bed as well. It’s waterproof, so it can pretty much withstand any conditions. It will keep you safe.”

Keep me safe?

“What’s this about?” I ask, tracing my finger over the design before looking back up.

This is clearly a very big deal to him, and this isn’t just any ring.

“Business.” Is all he says and based on his tone, I know it’s serious. They’re involved in something much bigger than just running this place, but I don’t think I want to know what it is.

I trust them, and if this is all they’re asking from me then it really isn’t a big deal.

“This ring will remain on my finger.” I promise, and my words seem to sink in with him.

“Good.” He says after a moment, finally seeming satisfied. “I say we go make our rounds and stir up some drama between the guests then.”

“Why would you want to do that?” I laugh as I grab my drink in one hand while the other wraps around his arm.

Caleb and Alec just give me a mischievous wink when I look at them.

“It’s good for both business and entertainment for ourselves,” He mutters as the two of us begin walking back towards the crowds, the other two falling into step behind us.


When Xavier said stirring up drama, he really wasn’t kidding. The more people gossip, the more tension fills the room, though what I’ve noticed about this group of people is most are too cowardice to speak directly.

That means instead of facing it, nearly every person in this room is drinking now, in turn giving Xavier multiple open doors to discussing business agreements while people’s heads are looser.

It’s totally messed up and immoral, but I have to give it to him, it’s smart.

That on top of the confidence and power they naturally give off, I watch as person after person come to speak to my men, ranging from making deals with them to accidentally allowing useful information to slip.

I’ve spent the majority of tonight by their sides, helping to plant seeds in the minds of many as we loop around to speak to an endless number of people.

I’m only taking a break now as I sit on one of the lounge couches and watch as all three men plaster smiles on their faces, shaking countless hands and causing those around them to fall easily into conversation with them.

When Alec catches me watching, he winks at me before turning his focus back to the people in front of him.

“Mind if I sit?” I hear a somewhat familiar voice ask from behind. Before I get the chance to respond, I see Ryan Harper walk around the couch and plop down next to me.

Moving over slightly, I gave him more room since he sat a little too close for my comfort.

“So you’re here as a date for three men?” He points out the obvious as I give him a forced polite smile.

“Yup.” Is all I say, no longer liking the person sitting beside me much. The interested look he’s giving me creeps me out a little and sends warning bells off in my head.

“They sure are lucky guys to have a girl like you as their date for a night.” He continues, suggesting that’s all this was. Just one date.

“Thanks.” I keep my response brief again, and my eyes catch Xavier’s from far across the room.

I just subtly shake my head at him not wanting him to cause a scene.

“How much?” Ryan then says, and his words cause my head to turn to him with raised eyebrows.

“Excuse me?” I keep my tone low.

“Don’t play dumb,” He grins, moving towards me and placing a hand on my leg, “How much are you charging them to spend the night? I’ll pay you double if you leave with me now.”

I see three figures suddenly begin to move towards me, but I deal with things myself before they come even close to getting to me.

Grabbing Ryan’s hand off of my leg, I wrap my fingers around his wrist and place my thumb on his palm, pushing his wrist back at a painful angle.

I smile as I watch his face screw up in an expression of silent pain as I continue to maintain the same pressure on his hand.

Leaning forward with my body to hide the sight of what I’m doing, I place my mouth right by his ear.

“I am not an escort, nor am I a prostitute. Women are not objects you can throw money at and expect them to bend to your will, and if I ever hear you trying to pull something like this again, I will not hesitate to make sure you’re taken care of permanently. Got it?”

His face is red at this point, but when he frantically nods his head at me, I pull back and release his wrist with a genuine smile this time.

“Oh and Ryan,” I say, knowing he’s too stunned to get up, “I suggest you hide that before your date comes back.” I comment on the raging hard on I was surprised to find in his pants.

Remembering seeing my men out of the corner of my eye only a few seconds ago, I rose from the couch to leave.

I instantly spot all three leaning against one of the walls, waiting for me patiently with interest in their eyes.

Leaving the disgusting man behind me, I walk over to my dates, flashing them a smile as I do so.

“I don’t think I’ll ever not be surprised by you.” Alec says the second I get to him, grabbing me by the throat and claiming me with his mouth in front of everybody around us.

It was a statement to both Ryan and every other person in the room: I’m theirs.

The second he lets me go, Caleb is there taking his place and I have to grip onto his biceps for balance.

Combined with the adrenaline from what just happened on the couch and the high of knowing people are watching us makes my head feel slightly dizzy.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m just about done with this party.” Xavier says into my ear, before nipping at the spot right below it and drawing a shiver from my body.

His touch is gone almost as quickly as it appeared, and I groan when Caleb too pulls away.

As if it’s not a big deal that they’re ditching their own party, within minutes, I’m being dragged out into the parking lot and placed in their car.

I guess they’re driving me home.

“Seems to me like putting people in their places is becoming a trend with you recently,” Alec laughs when Caleb drives away from the building and onto the main road.

“What do you mean by that?” I turn around to ask him from the front seat.

“Do me a favour and steer for a second.” Caleb says, letting go of the wheel without warning.

“Caleb!” I yell, leaning over my seat to take control of the car before he causes an accident.

The men only snicker at my reaction.

“Thanks darling.” He grins, his eyes flicking down and smirking at the generous amount of cleavage in his face right now.

Devious asshole.

“Well, do what you were going to do.” I shake my head at him, keeping my eyes on the road while he opens up his phone. “Slow down a little, there’s a corner right ahead.” I remind since he’s apparently very much preoccupied with doing other things.

He actually does as he’s told while I turn the wheel.

“Here.” He says, holding up his phone to me and pushing play on a recorded video of Riley and I about to punch out after work yesterday.

I don’t need to watch the whole thing to know what Alec meant by putting multiple people in their place now.

“Got it, now take the wheel back.” I say, not commenting on the footage.

“There’s no audio, though we’re awfully curious to know what you said to make someone like Riley so scared, she lied and called in sick on the day she’s been looking forward to since we first announced the anniversary party.”

“Or maybe she just came down with something really bad.” I deflect, moving into my seat now that Caleb took control of the car again.

While they remained quiet, I could practically feel Xavier and Alec’s eyes looking at me from behind, clearly interested in this conversation.

“Yeah?” Caleb challenges with a smile.

I simply shrug my shoulders and innocently look at him.

“That’s interesting because about a year ago, Riley caught the flu and was nearly hospitalized, but she still came into work with a mask on and a whole lot of medicine to keep her bar running on a Friday night.”

Welp. Don’t have a comeback for that one.

“That’s crazy.” Is all I say, trying to stifle my laugh at this new knowledge.

“You’re really not going to tell us?” Caleb raises his eyebrows at me and the thought of having to explain that Riley had some big plan to screw Alec tonight didn’t seem like an appealing conversation to have.

“I’m good.” Is all I say, but a gasp falls from my mouth when Xavier grabs my hair from the back seat and pulls until my head is forcibly pinned against my headrest.

“I’ll give you an out this one time, but it’s going to cost you.” Caleb smirks knowing I can’t move my head right now and that Xavier’s grip has me both turned on and surprised.

No one says another word, so I figure they’re waiting for my response.

“What’s the cost?” I give in.

A pause, then a smirk.

“I’d say we have just under five minutes before we get back to your house to drop you off.” Caleb starts, “If you can make yourself come in that time, we’ll not only let you off the hook, but you’ll also get an orgasm out of it.”

“And if I can’t?” I dare ask, now trying to calm two pulsing heartbeats.

“Then you’ll still be off the hook, but you can go to bed with a denied orgasm and will not be allowed to touch yourself again until your scene with Alec tomorrow.”

What the fuck?

“I can touch myself whenever the hell I want.” I say in disbelief.

I haven’t really needed to since them, but still.

“You want to test that theory out?” Xavier challenges, causing frustration to stir inside of me.

Knowing I’m wasting precious time arguing, I lift up my dress, but this conversation isn’t over yet.

Wetting my fingers with my mouth, I don’t waste a second before moving my hand under my underwear and allowing the dress to fall mostly back over my legs.

I’m not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing me.

Circling my clit, I instantly feel my body react, though I know it’s going to be hard to get myself there with only four minutes to go now.

Closing my eyes, I bring my other hand to my one nipple, rolling it between my fingers and pinching harder than I usually would now that I know how much my body reacts to pain.

Along with the unwavering grip Xavier has on my hair, Alec chooses the three minute mark to reach forward from the backseat to play with my remaining breast.

That’s instantly a red flag for me; he doesn’t think I’ll be able to finish and is trying to get me more worked up so the outcome is worse for me when I get home.


Caleb is still driving, but I know he’s peaking glances my way at every chance he gets.

Two minutes.

Knowing that clitoral stimulation is always the most effective with my body, I continue circling the swelling bundle of nerves, trying to keep my mind focused on my orgasm and not on the time.

It’s so hard though when I know I’m slowly losing this deal.

The pleasure’s there, but it’s not enough to bring me over the edge. Not at the rate Caleb’s driving at least.

“No.” I groan, trying to get myself there as fast as I can.

Loosening my muscles, I try to relax into my touch, closing my eyes in the process. To my luck, it instantly helps, and I feel my arousal begin to leak enough that it meets my fingers.

Biting my lip to stop my moan from slipping out, I feel my walls tighten on nothing but air, signs of a building orgasm appearing.

With Alec still playing with my breast and I with the other, I shift in my seat as my hips begin to rock into my hand.

Hope flickers in my mind when I feel my stomach tighten and I let out a pant at how fast I’m working my body up right now.

I just need a couple more seconds and I can get there.

Pinching my clit between my fingers, just as I feel myself begin to go over the edge, I feel a hand pull my wrist away from between my thighs.

My eyes have never snapped open so quickly just to realize we’re parked in the driveway and Caleb just denied my orgasm.

“You’re kidding.” I try, not wanting to admit what I already know to be true.

Caleb only smirks at me and I’m sure the other two are wearing similar expressions in the back seat.

“Tell us what you said, and I’ll personally finish what you started right now.” Xavier says from the backseat, loosening his grip on my hair and allowing me to sit forward.

Even though my body screams at me to take him up on his offer, I shake my head no.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow for dinner then.” Alec removes his hand from my chest and leans back in his seat, he too amused.

This wasn’t a punishment for I did nothing wrong, meaning they were simply doing it because they could. Because the second my hand dropped between my thighs, I agreed to it.

That knowledge stuck with me as I got out of their ridiculously expensive car and walked up to the door with an aching body.

- End of Chapter 31 -

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