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Chapter 32 : Madelyn

Chapter 32 : Madelyn
Monday, August 2nd, 2021

It was my day with Alec today and I have never been more nervous and excited for something to happen.

Sure, I’m still a little bitter about how they left me high and dry last night, but I have no doubt he’ll make up for that later tonight.

Alec better let me touch him too because I’m starting to feel a little guilty that I haven’t done a single thing for them since we got together.

Apparently he’s also making me dinner tonight before we go up to the playroom and my emotions are just as intense for that part as well.

It reminds me that our relationship is more than just him being my dominant. He’s also my boyfriend. Or one of them at least.

I have no clue how I’m supposed to dress for tonight, but I figured jeans and a halter top would probably be acceptable.

Knowing he’s expecting me for 7:00, I decide to leave now so I’m not late.

I wouldn’t put it past him to use it as an excuse to punish me if I am.

I shout a quick goodbye to Hailey before moving into my car and closing the door behind me.

The drive to their house— if you can even call it a house— is most definitely not ideal, but the mere thought of trying to fit even two of their large bodies in my double bed seems even more of a pain.

Anyways, the drive gives me a chance for some alone time which is always appreciated.

However, it also gave me a chance to think about the endless possibilities of what might await us tonight, including the homemade dinner Alec insisted on making.

I just realized I’ve never really spoken to any of my men unless it was about business, murder, or our relationship which was mostly built on sexual desire.

Now, I find myself both interested and slightly nervous to talk with Alec over food about more normal things like our families and getting to know each other.

At least I have the next half hour to prepare myself.


Allowing my eyes to roam over every inch of their mansion, I become increasingly aware of how much my poorly aged vehicle sticks out, parked on the paved driveway leading down into their underground garage.

This is the first time coming here on my own, but spotting the massive front gate with four people standing post seemed like both the best and the worst option for me to follow.

Keeping my car parked and out of the way, I make sure to lock it behind me as I take quick, nervous steps up to the steel border surrounding the entryway.

“Please state your full name and your business for being here.” A woman said the second I came into hearing range, her voice projective and firm.

“Madelyn Adams... um, I’m here to see Alec Sawyer.” I say, not entirely sure what to classify my reason for seeing him as.

None of the four responded, though the woman’s gaze dropped down to my hand and I soon realized she’s looking at Xavier’s ring on my pinky finger.

“You may pass.” She finally decides and as if on cue, the metal gates slowly opened for me despite none of them moving an inch.

“Thank you.” I offer a smile, not too sure what to think of that interaction.

Shaking off how cold her voice was, I walked up the newly accessible pathway and straight towards the massive french doors.

Before I even get the chance to raise my fist to knock, the left one swung open to reveal a handsomely disheveled Alec.

The first thing I noticed was the way his gray t-shirt clung to every defined muscle and section of his large body.

The second was the powerful scent of food and seasoning that came rushing at me the second the door opened.

“Hey, princess.” He smiles down, stepping aside so I can move through the massive entrance. “I hope you’re hungry, because I swear I made enough food to feed a dozen of us.”

“I’m starving.” I flash a grin of my own, happy to get to see him again.

Following Alec into the kitchen, the delicious smell of what I’m assuming to be our dinner draws a quiet rumble from my stomach.

“How was your day?” He asks, and I watch as he ties an apron around his waist before moving into the fridge. I take that as my cue to sit down on one of the stools.

“Good thanks,” I say, seeing that he pulled out a head of lettuce before placing it on the counter. “I finished doing a general edit on all of the photos I took at the wedding and began individually going through each one to make small adjustments if needed.”

What I don’t tell him is that I spent nearly half the time drooling over how attractive a particular trio looked that day. Awing at how attractive they always are.

“I would love to see them at some point.” Alec says as he rips off pieces of lettuce, making sure to thoroughly clean them before placing it on a cutting board.

“Really?” I ask.

He looks up at me in interest.

“I remember watching you every second that you worked that day.” Alec starts, refocusing his attention to cutting the vegetable.

His words made my heart race a little.

We’ve never really spoken much about what happened at the wedding— what I witnessed in that storage closet, or the light bruises they saw on my arms.

“You looked at even the simplest things and saw them as worthy enough to take a picture. Moving into unnatural angles to shoot, just to end up capturing things as amazing as the sneak peeks I saw at Jolene’s.”

“Thank you.” Is all I can say, slightly surprised at how interested Alec actually seemed in my work.

Photography has always been an outlet for me, and even though the wedding shoot went immensely well considering how little time we had to prepare, there are so many other types of photography I’ve explored before, ones that bring a flush to my cheeks at the memory.

“You weren’t upset about the closet... were you?” I ask before I can stop myself.

I saw Caleb’s smirk as he came in the girl’s mouth from knowing I was watching, but Alec never outright acknowledged that I had been there until after the fact.

I didn’t want him to feel violated, but if I did— if it was something on his mind that bothered him, I owed him a sincere apology.

His skilled cutting stopped at my question.

“Did I look upset to you?” Alec counters, holding my gaze even though I want to look away under pressure.

“No, but it was a private moment, and even though I knew it was wrong, I stayed anyway.”

A small chuckle.

“You do remember that I’m the co-owner of a sex club, right?” He says bringing heat to my cheeks.

Of course. I’m sure public nudity is something Alec is highly comfortable with by this point.

“Just wanted to make sure.”

“However...” Alec continues, something devilish passing through his eyes, “The next time you wish to watch me pleasuring myself, feel free to announce your presence. I’d enjoy having you as my visual.”

My eyes widen ever so slightly by his blunt desire, but I don’t have a response to that so instead I settle on, “Do you want any help?

I realize the lettuce is being prepared for a Caesar salad, but whatever is currently cooking in the oven remains a mystery.

“This is the last of it, but thank you.” He responds as he begins to pour what looks like a homemade dressing onto the salad.

I thought they had maids and cooks to do all of their work unless Caleb lied about them dressing me only a few days back.

Has it really only been days since that night at the club?

“Where’s everyone else?” I ask at the reminder that this is also Caleb and Xavier’s home.

“Oh, they made themselves scarce.” He says, “That will typically be the case during individual nights. As much as we love each other like brothers, there are a lot of things we would prefer to do on our own. Getting to know you better is one of them.”

I only hum my agreement, glancing over the counter curiously when Alec takes on a pair of oven mitts before removing a steaming glass dish of lasagne and placing it on the stove.

Golden coloured garlic bread is removed next.

I can honestly say I’ve never smelt something so good before.

“It’s been a while since I’ve made this, but hopefully my culinary skills aren’t too rusty.”

Ignoring his earlier claim that he didn’t need help, I step off of the stool and round the kitchen.

“If the food tastes as good as it smells, I’m sure it’ll be delicious.” I say, stepping up beside him.

Alec doesn’t protest when I steal away the now finished Caesar salad, and he instead moves to slice the garlic bread into multiple strips.

Based on the mostly set dining room table, I assume the two of us will be eating there.

By the time I walk over and place down the salad, Alec is right behind me serving two dished plates along with a third basket, pieces of garlic toast stacked on top of each other.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” He offers with an easy smile, moving his arms behind his body to untie his apron.

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.” I say, taking a seat next to the long table in front of me. It could easily sit ten people, but Alec intentionally placed our plates across from one another to keep us close.

Seconds later, he returns with two glasses and a bottle of wine.

“How are you feeling about today?” Alec asks as he pours the red liquid into a glass for me.

Based on his slight change in voice, I know he’s not talking about today, but rather what will happen tonight.

This morning, I’ll admit I was a little nervous, mostly about the unknown more than anything else. But now that I’ve spent some time with Alec, the reminder of why I signed a contract with him came.

I trusted all three of my men to take care of me, and that flicker of anxiety is now entirely replaced by pure lust and excitement.

I convey those thoughts in my response to him, and Alec seems pleased as he gently places the wine glass beside my steaming plate of pasta.

“Good. I say we dig in then before it gets cold.” Alec winks, and while he picks up his knife and fork, he waits until I take the first bite of mine to even touch his food.

I can’t help it when I hum at the taste of his cooking.

“Your kitchen skills most certainly aren’t rusty.” I say honestly, returning Alec’s pearly white smile when he shoots one my way.

“I’m glad you like it; it was my Nonna’s recipe. She taught it to me herself when I was still a boy.”

“She taught you well,” I say, cutting another square of lasagne to eat, “Do you enjoy cooking often then?”

“At least once a day if I can. Xavier’s quite good in the kitchen too, but Caleb... Caleb’s a bit of a lost cause when it comes to even preparing food.”

I smile at that, knowing I’m pretty much the same as the latter.

“I’m assuming you guys have known each other for a long time?”

“Xavier and I met as children through our parents; practically grew up as though we were siblings.” Alec answers, taking another bite before continuing.

“And Caleb?”

“Actually, it was Jolene who met him around ten years ago and took him in as her own. He agreed to help out around the cafe in exchange for a spot in the attic above the shop with a mattress and a blanket.”

Caleb wasn’t born into wealth?

I had always assumed that all three of them had some sort of head start considering all they’ve accomplished at their age, but I suppose not.

I don’t pry further about it, knowing it’s not my business to ask.

“Then of course Jolene bullied us into hanging out with him like a mother hen, but we found it was pretty easy to grow attached to him not too long after meeting.”

I went to ask another question, but Alec beat me to it.

“What about you, princess? What brought you here to New York?”

It’s a topic I told myself I wouldn’t bring up again out of fear of pushing people away, but I can’t help but trust Alec.

I feel like he has just as many demons as myself and won’t be scared off by my own.

“I moved here to follow a lead in hopes of finding my father.” I explain, debating how much I want to tell him.

I take a small pause to gather my thoughts and Alec only waits patiently.

“For a long time I feared he was dead,” I continue, “My father was no saint, but my entire life I’ve watched him anger the worst of people and walk away completely unscathed every time. That’s why it was such a big deal when I smelt his cologne in my room. It confirmed that one of my biggest fears was not true. Not yet at least.”

I offer a small smile afterwards and am relieved to find that Alec is indeed not freaked out, just curious.

“You two were close?” He asks.

“He was all I had. He was also the reason I knew how to get out of your hold when you grabbed me all those nights ago.” I tease at the memory of precisely driving my elbow into the exact point of those rock hard abs that I knew would cause him to stagger back.

“Ah yes, how could I forget? You’re one of very few people to catch me off guard like that, you know?”

I’m not surprised. Alec looks like a perfectly trained warrior, with a mind as sharp as a blade.

“You underestimated me.” I shoot, knowing I likely wouldn’t have gotten out of his grip without that factor.

“Never again.” He grins, taking a sip of his wine.

I do the same.

Never again.


I ate until my stomach was on the verge of hurting.

I couldn’t help it, not when every single thing he made was so damn good.

We finished dinner after quite some time, spending the majority of it talking, but Alec insisted afterwards that the hired help would do things like clean the dishes when I offered to do them myself.

I guess that answers my question about if there were maids or not.

Alec brought me outside after dinner, sitting me down in his lap on one of the many outdoor patios this place possessed.

Now we just sat in comfortable silence while he fed me multiple spoonfuls of the chocolate pie he’d made for dessert.

I honestly felt spoiled after all of the work he’s put into tonight.

Even now, he’s taking care of me, alternating between feeding himself and me bites of the pie.

It’s fairly darker out now, and when the last spoonful of chocolate is given to me, Alec sets down the plate beside us in dismissal.

The only sound around us is our steady breaths, but there’s a whole lot of feelings now as well.

As his hand traces lazy strokes against my bare stomach, I’m reminded of both my denied orgasm from yesterday as well as the effect each touch of his has on my body.

“So responsive for me.” Alec smiles, planting a kiss on my temple.

His hand does not go any lower or higher though.

Just small, teasing circles.

“Tell me, did you want to touch yourself last night princess?”

I don’t dare hesitate when we both know it’s painfully true.

“Yes, Sir.” I lean into his chest as his hand continues, both working me up and calming me at the same time.

“And did you?”

“No, Sir.”

He grins, knowing that despite my claim that I could do whatever I wanted to my body, I still followed their infuriating order.

“That’s right. Because you’re slowly realizing who you belong to.”

“Sir?” I say right as his hand tries to travel lower and my breath hitches.


“Can I brush my teeth before we begin?” I ask, knowing the garlic from earlier won’t make for a good combination later.

“Do you remember where the playroom is?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And you remember the code?”

“The day we first met, Sir.” I answer, remembering the connection I made only a few hours after we first went in there.

“Good girl. You have five minutes to go do what you need to do. I’ll meet you up there.”

Without another word, I rise before walking out of the balcony and into the living room.

Surprisingly, the entire kitchen and table is clean, not a single person in sight.

It’s like they were ghosts.

Knowing Alec truly meant five minutes and no longer, I rushed up the staircase and down the hall to the end.

There, I found the lock pad and entered the four digit code.

As expected, it unlocks for me, and I don’t waste a second before moving into the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face, and overall just freshen up.

When I hear a series of beeps come from the door, I know my time is up.

Standing just outside of the bathroom door, I patiently wait as Alec walks in with confident strides, walking over to the curtains and drawing them shut.

Turning back to me, I can already tell he has gone completely and entirely dominant.

“Let’s see how much you remember from your training.” He says while cocking his head at me, “Present.”

- End of Chapter 32 -

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