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Chapter 33 : Madelyn

I totally got carried away with this chapter with a grand total of 10,000 words, but I don’t regret a second of it.

However, it hasn’t been edited yet, so my apologies if there are some mistakes along the way. I’ll be sure to fix them when I’m in less of a lazy mood lol.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and as usual, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments/my private messages.

Sexual Content Warning ⚠️

Chapter 33 : Madelyn
Monday, August 2nd, 2021

“Present.” Alec says, instantly causing my heart to race.

His index finger points right in front of his feet, silently indicating where I was to kneel.

Turning to the large desk to my right, I step away from the doorway of the bathroom and pick up the brush and hair elastic already laid out for me there.

Alec’s gaze is heavy behind me as I promptly weave my hair like Caleb did last time, allowing it to fall into a neat, secure braid down the center of my head.

Leaned back against the wall, I know Alec is watching me silently as I take off my shirt, folding it nicely on the table next to the brush.

I could already feel my skin begin to heat as desire pooled deep in my core.

My jeans followed quickly after the top, but I hesitated a moment before unclasping my bra next.


Letting the straps fall down my arms, I don’t look at Alec to see what he was thinking— how he was looking at me.

My black underwear was the last to go, added to the neatly folded pile of clothes in front of me.

Taking a deep breath, I complete the final step, walking over and presenting at Alec’s feet; knelt down into position, palms up and my knees spread wide.

Remembering Caleb’s small adjustments from last time, I allow my now heavy breasts to push forward slightly and my posture to straighten.

My eyes flutter shut as I lastly remembered to bow my head in submission, giving up all control to the man in front of me.

Still, I sense his body as he crouches down, one hand falling on my lower back and forcing it to arch more while the other pushes my shoulders slightly away from him.

I had the same experience as last time, feeling myself fully relax into the position and my head to free itself of all negative thoughts.

I didn’t dare move an inch as I heard his footsteps walk away from me, exiting the room and allowing the heavy door to shut behind him.

I was left on my own in complete silence, allowing my every thought to drift off into nothing but a distant place in my mind.

I seemed to have lost my sense of time because when I heard the door open again, I didn’t have the slightest clue as to whether it had been thirty seconds or an hour.

I could already feel myself getting wet, my heart thumping with every step I heard Alec make towards me.

Walking past the floor in which I’m kneeling down on, I could only hear the sound of a few objects being placed on what I’m assuming to be the bedside table before taking a few additional steps in my direction.


On slightly wobbly legs, I do so, surprised at how loose my body feels.

Not sure if I should go to him, I figure keeping my eyes on the floor and my feet planted where they are is the safest bet.

“Come to me.” He beckons with his voice, and my body obeys before my mind can even process the order.

Taking multiple steps across the room, I don’t stop walking until I’m standing with only the slightest gap between our bodies.

Alec’s hands drop down, one cradling the side of my face while the other tilts my chin up so I’m forced to look up at him.

“Unless you are presenting or told otherwise, you’re allowed to look at us.” He explains, seeing my question before I even needed to ask it.

Remembering from the conditioning that I’m only to respond when directly asked a question, I kept quiet and Alec seemed pleased by my silence.

It was like he added that slight pause between us to see how well I had listened.

“Go lay on the center of the bed on your back and wait for me, palms down and by your side. Keep your head up at the ceiling.”

Flicking my eyes over to the bed, I take a few steps and crawl onto the mattress, ending up exactly where he wanted me to be.

“Good. Now I want you to slip two fingers inside of yourself and slowly pump them at a constant speed. Do not take them out until I tell you to and don’t come either.” Alec orders as if that were the easiest command in the world for me to follow through with.

I hesitate for a second too long at his words, and the look he gives me diminishes all traces of embarrassment, my mind more focused on not getting in trouble.

Knowing I’m already wet enough, two of my fingers nudge my entrance, slowly pressing inside and curling together in sync.

I’m too late though.

Alec doesn’t say a word, but I already know he was not pleased by my momentary disobedience.

Taking three steady strides towards the bed, the brown haired man towered over me, silently demanding me to look at him as I torturously slowly pleasured myself for his watchful eyes.

“You, princess, just earned yourself your first punishment.” His voice so low, it was nearly inaudible.

Squirming under his gaze, Alec’s playful demeanor has long disappeared, my heart racing as his hand drops into his pocket and retrieves a satin blindfold now resting in his palm.

“Lift your head for me.” He says, placing one knee down on the bed and leaning over my naked body.

Forcing myself to continue fingering myself, I look up at Alec’s green eyes one last time before the cool material deprives me of all sight.

Now it’s just darkness, my body relying on every other sense to recognize that Alec has stepped off of the bed and left me with no directive as of what happens next.

I suppose that’s the whole point of being blindfolded though.

Hearing a noise come from my left, I don’t dare move my head from the ceiling, even as something that sounds extremely similar to a bottle cap flicking open sounds.

What the hell is he doing?

I become extremely restless as my middle and ring finger continue to curl up in long strokes, keeping myself extremely turned on, but unable to get anywhere from it. Not at this pace at least.

Just as I was about to give into my urges and move faster, two firm hands grabbed onto my waist, dragging my body down the bed without warning.

For a split second my entire body tensed, for a split second, my mind went back to those dark memories that even after years of occurring, I have never acknowledged.

“Hey, where’d you go there?” Alec halted his movements instantly, and I could feel his hands moving to take off my blindfold but both of mine blindly blocked his, shaking my head.

“I’m okay, I promise.” I insist, purposely inhaling a deep breath of his smell and feeling the faint stubble against his face. It’s purely Alec. “You just caught me off guard for a second, but I’m good. I don’t want to stop.”

While the fabric still completely restricts my sight, I can tell his mind is spinning, debating whether or not to continue or to stop and talk further about my reaction.

Then, after a deafening pause, I feel his warm mouth wrap around the fingers I’d forgotten had been inside of me, lightly sucking and licking away every trace of my arousal on them.

His groan vibrates throughout my entire body, and I know he’s decided to let it go.

Pulling off of my hand, I feel Alec’s breath against my ear as he says, “Reach both of your arms above your head and grab onto the bed rails. If your grip leaves them even a second before I give permission, I will add to the punishment awaiting you later.”

A low moan falls from my parted lips when I feel Alec’s tongue trail a long lick along the right side of my neck, sucking on my pulse point and causing my legs to press tightly together.

Doing as he asked, both hands reached out to grab onto the rails, realizing his shifting of my body had positioned me at the perfect distance for my arms to comfortably rest above my head.

“Good girl.” His voice comes out as a near growl, moving up and nipping the bottom of my lip.

I can hear every steady breath he makes, I can smell the intoxicating scent of his sandalwood cologne, but most of all, I can feel every single inch of him where our bodies meet.

His thighs, his hands, the faint touch of our most recent kiss.

My every single thought is rooted around Alec Sawyer, and I know that if I don’t get to feel him for myself soon, I’m going to explode.

“Tell me my sweet submissive, have you ever heard of something called emotion lotion before?”

I let out a quiet sigh from his touch as I felt two of Alec’s fingers draw one continuous line down the side of my neck, slightly surprised to find them wet with something.

“No, Sir.” I say, but my eyebrows furrow as I feel only the skin he touched begin to heat up as he massages whatever coated his fingers into my body.

“It’s an edible massage oil that gets warm when it’s rubbed in...” A cool blow came from his mouth and I gasped as an entirely unexpected sensation passed through my body, “And hot when met with a breeze.”

Temperature play.

That’s what he has planned for tonight.

“You once asked me what an example of my turn ons are,” Alec started, and my core clenched as two new paths were trailed with oil on my neck before moving farther down to my collarbones. “You, Madelyn Adams, are my biggest attraction.”

I panted in desire as my denied clit throbbed in need of attention, feeling some of my juices escape me along with it.

“Seeing your body stretched out and exposed for my every whim— that pretty little mouth of yours parted in pure desperation, craving the kind of release only I can give you right now. It’s a shame you can’t see yourself right now, because you are truly a piece of artwork.”

I know he catches the blush that has formed on my cheeks, but I can’t help it when he says such things to me.

“And I can’t wait to see your writhing body beneath me when I fulfill every sinful plan I have for the two of us tonight.”

“Sir.” I moan in response to his words, needing more— needing him to touch me further.

“I know. I’m almost done, I promise.” He says in a faux empathetic tone when I know he’s enjoying every additional second of my teasing.

Just from the mere contact of it, the massage oil warms instantly in refined strokes along my neck, the dip of my collarbones, further down around and along my breasts, my stomach, my thighs.

The only section of my body that does not bear the cherry scented oil is the one part silently begging to be touched most.

To be filled over and over again until my body physically cannot take another stroke.

As a result of the satin material still bound around my eyes, every other sense is heightened.

Even the faint chill of the air conditioning meeting my skin is enough to cause me to squirm in desperation.

After what feels like forever, Alec’s touch finally recedes, the weight of his body repositioning entirely so that each strong arm of his rests on either side of my head, his large body managing to fit between my now parted thighs.

“Many people like to use the alternative of massage candles for temperature play, though personally, I will forever prefer this. Do you want to know why, princess?”

“Yes, Sir.” My response comes easily, but my voice is breathy.

“Because I can control every precise spot your body heats up. Wax rarely falls nicely when dripped onto the skin, and the burning sensation goes away within seconds of its appearance.”

My breath hitches at the noise of something being picked up to my left.

“But all this kind of oil requires is a small breeze, and your skin will turn to flame as many times as I wish.”

I feel as Alec’s large body hovers right over mine, his lips resting no more than a mere centimetre away from mine.

“Luckily for you, I decided to include a counter balance.” And with that, the cold nip of ice is trailed against my bottom lip, held by Alec’s mouth.

My body arches up against my dominant’s muscular body, but he easily presses me back down.

“Stay still or I’ll have to find a way to keep you pinned down myself.” Alec promises, no doubt his one and only warning to me.

It’s an effort not to repeat the action though when he moves away from my mouth, holding that ice cube right below my ear, the same spot where his trail of oil began.

He only hovers there for a moment, allowing my body to grow needier and my skin to warm with each light breath he exhales.

The second Alec gives in, my hands have to grip onto the rails until I’m sure they’ve turned white.

With the now melting ice still between Alec’s lips, he traces it down the side of my neck, causing me to gasp at the sudden coldness.

The ice sends goosebumps forming around my entire body, the warmth of Alec’s mouth causing it to melt and the cold droplets to fall down the sides of my skin.

Each new sensation works my body up so beautifully, but when Alec lets a long, harsh breath out of his nose, my skin quite literally feels like flame for that split second.

In combination with the ice still trailing down beside it, the feeling is pure bliss, my body unconsciously arching up from the sensory overload.

“Sir.” I whimper as he does it again, this time dropping the ice to rest in the dip of my collar bone.

“So beautiful.” He murmurs, blowing cold air with his mouth, sending my skin that surprising hot jolt of sensations. “So sensitive.”

A large hand reaches down between our bodies and runs one finger teasingly up my slit, no doubt now covered in my wetness from that mere action alone.

One touch to my clit has me arching my back, and when I whimper as he pulls away, I know I’m only proving his point.

I can practically see the satisfied smirk he’s no doubt wearing right now, and when I feel a finger tracing my lips, I dart out my tongue knowing it’s my arousal coating them. I can’t help but pick up on the small taste of cherry along with it.

The ice resting on my collarbone has completely melted, and the slightest bit of movement on my part has the freezing water spilling down the side of my neck, awakening every nerve there.

My lips part from the sensation, but Alec’s instantly there, easily slipping his tongue into my mouth, dancing with and controlling mine with his.

I can taste myself between our lips, and it only made the ache between my thighs worsen.

At the sudden feeling of a new ice cube being placed directly on the hard peak of my nipple, I let out something between a moan and a gasp as I feel Alec smile against my lips.

“Do you like this, princess?” He taunts, his mouth pulling away from mine.

“Y-yes, Sir.” I moan when he suddenly blows against my lower stomach, causing heat to spread along my skin and straight to my core.

“What about it, hm? Describe to me what’s making you feel so good that it has you dripping onto the bed sheets without even being touched there.”

I let out a contented mewl when Alec takes that moment to blow around the ring of my nipple, the surprisingly hot sting mixing with the intense pleasure of the ice cold nip.


“Talk to me, my little submissive. What feels good?”

“The ice, Sir.” I barely manage as his touches turn my brain to mush, “And the sudden burning sensations of heat passing through my body...”

Another blow has my hips thrusting up to meet Alec’s, desperately trying to rub my clit anywhere I can against him.

Alec just as easily pins me down with his free hand, denying me of that pleasure.

“I never know where the ice is going to be next— never know what breath of air is going to turn my skin to flame.” I’m panting at this point, simple words becoming an effort to voice, “Please don’t stop, Sir, it feels so good.”

Alec hums against my body, taking what’s left of the melting ice cube and placing it in my burning hot mouth.

A wet tongue circles my teased nipple instantly, licking a ring around it before sucking it entirely into his mouth.

I cry out from how sensitive I am, Alec taking full advantage of that as his teeth lightly graze against it, drawing more noises from me.

Pulling off sharply, Alec instantly moves to the other, blowing against the oil before licking the burn away with his skilled tongue.

It takes everything in me to not grab onto his soft hair as he pulls away again, his breath of air remaining cold against my skin as he licked up every trace of the cherry flavored massage oil.

Holy shit, I think I might come from this alone.

Is that even possible?

I’m starting to believe it just might be, especially when I feel Alec’s mouth trailing slowly down the center of my body, a fresh ice cube positioned between his lips.

I feel as he purposely breathes out his nose as he does so, specific parts of my reacting to the oil.

I’ve never felt anything like these sensations before, but I find myself relaxing more and more into every touch, even though I’m so close to climaxing I feel as if one simple brush to my clit could send me spiraling.

Alec slid the ice lower and lower down my body, a cool path of water remaining in its touch.

My breathing grows heavier as I feel his large body repositioning entirely, and while I know he has just lowered his head between my thighs, he doesn’t do anything for a moment.

Two large hands slowly grab onto my squirming hips, pushing them down into the bed so I can’t move a single inch of my lower body.

I feel myself grow tense in preparation, knowing the burning hot and freezing cold sensations would soon appear in much more sensitive places.

I have no clue where Alec would dare move that ice cube, but odds are everywhere including an especially sensitive bud at the apex of my thighs.

Even after what feels like many minutes, I feel nothing, though I can’t figure out why.

No longer bracing myself for the initial touch, I allow my body to go entirely loose into his hold, my every muscle relaxing.

But that... that was what he was waiting for.

The second I became putty in his hands, Alec slid the ice along my inner thigh, blowing out of his nose in succession.

Even when my hips try to thrust up, they don’t move an inch, not with Alec keeping me down.

This was the truest form of teasing, my body completely and utterly helpless to the man in control of every one of my senses.

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, hell, I could barely even think as sensation after sensation clouds my every thought.

There’s not a single section of my body that goes untouched by that wonderful mouth, licking, and nipping and sucking until no more cherry remained, only soft bruises and a throbbing core.

It feels like forever as Alec works away at every single inch of my thigh, seeking out the places that bring me the most pleasure.

I flinched slightly at the icy feeling between my legs trailing so close to my pussy, but right before Alec comes in contact with my lips, he skips over the center, moving to work on the second half of my body.

“You’re doing so well,” Alec praises during a quick pause from my teasing. “I can see how much you’re liking this; so wet and so so needy.”

I feel my legs fall into a soft tremble as Alec’s light touches continue to add to every blissful second of my torture.

“S-sir.” I pleaded for nothing and everything at the same time, my voice shaky.

“It’s okay, princess. I’m going to make that ache go away, but there’s still the matter of a certain punishment that must be taken care of first.”

“No, no.” I whined when Alec pulled away entirely from my core.

“Let go of the railing,” He commands, and the second I do, my body is flipped and forced onto my hands and knees.

This new position only heightens the evidence of how worked up I am, my entire body shaking and exerting itself from trying to keep my weight up.

“Reach forward and grab back onto the bed. Don’t move them until I say so or I will continue this punishment for longer.”

A quiet whimper leaves my mouth as I blindly manage to re-grip two of the bars, and while I still can’t see, I feel that Alec has moved so he’s laying on his back beneath me, his face positioned right underneath my soaked core.

I feel him plant a soft kiss on the inside of my thigh before I hear the sound of something being picked up to my right.

I have heard it enough so far tonight to know he grabbed another piece of ice causing tears to well in my eyes.

I don’t know how he knows, but he senses my overwhelmed head and waits a moment for me to calm slightly.

“Colour?” He checks in.

“Green, Sir.” I say in all honesty, despite the impending urge to break down right now.

“Okay then. Because this is your first time, I’m going to spank you ten times to start and we’ll see after that if I think it’s enough to teach you your lesson.” Alec places one hand on the back of my knee, opening me up wider for him, “Oh, and one more thing. You’re not allowed to come.”

The second that last word left his mouth, I felt the familiar cold bite of the ice sliding torturously slow up my inner left thigh.

I tried to move my leg to rub away the cold feeling, but I could barely do anything without feeling like collapsing onto the bed.

The ice moves higher and higher up my skin, Alec’s warm breath tickling my clit with every exhale.

“So fussy,” He chuckles, planting a soft kiss to my lower stomach, “Maybe this will help you relax,” Alec’s tongue darts out, laying one slow lick between my folds, avoiding my clit at the end as if knowing it would send me over.

Just as I went to drop my hips in hopes he’d do it again, Alec’s hand wraps around my body and delivers a hard, quick slap to the right side of my ass.

My knees buckle under my weight as the unfamiliar burning sensation spreads throughout the skin there, melting into a pleasure that makes me understand why Alec said I wasn’t allowed to come.

The punishment wasn’t being spanked, it was having my release denied ten times at a minimum with only small breaks in between to regain what little control I have left over my body.

“You liked that, huh? I figured.” Alec cruelly teased, his hand rubbing over my cheek and soothing the burn. “You know, many doms punish their subs by spanking them with the pain as the punishment.”

My uneven breaths hitched when I felt just the tip of one of the ice cubes slide up the center of my folds, catching me entirely off guard.

“But you, well if the last few days of being with you has taught me anything, it’s that you’re most definitely a pain slut, Madelyn.” Another slap on the same side, this time the pain more intense and the force of the spank more powerful. “It scares you, and causes you to hesitate, but you know you crave every single second when we play with your body as rough and as mean as we want.”

“Sir,” I moaned from both his words and at the fact the ice cube is now circling and prodding at my entrance, but never actually moving any farther.

“Eight more.” He reminds, the ice nearly completely melted as it’s traced in slow swirls and mixes with my juices.

Eight more and then I will have him.

The thought keeps me at bay, fighting my orgasm off no matter how much I desire to give in.

Another spank; harder than the last, but on my left side this time, the ice cube abandoned and slipped inside of me.

It was so cold and on the verge of becoming painful, but Alec was true in his words.

The unknown terrifies me, it always has, but I’m soon learning that Alec very well may know my body more than I do.

He knows when to pull away his ice cold fingers from between my thighs, keeping me on the edge yet again.

He knows when to give my body support, and the exact places to hit with the palm of his hand that makes me more and more soaked.

At this point, I’m merely a puppet before my dominant, having no choice but to follow the movements and sensations of each string he pulls.

“Three more.” He says after some time, and I know if I could see him right now, a prideful smile would be plastered on his face.

I can practically feel it when two fingers are suddenly slipped inside of me, causing a sound of pure surprise and satisfaction to escape me.

“Hold it off.” He demands, already knowing I could come at any second from his voice alone.

I whimper, trying to both get away and push further down on his fingers, but I’m utterly helpless as he uses me and controls my body in every which way he desires.

Another hit, this one not only landing on the center of my ass, but the force of it thrusts me forward deeper onto Alec’s fingers, unexpectedly slamming them against my g-spot.

I cry out as I tighten myself around him doing everything possible to keep that wave of pleasure from crashing through me against my will.

Alec gives me multiple seconds to regain myself, only moving his fingers again when I let out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding.

“You’re taking your punishment so well.” Alec praises, planting the lightest kiss to my clit which can only be described as a punishment in itself, “Once two more hits are landed, you can come the second you’re ready, you don’t need permission.”

Relief passes through me, knowing I will get my release at any moment now.

Alec continues curling his fingers inside of me, brushing against my spot every time, but never with enough pressure to bring myself over that blissful edge.

The ninth spank is delivered so hard that the burning sensation to my skin doesn’t fade away, pulling the same struggling reaction from my trembling body.

One more.

Just make it through one more.

I already know Alec isn’t going to go easy on me though.

I know because neither of his hands are wrapped around my body anymore, neither positioning themselves to spank me.

“F-fuck.” I curse in desperation when I feel yet another piece of ice slowly melting against the spot between my folds. “Sir, please.”

I almost regret asking for something more because the ice cube is fucked inside of me without warning, my pussy clamping down and trying to fight against the freezing sensation.

“No, no, no. Sir, I can’t.” I cry as the ice moves inside of me, Alec’s fingers along with it.

It’s too much. Too overwhelming to keep my orgasm at bay.

“You didn’t follow my order earlier, so this is your punishment. Show me you can listen to my demands now and I’ll let you come.”

His voice was so cruel, sounding so pleased that I had given him the chance to tease me like this.

Despite that tone only being more of a turn on for me, the urge to please him was stronger.

I somehow held off my orgasm, and I knew Alec was more than satisfied by this based on the way his relentless strokes softened ever so slightly to make it more bearable.

It still didn’t change the fact that I was dripping right into the palm of his hand as he continued to pump the now much smaller ice cube inside of me.

“Tell me princess, what did you do to earn this punishment?” Alec asks, and it’s an effort to work past my foggy brain to form even the smallest response.

“I didn’t touch myself when you asked.” I manage, too worked up to allow myself to be embarrassed at my confession.

“Do you think you’ve learned your lesson, my little sub?”

I feel Alec reposition ever so slightly under my body and I can’t help but whimper in sensitivity as a warm puff of air hits directly on my clit.

“Yes, Sir, I—”

I don’t even get to finish my sentence as Alec’s hand came down on me for the tenth time.

Two handfuls of my ass are grabbed seconds later, before my hips are forcibly pressed down onto Alec’s waiting mouth.

I instantly lose myself to the pleasurable sensation, coming— no, squirting on Alec’s face as his lips wrap harshly around my clit, my tears soaking the blindfold as my orgasm barrels through me at such an intense pace.

“Please, I can’t, I can’t.” I gasp when Alec’s movements don’t slow or retreat. He just keeps going and going, my cries in sensitivity only egging him on to continue. “Sir!” I nearly scream as my overstimulated body is met with yet another climax, my body giving out and collapsing to the bed as my release is lapped up by Alec’s greedy tongue.

I can’t even form a coherent thought as I tremble and shake and cry against Alec who has just finally pulled away from his abuse on my clit.

“Such a good girl.” He mutters, lifting my hips just high enough to allow him to slip out from under me. “You can let go now.” Alec says, reminding me of my unwavering grip on the bed still.

Releasing my fingers, I find that those too are shaking as they fall limply to the mattress along with my body.

I can’t stop trembling, still feeling and experiencing the remnants of my orgasm, little spurts of my juices continuing to leak from my hypersensitive core.

“So perfect.” His voice barely qualified as a whisper, so quiet I wonder if he knew he even said it out loud.

I feel one of his rough hands running comforting circles on the small of my back, helping to ground me and slowly bring down my racing heart.

We both stay like this for multiple minutes, Alec’s actions becoming a form of aftercare in itself despite the scene not being over.

“Sir?” I breathe as my body finally begins to still, even with a new knot already formed in my core.

It wasn’t enough.

I needed more; I needed him.


A short pause to gather myself and my confidence.

“I want to touch you.” I pant over my uneven breaths, “Can I, Sir?”

Alec gives me no response and instead, I feel his fingers at the back of my head, untying the satin blindfold and promptly discarding it to the side.

I’m given a moment for my eyes to readjust to the dimmed lighting around us.

Once I gather enough energy, I flip myself over to find two green eyes staring down at me, giving me an easy smile.

His appearance looks just about as rough as I’m sure I do, but in the best ways possible.

Alec’s curly brown hair is a mess, but the part my eyes instantly dart to is the soaked patch on his grey shirt that I was most definitely the cause of.

“I didn’t know I could do that.” I blush, my core already clenching at the memory of how good I felt during that particular release.

“Well I can promise you it won’t be the last now that I know that you’re a squirter.” Alec smirks, his eyes hungrily taking in every section of my body and the new marks he has left.

That simple gaze alone makes me want to pounce on him— to make him feel just as good as he’s made me feel on multiple occasions at this point.

He knows too as his eyes meet mine, revealing what sinful thoughts are passing through his mind.

“Come here and straddle my lap, princess.” He watches my every move as I push myself up and shift just a few inches to my right where Alec is now leaning with his back against the headboard behind him.

The slight tremble in my knees is the only remaining physical evidence of what happened a few minutes ago as I hold onto Alec’s shoulders for balance, planting one knee down on either side of his thighs.

I keep myself hovering ever so slightly over his lap, but two hands pull me completely down despite the small protest in my eyes.

No words are spoken, but when I look up at him, I can still hear a silent command come from him: Do as you wish.

With my hands still on his shoulders, I draw my hips flush against Alec’s as I lean in and connect my mouth to his. The mere contact has me squirming, but when I silently ask for his lips to part, Alec refuses.

At first, confusion passed through me, then the realization came.

He wants the challenge— wants to see what I’m going to do about it.

Gently nipping throughout the kiss, I instantly knew it wouldn’t be enough. I just hope this won’t earn myself a punishment.

In a demand for entrance, I tug Alec’s bottom lip between my teeth, biting harder than I would ever dare to do, but when I pull back and lick away the sore, his mouth pulls up into a satisfied smile.

He wants me out of my comfort zone— to be comfortable enough to be rough with him and take what I want.

Using the grin as my way in, my tongue finally slips past, the taste of my come and a distant flavour of cherry coming from Alec’s parted lips.

His tongue danced against mine, still demanding control even with me on top and slowly rocking against the bulge in his lap.

I fought his attempts at taking over though.

Sure, it was a near guarantee Alec would overpower me at any moment, but for now, I fought it.

Our kiss was frantic and slightly messy, but I refused to back down, nor submit to his need for control.

It was clear Alec liked this, but liked it even more when a gasp forced its way past my lips when he cheated and pinched a still sensitive nipple between his fingers.

In retaliation, I ground down hard against his lap, rubbing my completely naked core against his cock.

When I could sense that our wild kiss was about to become a losing battle for me, I pulled away panting, my lips instantly moving to his jawline, nipping and my tongue darting out to lick in the process.

The small groan that was pulled from Alec when I sucked a spot right below his ear was enough to make my stomach pool with desire, feeling myself becoming soaked already.

“Madelyn.” His voice came out as a slight warning as my hand dropped down between us, purposely avoiding the outline of his dick and instead lightly touching the sharp V of his hips.

“Sir,” I counter, but when his arm moves down and grabs my ass hard in his hand, the awakening of the burning sensation from my spanks had me second guessing how far I wanted to go with his teasing.

The look he gave me made the decision for me as my hand retreated to the right, my second one moving down and toying with the bottom of his shirt.

Making the smart move, I slip my hands under the hem, sliding them up his body with the t-shirt caught between my fingers.

I can’t help it when I pull completely away from his neck and lick my lips as I watch more and more inked skin come into my view with every second.

Alec doesn’t hesitate to help me as I pull the final inch of his shirt up and over his head, leaving his entire chest bare and exposed to my greedy gaze.

I made a mental note to ask about specific tattoos later that caught my eye, but right now, the only real thought on my mind is making this beautiful man before me feel good.

Returning my lips now to the other side of Alec’s neck, I don’t waste a second sucking and licking the most sensitive spots on his skin, making sure to leave marks of my own along the way.

By the time I begin my focus along his collarbones and his chest, my hands move at their own accord, my body physically aching for every single part of our bodies to be exposed to each other with nothing but our skin separating us.

Continuing to work my mouth along his body, I desperately fumble with his belt, pulling at the clasp and undoing his zipper easily.

This time when I lift my hips off of Alec, he doesn’t protest, myself instantly taking advantage of the added space between us.

I want him now.

Not wanting to miss a single part of him, I continue to plant a trail of kisses all the way down his defined chest, only stopping when my mouth hovers directly over the strained part of his pants.

Smiling up at him, I hold his eye contact as my two hands pull down his pants until they’re around his ankles, Alec kicking them off fully with his feet and leaving him only in his boxers.

Is it possible for me to be a switch, because I feel my lust go wild at the sight of Alec looking down at me, needing me to relieve the intense pressure that his own body is currently feeling?

The power is intoxicating, though I’m sure Alec would argue he holds every ounce of it.

Based on the way he’s looking at me now, I’m not sure if I could even argue.

I can’t bring myself to look away from his face as my hand lowers down to his cock, gently squeezing and running my grip all the way up the length of him, my eyes widening slightly at the mere size.

While his black boxers remained on, there was no question about it that Alec was going to split me in half.

As if understanding where my thoughts traveled to, Alec lets out a prideful smirk, knowing he not only has the size but the unspoken promise that he knows how to use it too.

I shiver at the thought, bringing my mouth down and planting a single kiss to where I predicted his tip would be, enjoying the way his eyes darken and his hips thrust up into my hand.

I already know I’m going to enjoy every moment of this when I give him the permission to use me in the rough way he clearly desires.

Not being able to help myself, I look down to watch as my hands hook into the waistline of Alec’s underwear, his erection pulling out and slapping against his stomach.

Jesus Christ.

My eyes flicked back up to Alec’s as I laid down on my front, my body nestled comfortably between his legs.

Each of his breaths have gotten heavier, the muscles in his stomach clenching and flexing as if it were taking everything in him to not just grab me and shove himself all the way down my throat.

I don’t think I could even if I wanted to.

My fingers shook a little, but I brought my hand to the base of his dick, moving in a slow, torturous upwards stroke.

The skin was soft against my small hand; hard as steel beneath.

When I repeated the same, teasing motion, I felt Alec move slightly under me in impatience, but I just smiled up at him.

“How do you like it, Sir?” I ask with a breathy voice, forcing away the urge to slip my own hand down and finger myself from the mere sight of this man alone.

Wrapping my hand all the way around him, I kept my grip feather light as I squeezed ever so gently, red hot need washing over me. Alec’s hips thrusted upwards at the action, forcing my hand down this cock.

The pass over him was too light though to give him even a spark of the pleasure he was looking for.

I already knew this though.

Decided to give him just an ounce of the teasing he made me endure.

Stroking him again, I made sure to tighten my grip ever so slightly this time, savoring the sight of his lip unconsciously pulling between his teeth. The faintest sign of a flush appeared on his cheeks.

Still, it wasn’t enough for him.

Only once I hear a moan that makes me melt to his every desire do I give him what he’s looking for.

Finding Alec’s gaze fixed solely on my hand, I pumped his length again, squeezing hard and adding just a little more pressure as my thumb grazed the sensitive underside of his cock.

Reacting as I had hoped, my free hand came down and pinned a hand to his hips, feeling him trying to arch off of the mattress again.

I don’t want Alec under my control, I want him so worked up that in the end he’ll be unleashed, taking every bit of that energy out on me.

Slowly removing my one hand from his hips, I bring it down to his balls, squeezing them gently and eliciting a loud, full moan that turned everything in my body molten.

I was desperate to hear more, needed to hear more; my wetness surging and making my thighs slick with my own arousal.

Determined, I test the waters between us, twisting my fist hard around his swollen head, my thumb sliding across the small slit and smearing the bead of moisture already gathered there.

Alec didn’t bother to hide his deep sounds of pleasure, allowing me to hear just how much I was affecting him.

That in itself was a turn on for me that caused me to purr, letting go of his dick and bringing my thumb up to my mouth.

I held eye contact with Alec as I made a show of sucking his precum into my mouth, my legs pressing together at the slightly salty flavour of him on my tongue.

This man was intoxicating me with every part of him, even though I’m the one touching him.

It’s never been like this.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve touched myself, fantasizing about you down between my knees.” Alec groans as I take his dick in my hand once again.

Humming at his words, I make sure to keep my eyes locked on his face as I lower my head to the base of Alec’s cock, licking all the way up his length in one long motion.

Alec’s head fell back against the headboard from the action, and I smiled right before my tongue slid across his broad head, stroking across his sensitive slit.

“God, Madelyn.” A heavy breath, his chest rising and falling deeply as I wrapped my mouth just around the tip, lightly sucking him into my mouth. “Fuck!” He cursed at my sudden action, clearly fighting to hold himself back from ramming himself inside of me, from hurting me.

But I didn’t want him restrained, I wanted him fucking unleashed.

Pressing my tongue hard along his tip’s underside, Alec’s eyes fell shut for just a small moment, but still, he kept his control.

The look in his eyes told me he knew my every thought too and wouldn’t give in that easily.

Fine. Game on.

Pulling off of his cock entirely, I instantly licked down the length of him, hot against my tongue.

I made a show of arching my back, pressing my legs together to try and relieve my own desperation that has once again formed.

Showing the other side the same treatment, I took my time coating Alec with my mouth, knowing it would both work him up and make things easier for myself as my attention returns back upwards.

Touching nothing else but the head, I hollow my cheeks and swirl my tongue around in slow circles— ones that have Alec moaning beneath me.

More, was what his body was trying to say and I gladly forced my throat to relax, taking several more inches of Alec into my mouth.

I soon knew however that I would never be able to fit him all, adding my hand and wrapping it around what was still exposed of his base.

“Madelyn,” Alec groaned as I pulled nearly all the way off of him before swallowing him back into my mouth, this time managing to get much deeper down his length. I had to urge my throat to relax as I let out steady breaths from my nose.

“Harder.” Alec demanded, and I moaned around him when his hand dropped down to intertwine with my hair, gripping hard. His only sign of struggling to contain himself.

That just wouldn’t do.

No, I wanted Alec to be as rough as he wished with me, fucking my mouth like he owned it. Hell, he did own it.

My hand working in unison, I ignored his plea and continued to move my head up and down at a steady, safe pace. One that pleases him, but won’t be enough to get him far.

The smirk I show in my eyes has him knowing my intentions too.

“You want me to fuck your mouth, princess?” Alec taunted, both frustration and desire clear on his features.

Though I couldn’t move much, I managed a small nod, praying it would be enough to indicate just how much I wanted that.

Alec knew. He knew.

“You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, little sub,” His tone sending shivers down my spine and a teasing pull at the nerves in my clit, “If you need to call a safeword that isn’t green, raise your hand up above your head and that will be your signal for me to stop.”

To show I understand and want this, this time when I bobbed my head down as far as I could go on my own, I dragged my teeth along with it.

It was light enough to only hurt a little, and it was also Alec’s undoing.

Alec’s hips bucked up hard and I allowed it, taking him further than any time I have yet and swallowing every inch he gave me greedily.

No more teasing. No more light touches.

No, now my every movement was designed to give Alec the pleasure he was looking for with every intent to bring him over that edge as quickly and intensely as possible.

Taking my free hand I was currently using for balance, I drop it down and roll Alec’s balls in my palm, satisfied by the grunt of pleasure that escaped his lips from it.

I wanted Alec to let himself go, and he now has, his tightening grip on my hair bringing tears to my eyes as I tried to keep up with the fast pace he was moving my head at.

Allowing him to use my body as he desired, the only thing I could do is fight down my gag reflex and continue to roll my tongue around him, gazing up from under my lashes.

Alec’s face was twisted in pleasure, eyes wide and glazed with pure lust as he stared down no longer at my mouth, but at me.

He silently demanded for me to keep meeting his stare, a faint hint of a smirk appearing as he fully and entirely unleashed himself on me.

I couldn’t do anything but lay there as Alec’s grip adjusted, keeping my head perfectly still as he began to fuck my mouth with earnest, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth at a fast, harsh pace.

And I took him.

I took every single part that he had to give, thrusting up at a continuous speed and urging me to hollow my cheeks, to suck harder.

I obeyed and completely submitted, savoring and craving every moment of this just as much as the man holding me was right now.

On a particularly deep thrust, Alec hit hard against the back of my throat causing me to gag and drool around his cock.

He only smirked and did it again, clearly wanting more.

I gave myself over to him.

I allowed myself to choke and gag on his length repeatedly, moaning loudly and urging him to go deeper— telling him I could handle it.

The noises coming from my own mouth reverberated along his dick as he continued to pound into me, groaning as the vibration went straight to his balls.

Alec was getting close, we both knew it, but my head was going light at the lessened amount of oxygen getting to my brain. I knew I’d have to stop soon to take a breath otherwise the feeling would become too intense and I’d probably pass out.

Alec let me set my own limits though, trusting that I would use my safe word when it’s needed.

And I did need it.

Raising my hand up high, Alec doesn’t waste a second before pulling my head completely off of him, myself coughing and panting from how roughly he abused my throat.

“Yellow.” I manage in between heavy breaths, and Alec pulls me up so that I’m straddling his waist once again.

“You did so good.” A kiss is planted on my sweaty forehead, and I allow my eyes to fall shut. “Let’s take a break from that for the night, okay?” Alec says, running his hands down my back and helping to slow and regulate my breathing back to normal.

“Okay, Sir.” I smile, licking my lips, still tasting him on them.

I signaled for a break, but not for the night to be over.

With a slightly calmer heart rate, I lean in and kiss Alec, moaning into his mouth when his hand dropped down in between our hot bodies to play with my clit.

In turn, I took his dick in my hands, gathering the precum already leaking from his tip and using it as more lubricant to coat the length of him.

Having Alec in my mouth wasn’t enough, I wanted to feel him inside of me.

The slight shakiness in his own breath revealed he craved the exact same thing.

Moving my hips back slightly, I gave Alec a few hard strokes as I guided the tip of him to my entrance, still swollen from earlier.

I don’t push down right away though, sliding the head of his cock up and down my slit, covering him in my arousal— showing him just how turned on he makes me.

His slick tip bumps against my clit causing me to pull my mouth away from Alec and rest my head against his shoulder for balance as I align his dick right at my hole and begin to push down.

“No.” Alec says right as I feel him begin to nudge past my folds, causing my every motion to halt in confusion.

When a handful of my hair is grabbed and my head is pulled back from Alec’s shoulder, I am forced to look him in the eyes.

“Much better.” Are the last words that leave his mouth before Alec brings his hips up himself, slowly pushing into me and causing my mouth to fall open in a silent sound of both pleasure and pain.

“F-fuck.” I barely even manage to gasp as Alec keeps moving, not stopping until he’s fully seated inside of me and making me feel the most full I’ve ever felt before.

I can’t do anything but try to find my breath as my hips are pushed down, Alec’s cock twitching inside of me.

“Oh my god.” I pant, my walls clenching and unclenching repeatedly at the sudden fullness.

“Whenever you’re ready, princess.” Alec says through clenched teeth, evidence of him trying to allow me some time to adjust.

This time, I’m thankful for his restraint, needing those extra few seconds before I raise myself up nearly to the tip before slamming myself back down hard.

Both of us cry out in pleasure, and after that single moment, fucking him is all my brain is capable of thinking about.

Alec lifts his two knees up behind me for my back to rest against as I grab onto his toned thighs for balance.

With one final breath, I begin to move, each motion sending more and more pleasure sparking throughout both of our bodies.

Nothing can beat this.

Not when both of us are melting into each other’s touches, my body already trembling as I fuck myself onto Alec’s cock over and over again, allowing that blinding hot rush of pleasure to overtake every one of my senses.

“Fuck, you look at you. You’re taking me so well.” Alec’s words combined with the quickened circles on my clit has my juices leaking out of me, making it that much easier for Alec to drive his hips upwards, taking back complete control.

I don’t fight it either as he bounces me and brings me down to meet his every thrust, reaching deeper than I ever thought imaginable and clearly determined to not leave a single part of my body unsatisfied.

“Alec,” His name slips out of my mouth in a whimper before I can even stop it, but to my surprise, it only causes him to slam into me harder— with more desperation.

“Say that again.” He commands, and I don’t waste a second before moaning his name again, only for the two of us to hear. “Such a good girl.” He growls.

I moan his name until it becomes a chant on my tongue, begging and pleading for him to do more, to send the both of us over that edge together.

“What do you need, princess? What will get you there?” Alec asks over his own groan when I unconsciously tighten myself around his length.

“I-I don’t know, Sir.” I stutter, my brain becoming a desperate mess as I feel a knot of pleasure growing tighter and tighter in my core, unable to find the end that will manage to undo the whole thing with one tug.

Alec continues to thumb my clit unprovoked as he tries to contain his own orgasm, still worked up from the release he never got earlier from my mouth.

Then, swiftly and with no warning at all, the knees keeping my body upright spread and I’m pushed down on my back, Alec wasting no time before slamming himself down into me harder and sending ripples of pleasure throughout every inch of my being.

Over and over again, I take Alec’s cock, gasping and moaning and writhing in a sensation that can only be described as pure ecstasy.

“Come.” Alec orders, shoving his length as far as he can inside of me, triggering both of our orgasms on demand.

My eyes roll to the back of my head as blinding hot pleasure crashes through me, the feeling of Alec’s own release coating my walls and adding to the continuous waves of my climax taking over my body.

“Sir.” I moan as Alec gives three more hard, deep thrusts, emptying himself inside of me. My walls grip his cock like a vice, determined to milk him of every last spurt.

I could feel Alec trembling above me from the intensity of his orgasm, my own body doing the exact same thing.

For multiple minutes, the both of us just remain there panting, looking at each other’s fully sated forms with Alec still inside of me.

We both watch as he eventually pulls out, a mixture of both of our come leaking out of me and onto the bed sheets.

Neither of us can bring ourselves to mind the mess though as Alec rolls over to my side and pulls my spent body flush against him.

I know in a few minutes I’ll have to get up to use the washroom and Alec and I would likely need a shower after all we’ve done, but for now, all I want is to lay here in his arms, content and calmed by every inhale of his familiar, comforting presence.

- End of Chapter 33 -

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