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Chapter 35 : Madelyn

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Chapter 35 : Madelyn
Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

The anticipation of what’s about to happen is much stronger than I predicted it would be.

Of course there’s always the suspense, the nerves, and the excitement, but things are different when we’re all together. It just feels right— it feels complete.

Walking up to the front door of their house feels right.

This time, the scary lady guarding the gate didn’t question my presence, stepping aside at the first sight of me.

Doubting they could hear my knock, I ring the bell and seconds later Caleb answers the door with an easy smile plastered on his face.

“Hey, darling.” He greets, pulling me in by the waist and tilting my chin up with a finger. Our lips connect within seconds, the kiss soft and slow and quite literally leaves me breathless.

I’m reminded that even though it was only a few days since seeing him, it felt like much too long.

Both of our bodies are reacting as if it’s been forever, and I’ll admit, I missed the feel of this. Missed the feeling of his large arms wrapping around me, making me feel secure enough to melt completely into his touch.

Pulling my lips away, but remaining in his arms, I look up at Caleb to find his eyes absolutely wild, my own likely matching.

“Hi,” I breathe, a flush appearing on my cheeks as Caleb’s hand trails down to rest on my ass.

His mouth opens into a teasing smirk, but just as he was about to speak, I heard Alec’s voice shout from further inside.

I think he was calling out to me, but his exact words were muffled due to the distance between us.

“He told us what you two did, you know.” Caleb says into my ear, causing my blood to heat already.

All I could do was look at him and do my best not to squirm at the memory of the ice. The punishment. Me riding— nope, we need to stop that.

The smirk on Caleb’s face revealed he knew what I was thinking of too.

“Is there a point to that statement?” I quip, not sure where that question came from, but I sure enjoyed the look of shock on his features at my words.

With slightly raised eyebrows and an amused expression, Caleb gives me a devilish smile as he pulls me in with the hand still on my ass.

I see Alec walk down the stairs in my peripheral view, but I’m more focused on the hiss that escaped my lips when his hand tightened on my still sore skin.

“I hope you’re ready for tonight, darling, because truthfully, you’ve been on my mind from the second I last saw you.” Caleb pulls my earlobe between his teeth and nips lightly, “I’ve been thinking of all of the ways I can play with you, and believe me when I say I’m looking forward to every promising minute of it.”

Abruptly stepping away from my body, Alec swoops in within the same second, he too kissing me in hello.

It’s only been three minutes of being around them and I already both want to know all about their day, as well as if Caleb and Xavier are going to feel as good inside of me as Alec did.

Speaking of the third man, “Where’s Xavier?” I ask as the three of us walk inside of the house.

Glancing around, I don’t see him anywhere.

“He left for a small getaway yesterday, but he’ll be back for tonight, I promise.” Alec assures, guiding me into the living room with a hand on the small of my back. Caleb is close behind.

Concern for Xavier fills my mind, but I force myself to not think the worst and that he’s probably perfectly fine.

“Don’t you ever worry he won’t return?” I ask, instantly warmed by the burning fireplace crackling beneath the mounted flat screen television.

I find the table centered across from the sectional is covered in an assortment of cheese and cracker platters with grapes and wine along with it.

Is this a date?

“Never permanently,” Caleb answers the question taking over the majority of my thoughts.

I don’t want to be clingy if a simple trip is all this is, but when he suddenly up and leaves with no message, it just doesn’t always sit well with me.

My attention flicks down to the ring currently banded around my pinky. It hasn’t left my hand since it was given to me.

“Xavier always comes back,” Alec adds, seeming unbothered by his friend’s absence, and I decide to drop it for now.

They did in fact set this all up for me.

“Caleb and I thought we could maybe watch a movie while we’re waiting for his return.” Alec smiles, nodding over to the food assortment and throw blankets already placed on the couch.

“That works,” I flash a grin of my own, taking a step into the living room and onto the plush carpet.

I only make it two steps though before Caleb sneaks up behind me and scoops me up into his arms.

“Caleb!” I laugh as he walks me right past the table and gently plops me down next to him on the couch.

His arm doesn’t waste a second wrapping around me, while Alec sits on my other side and takes my legs into his lap.

“I’m glad you’re here, darling.” Caleb plants a kiss on the top of my head as my body nestled into his.

“Me too.” I grin, relaxing into both of their touches.

More than they know.


“That has to be one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched.” I giggled at Caleb’s reaction to my words.

“What? How could you say that?” Caleb defends what he earlier described as ′one of the greatest movies of all time’.

“I have to side with Madelyn on this one, dude,” Alec groans, also unable to comprehend what we just watched.

“Howard the Duck is a classic.”

“Is it?” I raise my eyebrows in challenge, “It also doesn’t change the fact that I will never let you pick a movie again.” I say in all seriousness, though I’m mostly just emphasizing it to tease him.

“You really hated it that much?” Caleb asks, and I pull away from where I was leaning against him ever so slightly to look him in the eyes.

“I will die happily knowing I will never watch that movie again.”

This wasn’t me being dramatic either, and thankfully, Alec seemed to be entirely on my side with this.

“Fine,” Caleb pulls his arm away from me with a wink, “I’d rather watch you anyways.”

My eyebrows shoot up in slight surprise at his words.

It seemed to be an idea Alec fully supported by the way he sat up from his reclined position next to me.

“I second that.” He smirks, though I have no clue what exactly they wanted to watch. “Go stand in front of the fireplace, princess.” His voice is now lower, and I can physically feel the shift that just occurred.

I wasn’t their girlfriend right now, I was their submissive.

Swinging my legs off of Alec’s lap, I rise from the couch and take slightly nervous steps away until I’m in front of the fireplace and directly in front of both men who remained seated.

“Strip.” Alec tilts his head slightly upwards as if daring me to disobey.

I almost want to.

I don’t though, because I want this just as much as they do.

Surprisingly, I felt completely relaxed and normal cuddling with them on the couch, but all that did was send butterflies to my stomach.

But now, those butterflies were replaced by a burning hot desire pooling deep within me.

I could feel my skin begin to heat as my two hands dropped to the bottom of my cropped hoodie, slowly bunching material and pulling it upwards. I made sure to take my time, my bare skin revealing itself to their heavy gazes inch by inch.

I watched both of their eyes drop down to my chest, or more specifically the fact that I wore no bra, leaving my breasts completely on display for them.

I was wearing a hoodie so I thought why not.

Caleb’s intake of breath and Alec’s tightened restraint on himself were the only reactions I received.

I could feel the heat— hear the crackle of the burning fire behind me. I know the light illuminated every curve and dip of my body, including the ones I was most insecure about.

I couldn’t bring myself to care right now though. Not when the two men in front of me looked like they wanted to devour me whole.

I hear Alec mutter something to Caleb, but it was so quiet, I couldn’t make out a single sound. Alec made a show of his whispers, knowing it would likely pique my interest. It did.

Putting on a performance of my own, I let my hands roam my body for a handful of seconds as they slowly trailed over the curve of my breasts and down the soft skin of my stomach.

I toyed with the button on my jeans for a beat, enjoying the way they were looking at me right now.

Just as Caleb reached forward for the half drank bottle of wine on the table, I unclasped my pants, the zipper along with it.

Neither man’s eyes had removed from my body, even when Caleb poured two fingers worth of wine into his glass, before leaning back on the couch.

He seemed more than comfortable in his position, swirling the red liquid casually.

Bending forward at my waist, I slowly pulled my jeans down, leaving me completely naked with the exception of the pale blue underwear I still had on.

I knew they were already soaked, and the second my thumbs pulled down the material, the cool air met my core causing my stomach to clench and goosebumps to appear all over my body.

I just tossed the underwear onto the pile of my other clothes on the floor, standing there as two gazes roamed over every single part of me.

My skin was flushed, and my blood was heated under their eyes.

My attention had been flicking between the two, but when Caleb stood with the wine glass in hand, I looked at him and him only.

His eyes were locked on mine as he took slow, steady steps towards where I’m standing.

My heart is racing, and my body is already desperate for his touch.

Moving until his front is only inches away from mine, he peers down at me and cocks his head.

At this moment, I’m reminded of the size difference between us as I crane my neck slightly to look up at him.

Unshockingly, Caleb exerts nothing but pure dominance as he makes me wait for his next move, simply standing there in amusement and raising the wine glass to his lips.

I hear Alec shift on the couch from beside us, but I can’t look away from the person at my front.

Caleb takes a small drink before smirking down at me.

“Would you like some, darling?” He offers, bringing the glass slightly forward and just in front of my mouth.

Gulping, I quietly mumble, “Please, Sir.”

I really am thirsty, but when I go to lift my hands to the glass, Caleb’s finger moves under my chin, tilting my head back for him.

My mouth parts at the action, and soon, the flavour of the red wine hits my tongue.

I swallow after a moment, but when Caleb brings it away from my lips, he tilts the glass ever so slightly so a small trail drips off of my lips and down my naked body.

I know he did it on purpose, but I was surprised when the blond’s intentions led to him dropping down to his knees before me.

He waited just before the red liquid hit my navel before darting his tongue out.

Keeping his eyes on me, Caleb licks a long, continuous path up my body, slowly lapping up the mess he made.

Up my stomach, between my breasts, and along my neck, Caleb’s mouth traveled, teasing my skin along the way with light nips and torturous swirls.

My legs were practically jelly by the time he got to my mouth, slowly giving a single lick to my bottom lip and drawing a shiver from my body.

“Tastes better off of you.” He winks, leaving me both breathless and slightly stunned at the sudden turn in events.

I don’t remember hearing Alec get up from his spot, but while Caleb’s hands fell on my waist, two more hands wrapped around me from behind, their attention instantly falling on my breasts.

“Sir,” I moan as Caleb leans into my mouth, demandingly kissing me and swallowing my gasp when Alec’s hands begin to pinch and play with my nipples.

I was so wet I could feel my arousal coating my inner thighs as it leaked out of me.

“I wanted to wait, but seeing you like this... I don’t think I can.” Caleb says against my mouth, before pulling away. Instantly he begins planting small kisses along the curve of my jaw.

I could feel Alec completely pressed against my back now, and I leaned against him for support as he continued to wind my body up in the most delicious ways.

“I have a few ideas as to what we can do in the meantime.” Alec says, his deep voice reverberating straight to my core. “Leave your hair down for tonight, princess.”

I panted as both men suddenly stepped back from my body, leaving me extremely turned on and slightly dizzy.

“Present in the playroom. We’ll be there shortly.” The command comes from Caleb, and somehow, I manage to take a step towards the stairs without my knees completely buckling from under me.

My heart thumping excitedly against my chest, I quickly made it up the stairs and down the long hallway towards the room.

Punching in the code, the door unlocks for me and I don’t waste a second before stepping inside.

Quickly glancing over the space, I can’t help but find this room to be comforting in many ways.

Considering I’m already naked and was told to leave my hair loose, my job is that much quicker as I kneel to the left of the door, facing the wall.

It was where I was supposed to be unless directed otherwise.

Every single adjustment and tweak that has been made in the past, I made sure to fix it, spreading my knees until I felt the slight burn, my shoulders properly aligned with my body and my chest pushing out slightly.

This position allowed me to go into that relaxed mental state, and I knew that this time, I did everything right.

I could feel it in my bones and in my muscles that this was how things were meant to be.

It wasn’t long before the two men stepped inside of the room, but with my head bowed down, I couldn’t see anything more than their shadows casting on the floor.

I knew they walked past me, but somehow every single one of their steps were silent.

I had no clue how they remained so quiet, but it also meant I had no idea what they were doing or where they stood behind me.

“That dinner we took you to in Brooklyn, do you remember when you asked me about my fantasies?” Alec asked, his question instantly having my heart rate spiking.

“Yes, Sir.” I say quietly, my mind racing over what he is thinking of doing.

“Well a particular idea popped into Caleb and I’s heads while you were waiting for us to show.” He says, allowing me to hear his footsteps now, “Presenting perfectly, might I add.”

I shivered at the immense amount of approval that was clear in his tone.

“It’s a true shame Xavier isn’t here to see it, because you’re truly a vision right now, princess.”

I feel a blush appear on my cheeks at his words, but then an idea pops into my head.

It’s probably a horrible one, but it has my thoughts intrigued nonetheless.

“Maybe we should send him a picture in encouragement to hurry home, Sir.” I imply, knowing I’ll get in trouble for speaking out, but smirking from knowing I’ll get my way.

There is a small silence after my words, but then I hear the ruffle of the jacket I remember Caleb wearing.

My heart pounds in my chest while the two say nothing, and then, I hear heavy footsteps towards me.

My head is still bowed, but I know who it is based on how attuned my body has become to them.

“Are you okay with this?” Caleb crouches down beside me and angles his phone so that it’s right in front of my face.

The urge to press my thighs together at the photograph is extremely high.

Flicking my eyes over the image, I see myself on the floor, the curve of my hips accentuated by the position.

My wavy blonde hair flows in soft strands against my back, not a single trace of something that connects the picture back to me.

Quite frankly, it was erotic, and in that moment I looked at myself in a way I’ve never felt before.

“Yes, Sir.” A small smile appears on my face, appreciation that Caleb thought to check with me beforehand spreading through my body.

He hummed from beside me, and I shivered as I felt his warm breath hit my skin.

Caleb didn’t move and I simply watched as he went into his messages app, Xavier’s name appearing on the screen.

My core wound tighter as the send button was clicked, knowing the man reviving it would likely come to the scene extremely wound up from my tease.

“You better be prepared for the repercussions from Xavier, darling.” Caleb planted a small kiss to my temple before rising to move away, “And from us for speaking out.”

The remembrance of how sore my ass was after merely ten spanks had me second guessing if the picture was worth it.

But then the thought of what Xavier’s face would be like when he opens his phone left little regret within me.

“Stand.” Alec’s voice said from behind me, and remembering what he said during our most recent scene together, I knew I was allowed to turn around and look at them.

Both were as attractive as ever, staring at me once again and taking in every inch of my body as I did theirs.

I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of them.

“You knew you’d get in trouble for speaking without permission, but you seemed not to care.” Caleb says, making a show of shrugging off his black jacket and placing it on the desk beside him. “I guess we’ll just have to show you the consequences of disobeying us.”

I could barely breathe as both men started undressing the top halves of their bodies, revealing the toned muscles and skin underneath.

Fuck, they’re hot.

It almost makes me forget that they’re about to punish me, likely in a form that will spike my memory for a long time to come.

“We’ve been asked not to redden your body too harshly tonight, so I think a more creative punishment will be needed for now.” Alec smirks, and thoughts of what he meant by the first part fill my mind.

Why would Xavier ask them to specifically not use impact play?

“I think the triangle cross would be best for now, don’t you think?” Alec continues, his eyes set on me, but his words directed to his friend.

Caleb’s eyes flick up and down my body before a smirk of his own appears, “I quite like that idea.”

I don’t remember what a triangle cross looks like, but when Caleb walks away and grabs a large structure from the far wall, I know exactly what it is.

While Caleb wheels the cross over, I take a look at the wooden hourglass shape, padded cuffs on all four opposite ends.

“Go stand with your back centered against the board,” Alec demands, and as I walk towards where Caleb’s waiting, I see that it’s positioned right across from the bed.


With my back against the cross, Caleb lifts my arms and straps them in place away from each other before repeating the same action with my feet.

I’m left completely and utterly exposed before them, millions of thoughts of what they were going to do to me crossing my mind.

“So pretty.” Alec coos, brushing my hair in front of my shoulders but still keeping it tucked neatly behind my ears. “It’s a shame for you that you’ve forgotten your place, but don’t worry, we’ll be sure you’re reminded.”

A shiver is pulled from my body when Caleb gently brushes his thumb across my painfully hard nipple, but his hand retracts just as quickly as it appeared.

“I was looking forward to the image of you choking on my cock, but I realized you’d like that too much, wouldn’t you darling?”

I whimper when his hand suddenly moves between my thighs, pressing down hard against my clit.

Yes, I indeed would.

“I guess I’ll have to settle on you watching us instead, though I really can’t complain.” Caleb says as Alec walks away from me. “Knowing you’re going to stand there with no release as Alec and I pleasure ourselves in front of you has me just as satisfied.”


“Sir, please.”

This is not the punishment I was expecting.

I had already assumed they wouldn’t let me come or something like that, but forcing me to watch them masturbate to the sight of me was so unbelievably worse.

“I’m sorry,” I tried to apologize, “Let me touch you.”

Neither man responds to my words, though the sound of belts being unbuckled drew my attention towards them.

Each stood on either side of the bed, my gaze flicking between the two as they undressed nearly in sync.

First it was the belts, then the jeans and dress pants.

My eyes roamed over Alec’s body for the first half, but right now, Caleb demanded my attention.

I’ve never seen him naked before, but as his boxers were pulled down, my core clenched at the sight of him hard and fully erect.

The worst part is that I couldn’t touch him or taste him or feel him.

Neither of them.

This punishment was worse than being denied orgasms or being spanked, it was denying me of the things my body craved most. Them.

My back arched off of the wooden cross, but there was absolutely nowhere for me to go.

The restraints around my wrists and ankles made sure of that.

Moving onto the bed, both men sat naked side by side, their eyes locked on my squirming body.

“I’m sorry, Sirs.” I say again, but alas, I know I’ll have no choice but to accept this punishment.

Alec only hums in amusement, and I watch as his hand drops down to his cock and swipes his precum along the swollen head.

The groan that fell from Caleb’s lips caused my head to snap towards him just to find his own hand wrapped around his base before slowly stroking up the length of him.

I forced myself to take a breath after realizing I had been holding one.

In the meanwhile, my legs were completely spread apart with zero chance of me gaining any form of relief.

All I was able to do was watch the scene unfolding before me, my own arousal leaking down my thighs.

I knew they saw what I felt, and when both of them moaned at the same time, the sound was so erotic I became even more wet just thinking about it.

I squirmed again, but surprisingly to no avail.

“It’s okay to struggle, darling...” Caleb spoke, his tone slightly cruel, “But it won’t change the fact that you’re going to take every second of this punishment for your disobedience.”

The urge to cry in desperation appeared.

While Alec stroked himself at a fast, hard pace, Caleb’s movements were slower and deeper.

I watched infatuated as precum continued to spill from their tips, helping to coat their hands in their own arousal.

Neither man held back their actions nor the noises that fell from their slightly parted lips.

They were so obnoxiously perfect, it only made me more sorry I was chained here and unable to do anything but watch.

That’s all I was capable of doing, unable to tear my eyes off of the two before me.

The way Alec’s lip pulled between his teeth and the way Caleb’s hips began thrusting upwards to fuck his fist.

I knew I wouldn’t be speaking out anytime soon after this.

“Fuck, you’re soaked.” Alec cursed when his hand squeezed slightly harder as he twisted upwards, “I bet you’re just aching to be touched, aren’t you princess?”

“Yes, Sir.” I hum, though my voice is a lot shakier and more frantic than I thought it’d be.

I couldn’t help it when every one of my senses were clouded by this intense desire coursing through every vein in my body.

“I’m close, so fucking close.” Caleb groans along with Alec while my pussy clamps down on nothing but air.

“Please, Sirs, let me touch you.” A single tear falls down my face, even though deep down inside, every second of this has me more and more turned on.

“Not yet, darling.” Caleb denies, even though he himself sounds like he’s wanting to cave at this point. The satisfied smirk on his face shows otherwise though.

I listen as Alec’s breathing grows increasingly heavier and watch as the muscles in his stomach begin to clench.


Alec comes hard with a deep grunt, his come pouring out into his fist as he continues to stroke himself with the added lubricant.

His hips buck up and his face is twisted in pleasure as he works out every last second of his orgasm, his eyes remaining on mine the entire time.

I can see the desire pooling within them, as well as the smug look at what had just happened.

I could still hear Caleb’s hand moving across his length, and my body began to shake ever so slightly behind my restraints.

“Sir—” I begin, but my words get caught in my throat when Alec gathers most of his release in his hand, rising from the mattress.

How the fuck is he still hard?

My heart races as he takes controlled steps towards me, stopping at the side of my body so Caleb could still see every part of me.

Alec doesn’t say a word as two of his fingers stroke against my bottom lip, requesting entrance.

Opening my mouth, I look straight at Caleb as I take his friend’s fingers between my lips, the salty taste of him hitting my tongue.

Come in general has never been my favourite, but the rush of pleasure it brought all three of us made me enjoy every second of it.

I made sure to lick off every trace of Alec’s release from his hand, taking each finger into my mouth and making a show of hollowing my cheeks with each one.

I knew Caleb was close, but I also knew he was trying to draw this out for as long as he possibly could.

I’m sure he was more than happy at the sight of me tied up and desperate, but he could only hold off for so long.

Readjusting so that his thumb was between my lips, Alec suddenly shoved it past and pressed down on my tongue, just holding my head completely hostage to them.

I couldn’t help it when my gag reflex was hit, choking around his finger and sending Caleb over the edge from both the sound and the sight.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He cursed as he came in quick spurts, landing across his chest and dripping into his hand.

A shaky breath left my mouth at the sight, and I couldn’t help it as my eyes roamed his body.

Caleb’s chest was now covered in a thin sheen of sweat, his chest rising and falling heavily. A satisfied expression appeared across his face.

He looked truly relaxed right now, and if the mess he made wasn’t enough to cause a knot to form in my core, I don’t know what is.

“You took your punishment so well, princess.” Alec smirks, his thumb pulling out of my mouth with a pop.

His hand just barely brushed against my chest as it dropped, but the touch was enough to cause my body to shudder.

“Though we have some bad news.” He adds at the end and my heart drops from his words.

He doesn’t continue though, and my attention is stolen from Caleb as I watch as he cleans himself with a cloth from the nightstand.

With a wink, he moves and grabs his phone from beside him afterwards.

I watch as he slowly rises, clicking a few buttons while striding over to my still bound body.

The familiar layout of his messages app appears, and I tense as I read two messages below the picture of me on the screen.

Xavier: Fuck, I’m on my way.

Xavier: Don’t let her come until I’m there.

Oh God no.

“Looks like we’re not done playing with you after all, darling.”

- End of Chapter 35 -

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