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Chapter 36 : Madelyn

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Chapter 36 : Madelyn
Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

“Looks like we’re not done playing with you after all, darling.”


I don’t know where Xavier is, but he better hurry the hell up before I explode.

Alec and Caleb each move on either side of my body, their hands first reaching to the restraints on my wrists, gently unshackling them.

The second they’re free, they hang limply by my sides as they crouch down to undo my ankles next.

Their precision still manages to shock me considering they have me undone completely in a matter of seconds.

“Is this another punishment, Sir?” I ask when Caleb takes my hand and guides me over to the bed.

“No princess, Xavier is just a controlling bastard.” Alec winks, coming up beside me as I’m laid down on the bed.

“Quite frankly, if you want to come, we won’t reprimand you, but you’ll have to be prepared when Xavier likely notices.” Caleb kisses my cheek before he flips me over onto my stomach.

“Is my fantasy looking familiar yet, princess?” Alec questions when Caleb positions me so my head is just above his lap and Alec raises my hips up.

I’m going to get them both at the same time.

I only shiver in anticipation, looking up at Caleb as he begins to bring my hair back into a makeshift ponytail.

The slightly painful grip he has on it only adds to my arousal, including the harsh slap that was just landed to my ass.

A rough hand rubs the sore afterwards, and I know Alec did that just because he could.

“Go on. Be a good whore and take me into your mouth.” Caleb demands, and his words cause my thighs to press together.

Alec doesn’t allow that for long though when he spreads them apart and then forces my back into a deeper arch; face down, ass up.

I feel a single finger trace up my slit teasingly. The action caused my hand to wrap around Caleb’s dick, instantly copying his motions from earlier.

Beginning at the base with my hand, I added a little bit of pressure in my grip as I stroked all the way up his length.

Caleb was forcing me to look at him and watch as both of our mouths parted in pleasure, my thumb teasing his slit at the same time Alec pushed his tip past my entrance.

“Fuck princess, I almost forgot how good you feel.” Alec groaned, and while last time his movements began slow and gentle, the second my walls clamped down for more, Alec thrusted himself all the way inside of me to the hilt.

My mouth fell into a silent gasp at the sudden intrusion, as well as the hint of pain that paired with it.

Alec used that to his advantage though, pulling out nearly to the tip before slamming back inside.

I nearly forgot that I was still stroking Caleb in my hand before a quiet moan fell from his lips.

The sound was foreplay in itself, and it made me determined to hear more.

Continuing to pump him, I made sure to look up through my lashes as my head dipped down and my tongue darted out to taste the precum gathering at his tip.

His eyes were glued to mine with every action.

I slowly wet my lips before breaking his eye contact to look down at the pulsing, hard cock in my hand.

“Madelyn,” Alec snaps from behind me, his tone even and controlled to gain my attention. “I said, if you want us to stop, you’re going to pinch my wrist as hard as you need, alright?”

I was so focused on Caleb that I hadn’t even heard him.

“Yes, Sir.” I say, wetting my lips again before bringing them down to the tip of Caleb’s cock.

I subconsciously noticed that Alec had stopped moving from behind me, but I didn’t mind when my focus was mainly set on easing my mouth down inch by inch.

Caleb was a little shorter than Alec, but I still needed the use of my hand to cover him completely.

The groan that fell from his lips was worth my gag reflex nearly triggering with each deep bob of my head.

“That’s it, darling.” Caleb smiled, keeping my hair out of the way for me.

The two men gave me control for the first few seconds as I made sure to wet Caleb’s length as much as I could with my mouth, but then, the hand on his cock was removed and pulled behind my back.

It made my balance a little off center, but Alec already saw that coming.

A large, strong arm wrapped around my torso from behind, giving my body just enough support to not fall with Caleb’s combined grip on my head.

My remaining arm was grabbed next and my front fell forward slightly, bringing tears to my eyes as I tried to fight off my gag.

Both of my hands were now pinned together at the wrist, resting against my lower back.

Alec’s much larger one wrapped around them and kept them secure behind me.

Sure enough, his placement was close enough for my fingers to pinch him if it’s needed.

“Good girl. Stay just like that princess,” Alec says, lining himself back up with my entrance before pushing inside of me in one fluid motion.

The slap of his hips meeting my ass sent me forward ever so slightly, forcing my mouth farther onto Caleb’s cock.

I moaned at the action, arching my back just a little more in a silent plea for more.

I saw a smirk tug at the corner of Caleb’s lips from the hum of my mouth around him, before his head tilted down slightly.

“Remember to breathe.” He says before he guides himself up slowly, watching his cock disappear deeper and deeper until he hits the back of my throat.

I gagged around him, sharply inhaling through my nose to try and control my breaths.

Continuing to keep my head completely still in his hands, after a moment, his hips eased down slightly.

In turn, Alec thrusted forward hard, his one hand digging into the flesh of my hips to bring me back onto his dick with every movement.

A tear escaped my eye as I moaned loudly, crying out around Caleb’s cock as he pushed himself back inside of my mouth.

Having them both inside of me at the same time was pure bliss, sending my body into overdrive as they simultaneously worked themselves into me.

I could hear the wet mess between my thighs as Alec continued to pound into my dripping cunt, my name on his tongue.

“Look at you taking us so well.” Caleb praised, holding my head still as he pulled out just enough to allow myself to inhale a full breath of air.

Within nearly the same second, his hips were pushing back up again, but this time he wasn’t slow and he wasn’t soft about it either.

My eyes pinched shut as I did everything I could to not choke, even as he hit the back of my throat with much more force this time.

I drooled around his dick as he kept going, pumping himself into my mouth until the urge to pinch Alec’s wrist became big.

An even larger part of me didn’t want to though.

I absolutely loved this and the light feeling traveling to my head and the act of them both dominating me— owning me entirely, wasn’t enough to stop to breathe.

They knew what my body could and couldn’t handle, and I trusted that.

“Open your eyes.” Caleb commanded, and he waited until I did before pulling my head up and holding it so only the tip of his cock rested against my tongue.

I didn’t waste a second breathing in through my nose as heavy pants fell from my lips.

My body jerked forward with each hard thrust on Alec’s end, causing more tears to fall down my face and my pussy to clamp down desperately.

Where’s Xavier?

Not only do I want him here, but the urge to fight down my orgasm becomes more and more torturous with every passing second.

Caleb brings his free hand down to my face with a small smile, wiping away my tears and giving my body a short break.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous.” He curses, and a blush appears on my cheeks at his compliment.

Blinking away the last of my tears, my lips part around his dick when our eyes meet, true admiration for this man appearing throughout every inch of me.

He looked so hot as his tongue licked over his bottom lip, his icy blue eyes examining me like I was his most prized possession.

But when his smile transformed into a cruel smirk, I knew my break was over.

As if it were planned, Alec fucked into my body harder than the times before, just as Caleb thrusted his hips upwards.

I wasn’t able to fight down my gag this time as I choked around his cock, Alec’s new force sending me forward with each contact.

My eyes watered and spit fell past my lips, dripping down Caleb’s length.

The two of them together were brutal, using me for their own pleasure as my body was bound and helpless.

I could only think about them as I was harshly fucked, small sensations of pain spreading throughout every spot their hands gripped me.

I could tell by their movements that they were getting close, but I’m already there, fighting with everything I have to postpone my climax.

“Come Madelyn. Let me feel your release as you scream around our cocks.” Alec demands, but I can’t do it.

I won’t give Xavier an excuse to punish me, especially not when our individual scene is just around the corner.

When I don’t do as he says, Caleb tilts his head and raises his eyebrows slightly.

“I think you misunderstood, darling. You don’t have a choice.”

Alec’s hand wrapped around my body left, using his hand to land a light slap to my clit.

Without the extra support, my head moved forward on its own account, taking everything Caleb had to give down my throat, my nose touching his body.

“Fuck.” Caleb curses no doubt at the sudden feeling of my mouth, his hands gripping my hair tight and forcing my head down in place.

A gush of juices escaped me at the overwhelming sensations taking over my body, but I clamp down for just another second.

At the same time, two fingers reach out and pinch my nose, causing a rush to go straight to my head from the lack of air.

I couldn’t breathe now, but when I saw the rings on the hand restricting my oxygen, I couldn’t help it as my orgasm came barreling through me.

Xavier lets go of my nose the next second, my head spinning as it’s lifted up ever so slightly. Caleb quickly comes on my tongue with a moan.

My mouth is wide open, though my eyes are squeezed shut, my walls clamping down and squeezing around Alec’s cock.

I find myself crying out my orgasm while the taste of Caleb’s sends me further into it.

I could only feel as his hand held the side of my face tenderly, Alec continuing to fuck me through my orgasm until he reached his.

Bottoming out deep, Alec released my arms and held onto my hips for support as his cock twitched one last time, spilling his release and coating my walls with it.

I could feel the warmth as he filled me up, remaining inside of me as Caleb’s come spilt from my parted lips and back down onto his cock.

The visual itself drew a low, satisfied rumble from his chest.

As for myself, one final whimper fell from my mouth when Alec pulled out of me, before allowing my body to collapse forward. Right into Caleb’s embrace.

Two strong arms wrap around me and hold me securely to him as heavy breaths leave my mouth.

Caleb is also panting from beneath me, his hands untangling from my hair and gently stroking it so it falls over my neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Honestly, the best word to describe how I feel right now is content.

I was happy as he worked me down from my high, his soothing touch just about as special as what we’d just shared only seconds ago.

I welcome every calming feeling, and that only spreads as my eyes slowly open to find Xavier looking down at me from the edge of the bed.

“Sorry I was late, sweetheart.” He says, and I can’t help it when my heart flutters slightly at his use of one of the three nicknames to have grown on me recently.

“I’m sure you’ll find a way to make up for it.” I grin, and amusement flows through me when a faint sign of surprise crosses his features.

I’m already becoming more comfortable around them, and while it may be a result of my post orgasm bliss, I feel like I can be a little more myself.

The sinful smirk that appears on his face shows he likes all of this, his expression causing my core to tighten again, despite still feeling the shocks of what Alec and Caleb did only moments ago.

I let out a soft sigh when I feel Alec’s hand rub down the curve of my spine, his touch trailing back upwards when he reaches my tailbone.

Caleb’s hands were still touching my head, his fingers gently playing with my hair and causing my eyes to fall shut.

My cheek simply rested against Caleb’s warm chest, allowing myself to become extremely relaxed. I was barely aware of Alec to my left and Xavier moving behind me where I lay on my stomach.

I know tonight is nowhere near over, but I still cherished these few moments much more than I was willing to let on.

“Do you want to know a secret, my sweet submissive?” Xavier asks, his voice low and his one hand touching my ass, slowly moving downwards.

“Yes, Daddy.” I shivered when his fingers slipped down, sliding right past my entrance as he toyed with Alec and I’s release spilling out from between my swollen folds.

Fuck, he better not stop.

“I was in the car driving home to you when I got your message.” His tone was level as he nudged my legs apart, giving him more access to myself.

Caleb assisted by placing his knees in between mine, keeping me spread as he continued to play with my hair.

It was like both him and Alec were forcing myself to relax, even when Xavier’s words brought questions and nerves to my head.

“I’ve been hard from thinking about you all day, but that image was my tipping point.”

Xavier was calculated in his actions when he easily slipped two fingers into my cunt, using both my current and past arousal as lubricant to stimulate my spot.

“And you know what I did, sweetheart?” I moaned when his fingers curled upwards, “I pulled out my cock while I was driving, and jerked myself off right then and there to the memory of how perfect you looked on your knees.”

Holy shit.

My walls squeezed down on his fingers at the image he planted in my mind, and while I should tell him that was crazy and reckless, all I can think about is how I wished I could’ve been there myself.

“Fuck,” I whimpered when Xavier added a third finger, squirming as I heard how wet I was from the action.

The fact that I could feel how hard both he and Caleb were against me only added to my pleasure.

I’m sure if I found the energy to look to my other side, Alec would be just as the same.

“It also got me thinking though,” Xavier’s fingers eased out of me, ever so slowly moving to my other hole and eliciting a surprised gasp from my mouth, “About how nice your ass is.”

“Daddy?” My words came out as a shaky breath, unsure of how to feel about his one slick finger running circles around the one place that’s never been touched in this way before.

“One day soon, I’m going to fuck you back here, sweetheart,” Xavier says, the pad of his index finger threatening to push inside, but never quite doing that. “I can’t wait to show you all of the pleasures that can come from anal, but today is just the start of your training.”

I suddenly understood why Alec and Caleb were rubbing soothing circles along my body. It was because they could already sense myself growing tense at Xavier’s plans.

“Relax, princess,” Alec coaxed softly as Xavier’s hand moved back down to my slit, gathering my arousal before bringing it back up.

I felt myself go rigid again, but I realized it and tried to calm my mind.

“Sorry, Sir,” I murmured, trying to relax even though I was struggling a little.

All three could sense this, and as a result, Caleb lifted my head from his chest and dipped his head down so he could press our lips together.

I could still feel Xavier at my backdoor, but the second Caleb’s tongue slipped against mine, I loosened just enough for the tip of his long finger to move inside of me.

The sensation was so unexpected, I instantly felt myself grow tense again.

I was tempted to pull away from Caleb, but he didn’t let me, licking into my mouth and swallowing my inhale as Xavier nudged more of his finger inside of me.

This time when a sound slipped past my lips, it was a moan in pleasure at the new feelings.

It was a little unusual and felt extremely dirty to enjoy it, but I did.

Especially when Alec’s hand came down under my body and easily found my clit already soaked from my juices leaking over it and onto Caleb’s thigh.

Thankfully for now, I was too lost in my head to feel embarrassment.

We just stayed like that for a beat, but this time, it was a lot easier to relax.

With Caleb swallowing my moans, Alec teasing my clit, and Xavier continuing to slowly work his finger in and out of my ass, I soon found myself trying to push back and take more of Xavier inside of me.

“Stay still,” Xavier lectured, landing a punishing slap on my ass that caused me to bite down on Caleb’s lip in surprise.

He only smiled against my mouth, pulling me in closer and deepening the kiss so much, I know I’d be unable to stand on my own if it weren’t for the support of the bed.

Trying to keep myself from moving too much, I instead focus on the tortuously slow movements coming from all three men on my body.

I knew anal play was not something one could rush, but as Xavier slowly retracted his finger, my muscles clenched hard as if it could somehow keep him there.

To my pleasure, his wet finger slid back in much easier this time, facing only a little bit of resistance.

He didn’t stop this time though.

No, this time Xavier pushed all the way into his third knuckle and I was surprised at how good it felt. At how much I wanted more.

“You look so pretty taking his finger up your ass, princess.” Alec commented, grabbing the back of my neck and pulling my mouth away from Caleb’s swollen lips.

The man underneath me happily allowed it to happen and used that break to reposition us unexpectedly.

Xavier moved with him, changing us so that my knees were on either side of Caleb’s legs, while Xavier kneeled as well behind me.

I had his large body as a support for mine while Caleb sat up slightly, looking up at me with a sinful grin that made my clit throb.

I was so focused on the change in position that I hadn’t even realized that Alec had both left and returned, now with a bottle of lube in his hand.

I shivered at the sight of it.

“I wonder how many fingers you’re ready to handle?” Alec says, handing the man behind me the lubricant.

I felt so full from just one finger. I can’t imagine how it would feel to have more. To have one of them inside of me.

The look Caleb shot my way showed that he knew exactly where my thoughts wondered. It showed future promises.

“Only one way to find out.” Xavier smiled from behind me, nipping my earlobe and causing me to lean fully back against him.

I only had the time to take a quick inhale before my throat was grabbed by Alec, angling my head upwards so that his lips hovered right above mine.

A smirk teased the corners of his lips, and initially I thought he was going to kiss me, but I soon knew I was wrong.

He simply wanted to watch me as now two lubricated fingers prodded at my ass, though only Xavier’s middle one pushed in at first.

It was an odd sensation to get used to and completely relax into, but with the one fully inside, I felt my cheeks heat and my core clench.

I knew I was tight around his finger, and I also knew Xavier was imagining what it would feel like for something much bigger to fuck into me.

I sensed his forced restraint on himself, but I also sensed that as I began to grow more needy, it only fed into all three of their dominant sides.

It was the reason Alec held my face now slightly away from him, noticing the way my hips jerked when Caleb’s hand dropped down to my clit and the way my eyes widened when Xavier suddenly slipped the second finger past to about halfway in one movement.

My knees buckled at the sudden action, but Xavier saw it coming, wrapping his free hand around my waist to keep me upright.

I felt just a small hint of pain when he proceeded to draw his fingers out before pushing back in, both at the same time.

That wasn’t what caused a sharp gasp to fall past my parted lips though. It was the feeling of what I soon recognized as his rings.

It was most definitely the cool metal that I sensed being fucked inside of me with every stroke.

I moaned as Xavier kept me like that, bringing his fingers in and out of me over and over and over again.

I couldn’t hold back the string of noises coming out of me right now.

“Awe, you like that, darling?” Caleb cooed, his mouth seeking out the side of my neck.

His teeth lightly grazed over the skin there, sucking on a spot under my ear just as he suddenly thrusted two of his fingers inside of my pussy.

The sound I made borderlines a scream as I felt he and Xavier rub each other through the thin wall separating their fingers.

It was too intense. Too sudden. Too damn good.

Instantly, both of their paces sped up, just as Alec’s thumb began to trace and run over the sensitive peak of my nipple.

My orgasm worked up inside of me in record time, and with only a few more strokes, my eyes pinched shut desperately.

There was a hint of pleasurable pain everywhere now, and I didn’t even come close to predicting it as my entire body shook, squirting on Caleb unexpectedly.

He didn’t bother to hide both his surprise and his increased desire as his fingers pulled out of me, moving over and adding pressure to my clit in fast movements.

My orgasm didn’t stop as I clamped down on Xavier, Alec smiling as he seamlessly kissed my mouth and rubbed his hands in soothing circles right below my breast. I couldn’t even return his kiss.

Every feeling was mind blowingly intense, and when the fingers in my ass were gently eased out, my breaths came out in short, quick pants.

Even as they held me and slowly brought me down from my orgasm, my body wouldn’t stop shaking from the after effects.

All I could feel was all three of their hands touching my body in some calming way, and I only opened my eyes when I heard Xavier’s gruff voice murmur one word in my ear for only me to hear.


My skin warmed even more from what he said, and in response, I let my head fall back against his hard chest.

I was glancing up at the ceiling when my eyes caught Caleb’s looking down, more specifically at the soaked section of his body thanks to me.

“Sorry.” I murmur, though I’m not really. Not when he had me feeling that good.

His eyebrows raise in amusement as his lips pull up into a teasing grin.

“I’m most definitely not.” Caleb winks, and I feel a blush rise to my cheeks at the same time Alec’s hand dropped to mine. He casually interlaced my fingers with his.

The action was surprisingly intimate, and it was one that made my heart warm.

“I think we could all use a shower.” Alec grinned, planting a kiss to my temple just before Xavier’s grip on me tightened, easily lifting me up bridal style.

I only just realized at some point he must have discarded his shirt because right now his entire top half was exposed.

I bit my lip in curiosity as to what the other half would look like.

“Dirty.” He whispers into my ear, bringing a sheepish smile to my face, though I don’t deny it.

Instead, I give myself over to the secure feeling of being in his arms as he lifts me from the bed and begins to move in the direction of the shower.

- End of Chapter 36 -

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