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Chapter 39 : Xavier

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Chapter 39 : Xavier
Friday, August 6th, 2021

I can still feel Madelyn’s lips on mine, even though we’ve spent the last hour driving home from our little detour.

Her hands are currently wrapped around my waist, and I swear the entire drive can only be described as pure torture in the most delicious way possible.

With every speed bump and sharp turn, she holds on tighter, unconsciously moving lower and lower to the hard-on she’s very much responsible for.

Just feeling her body against mine has my thoughts scanning over every plan I have for us tonight.

I had purposely asked Alec and Caleb not to punish her in the form of impact play during Wednesday’s scene, because I knew she couldn’t already be sore for what I have planned for only minutes from now.

Pulling into the parking garage of my home, I wait for Madelyn to step off of the bike before I follow suit.

She takes her helmet off herself this time, and I smirk at the messy haired blonde who is currently drowning in my leather jacket.

I figured she might want it for the wind, and let’s be honest, I wanted it for the sight of her in it.

The two of us walk in comfortable silence, my hand guiding her to the elevators by her lower back.

As the doors slowly close, the sexual tension in the air physically becomes more and more evident.

The peaks of Madelyn’s nipples have hardened against her thin shirt, and a faint flush has appeared across her skin.

I have no doubt my eyes have darkened to the colour of my hair, and if my hard on isn’t proof enough of my desire, then I don’t know what is.

The ding sounds, indicating we’ve reached the third floor, something that seems to surprise Madelyn.

I just realized there’s a lot to our house she’s never explored before, including the tucked away elevator passage only a few steps from our playroom.

I’ll be sure to give her a tour at some point soon, but right now, all I want to do is get her undressed and tied up.

Neither of us wants to wait to feel each other, and it’s clear in the fact we quickly find ourselves in the purple lit room, ready to start within seconds.

“Take off my shirt for me, sweetheart.” I say, truthfully just wanting to feel her hands on my body and see those green eyes of hers up close.

A glint of light reflects off of my ring on her finger, and I find myself liking the sight of it a lot.

I smirk at how flushed her face is as she slips my shirt over my head, my head bowing a little to help her out.

Dropping her eyes down, Madelyn’s hands slowly move along the planes of my chest, tracing over the swirls of tattoos I have there.

My muscles flex everywhere her fingertips travel, and I feel myself tighten as her hands begin to move across the waistband of my black pants.

I stop her though, tilting her head to look up at me.

“This is feeling a little unfair, sweetheart.” I tease, my eyes dropping down to the low-cut V of her shirt, my leather jacket still draped on her much smaller body. “I say we need to even the fields.”

Her green eyes flash in anticipation as my own hands touch her body, teasingly slipping my fingers across her collar bones and over to her shoulders, the black material falling as a result.

The sound of my jacket thuds as it hits the floor, Madelyn’s chest rising and falling deeper as her body evidently forces itself to be patient.

There is a high appeal of her presenting for me, but holding her eyes as I undress her is arguably even better.

Her arms lift for me when my hands dip under the bottom of her shirt, taking my time and allowing my thumbs to press against her nipples as I slide the white fabric up and over her loose hair.

I show no shame as my eyes fall to the lacy black bralette holding her breasts, giving me an eyeful of cleavage along with it.

The buds seem to harden further under my watch alone, and when I meet her gaze again, I see nothing but pure desire waiting for me.

It wasn’t planned, but I can’t stop myself as I move in, pulling her waist to me and smashing my lips against hers.

Madelyn’s mouth parts for me instantly, and I take advantage of that as I slip my hand around her back, unsnapping the clasp on her bra and guiding the straps down her arms.

The hard peaks press against my chest, skin to skin, and I swallow her gasp while she swallows my moan when her fingers grip onto the roots of my hair.

Madelyn uses my body for balance as she kisses me back just as fiercely, rocking her hips against my erection.

I can’t wait to be inside of her, but there are so many other things I have planned first.

Things that I know she’s going to love.

Grabbing her neck and pulling back slightly, I say against her lips, “Finish undressing and go braid your hair. Once that’s done, you’re going to come stand in front of me.”

She blinks once before she steps back, panting slightly as her fingers begin to make quick work of her pants and underwear.

I make sure she knows that I’m watching her, smiling to myself as she gets all flustered under my eyes.

Madelyn holds my gaze as her hands part her blonde strands into three sections, braiding it back into a simple tie.

It’s so much easier like that, and I love the way her baby hairs fall loose to frame her face the way they are now.

Pulling down a set of handcuffs hanging by a chain from the ceiling, I watch her intrigued reaction as she steps in front of me like I asked her to.

“Madelyn.” I say, grabbing her attention from the restraints and down to my eyes. “Arms up.”

She automatically positions her hands inside of the cuffs for me, making my job quicker as I fasten the clasps on them.

The position raises and pushes her breasts out, making them look even more perfect and irresistible.

Rounding Madelyn’s slightly shaky body, I allow two of my fingertips to remain on her stomach, dragging them against her soft skin as I loop around.

Her legs are pressed tightly together, though I can still smell her arousal quickly filling the space around us.

It’s enough to get me high off of her, walking away with excitement coursing through my bones.

I hear the chains rattle as her head turns around to look at where I’m going, and I allow it.

I allow Madelyn to watch as I move my hands across the rack of equipment close by, specifically stocked with things to administer unique forms of pain.

I want to see how much my girl can not only handle, but how much of it she’ll beg for.

Tracing my fingers slowly over the paddles, the whips, and the canes, I allow my eyes to flick back up to Madelyn, noting how her thighs pressed tighter, but her body tensed at what my hand was hovering over now.

“You are no longer allowed to look at me unless told otherwise.” I say, doing this for the prime reason of building up her thoughts.

I know Madelyn is scared, understandably so, but I want to show her just how delightful pain can be.

She’ll get the exact same rush when receiving my hits as I will delivering them, and once again this all boils down to trust.

Wrapping my hand around the handle of the black flogger, I remove the loop from the nail and familiarize the weight of it in the palm of my hand.

This wasn’t the one her eyes caught on, but it will achieve the same effect; just a little more equipped for getting her used to the sensations.

I’m tempted to spend the next hour punishing her for not turning her head quick enough, but I need her in the correct headspace right now, especially since I know she easily falls into subspace during pain play.

Just the thought of it has my cock hard and straining against the material of my pants.

Making sure to keep my steps audible, I take in every part of Madelyn’s body as goosebumps line her otherwise smooth skin.

I know she wants to turn around to see what I’ve brought with me, but she fights it, causing immense satisfaction to pass through my mind.

I absolutely love this part of training; when she finally starts to submit both consciously and unconsciously, her body aiming to please me without even knowing it.

It’s beautiful, and over half of the appeal of this lifestyle.

Walking until I’m standing only a few inches away from her back, a dark smile forms on my face as Madelyn reacts to me, sharply inhaling as my warm breath fans over her shoulder and neck.

My head is angled slightly downwards to near her skin, becoming slightly foggy from her intoxicating smell.

Noting the way her eyes fall shut and her arms loosen slightly above her, I allow my lips to drop down to the top of her shoulder, planting a single kiss there.

Her skin feels soft against mine, and I end up moving slightly to her side as I continue to kiss a path towards her neck, feeding off of the sound she made as I trailed the long straps of the flogger up the back of her thigh lightly.

There was no pain, but it was enough to tell Madelyn what I was about to do to her.

I was going to break her in the best ways possible.

I wanted her to scream, and cry, and come harder than she ever has before without me even touching her with my own hands.

I want her every thought to drift away, every part of her being focused on me and her and this room.

Reaching that moment is one of the most satisfying things a person can experience, and I’m going to be one of three who gets to show that to her over and over again.

Sucking slightly harder on a particularly sensitive spot on Madelyn’s neck, I enjoy the little shiver that runs through her body, likely from the combination of my mouth and the leather brushing gently against her skin.

The preparation beforehand is just as important as actually knowing how to use a flogger, and only when a calm sigh leaves Madelyn’s mouth do I sharply step back, raising my arm before extending it slightly, allowing gravity to do most of the work.

It wasn’t hard by any means, but it was just enough impact for Madelyn to get a sense of the weight and the slight, promising sting of it.

My eyes dropped down to her ass as each of the strips came down on her skin, causing her body to jolt forward in surprise and a throaty gasp to fall from her lips.

I knew her eyes would have flown open by now, and I have to fight down the urge to walk around for the sole reason of watching her face.

Adjusting my position again, I brought the flogger down on her left ass cheek this time, and I wasn’t nice about it either.

I knew it would hurt, and I watched as Madelyn embraced the feeling, her body twitching at the jolt of pain, and no doubt pleasure, that was forming in her body.

When her legs shifted and clamped shut, I gently, but quickly kicked them apart, catching sight of the glistening wetness beginning to leak to the space where her thighs begin.

Bringing my mouth down to her ear, I place one hand on her shoulder to keep her grounded as the one with the flogger whips around, angling purposely to the side so that the leather straps loop around to her front, hitting the skin right below her breasts.

A loud whimper leaves her body as her knees buckle, but I give her two seconds to regain her focus.

“If you move your legs again, I’m going to whip the insides of your thighs five times each.” I promise, letting my hand soothingly trail her skin, despite the pleasurably harsh actions to come, “And I promise you the skin there is more sensitive and I will not be merciful with it either.”

Like expected, she keeps silent, the slight shake in her muscles the only indication that she understood.

I will almost always give a single warning first before delivering a punishment, and I believe my words are enough in this case to keep her still.

Now that I’ve allowed her the introduction to these new feelings, I know she’s ready for more.

I made sure my next hit bit harder, landing over the already reddening skin of her round ass.

Unlike the times before, I didn’t give her a chance to recover.

Moving quickly and precisely, I directed the flogger to come down against the backs of both of her thighs, craving the way she sounded as she cried out.

Her voice was like music to my ears, and I needed more.

“Do you like this, my submissive?” I coo, allowing the glorious sting to spread across her skin once again.

When she was too lost to respond, a cruel smile formed on my face as I moved slightly to her left.

The next swing curved so only the tips of the leather strips curved around her body, landing across her right breast along with her aching nipple.

This time when she cried out, I pulled away from her body entirely, admiring the angry red of her ass and thighs.

She truly was a vision from the back, but I wanted to see her face now.

Not only for my pleasure, but for her safety.

I know Madelyn hasn’t spaced out yet, but it will be easier for me to know when she does if I can read her expressions.

Subspace can be extremely dangerous if it’s not monitored, so as I loop her body, I watch her face as I trial the tail of the flogger against the side of her leg, over her stomach, and across her breasts.

Madelyn’s eyes are down on the ground right now, remembering my order earlier that she wasn’t allowed to look at me.

If only she remembered to respond to my most recent question.

Walking up close to her, I pressed my hand against the nipple I whipped, smirking at how she gasped and moved away, even though her body silently begged for more.

“Tell me, sweetheart. Do you think it’s okay to remain silent when I ask you something?” I say, moving my hand from her chest and slowly gliding it up to stroke the side of her cheek.

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” She says, her voice quiet and genuinely apologetic.

“I didn’t ask if you were sorry, I asked if you thought it was okay to ignore me?”

Looking down at her bowed eyelashes, my cock grows impossibly harder at how utterly submissive Madelyn looks right now.

Her body is entirely restricted, her head lowered, and her skin glowing from both the beautifully reddened skin and the thin glean of sweat that has formed.

I can smell her arousal nearly every time I breathe in, and I can’t wait to drop to my knees and force her to come all over my tongue.

I don’t want things to be pretty with Madelyn; I want them to be shattering, and destructive, and all-consuming.

“No, Daddy... It’s not okay.” She finally answers my question, and I can see the slight buildup of tears forming in her eyes.

I can tell how badly she wants to come, and considering I haven’t touched that soaked cunt of hers once tonight, I’m sure she’s absolutely aching.

“What shall I do with you then?” I hum, stepping back and noting the tremble in her muscles. “Maybe I should play down here for a bit?” I suggest, allowing the flogger to tease the insides of her thighs.

My heart speeds at her reaction, knowing she wants this just as much as I do.

I don’t allow Madelyn the time to overthink this as I bring the flogger down in a way that hits multiple spots on her right inner thigh all at once.

This hit would have been the most painful one yet, and when her mouth parts in such an immense combination of pain and pleasure, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to come just from my lashes.

I would allow it too.

Watching her body jerk in reflex, I grin at her helpless, destroyed state.

The only thing that’s missing right now are the tears I can visibly see Madelyn holding back.

Her body, and every one of my instincts are telling me she wants more, but it’s times like this when checking in can never hurt to do.

“Colour?” I ask, taking a long stride forward to close most of the small distance between us.

“Green, Daddy.” Madelyn lets out a small sigh in contentment when my left hand drops between our bodies, aiming for the gap between her legs.

The second my fingers brush against her inner thigh, they become slick with her arousal.

She is quite literally dripping, and it has my blood humming in desire as I bring my hand back up towards my mouth.

“Look at me.” I say surprisingly softly, encouraging those striking green eyes to watch me lick her wetness off of myself.

This was mostly me giving her body a short pause to all of the new sensations, but with her gaze now fixed primarily on me, my need for complete and utter control took over.

My arm snapped out quickly, sending the leather strips forward and making contact against her breast.

I just as quickly repeated the action to the other side, loving the sounds of sudden cries leaving Madelyn’s lips.

I soon fell into a continuous pattern of strikes, lashing her body over and over again until she was shaking in desperation and her clit was swollen from the lack of attention.

I felt my mind clear itself of every consuming worry as my body began to feel lighter from the power and control and confidence overtaking me.

Everything about this was freeing for both of us, and only once I noticed Madelyn’s attention begin to go almost sedated and warm did I ease up a little.

I saw that she was just on the edge of completely falling into subspace, and there was no better feeling than watching as she allowed every last ounce of her strength and trust to transfer over to me.

“You’re doing so good, sweetheart.” I praise, bringing the flogger down on her left thigh without warning. Like I expected, her knees bowed in from the blow at the same time she cried out.

I knew that right now, every hit would not only send her further and further into that headspace, but it would also be intensified by all of the heightened emotions.

“I bet you could come just from this, couldn’t you?” I cruelly tease, knowing she’s on the edge but not able to get anywhere unless I allow it.

I think I will.

“Spread your legs for me, sub.” I order, wanting access again not only to her thighs, but to her clit as well.

It takes Madelyn a long moment, but she eventually does what I ask.

Aware of her foggy state of mind right now, I lessened the force of my next two swings, hitting her thighs both times.

With this, a single tear fell down her cheek. It was beautiful as her glistening eyes met mine, before more spilled.

That was a release in itself for her, and it only had my cock hardening impossibly further.

“That’s right, sweetheart. Cry for me.” I didn’t hold back with my next hit, watching her face as the strips hit hard against her leg, suddenly coming up with my arm and swinging against her stomach and the undersides of her breasts.

Madelyn became a mess after that, and it had me wanting to unhook her right now and slam my cock so deep inside of her, she’d be able to feel me for days to come.

“Please, Daddy!” Madelyn begged, the words falling off of her tongue on a choked gasp.

“What are you asking?” I say, curling the flogger to the side so it curled to hit her already sore ass.

Madelyn tried to bite her lip, but was too far gone to care about the noises falling from her mouth.

“Harder.” She whimpered, and it was the only word she was able to get out.

If I went any harder it would cause her skin to welt, and I knew it would be crossing both of our limits to do so.

Tossing the flogger to the ground, Madelyn wasn’t even given the chance to process the action before I was dropping to my knees before her and pulling her hips towards me with my hands.

She threw her head back with a gasp when I gripped her ass tight, intentionally sending sparks of pain all throughout her body.

“Fuck.” I curse under my breath from the sight of her.

Madelyn shifted and is now watching me with every inch of her focus as I slowly raise her left leg, hooking it over my shoulder.

It leaves her completely spread open for me and I can’t hold myself back as my mouth moves forward and my head dips down.

“Shit!” Madelyn swears when my tongue lashes against her clit harshly, licking and sucking and flicking it with my mouth.

I knew the suddenness had her head going even more floaty, which is why my free hand pulls back and lands a hard slap to her burning ass.

Madelyn’s screams are addictive as I draw them out of her, and it only provides as further encouragement for me.

My arm wraps around the thigh over my shoulder, holding tightly as my tongue moves down to her entrance.

“Oh god!” She cries as her tears drip down her face and her legs tremble around my head.

My eyes are on hers the entire time as my tongue moves inside of her, fucking her with it roughly.

I hum as her taste floods my mouth, every one of my senses consumed by Madelyn.

The tremble in her body tells me she’s about to climax, and I’m more than ready to devour her when she’s ready.

“Go on, sweetheart. Come for me.” I say against her pussy before latching onto her clit.

Madelyn screams as my teeth scrape against the sensitive bundle of nerves, and I can’t help but smirk when I spank her one last time.

The pain and pleasure all channel into one massive orgasm that sends Madelyn’s body spiraling.

“That’s it.” I encourage, my tongue lapping against her in lazy strokes as both of my hands have to hold her still.

I don’t allow a single bit of her release to go unnoticed, consuming every part of her.

Madelyn’s face is soaked in tears, her eyes bright from the wetness of them.

Her skin is red, her body is trembling, and she has never looked more beautiful.

I see the way her muscles loosen entirely, and the physical shift of all of her worries and stresses freeing themselves from her mind.

I don’t stop until Madelyn becomes overly sensitive, pulling my mouth off of her core and turning my head to place one single kiss to the thigh over my shoulder.

I just realized I had been unconsciously running circles with my thumb to slowly bring her down from her high, but I continued to do it as I rose from my knees and towered over her once again.

Neither of us say a word as my arms raise upwards, my fingers making quick work of the shackles around her wrists.

As predicted, the second her hands were free, Madelyn began to drop, but I was quicker than that.

Wrapping both of my arms around her body, I pick her up and allow her head to fall tiredly onto my shoulder.

“You did so good, sweetheart.” I praise, walking over to the couch and sitting down with her body now straddling mine.

I’m already seeing some very minor indicators of a subdrop coming on, but I do everything I can to keep on top of it, one of them being reaching down to grab a warm, thick blanket to wrap around her now shivering body.

“I’m very proud of you, Mads.” I honestly say as I press her chest to my body and lean both of us back slightly. I end up wrapping the blanket around us both.

I help Madelyn to slowly re-tap into all of her senses, doing what I can to keep her grounded.

Her head is tucked into the side of my neck, the scent of my body wash no doubt apparent to her sense of smell.

I continue speaking words of praise and encouragement, running my hands soothingly down her back and against her neck.

Today was a lot of new for both her and myself, and that’s one of the reasons why right now is so important.

I think I’ve successfully brought Madelyn down for now, but I don’t rush anything as the two of us just sit here together.

“Xavier.” Her quiet voice murmurs against my neck, the caress of her warm breath sending a heated feeling through me.

“Mhm?” I say, noticing the way her hips shift forward so she becomes flush against my bare chest.

There’s a small pause between us, but then Madelyn repeats the same words that I’ve said to her more than once before.

“Thank you.”

In return, I held her a little tighter, not allowing myself to yet think about the deeper meaning behind her words.


- End of Chapter 39 -

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