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Chapter 40 : Madelyn

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Chapter 40 : Madelyn
Friday, August 6th, 2021

I feel really, really warm right now.

It took me a long time to realize I had been moved into Xavier’s lap, but now that things have come back into focus, I just feel warm and secure and genuinely happy.


That one single word was spoken like a promise and it had my heart racing a little quicker than it had before.

Everything about today has only confirmed just how strong my feelings are for Xavier, and right now, no matter how close my body is to him, I needed more.

“Daddy.” I say, angling my head and planting nothing more than a ghost of a kiss to the side of Xavier’s neck.

I want him so bad, and the hard length pressing between my thighs tells me the feeling’s mutual.

“Madelyn.” Xavier counters, but his hands drop to my hips, stopping them as I move to grind forward against his erection.

“Mhm?” I hum, darting my tongue out and teasing the sensitive part of his neck before sucking lightly on his pulse point.

“We can’t do this tonight... not when you were just completely spaced out and shaking only minutes ago.”

I took my one hand and ran it through the dark hair at the base of his neck. Tugging hard, I tried to show I had control over my body again, even though my muscles burned and my skin still felt hot from the flogging.

“I want you, Daddy.” I say, moving my attention up to the hard line of his jaw and the perfectly trimmed stubble on his cheek.

I knew my words hit a spot because his grip on my hips loosened just slightly as a deep groan fell from his lips.

Within the same second, a surprised gasp came from my own as my braid was suddenly curled in Xavier’s fist and yanked back.

Forced to look at his face, eyes that were nearly black stared back at me, his jaw visibly flexing and unflexing in contemplation.

“You want me to fuck you?” Xavier asks what we both already know the answer to.

When I nod, his free hand moves to rub against my ass, the skin heating and tingling from the multiple lashes it’s already taken today.

“Then beg for it.” Xavier says, causing the small, desperate rocks of my hips to cease entirely. “What, now you choose to stop teasing me?”

I really don’t know what to say, but somehow I end up muttering a single, “Please, Daddy.”

I mentally wince at how pathetic that sounded, well aware that that was not what Xavier had in mind when I was told to beg.

The corners of Xavier’s mouth turn up slightly as a soft chuckle falls past his lips.

“In subspace, I guarantee you would have been pleading me a lot louder and better than that, sweetheart.” Xavier says into my ear, his hand letting go of my hair and moving to trace down the side of my body.

It took me a moment to understand what his words meant, as well as why he was suddenly touching me again, but I then realized that asking me to beg was a test.

Xavier knew me well enough to know that if I were completely in control of my thoughts, I would have acted the same way I just did: holding myself back due to embarrassment and uncertainty.

Once I realize that also means Xavier isn’t going to hold back anymore, things begin to heat up and my heart starts to speed once again in desire.

“Though,” Xavier says, pulling me forward by the waist and angling my hips down in the process, “I still want to hear you beg for my cock.”

That had me squirming in his lap, and my eyes broke contact with his as I nervously bit my lip.

“Don’t overthink it.” Xavier helps, kissing the corner of my mouth before guiding my hips away and back forward again.

My clit brushed against the material of his pants with every movement, causing my core to tighten and wanting more.

“Please, Daddy.” I begin again, keeping my eyes down to where our bodies meet, “I need you so bad.”

Xavier moans as I continue to rub myself against his covered length, the sound vibrating straight to my clit and causing my face to grow flushed once again.

“Tell me what you want, sweetheart.” He says before rocking his hips upwards, grinding myself down to rub ourselves against each other.

I still feel sensitive everywhere from earlier and I can’t help but gasp as my clit is dragged over Xavier again and again.

“You.” I squirm, but Xavier doesn’t let me move far, “I don’t care how, I just want to feel you inside of me.”

I know my cheeks are likely bright red in embarrassment, but the carnal look of desire in his eyes has me soaked and highly distracted.

“You want my cock, is that it?” Xavier asks in my ear, causing my head to spin from the deep, sensual tone of his voice.

I don’t answer quickly enough, and in punishment, a hard slap is landed on my ass, causing me to jerk forward and rub harshly against the rough material of his pants.

“Yes, Daddy.” I whimper, moving my hands down the stunning ink covering this body until I reach his waistline.

“Alright slut. Since you asked so nicely, go on and finish undressing me.”

I don’t have to be told twice as I slide off of his lap and sink to my knees on the ground. Xavier’s legs part to make space for my body in response.

Looking up through my lashes, I teasingly run my palm over his crotch before dragging my fingers up to his belt buckle.

Lust pours out of me as I drag his zipper down, but when my eyes look to where my hands are, I quickly realize that Xavier isn’t wearing any underwear.

I know the smirk on his face is because he knows how turned on I am, but I plan to make it drop as my hand reaches into his pants and pulls out the hot length of him.

Holy shit.

My eyes widen and look up at Xavier to see that his smirk has only grown.

“Tell me, sweetheart. Have you ever taken someone who’s pierced before?”

I don’t know why I’m so surprised, but the metallic piercing protruding the tip of his cock caught me off guard.

I guess until now, I’ve never really touched Xavier in this way, but now that I have, I don’t want to stop.

Precum was spilling from his leaking tip, but when I dipped my head to taste him, a hand reached down and gripped onto my hair demandingly.

“I don’t believe that’s what I told you to do.” Xavier says, causing dread to flow through me. “Stand up and go lay on the bed.” He orders, and on shaky limbs, I do.

God, please tell me he’s not changing his mind to punish me.

My clit has begun to hurt from how hard it’s throbbing, and all I want is him.

I end up on my back, my hands crossing over my stomach as I wait for Xavier to join me.

He never said I couldn’t look at him, so I took advantage of that, turning my head to watch as he pulled his pants the rest of the way off, his dick raised and resting against his lower stomach.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

His girth looks big enough to genuinely hurt, but yet again, I’m probably going to enjoy myself even more because of it.

It doesn’t mean I’m not worried though. It doesn’t help when I can’t tell what Xavier’s intentions are as his knee is placed on the bed, the mattress dipping slightly under his weight.

Was he going to do this now? I know I practically begged for him to fuck me, but my legs remained clenched tightly together, making no move to accommodate the width of his large body.

Xavier doesn’t care as his knees nudge mine far apart, forcing my legs open as his waist fills the space between my thighs.

A small amount of his weight presses down against my chest as he inches forward, a hand being placed on either side of my head.

I couldn’t move anywhere now, and Xavier knew that as a sinful look appeared across his face.

“Trust me.” He says, leaning forward and licking a line across my bottom lip that had my legs tightening around his waist.

“You’re too big—” I began, but my words were swallowed by my gasp when two fingers were suddenly plunged inside of me.

I was already so wet that I could not only feel, but hear each movement he made.

“As much as my ego loves to hear you say those words, I can assure you that I’m going to fit.”

I can’t even argue as he continues to stroke me, pressing against my g-spot over and over again as he works up my body.

“Daddy, please.” I whimper when his thumb presses hard against my clit, before retreating slightly and running in feather light circles.

It’s much worse than the harshness of the former, because his gentle teasing somehow only made everything more sensitive.

“You look so pretty right now.” Xavier says against my lips before purposely brushing against them, “I can’t wait to see your face as you shatter around my cock, but I need to prepare you first.”

Prepare me?

“F-fuck.” I curse when a third finger is added, all of them pumping upwards at a much faster pace that has me moaning and squirming uncontrollably.

“Hm, does that feel good?” He asks, knowing damn well it does.

Just laying on my back hurts from all of the lashes I’ve received, and I think that’s why things are building up so quickly.

Everything hurts. Everything feels so so good.

My hips try to buck up into Xavier’s touch, but he doesn’t let me, so instead, I place a hand on the base of his neck and smash my lips against his.

Kissing Xavier is definitely one of my new favourite things to do, and when he moans into my mouth as I tug his hair, I turn molten beneath him.

“Daddy... I—”

“Don’t come. Not yet.” He counters, not giving me a chance to protest as his mouth claims mine again.

I could feel myself tightening around his fingers, and I knew that my orgasm was approaching when a familiar knot tightened in my stomach.

I wasn’t allowed to come, but every single factor was against me.

My whimpers and movements in protest only caused Xavier to go harder and to work me up that much quicker.

He didn’t make a single thing easy for me, and just as I was about to start begging, his mouth pulled away from mine.

No words were said as Xavier simply watched as my face contorted in pleasure.

“You’ve been so good for me tonight.” Xavier smirks, and while his tone was praising, I knew there was an ulterior motive behind his statement. “Good behavior deserves to be rewarded.”

Then why won’t he let me orgasm?

My legs are shoved farther apart, so that my knees are propped up and spread to fit his large frame between them.

Looking down between our bodies, my legs begin to shake.

I can’t help it as I stop fighting my climax when I see Xavier pumping his cock with his own hand while watching my face.

“Come now.” He says before pulling his fingers out of me abruptly.

It didn’t matter because I was already orgasming, but I barely had time to comprehend what was going in their place before I felt the tip of Xavier’s dick nudge my entrance.

“Fuck!” I screamed as my mouth parted and Xavier slammed all the way inside of me while my climax was only beginning. “Oh my god—”

My words were completely drowned out when two fingers were shoved in my mouth, my release coating them and drool spilling down the corner of my mouth.

“Jesus, Madelyn.” Xavier groaned, not moving but remaining inside of me to the hilt.

He hurt so bad, but that was half of the pleasure as I continued to spasm and clamp down on his length, moaning and trembling through every second of my orgasm.

I couldn’t even speak as my lips closed around Xavier’s fingers, sucking my come off of them the same way I would his cock.

Painfully and slowly, he pulled his hips back only to slide back in, hard enough that my body had moved up the bed slightly.

I could feel his piercing drag against my walls with the action, and that single thrust broke both of our control.

Replacing his fingers, Xavier’s mouth met mine in a searing kiss.

Our lips and tongues were clashing against each other in a mess, but when Xavier let out a deep moan of pleasure, I knew I was done for.

Aftershocks of my orgasm continued to spark within me, but I was brutally fucked through it.

I could barely even think as both of my feet hooked around his waist, pulling Xavier into me and forcing him to push back in. At the same time, my hips thrusted upwards, meeting his and taking him deeper inside of me.

Xavier didn’t like me having even that smallest bit of control though, biting my lip hard before pulling away and placing a hand on my neck to pin me down.

I nearly cried as I felt him pull all the way out until only his swollen head was being swallowed by my cunt.

My first instinct was to protest the loss of contact, but my words got lost when Xavier’s free hand reached back and slid over the skin of my thigh.

I let out a breathy gasp as he grabbed my left leg, untangling it from his body and stretching it up so that it rested on his shoulder, placing me into something like a vertical split.

The movement had his cock slipping from my body entirely, but with his chest now pushing my leg between our chests, I could only look at him in confusion as the hard length of him was grabbed in his hand.

“Alec wasn’t lying. You really do feel like heaven and hell all at once.” Xavier mutters, his voice gruff.

They spoke about me?

Before I could even ask about it, my thoughts were replaced by a whimper as he rubbed the head of his cock against my extremely sensitive clit.

My body jerked as his piercing torturously massaged the bundle of nerves causing me to groan out something inaudibly.

“Yes, sweetheart?” He smirked in question, amused by my desperation and inability to form cohesive sentences.

“Just fuck me already... Daddy,” I dutifully added at the end.

My head had angled to look at Xavier’s eyes, and a rush of heat ran through me before he did as I asked, sinking deep back into me.

My pussy swallowed him inch by inch, and at the last moment, Xavier’s hips jutted forward hard.

I quite literally felt like I was being split in half from this new angle as my breath caught in my throat. I couldn’t even cry from the feelings flooding me, the pleasure too intense to allow my brain to comprehend even the simplest of thoughts.

“Is this what you wanted, my sweet submissive?”

My senses were highly aware of him watching and soaking in my every expression, but I couldn’t meet his eyes as mine rolled to the back of my head.

With my left leg being pressed against my chest, it opened me up in an entirely different way, Xavier taking advantage of how much harder and deeper he could thrust into me.

With every movement, Xavier pulled out until only his tip remained before slamming back in, his tight hold on my body preventing me from escaping these overwhelming sensations.

Over and over, I was left nearly empty, only to be filled to the hilt within the next second.

The sounds coming out of me were no longer human as my body was used and teased and manipulated in the most beautiful ways until I thought I was going to break.

My eyes had fluttered shut a long while ago, but with Xavier’s hand cupping my cheek, his voice soon forced them back open.

“Look up at me with those pretty eyes so I can watch you struggle, sweetheart.” His voice was pure sex as he said it.

And struggle, I did.

Pulling hard at my already sore nipple, Xavier’s action drew my eyes open to look at him, water forming at the edges of them.

I could barely keep up with anything around me as my hips were raised slightly, triggering yet another earth-shattering orgasm.

His black eyes held my body as much as his hands did, fucking me to the point of no return and turning my brain to absolute mush.

I knew Xavier had to be close, but he never stopped ramming into me, giving me no break or reprieve from the overstimulation.

“I can’t! I can’t!” I cried softly, trying to move away, but finding nowhere to go.

Right after, I felt warm, wet tears begin to spill down my cheeks, seeing Xavier smile through my blurry vision.

“What’s wrong, can’t take it?” Xavier taunted, his large hand playing and kneading my breast painfully, “Where’d all that fight go, sweetheart? You were begging for my cock only minutes ago.”

His tone was cruel, but it only caused clamp down harder around him in desire.

“I-It’s too much.” I sobbed, no doubt a mess, but the way Xavier was looking at me right now made me feel like the most beautiful person in the world.

“You can take it.”

Xavier doesn’t allow room for anymore conversation, bringing his mouth down to the crook of my neck and placing open mouthed kisses against the skin there.

His tongue lathed against my shoulder as my muscles shook beneath him, praying that this moment could both last forever and end now, so my body could get a break.

“Please, Daddy.” My breath hitched on a choked breath as I felt Xavier’s hot mouth nip at the spot right below my ear.

“Come for me, sweetheart. Be a good girl and make a mess all over my cock.”

I couldn’t stop nor handle myself as I dove headfirst into a pool of euphoria, my body giving out on me and going limp as Xavier chased his own release.

With a deep roll of his hips, I began to gush uncontrollably, crying out and bursting with pleasure.

Xavier’s moans blended with mine as we lost ourselves in each other, his dick swelling and twitching inside of me.

Letting out a strained cry from my own mouth, Xavier’s head fell into the crook of my neck at the same moment.

His thrusts soon lost their rhythm and became erratic as he continued to use my body for his own pleasure, my pussy soaking him with every movement.

I screamed as he thrusted one final time, slamming all the way inside of me and remaining there. Xavier’s groan rumbled throughout my entire body as he too shook as he came.

I felt his release coat my walls, the two of us undoing each other and holding our trembling bodies for support.

While Xavier held himself just above me, I could still feel the rapid beat of his heart matching mine, heavy pants leaving both of our mouths.

- End of Chapter 40 -

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