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Chapter 41 : Caleb

Chapter 41 : Caleb
Saturday, August 7th, 2021

“Caleb, no.” Madelyn protests, but this is something I’m not going to budge on.

“You’re sore and you need a break.” I say again, my eyes flicking over her body.

“But that means I won’t see you again until next week.”

Even though that’s not what I had planned, I did make the decision to not spend the night with Madelyn in the playroom today.

Yesterday with Xavier was a really big day for her, and I know that considering she was teetering on the edge of sub drop last night, it’s safest to wait a full twenty-four hours before we try anything again.

However, not seeing her at all today isn’t something I want to give up either.

“Or you could just stay here to hang out for the day with the promise of many orgasms in the morning.” I wink as she eats the last bite of her sandwich.

“That wasn’t why I didn’t want you to cancel tonight’s scene.” She flushes, standing from her spot on the couch and moving to place her plate in the dishwasher.

I know.

“Then stay for the day,” I offer, following behind and placing my plate next to hers, “I have to work, but you’re more than welcome to keep me company.”

It takes her practically no time to agree, but I can tell she’s still a little disappointed about our first individual scene being postponed.

I would’ve loved to try a game out with her with much less clothes and darker lighting, but I’ll just have to save it for tomorrow.

“So you’ll stay, darling?” I inquire, smiling at her inhale when I close the washing machine door before moving to pin her between my body and the counter.

“Of course.” Madelyn’s expression matches my own as her head tilts up to meet mine. “Though I am still very sad about the no orgasm thing.” She fake pouts, her one hand on my bicep and the other moving to caress the back of my neck.

Smirking at her obvious intentions, I lower my head so that my mouth hovers right overtop of hers.

“Maybe this will make it better, darling.” I play along, happily taking advantage of the lack of distance between us.

Dipping my head that extra inch, I instantly grow warm at the feeling of her soft lips pressing against mine.

It’s gentle and slow, but it has me instantly enraptured in Madelyn’s touch.

“If that’s what working qualifies as, then count me in.” Alec jokes as he walks into the living room to our left, causing Madelyn to turn her head.

The pink on her cheeks makes it seem as if we were caught doing something we shouldn’t have, and it brings amusement to course through me.

“And what exactly have you done for work today, Alec.” Madelyn counters, her eyes looking over his shirtless form.

It’s clear he’s just left our personal gym and has done very little business work so far today.

“This body doesn’t come for free, princess.” Alec makes a dramatic show of showing his muscles before looping the counter towards Madelyn.

At some point, she had moved beside me, but her body grew stiff as Alec continued to walk right towards her.

I smile because I already know what my friend’s intentions are, and the look on Madelyn’s face shows she knows it too.

“Wait!” She laughs, her eyes looking for the quickest escape.

“I meant it when I said count me in.” Alec teases, taking quick steps towards where the two of us are.

“You’re covered in sweat, and I’m willing to bet you stink too.” Madelyn laughs, causing me to smile along with her.

Her green eyes look up at me for any kind of support in this, but I just wink at her as she goes to grab my body as a shield.

“Are you kidding? I’m not kissing him for you.” I say, pivoting so that Madelyn is now in front of me, Alec extremely close by.

“Traitor.” Madelyn lets out an amused mumble under her breath before bolting away.

I watch as Alec follows, moving in to grab her, but he makes the mistake of dropping his guard entirely.

Madelyn sees the opening and manages to catch Alec off balance with a quick bend of the knee, her body dipping away from his before running away with a giggle.

The sound of her laugh truly makes me happy, and I can’t remember the last time myself nor Alec have smiled like this.

“No!” Madelyn shrieks as Alec quickly recovers, catching up to her with three long strides.

Her body is picked up by the waist, and naturally, Madelyn’s legs wrap around Alec’s body for support and balance.

Her arms move over Alec’s shoulders as he brings his head down to kiss her, holding her tight despite Madelyn’s true claims of him just coming from his long workout.

“Now I’m all gross too.” Madelyn’s nose wrinkles, her hands playing with Alec’s dark curls as her eyes move over to me.

The corners of her eyes are crinkled in happiness, a wide smile across her face.

Fuck, she’s gorgeous.

Even that in itself is an understatement.

“I guess I’ll just have to clean you up then.” Alec plants yet another kiss to her cheek, and I can’t help but agree.

Alec’s hair is nearly soaked right now and I can’t imagine Madelyn wants to spend the rest of the day smelling like someone post workout.

“Go shower.” I encourage, stepping away from the counter, “Though, feel free to join me in my office when you’re done.” I say, giving her a wink as Alec moves to carry her up the stairs and likely to his room.

This is, of course, despite Madelyn’s protest that she can walk herself.

I just grin at her stubbornness, knowing Alec is probably going to do all of the cleaning for her too. Though, I doubt she’ll have any complaints about that.

Once their muffled conversation fades out completely down the upper hall, I make my way over to my office, making sure to clean up any mafia related work from Madelyn’s vision.


As usual, I find myself completely lost in my work until the soft knock of a hand sounds from my door.

“Come in.” I call, already knowing it’s Madelyn as I turn my spinning chair to face the entrance.

A second later, I see the handle twist and the door crack open to reveal a wet haired, smiling Madelyn.

“Darling.” I say in greeting, gesturing for her to close the door behind her.

I have to admit, it’s extremely weird having someone else other than Xavier and Alec in here, but it’s a good kind of weird more than anything.

I already find myself smiling as Madelyn walks in and awkwardly stands beside me, noting that there’s only one chair in this room and it’s currently being occupied.

Twisting myself, I grab Madelyn’s wrist to spin her before bringing her back to take a seat on top of me.

I plant a kiss on her temple when she hisses in discomfort from her ass, only confirming that it was a smart move to postpone our night together.

Hell, I can’t really complain about this though, can I?

I can already feel myself growing hard beneath her as Madelyn continues to squirm and shift in my lap.

I can’t stop it, but I feel her freeze when she notices it.

“Sorry.” She lets out a slightly embarrassed mumble causing me to chuckle.

I’ll never get over how such little things cause her to get worked up.

“How was your shower?” I smile, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her back flush against my body. Her head ends up naturally falling against my shoulder.

The very fact it was a reflex for her had me wishing I could somehow bring Madelyn even closer to me.

“It was good.” She answers, her squirming finally coming to a full cease, “I’ve never even seen a shower head come from the roof though.” Madelyn chuckles, referring to the waterfall shower head that’s built into the ceiling.

“Yeah, it was quite the shock for me too when we first built this place.” I respond, remembering how different so many things were before I met Jolene, Alec, and Xavier.

The sudden thoughts of my past are something I instantly shove down, holding Madelyn a little bit tighter for the support she doesn’t realize she’s giving me.

“Who’s that?” Madelyn asks after a pause, noting the image of a man currently opened on my screen.

“Work.” I say, bringing my mouth down slightly to her ear, “This stuff is really private and only things Alec, Xavier, and I really ever see. I need your word you’ll keep this entirely to yourself.”

I see the corners of her eyebrows furrow at this, but she turns slightly, her eyes meeting mine.

“I promise.” She agrees in curiosity, trying to figure out what she’s looking at on the screen.

I fill in the blanks for her the second she turns back to my computer.

“This is the profile of a person applying to become a VIP member at Rush.” I tell her, my eyes flicking over the man in his mid forties known as Carson Law.

“Why are you showing me this?” Madelyn asks in interest.

“One, it means I get to spend more time with you.” I begin, liking the way her expression shows that feeling is more than mutual, “And two, I thought this might make you feel a little more comfortable around the club.”

Once again, she shifts.

“How so?” Madelyn questions.

Moving my mouse with my hand, I click “open file”, the screen showing endless amounts of personal information on Carson Law.

“Every single member of our club has to go through extremely in-depth background checks before their application is accepted.” I explain, “Hired professionals by us complete these screenings, and then a general report is sent over to me, the one who makes the final decision.”

I quickly skip over things like name, address, personal cell, and things like that, scrolling right to the section I was searching for with all of the findings and results.

I zoom in just slightly for Madelyn to see.

“This man has no concerning matters on his criminal record nor social media, he’s educated, trained through our business in the beginners course to becoming a slave, and based on his credit history and current income, it’s clear there will be no problem with him paying us his fees.”

I watch as Madelyn’s eyes widen slightly at all of this information. The facts I voiced are barely even the beginning of just how detailed every report is.

“To answer your question, darling, I just wanted you to see for yourself that not just anyone with money is able to attend that section of the building. Every bartender, security guard, paying member, and janitor, they’re all hand chosen by myself personally or someone I know is trustworthy.”

I see understanding pass over her features, now knowing the vast extent of safety measures that are in place and consistently maintained.

I want Madelyn to feel more than comfortable everywhere she is with us, the club being especially high on the list of locations.

“So that’s your job then? Hand selecting the new members of Rush?”

“One of many.” I say, my eyes quickly wandering over all of the clean records scored for various things in this man’s life, “This isn’t the most exciting part of what I do, but I figured it would give both of us a chance to relax for a little while before later.”

“Later?” Madelyn’s eyebrows raise in question, her pretty eyes locking on mine.

“Well since you’re going to be at work all night, I figured we could maybe take you out for an early dinner before you start?”

I watch as her eyes light up and a small smile tugs at the sides of her lips.

“I’d really like that.” Madelyn says, planting a small kiss to the line of my jaw before turning back to look at my computer screen.

I was a little surprised by her act of affection, but I wasn’t complaining in the least.

I love how easy things are feeling with her. It’s like nothing else matters but me, her, and my two best friends. Honestly, it’s a feeling I thought I’d never get to indulge in.

“Good,” I smirk, shifting slightly beneath her, “Because I’d really like that too.”


I walk into the living room to spot Xavier and Alec leaning against the railing of our balcony connected to the side.

I can tell things are tense between them, but it’s been that way since Xavier’s decided to start keeping secrets.

Sure, I’m a little hurt that he won’t tell me, but even more, I’m concerned about how big this information must be for Xavier to keep it from the two closest people in his life.

My plan was to talk to both of them before we left, but seeing as they’re already deep in conversation, I decided to go upstairs to see how Madelyn’s doing instead.

She said she wanted to head upstairs to lay down for a little before we headed out, and I last saw her an hour ago where she’d gotten comfortable under the covers of my bed.

It’s very clear that yesterday had drained her, which is yet another reason why I canceled our scene for today.

I do know, however, that with the proper continuous care, she’ll be more than ready to meet with me tomorrow as a substitute for tonight.

Moving up the stairs two at a time, I turn down the hallway and take a couple of steps towards the door to my bedroom.

It doesn’t take me long as I quietly open my door and find a heap of Madelyn’s golden blonde hair splayed out across my pillow, a content breath coming from her body.

The sight affects me in so many different ways, but the most prominent one is me wondering what the hell I did right to deserve the privilege of calling this woman mine?

Ever so quietly shutting the door behind me, I walk inside and towards Madelyn’s form. I find half of her face buried in my pillow and the other half showing her eyes pinched together and her eyebrows narrowed slightly.

Is she having a nightmare?

Stepping towards her side of the bed, I move over the sheets in front of her and lay down to look at her beautiful features showing both relaxation and something else, but I’m not sure what.

Just as my hand reaches up to her face to wake her, a small moan escapes her mouth causing me to freeze entirely in surprise.

Her lips are parted ever so slightly, and a smirk pulls up across my mouth as I realize what kind of dream she’s really having.

Instinctively, I notice how Madelyn’s leg finds mine in her sleep, hooking over my shin just to have some form of contact with me.

“Sir, please,” I hear a small whimper fall from her mouth, and I silently groan at how hot she is before I get an idea.

Smiling to myself, I feel my own cheeks grow warm as my hand breezes over Madelyn’s collarbones, chest, and stomach before finding the waistline of those teasing little shorts she put on this morning.

They made it very easy for me to slip my hand past the stretchy material, beneath the simple underwear she has on, and straight to her heat.

The second my fingers found her slit, they became soaked as more noises of pleasure fell past Madelyn’s slightly parted lips.

My eyes were full of desire as I watched her, sinking two of my fingers inside and curling them up to tease against her spot.

Madelyn was already so turned on from the dream that her walls were clamping down and tightening around me, her body seemingly ready to orgasm from just a few strokes.

She very well just might.

Thanks to her leg hooked over my own, it leaves her spread open just enough that my thumb can come up to find her clit.

Her hips began to rock in small, desperate circles, seeking out my every touch with every movement, but something was missing.

I wanted her awake when she orgasmed, I knew that for certain.

Sinking my fingers deeper inside of her, I added just enough pressure to her clit to have her eyes fluttering open and meeting mine in a slight daze.

Her eyelashes followed as she glanced down before pinching shut again in pleasure.

“Come.” My voice is a quiet demand, but it’s one Madelyn happily obliges.

Her release quickly found my fingers as I continued to pump them upwards, moving in to kiss her bottom lip that was begging to be taken as her mouth parted in pleasure.

I soaked up every second of her orgasm, smiling as I nipped at her mouth, kissing her even though her mind was too foggy to do anything but lazily meet my actions.

Her chest pants heavily as her eyes slowly open back up, blinking as she meets my icy blue gaze.

“That was one hell of a wake up.” Madelyn lets out a small smile as she shifts closer to me, “Is it time to go?” She murmurs against my mouth after a moment of breath.

I seem to need to catch my own as her thumb mindlessly traces over my jaw as if it has a brain of its own controlling it.

“Whenever you’re ready.” I answer, wishing we could just lay like this forever.

I honestly think if I could, I would.

A small sigh leaves Madelyn’s body as she forces herself up from her reclined position, untangling the leg she just realized was wrapped over my own.

I roll onto my back and watch as Madelyn steps off the bed and over to the mirror mounted on the wall.

Her small fingers idly play with the strands of her hair, moving them back into place on either side of her middle part.

Unlike other times, I just noticed she wasn’t wearing any makeup today.

I also saw there was a small indent on the side of her face from where her cheek rested against the crumpled pillow, and I couldn’t help but smile to myself at how relaxed she looked.

“What?” Madelyn grinned as her eyes met mine in the mirror.

She had caught me staring.

“Don’t you remember what I said the first time I was with you at Jolene’s?” I answer a question with a question.

It takes her a second, but the moment I see her cheeks flush, I know she understands what I’m referring to.

“I like to look at nice things.”

Madelyn is not a thing by any means, but she is breathtakingly stunning and I’m reminded of that every single time I even think of her.

Instead of responding to that, Madelyn turns towards me, her eyes glancing over my attire.

“Should I be changing into something more... formal?” She asks with a tilt of her head.

In the previous times we’ve gone out, we’ve all been in suits and Madelyn dresses.

Today however, my grayish-blue pants and black shirt were as fancy as I planned on getting.

“No need. I figured we’d just grab some burgers and shakes from a place downtown and then find a quiet place to park and eat.” I say.

“Really?” Madelyn’s smile widens immensely at my words causing a chuckle to fall from my mouth.

“Yes, really.” I wink, “You didn’t really think we just ate at posh restaurants all the time, did you?”

“Can you blame me?” She says, walking over to the bed and jumping so she lands on her stomach right next to me, “These are your casual clothes, and I’m willing to bet your outfit is at least a couple hundred dollars all together.”

She’s not wrong.

“Well I can assure you that all three of us have a large weak spot for good fast food, just as much as five course meals.”

Madelyn seems to really like the idea of going out to something less fancy, and honestly, I feel the same way.

Places like the River Cafe are amazing every once and a while, but listening to music and driving down a highway is just as good for me.

There’s a small pause between us before a teasing grin forms on my face, my eyes glancing over the sight of her laying in nearly the same position as the one I woke her up in.

“What were you dreaming about?” I ask, noticing the way her face flushes to a deep shade of pink, her eyes dropping from mine.

“We should probably head downstairs. I’m sure Xavier and Alec are wondering where we are.” She diverts, flipping over and moving to get off of the bed.

“Oh I don’t think so, darling.” I say, and before she can move another inch, I’m on her.

Madelyn says my name as I move her onto her back, my hands grabbing hers and pinning them above her head.

Her hips go to buck up to move away, but I beat her to it, straddling her so she can’t go anywhere I’m not.

“Now I’m even more curious since it’s something you won’t share.” I grin as Madelyn realizes I’m not letting her get out of this.

“Caleb.” She says again, trying to move her hands but failing with every attempt.

“What was the dream about, Mads?” I ask again, my light hair hanging over my forehead as Madelyn’s splays beside her.

“Just things.”

“Things?” I repeat her unhelpful response.

“Mhm.” She hums, defiance in her eyes, “And stuff too.”

“Stuff and things?”

“Glad we’re on the same page.” She quips, amusement lacing her every word.

My free hand cups the side of Madelyn’s face, my thumb trailing over her bottom lip.

“I wonder what kind of motivation you need to open up then?” I say, thinking of ideas as her eyes flash in slight uncertainty, “I could punish you for not answering me the second I asked, but I really did think Alec and I’s demonstration from a couple nights ago was enough to show you what happens when you disobey.”

Unless a safe word is called, I’m going to get to the bottom of this.

I’ve already decided that.

“Though, I’m feeling a little generous today.” I smirk at how just my tone alone has Madelyn becoming turned on again, “Tell me what I want to know now and my urge to tie you up as Xavier, Alec, and I use you for nothing more than a pretty sight to look at will fade away.”

Madelyn’s reaction to my words has me hardening fully, and I can instantly tell I broke through to her.

“Okay.” She says, her arms no longer trying to fight me as her cheeks flush in embarrassment.

I wait patiently for her to form her words, my eyes watching every feature on her face.

“We were in the playroom.” Madelyn begins, biting her cheek for just a moment before continuing, “You were behind me.” She says.

“And...” I smile, my thumb absently encouraging her as I hold her face in my hand.

“And Xavier was at my front while Alec was to my side.” There’s a small pause before she said, “I was taking all three of you at once, but just as I was about to orgasm in my dream, I woke up to a real one instead.”

Madelyn didn’t look at me during her answer, but the flush on her face told me enough.

I’m going to make sure that dream of hers comes true one day, but right now, she really was right earlier when she said we were keeping the others waiting.

“Good girl.” I praise, bringing my lips down to kiss her in approval that she was willing and trusting enough to go out of her comfort zone at my request.

Her body naturally arches to meet mine, and I find myself wanting to take her right here, right now, not only to just be with each other, but to also reward her.

Instead, however, I find myself pulling away before I forget how to act like a gentleman and dismiss the idea of dinner all together.

- End of Chapter 41 -

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