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Chapter 42 : Madelyn

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Chapter 42 : Madelyn
Saturday, August 7th, 2021

When Caleb told me they were taking me out for burgers, I think I really misunderstood just how much these men enjoyed this joint downtown.

Each of their orders doubled mine in size easily, and they even bought extra so they could have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I got a chocolate shake with sweet potato fries and a BLT hamburger, while each of them had their own regular order that they’ve apparently gotten every single time since they moved to New York.

I took their word for it, enjoying the light conversation we all engaged in on the drive out to god knows where.

Alec was the one driving today in one of their convertibles, as usual, speeding at a rate that made my skin tingle with an edge of adrenaline.

We’d spent about fifteen minutes driving around after grabbing our food, but Alec promised that we’d be pulling over any second now.

I didn’t mind though.

Honestly, I enjoyed laughing with them all, especially when it came from Caleb and Xavier’s bickering and constant jabs thrown at each other.

They spoke like siblings would, and mostly, it was just straight up entertaining listening to Xavier’s mixture of seriousness and amusement, and Caleb’s humor and personality.

I was smiling until my face hurt, but I had a feeling that wasn’t going to end anytime soon, nor did I want it to.

“Wait, this is where we’re going?” I ask, my eyes flicking over the trees now on either side of the much narrower road.

There weren’t any streetlights on the side anymore, and the sound of cars on the main roadway had become nothing more than a distant hum after a few minutes.

“I figured some privacy might be nice.” Alec said, pulling into a massive circular clearing with the trees surrounding us on all sides.

The only noise to accompany were the crickets in the grass, the birds singing from the trees, and the low hum of the mostly quiet engine.

“How do you guys find places like this?” I smile, unbuckling my seat belt and twisting to find that we’re completely alone here.

“When you’ve lived here for as long as we have, you tend to get bored of the same old scenery and never ending busyness of the city.” Caleb says from the front seat.

So far I love New York, but I feel like after a year or two, I might very well develop the same itch to find new places— places like this.

I simply hummed in response, grabbing a hold of the three bags of food, passing the one up to the front which Caleb happily took.

The one full of their leftovers was placed at my feet while Xavier passed over the cups containing the chocolate shakes we all ordered.

I have to admit everything smelt great, and the low rumble of my stomach seemed to agree.

“I think this is yours,” Alec says from the front, and I pass him his burger in exchange.

I notice Xavier looking at me from my side, and when I turn to him, I don’t find him smiling but he does look happy.

A grin tugging at the corners of my mouth, I lean over and plant a kiss to Xavier’s cheek, smiling even harder that I caught him off guard.

“Thank you for dinner.” I say, since he paid for it.

I pulled away to move back to my seat, but Xavier didn’t give me the chance.

Tugging my waist, I was slid over until my hip and thigh met the side of his.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart.” He murmured in my ear for only me to hear, reaching over and placing my burger and box full of fries on my lap.

Caleb and Alec were talking to each other from the front seat, so they were mostly oblivious to the butterflies fluttering in my stomach as Xavier placed one arm around and over shoulders.

I shifted as I leaned into his touch, moving to unwrap the burger I got.

They’re all so good to me, and I can’t help but feel like the luckiest person in the world as the four of us all sit in the middle of nowhere, smiling like we’ve known each other for years.


“Like I didn’t already know that.” I snicker at Caleb’s mock offense.

“I’d watch that pretty mouth of yours if I were you, darling.” He counters causing my legs to tighten from where I’m still under Xavier’s arm.

“You can’t punish me for stating facts, Cal.” I flash a teasing grin, feeling a little light headed from how much I’ve been laughing in these last few hours.

“No, but I can for earlier.” His grin copies mine, but his is more promising and sinful.

I had a feeling he would mention my dream to Alec and Xavier at some point, but I can already tell this is going to be an interesting conversation based on the three sets of eyes I can heavily feel on my body now.

“That hesitancy of yours is going to land you in quite a bit of trouble with us, darling.” Caleb says, causing my heart to speed up a little bit.

“Maybe, but you already said you weren’t going to touch me tonight. I can’t help it that my body felt the need to take matters into its own hands.”

My inner brat is thriving right now off of this feeling, as well as the looks I got from all three of my doms.

Typically, I try to suppress her to save me some pain, but now that I know how good it can be, I think I’m finally going to let her out to play.

“You’d be surprised at how creative we can be, sweetheart.” Xavier says into my ear, his hot breath sending tingles all throughout my body and down to my core.

“But first,” Alec starts, “You’re going to tell us what Caleb’s talking about.”

Shit, I didn’t think this part out.

While a part of me craves this thrill, another is scared shitless because with Alec being who he is, he’s going to figure out that I lied to Caleb earlier.

“Don’t suppress any details either, princess.”


I have two options.

One, tell the truth, even though Caleb’s going to instantly realize I lied.

Two, play around with them for a while and take whatever punishment I know will come later.

I’ve been itching to ruffle up all three of their controlling demeanors, and I don’t think I can resist when such a perfect opportunity has arisen.

“Well since you guys no longer feel like giving me orgasms, I guess you could say I had a dream to make up for it in your absence.” I explain, even though I damn well understand why we’re not doing anything today.

While Xavier has been giving me soothing creams— mostly for my ass— all throughout the day, I’m still too sore to do a full scene tonight.

At my words, Caleb smiles, Alec’s eyes flash with challenge, and Xavier... Xavier places his free hand on my thigh, moving it until it’s on the inner, most sensitive part of it.

I gasp when his hand tightens, but then he lets go, his thumb rubbing soothing circles on the skin there.

“Please do continue, sweetheart.” He says, “I believe you were just about to tell us what happened in this dream of yours that you felt we aren’t capable of giving you.”

I swallowed nervously, but the adrenaline in my veins overpowered that sensible part of me by a long shot.

“Oh, and we want the truth, darling. Not that pathetic excuse for a lie that you spewed to me earlier.” Caleb said, his eyes locked on mine as he spoke.

He knew.

He knew I was lying this whole time and let me get away with it?

“You seem to be taking after Alec a little too well.” I simply say, trying to shift as Xavier continued to touch me, but there was nowhere for me to go.

We were literally in the middle of fucking nowhere.

“You don’t do what we do and not know how to read people, sweetheart.” Xavier says, causing my heart to race even more.

There’s that indirect hint of what I like to call their side business.

I’m almost certain they’re a part of some kind of gang type thing, but there’s still nothing I have that confirms I’m right.

“And what was it you said you did again?” I keep my voice neutral to cover just how desperately I was wanting an answer.

“We’re people of many talents,” Xavier simply says, sliding his hand up my leg slightly, “Especially on reminding brats of their place when they forget that it’s submitting to the people who can turn them into a pathetic mess in a matter of seconds.”

His words sent a shiver down the spine of my back, goosebumps appearing across my skin.

With the slightest motion of his head, Alec steps out of the car silently, very clearly demanding that I watch him as he moves and opens the trunk.

I can only focus on my breaths as a plain white bag is pulled out and brought towards me.

“You’re very very lucky that you’re still recovering from last night, princess.” Alec’s voice is low but dominant as he speaks.

His hand reaches in and rummages through the solid plastic bag, clearly taking his time on purpose, much to my disappointment.

“You’re also very lucky that we know how to temporarily improvise.” Caleb adds, no comfort to his voice at all.


I turn my eyes to look at him, and I can tell that he was displeased by my untruthfulness.

But Caleb wasn’t just upset about my lying. No, he was fucking pissed.

I’m smart enough to keep my mouth shut right now, but it doesn’t stop the frantic beat of my heart as all three men seem to have a silent conversation in contemplation.

It’s Xavier who breaks the pause, though it’s not his words, but his actions that elicit a gasp from my lips.

Not bothering to ask, Xavier hands both drop down to my waist and twist my body so that I’m kneeling on the padded seat of their convertible.

Before I get the chance to ask what he’s doing, his hand is placed on my lower back, forcefully pushing me down so that I’m bent over the back of their car.

My hips become tilted upwards from the small bump of the headrest I’m angled on top of.

“Such a bad girl. Lying to her dominants.” Alec tuts, tossing the bag to Caleb who’s currently moving into the backseat beside me.

My legs are pressed tightly together and my gaze remains down, even though I can see Alec’s outline as he takes a seat on the back of the car, right beside where my head was.

“You know, Madelyn,” My body tenses as I feel cool hands toy with the waistband of my shorts. Whether it’s Xavier or Caleb is a mystery, “I thought we were making progress with your training.” Alec says, causing unexpected shame to pass through me.

I can tell all of them are really angry with me, and I don’t want them to be.

I just can’t tell them what my dream was about.

I don’t know why I dreamt it, but it’s too embarrassing to say out loud to anyone, even myself.

“We meant it when we said there would be no scene tonight, so here’s how this is going to go.” Alec began, but my focus was partially grabbed by the two men behind me.

Caleb’s fingers hooked into my waistband, pulling down my shorts and underwear in one movement, while Xavier’s rough hands began roaming my body in the most teasing yet calming ways.

Even in disappointment, they’re trying to soothe me.

It caught me off guard, but I knew that despite that, nothing but my safeword would be strong enough to get me out of this.

“We had this ordered to play with sometime next week, but it would be a waste to wait when it’s the perfect addition to the beginning of your punishment.”

As if he were waiting for Alec to finish speaking, the second that last word was out, Xavier’s hand wound at the roots of my hair.

My mouth fell open and my scalp throbbed as my head was jerked back, my eyes rolling up to meet Alec’s angry green ones.

“I’m sorry.” Was all I could think to say, but none of them wanted that.

“No,” Caleb’s voice sounds in my ear, the cold air meeting the space between my thighs as he nudges them apart with his hands, “But you will be.”

The sound of a cap opening from behind me has me tensing, but Xavier’s other hand running circles along my back counters that feeling.

“We bought you a new toy to play with, brat, and you’re going to be a good little slut and let Caleb do as he pleases with it.”

The cold, slick feeling of lube is rubbed in circular motions around my rim, the feeling still unfamiliar enough to have me unrelaxed.

“That is of course while you look me in the eyes and tell us every dirty detail about your real dream.” Alec shows very little expression now other than control.

“I can’t.” I blush, my hips trying to move forward and away from Caleb at the feeling of his fingertip pushing inside of me.

The surprise at how much more easily it felt this time showed on my face, my eyes widening a fraction as Alec grabbed my face with one hand.

“What has you so hesitant from telling us the truth, princess?” Alec asks, shocking me slightly by his question, “Is it embarrassment... or perhaps fear?”


I tell him that too, forcing my eyes to remain open at the feeling of a second finger being nudged into my ass.

“Mm...” Alec hums in thought, “Maybe you just need some encouragement then?”

Xavier’s tight grip on my hair releases, my head falling into Alec’s steady hands.

A moment later, I can hear the sound of a box opening, and then an object being removed.

“Trust.” Xavier leans to murmur in my ear before his hand comes around to show me a teardrop shaped silicone toy in his hand.

I whimpered as Caleb sunk two fingers inside of me in one fluid thrust, my body squeezing him and fighting the urge to squirm.

“Do you trust us, Mads?” Alec asks, and my heart calms because I know I do, but starts to speed again because I know this is me giving in.

It’s me praying to god they would find my dream more amusing than questionable.

I chose to focus my thoughts on my next words, instead of the fact that Xavier just showed me a butt plug intended to be used on me within a few minutes.

“I do, Sir.” I say as my eyes look up to meet his, and a long breath comes from my body, “I don’t really know where to start.” I admit, subconsciously knowing Xavier has moved back to the backseat.

I quietly moaned when his finger began to circle my clit, making me aware of just how wet I am despite my fears of punishment.

My unsure response didn’t seem to anger Alec thankfully, his hand stroking the side of my cheek.

I’m not even sure he knows he’s doing it to be honest.

His eyes are entirely locked on mine as he seems to memorize every inch of my face.

“How about you start off by telling us where you were?” Alec helps, and my heart races because I know I have to tell the truth about everything.

“In the playroom, Sir.” My eyes fell shut when Caleb and Xavier both moved just faster enough to make it noticeable.

They were both being really gentle with me I realized, even as Alec’s voice was firm as he told me to look at him.

“I was on my back on the bed,” I continued, my face red as they all listened with complete interest, “My arms and legs were splayed out, tied to each corner of the bed.”

A slight smirk began to tug at Alec’s lips as I spoke, trying to keep my head sharp, despite the two men behind me.

“You were punishing me.” My voice was quiet, trying to find ways to stall from the real details, but not sure where to find them.

Alec gave me an encouraging nod to continue, though it didn’t calm me.

“I don’t remember why I was being punished, but... you guys were pretty much using me for your pleasure and never for mine for the whole night.”

A small smile appeared on Alec’s face at my words, as if that’s something he’d want to do.

I heard Caleb readjust from behind me before I felt his fingers start stroking me at a new angle that forced a moan past my lips.

The pleasure of it caused my knees to bow inward from surprise, but as if he was already expecting that, Xavier’s hand was there to push them back open.

“Go on, darling.” Caleb speaks for the first time in a while, “Sounds to me like we were just getting to the fun part.”

We were. But we weren’t.

Xavier seems to agree with Caleb’s statement as a deep hum in agreement came from him.

“You guys... you had finished all over my body multiple times, with always one of you fucking me.” I took a short breath in encouragement before continuing, “But you always made sure it was too brutal and too quick to bring me enough pleasure to come.”

I could feel my ears turning to fire in embarrassment, but I was soon more focused on the fact that Caleb pulled his fingers out of me after my words.

My heart raced at the sound of a cap opening yet again, but this time, I knew it was for more than fingers.

I squirmed in response, but Xavier placed a hand on my lower back and pressed hard enough to keep me pinned still.

“You’re doing really good, sweetheart.” Xavier suddenly spoke, as if sensing I needed that extra bit of comfort.

I did.

Especially when I felt a cold, wet toy meet my back entrance, running in circles just like his fingers did at the start.

Caleb didn’t push in though. Not yet.

Because of this, my focus was sent entirely back to Alec and what he was asking of me.

“You all said really horrible, degrading things to me, and then continued when you saw that your words only made me more turned on.”

It was true, but I was also stalling.

“Anything in particular?” Alec tilts his head with a smile, though I had no answer for him this time.

“Sorry, Sir, but I don’t remember now.” I say truthfully.

Alec can tell I wasn’t lying, and Xavier and Caleb seemed to believe me too.

“I bet I praised you for being such a good little slut, just like you are now.” Caleb says, causing myself to clamp down on nothing, with only Xavier’s light circles on my clit to bring me pleasure.

Fuck, I swear they’re even hotter when they’re angry.

“Seems to me like we used you as our own personal fuck toy.” He continued, Alec giving a cruel smile at the idea. “Was that it, Madelyn? Did we use you like you were nothing but a set of holes for us to fuck, while you had no choice but to lay there and take it?”

I moaned and told him yes in response, gasping as more pressure was added to the toy and Caleb began to prod just the tip into me.

“Mmm, I thought so.” I swear I could hear a satisfied smirk come from behind me, “What else?” Caleb asks, making me aware of just how screwed I now am.

There’s nothing left to say, but the thing that brought me to lie.

Alec could sense the change in me, but demanded it of me nonetheless.

“Princess, I guarantee whatever you’re about to say, we’ve heard worse. You should know by now that we would never judge you, but all three of us are already thinking of the best way to punish you for your lies. I wouldn’t suggest tempting me to add to it for making us wait.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“I really don’t know why I dreamt it, Sir.” I said, stalling and praying for him to drop it, even though I know he won’t.

Just as I opened my mouth to speak again, my words were replaced by a sharp gasp and a strangled moan as Caleb pressed forward suddenly with the toy.

The shape and texture of it didn’t allow for a slow entry, my body welcoming it inside easily and buzzing happily at the full feeling of it.

“Oh my god.” I whimpered and my legs tried to shut themselves, but they didn’t even move an inch.

The slight shake of my muscles was the only movement I was capable of right now.

“Good girl.” Caleb mumbled, but I was too lost to say anything.

The feeling of the plug in my ass was so intense, I couldn’t even fathom what it’s going to feel like when one of them is inside of me.

I think Xavier was thinking the same as he groaned at the sight.

“Now finish what you were going to say and then we’re going to drive you to work.” Alec says, pushing me back so that I fall fully into the backseat and right into Caleb’s lap.

I can feel how hard he is, and he groans when I adjust myself from the unexpected feeling of the toy.

“Please, I can’t—” My words fall short when Xavier’s thumb drags through my folds, bringing my arousal up to my clit to rub in hard circles now.

There really isn’t a lot of room in the back of their car for all of us, but Alec remains seated on the trunk and Xavier and Caleb make do with me on top of them.

“You just added to your punishment, darling. Don’t make us ask again, because you really won’t like what happens if you do.”

“Tell us what demented things that pretty little head of yours was dreaming about.” Xavier said, his dark eyes capturing mine and holding them as his thumb moved fast and harshly.

Sparks of an orgasm began to appear, but I didn’t dare ask if I could come.

I already knew that answer.

“You,” My mouth parts as Caleb’s hot breath fanned over my neck and ear, “Xavier, you...”

Fuck, it’s so stupid.

“Youpeedonme.” My words came out as one, my head turning away and trying to bury itself into Caleb’s shoulder.

I was red hot in embarrassment, and I didn’t know what to say.

I do know, however, that I just caught everyone completely off guard, Xavier’s thumb no longer touching my clit.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at them, but Caleb’s hand came up to my jaw and twisted my head to look at him.

I didn’t know what to expect, but the look on Caleb’s face wasn’t one of anger or disgust, but one of... amusement.

The asshole is trying not to laugh.

When I turn to look at Alec and Xavier, I see that they share nearly identical expressions.

It’s silent for a moment, but then I can’t stop it as a smile pulls up onto my face and my body begins to shake with laughter.

I seem to set off a chain of dominoes because once that first giggle leaves my mouth, all four of us end up laughing as my face re-hides itself against Caleb.

“He peed on you?” Alec says through heavy breaths from laughing so hard.

I can’t.

“Shut up.” I murmur against Caleb’s chest, barely noting that someone put my shorts back on for me.

“I don’t think you’re in a position to be making demands, sweetheart.” Xavier’s eyes are crinkled at the corners, and despite his words, I don’t think I have ever been more relieved in my life.

“If that’s something you’re interested in—” He begins, but I shut it down before he can even finish his sentence.

“It’s not.” I assure, truly having no interest in the idea at all, “It’s still very much a hard limit.”

It’s clear they believe me, so there’s that, but I know I’ve wound myself into a lot of trouble with them nonetheless.

None of us could stop smiling, and when Caleb lifted me so that I was sitting in between him and Xavier, Alec gave me a wink as he hopped off of the car and rounded to the front seat.

“Wait, we’re leaving?” I ask, still very much aware of the butt plug and my throbbing clit.

“I may not be as upset with you as I was before, but there are very few things that I hate more than lying.” Alec said from the front seat, the hum of the engine coming to life beneath his feet.

“In other words, your punishment has only just begun, and I highly suggest you text Hailey because you won’t be coming home tonight.”

- End of Chapter 42 -

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