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Chapter 43 : Madelyn

Sexual Content Warning ⚠️

Chapter 43 : Madelyn
Sunday, August 8th, 2021

Riley was back today, my ass is still sore, and it turns out that being on your feet for hours with a butt plug inside of you is just another form of never ending edging.

Today, or I guess technically yesterday, Alec dropped me off at Rush for my night shift.

While I had stupidly assumed they were just going to leave, all three walked me inside of the building, and didn’t stop to wait as I moved to get dressed.

A fresh uniform had been found waiting for me in my locker, one in which I gratefully slipped on, before applying my makeup in the small employee’s bathroom.

Within the short amount of time I had to get ready, I soon found myself walking out to the bar to begin my shift.

And guess who was there waiting for me?

Xavier, Caleb, and Alec— like a group of overbearing mothers— sat there the entire night as I worked, only ordering two drinks each, all of which were demanded to be made by me.

While they spoke to each other and had a good time, they also found enjoyment in the fact that every time I moved, I had to stop myself from moaning, or simply collapsing to their feet in apology.

Hour by hour, I watched as the minutes on the clock ticked by until my shift came to a tiring end, and I gratefully left to punch out.

I was tired, turned on, and frustrated all at once, and I’m willing to bet every bit of that showed on my features as I left through the back exit.

Unsurprisingly, my men looked as attractive as ever as they stood by their car waiting for me.


Nobody spoke on the ride home, but it was clear that while I was uneasy, Caleb, Alec, and Xavier were relaxed and content with the silence.

I was exhausted, but I knew that walking around work all day with a toy inside of me was not even the tip of my punishment.

I’m supposed to be sleeping at Hailey’s right now, but instead, I’m riding back with my boyfriends so they can play my body in whichever ways they want for as long as they want.

This silence continued once we were in the house, as well as when Caleb led me upstairs to remove the teardrop shaped toy I’ve grown to form a love-hate relationship with.

It’s just the two of us in the bathroom right now, and my toes curl in warmth as they come into contact with the heated flooring.

Caleb’s eyes are softer now as he tugs his shirt over his head, discarding the dark material to the counter top.

His hands move to my body next, long fingers dipping under my shirt before dragging it up and over my head.

My eyes were heavy from exhaustion, putting up no fight as Caleb slowly dropped to his knees at my feet.

My stomach sucked in, yet my back arched forward as a gentle kiss was placed on the curve of my hip before my shorts and underwear were slowly dragged down my legs as well.

I placed a hand on each of Caleb’s shoulders as I lifted my feet one at a time, stepping out of the stretchy material.

It was hard to keep my eyes open as his gaze settled on the bare skin of my body, his breath causing the short hairs on my legs to rise in response.

It was short lived, though.

Slowly rising from the floor, Caleb ends up towering over me once again, his eyes fixed on mine.

“There are makeup wipes in the middle drawer if you’re interested.” His voice is low as he speaks, and I find myself entirely lost in the mere sight of him. It takes my brain a solid minute before I understand what he’s saying.

“Right, thanks.” I mutter, truthfully forgetting I had applied mascara and such before work.

Caleb steps away from me, giving me some space to move as he walks over to their ridiculously fancy shower.

A control panel was built into the exterior of the glass containment, soon having the lights dimmed to a dark blue and water running from the ceiling like rain would during a storm.

While I shuffled over to the sinks— soon finding the soft wipes, Caleb turned to look at me from the shower door and through the mirror.

My attention snagged on him as his fingers dropped down to the buckle of his belt, my eyes following the movement.

At the same time, I subconsciously cleared my face of the eyeliner, lip gloss, and light contour I’d applied previously in the night.

I was less focused on my own task, though, as Caleb’s belt came undone, his zipper soon following suit.

The sharp V of his hips became more prominent under this new lighting, and I couldn’t help but bite my cheek as a faint line of hair began to show, trailing down past his boxers.

“I wouldn’t look at me like that if I were you.” Caleb says, his voice a low rumble as he speaks.

Turning away from his reflection and looking at him in the eyes, I can feel my cheeks flush as I take a step towards him.

Caleb’s hand moves to open the glass door for me, steam swirling around me as I step into the hot stream of water.

He remembered from last time how I liked it.

Turning and watching as Caleb strips down the remaining clothes on his hips, he smirks as his eyes travel across my own body.

“Darling.” He says, stepping inside and letting the door swing closed behind him.

The second he’s close enough, I practically slump against him, following his lead as he moves us back and under the water.

A sigh escapes my body the second the heat meets my skin, turning it slightly pink as it eases all of the tension from my muscles.

Luckily for me, Caleb did all of the work, pouring a decent amount of shampoo into his hand before massaging it into my scalp.

My eyes fell shut at the feeling of his fingers working their magic, and he let me use him as support as my hand grabbed onto his arm.

I think Caleb was the most upset with me today because he was the one being lied to, but he still took care of me and every last inch of my body.

When he began to rub soap down my legs and to my feet, a small shiver of pleasure shot up and into my veins.

Every one of Caleb’s touches pushed me further and further into exhaustion, my brain nothing but a puddle of mush under his hands.

Before I knew it, nearly every part of my body had been lathered in a fresh smelling body wash, my head tipping back under the water and allowing the controlled rainfall to caress from the top of my head to the lilac painted nails of my toes.

“Mads,” Caleb’s voice brought my eyes to slowly open, drinking in the sharp edges of his face and the icy blue swirls of his irises. “No more lies, okay.” He says, and I worry he’s mad, but there’s only a relaxed expression painting his face, “Even if it is something as dirty as getting—”

Nope, we are not reliving this.

Even foggy, my brain can agree with me on that.

“If you promise to never bring up what I told you again, then no more lies.” I promise, cutting him off before he can bring more embarrassment to my already mortified soul.

Assurance sparks within him before Caleb tips my chin up with his finger.

“Good.” He reveals a small smile, blinking away the droplets of water gathering on his eyelashes. “Then let’s finish cleaning up here, and I’ll let you sleep.”

And Caleb stayed true to his word.

Once both of us were fresh and mostly dried off, I somehow ended up drowning in one of Caleb’s hoodies, only wearing that and my underwear to bed.


My brain is still slightly foggy when I wake up, but the first thing I notice is that my body is no longer sore from what I did with Xavier two nights ago.

The second thing I become aware of is the change in my attire, Caleb’s hoodie somehow becoming replaced with a light blue nightgown of sorts that reminded me of a sexy version of a hospital gown.

Pulling myself up from the large bed, I find that while I’m entirely alone in the playroom, the layout of it has changed.

To my right, a slightly inclined examining table had been added to the room, causing my eyes to widen and my heart to race in both realization and the many more questions to have arisen in my head.

Swinging my legs off of the mattress, I curiously, yet nervously walked over to the padded seat, my eyes flickering over the cuffs and straps attached to where a person’s arms and feet would rest.

The understanding that this was going to be my punishment shot through me so quickly I nearly stumbled, looking to the locked door but finding that it’s still just me.

Turning back to the seat that seems to be interchangeable as my own personal torture device, this time I notice a small white note laying on the black table.

~ To our sweet submissive,
If you’re hungry, we have already prepared pancakes and berries for you downstairs in the fridge. If not, you will fold your clothes neatly and place them on the usual desk, presenting by taking a seat on the chair, and waiting for us to find you. Let’s put that five under the role play category to good use, shall we?

My core clenches from the mentioning of the BDSM checklist we filled out what feels like months ago, though it’s only been a few weeks.

If their intentions weren’t clear before, they sure are now.

I’m to be their patient and test subject while they get to ruin and punish me to their heart’s desire.

The very idea of the scene I’ve placed in my head has me moving.

Knowing I’ll be able to get food afterwards, each hurried step of mine to the washroom matches the thumping beat in my chest.

I have to admit, I’m a little scared.

Not of them, but I do know that this is going to be my first serious punishment.

The instances before were more teasing, but this time, I can already tell things are going to be different.

They’re going to try and break me, and I think I’d let them too, knowing they’ll be right at my side to pick me up and place the pieces back together.

My toes brushing against the heated floors, I take no more than two minutes to wash my face, brush my hair and teeth, and use the washroom.

I was unsure if I was still supposed to be braiding my hair back for today, but as I said before, this scene seems very different from all of the others.

I decide to leave it down for now, knowing it can be a quick fix if they ask otherwise.

By the time I exit the bathroom, feeling much fresher might I add, my heart feels like it’s going to explode from the inside out.

At third glance, the examination table looks a hell of a lot more intimidating over compelling than it was before.

Apart from this role play type idea, I have absolutely no clue as to where this scene is going to go.

I suppose there’s only one way to find out.

Before I’ve even presented in the way they asked, I begin to hear the rhythmic beeps coming from the door, indicating that someone on the outside is unlocking it.

My heart leaping from my chest, I push my worries aside and practically throw myself at the padded cushions, taking a seat before I can even realize that the gown is still on me.

Oh fuck.

We haven’t even started yet, and I’m disobeying orders.

Before I can scramble to fix my mistake, all three of my men walk into the room and I practically gape at their figures.

Caleb, Alec, and Xavier are identically dressed in all white, from their white pants, to the tight fitted t-shirts that left very little to my imagination.

I mentally wince as their eyes drag over my own form, noting how it’s still clothed and not following their instructions.

They don’t miss a beat though, closing the door behind them and all walking towards me with unfaltering unity.

“Our patient appears to already be quite aroused, though she does seem incompetent to understand that her clothes should be folded and not on her body.” Caleb says, and to say my eyes widened is an understatement.

He spoke about me like I was nothing more than a stranger, and I can’t deny that his words only heightened my increasingly apparent state of need.

I shifted in my seat, my eyes trying to keep track of all of their movements, but failing to do so as Alec walked around to my left, Caleb at my feet, and Xavier to my right.

The look in their eyes silently tells me that this is going to be good. I can clearly see that all four of us are excited right now, even if I’m also scared shitless.

I flinch from the cold of Caleb’s hand as it comes down to my ankle, small goosebumps causing the hairs on my legs to rise.

I probably need to shave, but it’s not exactly like I had all the time in the world last night to do it.

I keep silent as each of the men grabs some part of my body, placing it in the perfect position to be tied down.

Both of my ankles are spread apart to either end of the table, Caleb quickly fastening them down, but not touching me in any other manner.

The exact same goes to both Alec and Xavier, them only touching me for the sole purpose of restraining me.

“Breathe, princess.” Alec whispers quietly in my ear, his arms reaching to one last thing I failed to notice before.

The sight of the thin strap being secured around my waist didn’t help the uneven rise and fall of my chest, the smooth leather tightening until I quite literally couldn’t move apart from the slightest bit of my knees and head.

A final loop is fastened beneath my breasts right afterwards.

Fuck, this shouldn’t be turning me on as much as it is, but it is.

With no undergarments to provide any false sense of dignity, the tips of my nipples poke through the near sheer material of the gown.

Even the slightest of movements threatens to leave me exposed, the cool air finding its way past the thin fabric.

“Let’s remove this pretty thing before we begin, shall we?” Xavier says more so to himself, his eyes scanning over my body before reaching into one of the drawers attached to the examining table.

At first I was curious, but then, my pulse spiked and my mouth went dry.

“Her heart’s beating quite quickly right now,” Caleb smiles, and only then do I notice his fingers on my wrist counting my pulse, “We’ve barely even started and you’re turning into a needy mess.”

I wanted to lean into his touch for more contact, but I simply couldn’t.

That frustrated me just as much as it aroused me.

I suppose the same could be said for the small scalpel currently in Xavier’s hand, though, the blade poised right at the dip in the neckline partially covering my chest.

My arms and hips moved to squirm, but they quite literally aren’t able to even make it a single inch.

Oh God.

The sharp tip of the knife was brought to rest against the center of my throat, threatening to part my skin like butter if I dared to move in even the slightest way.

Xavier wore a dark smile on his face at my fear, his only sign of breaking character.

I did learn something just now, though.

I think I very might have a fear kink as well, because I can physically feel how soaked I am between my thighs right now.

My eyes pinched shut the second the knife began to cut, but it was never my skin the blade tore in half.

No, it was only the sound of the fabric tearing beneath Xavier’s fingertips that I had recognized.

With every deep rise and fall of my chest, I focused on the tip of that knife, dragging threateningly down the planes of my stomach and just faintly over my pelvis.

It wasn’t until right before the blade dragged over my clit that Xavier pulled back, assessing the torn material only covering the back portion of my body now.

A small gasp fell past my mouth as Caleb’s hands moved under my ass to raise me no more than a centimetre upwards before Alec grabbed onto the fabric and tore it clean from my body in one movement.

The sleeves that were once secured around my shoulders are now nothing but crumpled material on the floor.

“Much better.” Caleb smirked, removing his hands from my body and merely using his eyes to feel me.

“Sir, I—”

“You’re not allowed to speak unless spoken to, or it’s a safe word.” Alec cuts me off, his voice leaving no room for debate.

Swallowing my sentence, I simply close my mouth and look at each of them, hoping for some form of information from any of them.

“As you will soon know, today is all about punishment, where we will perform a manner of different experiments on you to see how your body reacts to each one.” Xavier says, my head flicking to him and watching as he tucks the knife away for safe keeping.

“There will be three stages taking place, one conducted by each of us, but we’ve decided to throw in some rules as a sweetener.” My head now turns to Caleb.

“It’s quite simple, really. For every time you exceed our predicaments, you get a reward. For every time you fail, we will add to your punishment.”

My knees try to bend in towards each other, but because of how straight they were pulled, I couldn’t move them anywhere near far enough to help ease the intense ache between my thighs.

But how do we know when it ends, I want to ask, but I know I’m not allowed.

“Your actions, or lack of, will ultimately determine how this entire thing plays out, though there will be a guaranteed three tests whether you succeed or not.”

So in other words, I have to do better than what they think I can handle for three times at a minimum.

Sounds easy... Not!

The expressions worn on their faces look as though they want to break me right now, and the worst part is that I think I want them to.

Ultimately I did lie, and if this is how they’ve decided to forgive me, I’m more than game.

This entire scene has me hot and terrified all at once, but at the same time, we all know I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Xavier will be performing the first stage of our experiments, beginning with stimulation examinations.” Alec says from my side, my heart racing from his words.

Within the next second, the dark haired man walked behind my head before wheeling over a metal table with a stainless steel instrument tray attached to the top.

It contained a number of different items, some of which I recognized as vibrators and others in which I’ve never seen before.

Both the known and unknown of this all has me soaked and already hypersensitive, my body trying to arch itself further into Xavier’s hand as he gently brushes the skin across my stomach.

“The question to this experiment is how long can our patient restrain from making noise as her body is stimulated in a preset number of ways and time periods?” Xavier holds my eyes the entire time, silently demanding for me to look at him.

His words have me trying to squirm in protest, but there is no escape for me other than facing this head on.

But how can they expect me to stay completely silent when they’re going to use those toys from the tray on me?

Not even a whimper or a moan?

Now my heart is racing for an entirely different kind of fear, because I don’t think I can do it.

“My prediction is that she can last ten minutes without making a sound.” Xavier says, looking at me cruelly as worry fills my body.

I can’t do that.

There’s no way in hell I can go that long without any noise.

“Under the circumstances that the patient is unable to exceed this time limit, there will be no punishment. We will simply restart the timer and retest until she reaches the predicted outcome.”

Xavier’s words had clear double meaning to them.

Restarting as many times as it takes is the punishment.

Up until now I’ve felt more than warm, but realizing how hard this is going to be has my blood running cold.

“If you may begin the timer, we’ll begin.” Xavier says to Caleb, though he looks at me as he speaks.

The smallest flicker of warmth in his dark eyes is the only comfort I receive before the watch on Caleb’s wrist is fiddled with, soon indicating that the ten minute countdown has begun.

Moving from the end of the examining table, I watch as the blond walks around to where my head is before taking his hands and gently brushing back a few handfuls of my hair behind my ears.

A few of my blonde strands fall into neat waves along my shoulder blades, but those too are soon pushed away so that they hang on the sides of my arms instead.

At the same time, Xavier’s hand currently resting on my stomach slowly drags up the length of my body, the calloused feeling contrasting the softness of my skin in a way that makes me shiver.

Mindful of holding my tongue, I allow my muscles to loosen as Xavier’s hand drags up and down just a few times, causing my heart rate to slow just enough for me to relax.

It was a false sense of security though, because then Xavier’s eyes moved from mine to Alec.

“We will begin with full body stimulation, the target points being her neck, nipples, and clit.” Xavier states, taking his hand off of my body and walking with the tray to where my legs have been forced apart.

Caleb takes his friend’s previous position, looking down at me with a sinful smile that has my body melting into his perfect test subject, despite my worries.

Looking down, I find that the examination table is raised enough that my neck is in perfect reach for Alec’s mouth, the same way my clit is easily accessible to Xavier’s wandering hands.

Shit, this is definitely going to be hard.

I’ve been absently counting the time in my head, but it’s been no more than a minute and I already want to moan or gasp or quite literally anything that can be used as a release.

The most noise made is the heavy breaths leaving my body, trying to keep my focus as Alec’s warm breath fans across the curve of my neck.

My body shivers as heat spreads straight to my core, drawing a slight tingle to my skin.

Angling my head up just slightly, I silently plead for Alec to touch me, one he happily obeys.

For the most part, my neck has healed entirely from the bruises and marks these men have left behind, but with the light graze of Alec’s teeth against my skin, I know I’m merely a blank canvas for him to paint all over again.

I nearly forget that this is a punishment until I feel two fingers take my nipple between them, applying a rapidly increasing compression around it.

My eyes fly to Caleb and then his hand, finding that he doesn’t intend to let go nor ease up as the pressure becomes increasingly more painful with every second.

I have to take my lip between my teeth and force down the whimper building in my throat, channeling the pain into tensing my muscles instead.

Only once Caleb seems satisfied that I’ve spent enough time in silence does he let go, his thumb instantly swiping and flicking across the painfully hardened nub.

Paired with Alec’s lips and tongue skillfully nipping and sucking at the sensitive spot on my neck, I nearly break beneath their fingertips before this has even started.

I would like to think it’s been at least three minutes by now, but there’s no way for me to know and Caleb’s too far away for me to get a good look at his watch.

To make things harder, I suddenly feel both of Xavier’s hands touch the skin on the insides of my calves, sliding them upwards to the slight bend of my knee before continuing his path towards my heat.

My hips went to move up, but the strap effectively kept me pinned down and immobile.

There was utterly nothing I could do to distract myself from this, and the second the rough pad of Xavier’s thumb swiped across my clit, I couldn’t hold back the small sound that escaped my mouth.

It was near silent, but Caleb caught it, taking his hands off of my nipples and stopping the timer on his watch.

I nearly wept in disapproval as Alec too pulled away, Xavier’s finger now only a mere hover over my core and denying any relief I had hoped to receive.

“Our patient lasted a total of three minutes and fifty-seven seconds for attempt one.” Caleb read before his eyes flicked back up to mine.

He never said it, but his look was clear.

This is going to be a long, long process if I don’t get it together.

At the same time, he seems to be happy that I folded so easily, me feeding into this punishment perfectly for them.

“We’ll begin again in thirty seconds.” Xavier says, staring up at me with hungry eyes.

All it takes is one glance on my part to see that I most certainly am not the only person being affected by this.

I want to reach out and touch them, but I can’t.

My helpless need only adds to all of our arousal though.

While my chest pants and a thin sheen of sweat forms along my hairline, my body stiffens at the sight of Xavier’s hand reaching into his tray before dangling something for Caleb to take.

The light catches and reflects off of the shiny white nipple clamps, as if they’re winking at me in challenge.

As I have expressed to all of them before, both during the contract signing and after Caitlin and Dominic’s scene, nipple clamps honestly terrify me.

I don’t know why, and I’m sure these men have inflicted worse pain by using their fingers, but I’m still scared of the tightening, consistent pinch of them.

Dipping back into the tray, I see that Xavier has next retrieved a small vibrator for his own hands to use.

I can tell all three of them sense my hesitation, and it’s shown in the subtle touches they’re now giving me.

Xavier’s hands slowly run up and down the insides of my thighs, Caleb’s gently tracing over the outline of my breasts, while Alec’s fingers twirl the strands of my hair beside him, playing with it and giving me the time to bring my heart rate down yet again.

Even in punishment, they’re still so good to me.

A part of me wonders if I spoke too soon though when Xavier gives the order to restart the timer, none of them wasting a single second before resuming their teasing touches.

My breath hitches as Alec’s head dips down, though this time, his hand also curls around my throat, his thumb dragging over my pulse point.

He angles my head slightly away and down, adjusting me to the exact way he wants me before licking a long path up the length of my neck.

I feel his fingers flex as they move out of his way, just enough for Alec to move up and nip my earlobe between his teeth.

The sharp sensation causes my mouth to fall open, but I suppress any noise that would’ve dared to escape under other circumstances.

Right now, my attention was only noting Alec’s skin against mine, but soon the gift of a gradual build up came to an end.

My body shuddered as Caleb’s fingers resumed tugging and pulling at both of my nipples, rolling the buds between his fingertips until a gasp was forced from me.

Thankfully, they didn’t count those moments of sharp breaths against me.

The chain connecting the white clamps was currently resting around Caleb’s wrist, but it seems he was going to make me wait just a little longer in both anticipation and fear.

In its placement, I suddenly felt a low buzzing feeling against my hip, my eyes flashing down to Xavier who’s still situated between my thighs.

This had to be the quietest vibrator I’ve ever seen before, because I can’t hear a damn thing, only adding to the allure of it.

My mouth felt a little dry as the toy was ever so slowly brought down to the apex of my thighs, though never once did Xavier travel so that the vibrations could come in contact with my clit.

Skipping it entirely, the round head of the buzzing toy dragged down the soaked middle of my slit, my arousal wetting it as my body jerked in desperation.

Up and down, over and over, my folds happily parted under the pressure of the vibrator, in turn causing the sensations to intensify until my body was left silently screaming.

I couldn’t cave into their touch, though.

I wasn’t going to do this again.

With Caleb’s hand so close to my body now, I can see that his watch has passed the three minute mark, leaving just under seven minutes left to go.

I never realized just how much my body relied on noises as a form of release until just now, but it turns out to be a lot.

It was hard enough just focusing on one person, but with three touching me all at once, the overwhelming combination of their hands on me made even the simplest things hard to maintain.

My breathing, for example, has now become one of them.

My head swirls as Alec continues to plant dizzying kisses and nips along the column of my neck, his hand adding pressure to either side, but never once pressing down on my windpipe from the front.

He seems to be more than in control with what he’s doing, and I can’t help but slightly admire his ability to know my body so well.

Whenever he notices I’m on the verge of breaking and allowing a moan through, his grip tightens just enough to cut it off into nothing more than a pleasurable rush to my head.

Mentally, my body is squirming and trembling beneath them, but right now, even my neck movements are controlled by Alec.

He tilts my head down slightly, and my eyes follow path, seeing a split second of Xavier’s vibrator torture before the sight of Caleb’s hands come into main focus.

The clamps once hanging over his wrist aimlessly now seem to have purpose and intent as one is held between Caleb’s fingers, the clasp being spun until the clamp slowly opened.

This time, Alec doesn’t help to cut off my groans, forcing me to bite my tongue as Xavier increases the settings on the vibrator by two clicks.

My first instinct is to move away from everyone and everything, but not only can I physically not escape, but I realize that I don’t have to.

Trust is much easier spoken than truly given, but I know that to these three men, it has been given.

Caleb must have noticed the slight sigh and acceptance in my body, because I see the smallest of smiles tug at his mouth.

I simply watch and fight down my noises as Caleb’s thumb flicks over my right nipple, rolling and pinching the nub with his fingers until he seems satisfied.

Tracing his finger in a circle, my heart races as the clamp is brought to my body and placed directly onto my nipple.

The expected bite of pain never came right away, my eyes flicking up in confusion to Caleb, but then I felt the pinch of it.

It’s light at first, but as Caleb’s fingers begin to twist the same knob that opened it, it tightened around me with no relent.

Soon, the pain I had been expecting came, tears pricking my eyes as my core clenched.

While Caleb’s hand soon pulls away, my eyes remain fixed on the white piece now attached to me, savoring the aching throb that it brings.

I knew I liked pain— loved it even— but I forgot until now just how much more sensitive it made everything.

The pinch combined with Alec’s mouth and Xavier’s controlling of the toy between my thighs, I deeply feared I wasn’t going to be able to remain quiet for much longer.

“The right nipple clamp was set to setting three of seven.” Caleb stated, maintaining the act for this scene.

Alec’s grip on my neck resumed once again, and I could feel him smile against me as he continued to mark and beautifully play the sensitive skin there.

I have to admit that out of all the men here, Alec was the best at neck kissing, and right now is no different.

The chair I was once wary of has now become my greatest asset because without it, I would be nothing more than a trembling mess on the floor.

“Increase it to setting four and apply the second clamp.” Xavier says to Caleb, causing me to look down at him.

I soon realized that was exactly what he wanted though, his eyes not allowing mine to leave him as he shifted closer to my body.

My stomach knots as I feel Caleb twist the current clamp tighter before beginning to prepare my body for the second.

Only this time, I wasn’t allowed to look.

Xavier demanded that I watch him as he adjusted the vibrator and brought it up to my clit at last, my hips trying to jerk but only being met with the belt and the cushion.

No, no, no.

The force of my impending orgasm hit me like a train as I suddenly felt that all too familiar urge to let go and lose myself in the waves of pleasure.

I couldn’t do that though, because not only am I unable to ask for permission to do so, but there’s also no way in hell I could keep silent if I climaxed before the ten minutes.

Xavier wasn’t very doctorly as a smirk drew across his face, the vibrator circling my clit in a medium paced tempo.

“I’m going to increase the intensity of sensations by performing factor three.” Xavier says, no doubt choosing his words in a way that left me confused and wanting.

What’s factor three?

My chest pressed forward at the feeling of the second nipple clamp being tightened to the fourth setting, but I only absently heard Caleb’s voice say that it’s been applied before Xavier reaches back into his tray.

Holding it up in the air, my eyes shut in defeat as a steel insertable was shown to me, the end of the tool curved and multiple spherical bumps lining the toy.

I sighed and tilted my head back against the headrest, giving in entirely to the restraints and Alec’s tight grip around my throat.

At the sight of the object, I knew I could only pray that I’d somehow be able to last.

Bringing the metallic toy down between my thighs, I gasped at the cold nip it brought, tingles shooting up my body and down my legs.

“What was that?” Xavier cocked his head at me with a mean grin, “Something you wanted to say, patient?”

Holy fuck.

He was treating me like I wasn’t even important to him at this point, and as fucked up as this makes me, it was fucking hot and I couldn’t deny it.

I simply bit down on my tongue and forced myself to focus on my breathing.

Alec was still at my neck, but when Caleb announced that I only had two minutes to go, he began to refine his movements by a lot, putting his previous ones to shame.

There wasn’t a single nerve ending along my throat that wasn’t sparking with pleasure right now, the control of my breaths still lying in Alec’s large hand.

His grip was merely to angle my head right now, but as if sensing his friend’s intentions, just as Xavier pushed the entire beaded insertable inside of me, his hand squeezed, sending a rush of endorphins straight to my head.

It was dizzying, and when Caleb pulled at the chains connecting my nipples together, Alec’s grip lessened, forcing me to choke down my scream all on my own.

“Good girl.” He murmured right below my ear, causing me to clamp down hard on the freezing toy inside of me.

I felt myself end up right on the edge of breaking, but somehow I managed to push myself, my eyes clamping shut.

It wasn’t until Caleb called the ten minute mark that a forced sob escaped me, allowing myself to use my voice again.

Seemingly all at once, Alec bit down on my neck, Caleb painfully ripped the clamps off, and Xavier tore the vibrator and insert away in the same movement.

I was left dangling just before the peak of my climax, never granted the opportunity to come after minutes of fighting every instinct inside of me down.

My head spins as Alec drags his teeth against the sore spot on my neck before lapping his tongue over the sensitive area.

I want to cry from the denial, but I’m not quite there yet, despite my body currently screaming in protest and immense displeasure.

“She lasted ten minutes and two seconds on attempt two.” Caleb read off of his watch, the nipple clamps now dangling between his fingertips.

I finally allow myself to whimper and squirm at the uncomfortable feeling, needing the soothing touch of a mouth or tongue to take away the sore.

It was a need that was not granted to me.

Instead, my racing heart was never given the chance to steady before Alec’s mouth lifted from my body, his eyes capturing mine in deep thought.

Then, he flashed me a smirk that told me who’s turn it was with me next.

- End of Chapter 43 -

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