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Chapter 44 : Madelyn

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Chapter 44 : Madelyn
Sunday, August 8th, 2021

The sight of Alec rising from his position beside me has my core clenching all over again.

Dark brown curls cut along the edges of his face, tempting me to touch them—that is, if I could move.

I couldn’t even be too upset about my denied orgasm, not when he and his two best friends look as attractive as they do now.

“For test two, we’ll be observing the patient’s pain tolerance to impacts inflicted by a riding crop.” Alec smirks, stepping away and creating a slight pause as he selects the instrument of his choice.

“I say she’ll be crying by thirty hits.” Xavier says, holding my gaze as he speaks.

Caleb raises an eyebrow in amusement as Alec lets out a breath in disagreement.

“Considering what a pain slut she is, I’ll have her cheeks tear stained within twenty.” He concludes, walking back to my side with the crop in hand.

It brought the promise of pain with it, the ache of my abused nipples and clit sparking to life.

“Would you like the gag, or no?” Caleb asks, his eyes flicking to my mouth in thought.

“Not this time.” Alec smirks, seeming to have a different plan in mind, “No, I want to hear her as she screams and whimpers under my touch.”

“She does make the prettiest of noises.” Xavier agrees, shooting me a look that makes my stomach clench, “Though a blindfold might be a nice addition.”

Those few words had my heart pounding just a few beats faster, the mentioning of sight deprivation bringing memories of the times before.

The thrill of never knowing when or where something’s going to happen always leaves me wanting, and Alec, Caleb, and Xavier all seem to agree on this.

The latter of the three tosses up a strip of black satin material, one in which Caleb happily accepts as he silently motions for me to lift my head.

Doing so, the last thing I saw was the coolness of his eyes before everything went dark, the soft blindfold caressing my skin.

The next second, I felt the drag of the leather loop across my stomach, tracing a line up the length of my body before curving to my neck and along the edge of my jaw.

I couldn’t see any of them, but that left all of my other senses heightened and sensitive.

As a finger began to stroke the palm of my clenched hand, Alec brought the riding crop over the painful ache of my nipple.

I can practically picture the smile that would appear by my hiss.

“Sore?” He coos, and with a nod of my head, he brings down the leather on my skin.

My nipples were already sensitive from Caleb’s clamps, and the sharp jolt of pain from the crop only intensified it.

“Count.” Xavier commands me, and with a shaky breath, I manage.

“One, Sir.”

The second the last word fell from my mouth, Alec hit again, this time on the opposite nipple.

“Two, Sir.”

This was no longer me numbering the hits, it was a countdown to how long I could last before they broke me.

On the seventh impact, I screamed, my body shaking as Alec sought out the most painful places he could find.

My body soon turned to fire, burning up in the heat of their flames.

When Alec hit my inner thigh for the first time, I’ll admit, I nearly broke down into a sob right then and there.

It hurt worse than any impact before, but my scream melted into a moan as Xavier’s mouth came down on the sore spot, his mouth and tongue stroking the fiery touch of my skin.

He and Caleb did this every time the crop came down on my trembling body, kissing away the hurt and transforming it into pleasure.

“F-fuck!” I cursed just before counting out the fourteenth strike.

“Aw, don’t tell me you’re breaking already.” Caleb’s voice came in my ear, false empathy lacing his tone.

My intended words in response were drowned out by my scream, Caleb’s mouth capturing mine within the same second.

He moaned against my lips as he took my head into his hands, swallowing my noises as Alec continued to inflict pain and Xavier teasingly stroked it away.

“Fifteen, Sir.” I gasped against Caleb’s mouth as Alec refocused his attention from my stomach to my nipples suddenly.

Xavier must have moved because his mouth soon enclosed around the bud, sucking it into his mouth and dragging his teeth over it.

Tears pricked the corners of my eyes from the action, but I refused to let them fall.

My body braced itself for the sixteenth impact, but it was one that never came.

I could hear their breathing and feel Caleb and Xavier’s hands touching my body, but the feel of the riding crop disappeared entirely.

It was like Alec was waiting for my muscles to relax before I felt the leather return, but the whimper that left my mouth this time wasn’t from pain, but fear.

My mouth opened to say no, but Xavier hushed me with an amused chuckle.

“What a pathetic mess you’ve become,” He muses, his thumb stroking my jaw, “Don’t fight it.” Xavier’s last three words were spoken as a demand, forcing me to loosen as Alec drags the crop up my slit, and over my swollen clit.

I can’t even begin to imagine what it would feel like for the smooth leather to come down somewhere so sensitive, and I’m not sure I want to know either.

I’m not exactly in a position to protest though.

“Count, princess.” Alec says, and then, the crop hits my upper thigh hard.

I cry out, but rein my tears in, my legs fully shaking now from the pain of this all.

I can still feel the burning imprint of the leather against my skin, even if it’s no longer there.

“Sixteen, Sir.” My voice is no more than a whisper this time. That’s all I can manage.

Once again, Alec drags the crop up my slit, but this time, he doesn’t stop.

He continues to bring the tool up and up until I can feel it resting against my lips.

“Be a good girl and clean this for us, will you.” Caleb says, and when I dart my tongue out just slightly past parted lips, the taste of my arousal and the earthy flavour of leather fills my senses.

Having the crop so close to my mouth scares me a little, but I lick up every last trace of my wetness, memorizing and feeling the crop on my tongue.

By the time It’s pulled away, I’m hearing soft groans from all three men, likely by the sight of me cleaning the very tool that has me on the verge of tears.

Before I can even brace myself, the crop comes down on my other thigh, sending me screaming and shaking all over again.

“E-Eighteen, Sir.” I whimper, my eyes remaining closed, even as I feel either Xavier or Caleb begin to untie the knot securing the blindfold around my head.

“I want to see you when you break.” Xavier says so quietly in my ear, I know I was the only one intended to hear it.

His words had my walls clamping down on nothing but air, and just from getting to see his eyes again, I had no doubt that’s what they were going to do by the end of this.

The next swing was against my lower stomach, but before I even got the chance to scream or cry, Alec brought the riding crop down directly on my clit.

It had been twenty hits and no tears had been spilt, but that single hit shattered every bit of defiance, control, and resistance I may have had before.

I didn’t even care if they won these challenges anymore, because at the end of the day, I was theirs and they were mine.

“That’s it. Cry for us, darling.”

I didn’t even recognize the hot tears now streaming down my face until Caleb pointed it out, my body trembling and crying out as Alec continued to tap my clit repeatedly with the crop.

“Come, Madelyn. Just let go.” Alec said, and my body obeyed before my mind could even process his command.

Breaking entirely, my mind was an absolute mess as my orgasm crashed through me, consuming every inch of my being.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head and my body thrashed against the restraints, even though I wouldn’t wish to be anywhere but here.

“No, no! It’s too m-much.” I sobbed as Alec continued to send shocks of pain and pleasure through me until my head went foggy and my vision blurred from the tears.

Though it wasn’t a safeword, Alec still respected my wishes as he pulled back, dropping to his knees and kissing every inch of my skin, alternating between thighs.

Even after my orgasm subdued, the tears continued, my body shaking and practically begging to be able to touch them.

They either understood the words I couldn’t say or felt the same way.

Whatever it was, my body practically sagged in relief as all three men got to work, Alec undoing my feet, Caleb my arms, and Xavier my hips and chest.

They worked so quick, it only took seconds before I was free from the chair, my mind still spinning with lust.

“Come here. I’ve got you.” Caleb says, picking me up from the examining chair and walking over to the bed.

I can’t hear them, but I know Alec and Xavier followed, all three of them joining me as Caleb laid me down on the mattress.

My body was still shaking as my head hit the pillow, my tears slowing and my mind beginning to feel warm once again.

It wasn’t from the covers though, it was from the tingling on my skin that was heating my blood and allowing my thoughts to clear.

I could tell I wasn’t in subspace, but I did know that warm, fuzzy feeling it typically brought was beginning to spread throughout my body.

“How are you feeling?” Alec asks from my front, his hand reaching up and stroking some stray hairs out of my face.

Caleb and Xavier were both sitting behind me, but I was still too shaky to be upright.

“I’m good.” I gave him a small smile to show my honesty, “I can’t stop shaking though.”

“I can see that,” He chuckles, taking my hand into his and planting a small kiss upon it. “We’ll wait until you’re ready again before beginning round three.”

All I can do is nod in thanks, appreciating their calming touches and words of approval.

They weren’t my “doctors” or dominants right now, they were my boyfriends keeping me steady and grounded.

“You’ve been so good, you know?” Xavier says as he rubs my back, his praise making me blush from the approval to be heard in his tone, “I think that warrants you a reward.”

I had forgotten about that part until now, but it definitely pricked my attention.

“Yeah?” I smile, turning over in the bed and angling my head up to Xavier and then to Caleb.

“Oh, most certainly.” The former smirked, watching as Alec pulled me back with a hand around my waist.

“In fact,” Caleb started, “I think we’ll give you a choice of what we do for the next round.”

A choice?

A choice between what?

His voice had become huskier as he spoke to me, and the knowing glint in his eye seemed as if he could see the thoughts swirling in my mind.

“Would you like that, princess?” Alec asks, tugging my earlobe between his teeth afterwards, “Would you like to choose what method we use to break you?”

My cheeks warmed at his words, my mouth parting ever so slightly as my leg was lifted up and over Alec’s hip.

The position left me spread wide for their view, the faint breeze from the air conditioning cooling the wetness between my thighs.

The challenging raise of Xavier’s eyebrow had me speaking.

“Yes, Sir.”

My response elicited a deep hum from his chest, one that vibrated through my body and sent tingles down the spine of my back.

“Mm.” Caleb smiled, no doubt noticing the familiar heat of arousal pooling in my lower abdomen once again. “You see, darling, our initial plan was to see how many times we could deny you of your orgasm until you couldn’t handle it anymore, but we’ll give you an alternative.”

Caleb’s words drew a shiver from my body, any other option already seeming more appealing to me.

The tremble in my muscles has now reduced to a minimum, my breath hitching as Alec’s fingertips drew wide circles on the thigh resting over his body.

“If you’d prefer, we’ll see how many times you can orgasm in a row instead.” Caleb offers, presenting me with two options. “And afterwards, we’ll go downstairs, eat dinner, and I’ll even let you pick the movie this time if you want to stay the night.”

I can’t help but smile at the memory of that horrid film Caleb picked last time for us to watch.

I meant it when I said he would never get control over the remote again, but the image he put in my head had a small smile spreading across my face.

“I want the second choice.” I decide, my head spinning from how exposed I suddenly felt.

The cool smiles that appeared on their faces showed they had expected me to choose that option— had hoped for it even.

Despite the warm reassurance spoken only seconds ago, I knew that I was now completely at their mercy, leaving me open, vulnerable, and more than wanting of anything they’re willing to give.

“Sir,” I moaned as Alec’s hand brushed against my inner thigh with a gentleness that was practically overwhelming, nudging me so I was spread even more for them.

“Shh,” He cooed, placing a warm kiss below my ear, “Do you remember what Caleb said in the car yesterday when you apologized?” Alec asked, causing my heartbeat to spike.

I could only gasp in response as his fingers found my slit, instantly sinking two of them deep inside of me.

“You... He said that I wasn’t sorry yet, but that I will be.”

The flashes of memories from yesterday appeared in my head, my muscles clenching involuntarily as I was forced to take a steadying breath.

“That’s right.” I could hear Alec smirk as he spoke, but my attention mainly snapped to the sight of Caleb moving down on the bed before flipping onto his stomach.

My eyes shot up to Xavier in confusion, but he merely winked before I felt a mouth latch onto my clit.

Caleb had positioned himself right between the gap of my spread legs, his tongue swirling in circles while his best friend finger fucked me at the same time.

“Oh, I—” My words were swallowed by my moan, the light suction and harsh strokes sending my body into immediate overdrive.

“I suppose there’s still the question of our predicaments.” Alec cut me off, bringing an arm down under my head for it to rest on.

“Considering how worked up and sensitive she already is, I’ll say she’ll break before six orgasms,” Caleb lifts his head as he speaks, holding my gaze as he does so.

What he didn’t have to say, however, was the unspoken promise that they’re going to show me just how sorry I can be.

Six in a row, though?

He can’t be serious.

The sparks in his eyes tell me just how wrong my hopes are.

“Seems to me like she’s already about to have her first.” Xavier teased cruelly, but what I hate most was that he’s right.

With Caleb and Alec so close and touching me together, the visual on its own is enough to have me squirming and ready.

As my eyes fell shut heavily, my hands blindly grabbed onto whatever they could; Caleb’s soft hair and the belt loop of Xavier’s pants.

I just needed to touch them in some way, and when my grip tightened around Caleb, his groan vibrated straight to my clit, sending my hips bucking.

The two managed to pin me still though, while Xavier shuffled closer until he was kneeling by my head.

Opening my eyes, my gaze first shot up to a pair of dark eyes before looking to see his fingers making quick work on the button of his white pants.

My hand moved from the loop to his lower stomach, but Alec ended up gently grabbing my elbow and positioning it so it was pinned between our bodies.

It left me utterly helpless and submissive to the man in front of me.

My lips had already previously been parted from the continuous strings of moans Alec and Caleb were forcing from me, but they fully opened at the sight of Xavier’s cock being pulled out and stroked in his fist.

I panted as he dragged the pierced head over my bottom lip, smearing his precum along it until it mixed with my saliva.

My tongue instinctively darted out to lick my lips, brushing against his slit in the process.

This was a little new for me, but when his one hand came down to hold onto my head, a gasp replaced my thoughts as his fingers weaved their way into the roots of my hair.

In a silent plea for more, I relaxed my jaw and opened my mouth wider, taking in a breath as Xavier guided himself ever so slowly into my mouth.

While he wasn’t as long as the other two, he sure as hell was thicker, and I had to make a conscious effort to remain in touch as he slid further past my lips.

“Fuck, sweetheart. Keep doing that.” Xavier cursed as my tongue traced the vein on the underside of his cock.

I only took him down about halfway, but when he pulled back out nearly to the tip, I swirled and teased his piercing as I explored it for the first time.

Xavier mostly had control over my actions right now, but Alec and Caleb had complete control over my body.

Working together, they had me moaning and sputtering around Xavier’s dick until spit was running down my chin and I began to struggle immensely.

I didn’t even have the chance to see it coming before I fell into orgasm one of allegedly six.

Xavier groaned along with me, my sounds no doubt shooting straight to his balls as I sucked and stroked him in long, continuous motions.

All three seemed to recognize that I was holding myself back, but I soon had no choice but to give in.

Like they said, they weren’t stopping and Caleb had to use both his hands and his legs to keep me still as I tried to move away.

His mouth and Alec’s fingers never left my body, pushing me through my orgasm and continuing until the sensitivity made my head spin.

“That’s it.” Caleb murmured, his fingers replacing his mouth for a short second, “Just let us take over.”

That’s all I could do.

“We’re going to fuck you limp and you’re going to be desperate for more, even as you’re screaming and begging for the mercy we won’t show you.”

Tears began to fall down my warm cheeks as a second climax hit, my mouth going lax and my legs shaking around Caleb’s head.

At the sight of my tears, I swear I felt Xavier harden even more against my tongue, his thumbs stroking the sides of my cheeks as he held my head for me.

“Shit.” He sighed in pleasure, holding my eyes as he used me with no relent.

My jaw ached from the force of his thrusts, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

“Madelyn... Fuck, I’m going to come.”

Grazing my teeth ever so lightly against his cock, I moaned with him as the action drew Xavier over the edge.

Pulling back and sucking hard on just his tip, I flushed as his head tossed back and his length tensed in my mouth.

His arms flexed and his stomach clenched as he came down my throat with a grunt, my mouth remaining around him as I continued to lazily lick and suck every inch of him.

I loved seeing him like this, even if I was also being painfully overstimulated at the same time.

Still panting in post orgasm bliss, Xavier pulled out of my mouth, his hand running through my blonde hair in appreciation before tipping my head up.

My mouth is now parted in a silent scream, but he forces me to look at him as tears run down my flushed face.

“So pretty.” He murmurs, wiping my bottom lip with his thumb.

Xavier shows false pity as I continue to whimper and tremble in sensitivity, watching as I try to get away, but failing with every half-hearted attempt.

“Awe, are you going to come again, sweetheart?”

I frantically shake my head no, but in response Xavier reaches forward and tugs my nipple hard. The action sends me spiraling to a point of no return.

“Good girl.” Alec says, slamming his fingers into me until I began to squirt into the palm of his hand.

Caleb made a noise of pleasure as I tried to yank his head away from my clit, but he only groaned from the pain of it.

“I—Oh fuck, please!” I cried begging for literally everything and nothing all at once.

My juices continued to gush out of me, soaking both of the men fucking me through every last painful second of my orgasm, and never letting me go.

My brain soon became on the verge of nonfunctional, my instinct to fight them off fading into the background as complete and total submission took its place.

I think they felt it before I did though, because that’s when they switched their positions, moving my shaking body themselves.

At some point, Caleb must have taken his shirt off because as I’m placed on top of him, I can feel his warm skin brushing against mine.

My head was facing the headboard, but my mouth was left hovering directly overtop of Caleb’s hard on straining tightly against his pants.

As for myself, my clit was angled perfectly over his own mouth, leaving us in a 69 position that Caleb instantly dove into.

His hands reached up to cup my ass, pulling me down and holding me as I tried to get away.

My tears had never stopped flowing, and for a second, all I could do was watch as the droplets fell and absorbed into the white material of his pants.

With an impatient buck of his hips, I took the hint and somehow managed to get his clothes undone and his cock in my hand within a few seconds.

I didn’t wait before I was taking him into my mouth, swallowing him down as I moaned and whimpered from his skilled assault on my clit.

It already felt like too much, but I soon heard more clothes being discarded in the background and then the feeling of two more bodies surrounding me.

Alec was the person I first saw, his cock being pumped in his fist at the same speed I was stroking Caleb with my mouth.

I couldn’t see a lot of him, but I did know that my body craved his touch and was desperate for any form of contact with him.

Just as my arm extended to do so, I froze and my body tensed as I felt the unusual feel of a piercing being dragged up and down my slit by Caleb’s head, the tip of Xavier’s dick threatening to push forward.

With my mouth still working Caleb, I didn’t even have time to protest before Xavier slammed balls deep inside of me, his hips going flush with my ass.

I cried and writhed around the two cocks now inside of me, but no one ever slowed or let up as I began to gag through my tears.

“Shit, princess, if only you could see yourself right now.” Alec’s low words caused my core to tighten, “You take us so well.”

I felt his hand brush overtop of mine before he pulled it towards him, guiding my fingers to wrap around his length.

I’m too overwhelmed to do it myself, but Alec doesn’t mind as his much larger hand clasps around mine, moving so that both of us are fucking his cock at the same time.

Touching him like this is intensely hot, and I feel myself release just slightly around Xavier at the feeling.

For the most part, Caleb’s face was under me enough that Xavier wasn’t touching him, but just the thought of how close they were together sent detailed images into my head.

Every once and a while I pulled up to breathe, but with every hard snap of Xavier’s hips, he thrusted me back down yet again.

I felt their every moan as if it were a part of me, and at this point, it honestly felt like these three men were.

They were brutal. And loving. And harsh. And kind.

They were everything I could have ever wanted, and even though I feel like I’ve been stripped bare and exposed in ways that exceed just being physically naked, I’ve never felt so protected and cared for as I do now.

As my climax barreled through me yet another time, my tears were no longer ones of overstimulation and pain, but ones that can only be described as pure affection and happiness.

“You’re doing so good, princess.” Alec groaned as my fist tightened around him, “Just two more to go. You can do that for us, can’t you?”

I nodded the best I could with Caleb still in my mouth, but I was suddenly pulled off of him a second later, Xavier rocking backwards until I was raised in his lap by my hips.

The dark-haired man didn’t miss a beat as he began to plow into me just like that.

I could feel the slight shake in his legs and the way his thrusts began to grow sloppier, desperation coursing through his muscles.

I allowed Xavier to use me as I twisted my head back to find his lip caught between his teeth and a look of sheer pleasure lacing his every feature.

A look of lust flicked down to meet mine before I moved forward, my lips smashing against Xavier’s and tugging at his bottom lip as he let me in.

I swallowed his moan and smiled against his mouth as his hips jerked and his cock twitched inside of me.

A second later, Xavier’s release spilled out of him, filling my pussy as I milked him for everything he had.

For a long moment, the two of us remained just like that, our bodies still panting and shaking from what had just happened.

When he finally let me go, my head turned to find Caleb and Alec touching themselves to the sight of us, a whimper instantly falling from my mouth.

I could feel Xavier’s come leaking out of me and dripping back down the length of his already hardening cock, the sensation causing me to clamp down around him.

I couldn’t move or even speak as all three of them looked at me with looks of adoration, but I did know right then and there that this is a day we’d never forget.

I wanted this more than I’ve ever wanted anything else, and when both Caleb and Alec reached out for me at the same time, I happily went to them.

Somehow, I lasted three more times as they fucked, kissed, and held me until I was reduced to nothing more than a crying, sweaty mess.

“I’m sorry,” I managed to gasp as I came for the seventh time, but we all knew this was much more than just punishment.

Though it did end with me screaming my safeword, today was all about us.

That continued as they immediately stopped what they were previously doing, every part of me they’d been touching for my pleasure quickly being replaced with ones of aftercare.

“I’m going to pick you up. Is that okay?” Xavier asked, and with a nod of my head, he scooped up my shaking body and cradled me close to his chest.

Alec had left to the washroom about two minutes ago, and when Xavier led me inside, I was welcomed by the sight of a freshly drawn bubble bath and the faint scent of lilac filling the air.

At first I hissed at the feeling of the hot water meeting the places the riding crop had hit, but then I relaxed completely into it, Xavier stepping in with me.

I sighed as he laid me back against his body, encouraging me to relax and allow him to do all of the work.

I didn’t protest a single moment of it, Alec sitting beside the tub and rubbing my hand as he told me how good I did and how proud he was of me.

Caleb soon returned with squares of chocolate, a fuzzy robe, and a bottle of vitamin water, all three meant for me.

My tears at last began to stop, replacing all of my trembling and sensitivity with their proud smiles and gentle touches.

“You’re smiling.” Xavier said in my ear, kissing my cheek as I leaned deeper into his touch.

I hadn’t even noticed.

“I’m happy.” I respond, surprising myself a little.

I’m happy.

Those two simple words may seem like nothing, but they’re everything I’ve lacked for far too long.

I blushed at my admission because I knew Caleb, Alec, and Xavier understood.

They understood me.

“You wanna know a secret, darling?” Caleb asked, placing the chocolates on the counter before coming to kneel beside me.

My eyes held onto his blue ones, my heart squeezing in my chest at his next words.

“I think we’re happy too.”

- End of Chapter 44 -

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