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Chapter 45 : Madelyn

Chapter 45 : Madelyn
Sunday, August 8th, 2021

I feel warm, both on the inside and the outside.

After Xavier cleaned every square inch of my body with the soap and water that felt like silk, Caleb dried me off with a heated towel before helping me into the fluffy grey-ish purple robe.

Even though I was more than capable of doing things on my own, I think aftercare was one of my favourite parts about doing scenes.

After going for so long where I had to do everything for myself, it was kind of nice being able to have others to care for you.

Over the years, I’ve had multiple partners and one night stands, but while I’ve been undressed countless times, never once have I been redressed and cared for in the ways I am now.

I’ll admit today’s scene took a lot out of me, but I loved every single moment of it, even when my head spun to the point of calling my safeword.

And what they did afterwards— what they’re doing now... it makes me feel warm.

I ended up dressed in a pair of loose ripped jeans and a tan coloured hoodie that bagged on me.

It was fleece lined and perfect for the weather considering that when Caleb, Alec, and I walked downstairs, the many glass walls of their house were spotted with rain droplets, the sound of thunder echoing through the space.

Letting go of Caleb’s hand, I walked over to the glassed-in patio, looking up and watching as the water splashed and bounced off of the transparent roof.

I never know why, but there’s just something about thunderstorms that I always find calming.

The dark sky painted with streaks of lightning is beautiful, and I soon find myself sitting down in the glass dome, staring upwards and letting myself relax.

No one bothered me as I curled up on the patio couch, allowing my mind to clear and my thoughts to be consumed by the sound of every fallen raindrop.


“Hey.” Caleb greeted, drawing my attention to him.

I had been so out of it, I hadn’t even known he was here.

“Hi.” I smile, sitting up slightly so he can sit down beside me.

“How are you feeling?” His voice sounds gentle as he speaks, moving my attention to the fact his hands were full.

Caleb draped a weighted blanket over my body, as he offered a bowl of salted pretzels for us to share.

“I feel... I’m a little tired I think.”

I feel a little out of it right now, but there isn’t exactly anything wrong.

I’m probably just drained.

“That’s normal to feel.” Caleb said, placing my legs over his thighs so I can spread out a little more, “How about emotionally? It’s okay if things feel a little off.”

How did he know?

I remain silent though because I really don’t know how to describe how I’m feeling right now.

I subconsciously see Caleb type something on his phone, but I’m more focused on the bowl of pretzels in front of me.

Grabbing a handful and keeping them in the palm of my hand, I offer the bowl back to Caleb, but he declines with a small shake of his head.

“Keep it.” He smiles, “Dinner will be ready soon anyways.”

I nodded and returned his expression, my focus once again moving to the sound of rain falling around us.

I sighed in contentment as I felt Caleb’s hands rub up and down the sides of my legs, his touch making my head a little more clear.

“Caleb?” I murmured, twisting to look at him ever so slightly.

“Yeah?” He said, his blue eyes moving down to meet mine.

“Did Alec kick you out of the kitchen just now?”

The grin that appeared on his face showed I was right.

“Apparently I wasn’t cutting the onion in the right direction.” He grumbled, his eyes bright as he took in my smile, “Your company is much better anyways.” Caleb added with a wink.

“Yeah? Why’s that?” I raised an eyebrow in amusement.

“Well for one, your tits are nicer to look at, and two, you don’t threaten to kick my ass every time I give them pointers.”

A surprised laugh left my mouth at that, nearly choking on the pretzel I was eating.

“Do I even want to know what you give them pointers on?” I ask, sitting up slightly to see him easier.

“No, you really don’t.” Alec smiled, walking onto the patio with a hot cup of coffee in his hand.

My mouth watered at the smell of it, silently praying it was for me.

I all but threw myself upwards, gratefully accepting the mug from Alec as it’s offered to me.

“Easy, you’re going to burn your tongue.” Caleb says as I don’t waste a second before taking a large sip of the hot drink.

“It’s worth it if I can clear my headache sooner.” I respond, sighing as the caffeine works its way into my system.

“I thought you said you were feeling okay.” Caleb says, shifting slightly and tugging a stray piece of hair behind my ear.

“I am, the Advil just hasn’t kicked in yet.”

I was surprised that I felt a little agitated when he was only checking in on me, but I tried to push it off to the side.

“Whatever you’re making smells great.” I shift the focus to Alec, inhaling a breath of a combination of flavours.

“Xavier’s just prepping some final things in the kitchen. It’s the chicken parmigiana you’re smelling right now.”

My stomach quietly grumbled in interest, whatever I was feeling before promptly fading away entirely.

“We’ll thanks again for the coffee.” I smile, taking another large sip, “I feel a little spoiled from how well you all treat me.”

“It’s no big deal, but you’re welcome.”

I just gave a small nod in response, lifting myself slightly to give Alec a kiss on the cheek.

I smiled as the slight layer of stubble on his face grazed my cheek before pulling back and doing the same to Caleb.

His hair was still slightly damp from the shower he himself took not too long ago, and I had to brush away a small droplet of water as I moved back in my seat.

I could hear the faint sound of Xavier working away in the kitchen, but my eyes snapped to the small layer of pink that had formed on both men’s cheeks.

Oh my god, are they blushing?

I couldn’t believe it, but when they tried to brush it off, it only made my smile grow larger.

Who would’ve thought I could find these men... cute?

Just as I moved to call them on their bullshit, Xavier’s voice came from the kitchen, announcing that dinner was ready and on the table.

None of us seemed to be in the mood to wait, our hunger guiding us to the dining room in under thirty seconds.

“Are you two blushing?” Xavier asked, already seated at the table and pulling out a chair for me to sit on beside him.

I couldn’t stifle my small laugh as both Alec and Caleb simultaneously told their friend to shut up.

I just smiled as I sat down with Xavier, the remaining two ending up right across from us with just as delicious plates of food steaming on a place mat.

“I’m in love with whoever taught you both to cook.” I said, instantly reaching out for the cutlery while eyeing the chicken breast in front of me.

Caleb quietly hummed in agreement as Xavier placed a napkin under his glass of water.

“When I was a boy and my father was away for work, my mother used to sneak me into the kitchens every day after school to teach me new recipes.” Xavier shared, surprising me that he mentioned something about his childhood, “It started with simple things like brownies, but by the time I was thirteen I was a better cook than half the hired chefs in our household.”

I smiled at the image of Xavier as a young boy, running around with food on his hands as he tried to prepare something new.

“That’s amazing.” I say, as I cut into a piece of my chicken covered in tomato sauce and cheese, “Even as an adult I’m a lousy cook and an even worse baker.”

I wasn’t surprised at all when hundreds of different flavours burst along my tongue as I raised my fork to my mouth, Xavier proving just how skilled he was in the kitchen.

“At least I’m not the only one,” Caleb chuckled, the corners of his eyes crinkling in amusement, “I can’t even imagine how disastrous it would be if you put my ten year old self anywhere near a stove.”

This conversation is making me realize just how little I truly know about these men, but I like getting to learn these little parts of them growing up.

I just know Alec probably outsmarted everyone in school, Caleb likely got into a lot of trouble but could always charm his way out of it, though Xavier, I really don’t know what to think about him.

“I know we’ve never really spoken about it before, but is family discussion off limits or...?”

It doesn’t even have to be family, but I feel like I know everything and nothing about them.

“You’re always welcome to ask us anything, princess,” Alec answers, giving me a small smile, “We might not always have an answer, but how about you tell us what’s on your mind as a start.”

I knew I would likely have to offer things in return, but unlike most people in my life, I surprisingly felt comfortable with the idea of sharing personal parts of me with my men.

“I just figured that since things are feeling a little more serious, it would make sense to know more other than the fact that you’re all successful, fairly stubborn men with a soft spot for dark chocolate.”

I grinned and took another bite as they all looked at me.

“How’d you know about the chocolate?” Xavier asked, poking my side under the table teasingly.

“Because every time you bring some for me after a scene, I find all of you taking a piece as well and moaning as if it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted.” I giggle at their horribly strewn denial.

“We do not.” Caleb says in mock offense, cutting into his chicken, “I think we all know that only one taste has us moaning and it sure as hell isn’t chocolate.”

It didn’t take me long at all before I flushed at his innuendo, though I suppose I did kind of set him up for it.

For once, I couldn’t think of any quip remarks so I decided to redirect back to my original thoughts.

“Well what else do you like?” I ask, “I’m sure you have hobbies.”

There’s a small pause before Caleb says, “Well when I’m not working, or hanging out with anyone, I like to read.”

I never thought about it until now, but I have seen Caleb around with books multiple times already, and yes, ones other than ”How to Get Away with Murder” like when I first slept here.

God, that feels like forever ago when in reality it’s been less than a month.

“And what about you two?” I ask Alec and Xavier, “That is other than your shared talent of cooking of course.”

Learning these small things was only the tip of getting to know them, but while they have all spent years together already, I’m trying to learn about three relationships all at once.

“I like my bikes,” Xavier answered with a small smile that made it seem like some sort of inside joke for him.

I can’t help but think of our first kiss that happened against that motorcycle.

I still get butterflies thinking about that day.

“I built the Harley I took you on too.” He adds, surprising me, “Though growing up, I spent the majority of my time doing weapons training and other things like it.”

Flicking my gaze down to his calloused, scar painted hands, I didn’t find myself surprised in the least.

“Dare I ask what your preferred poison is?” I question, thinking back to my childhood and those endless nights my father and I would spend in that abandoned shed down the road.

I still remember every moment that we practiced until my knees would wobble and no amount of will could keep my eyes open.

A small pang in my heart appeared at the reminder of how much I missed him, but I shoved it down and told myself that it was okay to let myself be a little happy.

“While I find guns the easiest to make use of, I remember how much I liked screwing around with swords for a while.”

“Screwing around?” Alec let out a puff of air, “I remember the first time you had a sword around me, you knocked me on my ass before I could even retaliate.”

As if forgetting I was there, Alec’s gaze suddenly shifted to me as if they were all now holding their breaths.

They didn’t really think I thought they were untrained, did they?

I could tell the second I met them, even as masked figures, they carried themselves in a way that showed they were more than capable of holding their own.

Knowing the pause in the air was due to my presence, I decided to break it.

“Daggers.” I said, taking one last bite of my food before growing a slight smirk at their silence, “A dagger was the first weapon I learned to use, and after that, I never found something quite as enjoyable to wield.”


The remaining food on our plates has now gone long cold, though the glass in my hand has been refilled about three times now with a sweet sparkling drink I can’t remember the name of.

I don’t quite remember when we made our way over to the living room, but I was now happily situated between Caleb’s legs on the couch, my own draped over Xavier’s thighs.

Alec chose to sit on the floor right beside me, even though there was more than enough room on the couch beside both men on my sides.

For such hard muscle, I was surprisingly quite comfortable and content being held against their bodies.

Our conversation from dinner continued on until even now.

As one question appeared, three more sprouted in their wake, ones coming from all four of us in interest and curiosity.

While I had my suspicions, it turns out Caleb indeed grew up on the streets fending for himself. He surprisingly came from a rich family of five, though when he was sixteen, Caleb left and never came back.

What shocked me more was that no one ever looked for him.

I can’t imagine how anyone could be so blind to allow someone as easygoing and amazing as Caleb Harris to just leave, but I was both sad and even more angry for the man who deserved so much better.

He said it wasn’t all bad though.

Apparently a good part about being a nobody is that he managed to sneak in everywhere as a teenager, knowing that if he got caught he could just run and relocate once again.

I still didn’t view it as a good part, but I also wasn’t in any position to judge or decide what was good or bad for him at the time.

Some of our conversations were sadder, but a lot were happy and amusing as well.

It turns out Alec has a little sister named Nina, Xavier’s first tattoo— now removed— was of Pac-Man, and Caleb got his left ear pierced at seventeen by a friend.

I had turned around when he told me that, and I surprisingly could still see a small scar on his ear where his idiot friend not so expertly poked the hole.

I, of course, shared some things about me too, and it was almost overwhelming how intently all three men listened to me as I spoke.

It’s kind of a sad thing to be surprised about, but these last two hours felt like one of the very few times where I felt genuinely heard.

I told them briefly about my family, skipping over the parts about the alcoholism and countless other things that still give me nightmares.

I did however share that I could play the piano— loved to even.

Though it’s been multiple years since I’ve even been near one, I somehow ended up agreeing to play for them sometime despite none of us actually owning one.

It felt like I couldn’t learn, or share enough, myself admitting things that I’ve never uttered to another soul.

I guess things just felt easy with them.

As much as I tried to fight it, I felt myself yawn for the sixth time in the last few minutes, my lack of sleep and overexertion seeming to catch up to me.

“Hey Mads?” Caleb says in my ear, planting a small kiss to my cheek right afterwards.

“Mm?” I hum tiredly before lazily lifting my glass up to my lips again.

“As much as I’m loving our discussion, I think we should probably call it a night pretty soon.”

I hated that he was right.

“Yeah.” I agreed, but made no move to get off of him, my eyes flicking up to Xavier and offering him a lazy smile, one in which he returned.

I felt Caleb hug his arms around me just a little tighter at my lack of movement, as if he too was perfectly content with how cuddled up we are now.

If Alec found the pillow on the floor he was seated on uncomfortable, he didn’t show it.

“Are you still feeling good?” Alec asks, bringing my eyes down to him.

“I feel normal.” I answer for the third time tonight.

It wasn’t unusual for them to check in on me after a scene, but they seemed to be coddling me more than typical tonight.

“Why do you all keep asking?” I say, no bite in my tone, just genuine curiosity.

“It’s just that earlier on the patio, we think you were experiencing some minor signs of a subdrop.” Caleb answers for him, keeping his tone soft and honest as he speaks.

“I was?” I didn’t bother to keep the surprise out of my voice in my response.

I got a nod from Xavier when my eyes fell on him.

“The coffee, Advil, and small touches like this were all meant to help with it.” He said, drawing my attention to the gentle drag of his hand up and down my calf.

Xavier had been doing that for the last hour since we sat here, just as Alec did with my hand, and Caleb did as he held me.

“Don’t get us wrong, we’d probably still do this whether or not things seemed a little off, but it never hurts as a precaution.” Alec says, smiling up at me.

I hadn’t even realized, but based on what I already know about subdrop, my uncalled for irritation earlier would make sense.

“I think I’m fine now.” I say, not feeling any indifference with anything.

“You seem fine to me as well.” Caleb says in agreement, “But if you do begin to feel even the slightest bit off again tonight or even tomorrow, it’s important you tell us. It’s nothing to be scared or ashamed of, but we want to be able to help you whether it’s as minor as a small headache or as big as breaking down.”

Taking in this information, I find myself promising to tell them.

I was extremely appreciative that I now felt a little more aware with why I felt so off earlier, but mostly, I was just appreciative to have them.

For the most part that was the end of our conversation and I was soon able to let my mind drift off to sleep as Caleb scooped me into his arms and carried me up to the playroom’s bed now adorned with fresh sheets and blankets.


When my eyes fluttered open hours later in bed, the first thing I noticed was that I was encased in a heavy sheet of darkness.

The soft material of my hoodie wrapped around me just as much as the two men on either side of my body.

At some point one of them must have taken my jeans off for me, but I couldn’t be more thankful now as my legs intertwine with theirs.

I have absolutely no clue what time it is, but I know it must either be really late or really early considering how low the lighting was in here.

I sighed into Caleb and Alec’s warm bodies, feeling every soft rise and fall of their chests as if it were my own.

Currently facing Caleb, I couldn’t help but smile to myself at the outline of the messy blond strands of his hair tangling and falling in uneven waves across the edges of his forehead.

He looked so much younger in this state, and I was willing to bet I would see the same calmness in Alec’s features if I were able to flip over.

Though, as happy as I was to stay here, Xavier’s absence hung over me and weighed me down as much as it encouraged me to get up.

I wasn’t sure how he’d react if I asked why he never stays to sleep with me, but I haven’t quite worked up the courage to say that question yet.

If I at least knew he was okay and in his room, I feel like it would help, but memories of the shattered glass and vulnerability of last time allowed me no rest as my mind began to whorl.

Like last time, after a few minutes I managed to unweave myself of the tangle of limbs holding me, though thankfully I was more clothed as I took near silent footsteps over to the door.

I felt the brush of my hoodie against my mid-thigh as I walked, making sure to leave the door open behind me so the noise of the padlock wouldn’t wake the two men still in bed.

I instantly noticed the shut door to Xavier’s bedroom down the hall, and I let out a relieved breath when I was greeted by nothing but silence.

He was okay.

I try not to let myself think about how much I clearly care about him to the extent that I feel the need to check in, but I can’t help but admit that my feelings for all three of them continue to grow with every passing second.

Whether I’m with them or not, I think about Caleb’s teasing comments, Alec’s random displays of affection, and the little things Xavier portrays in actions when words seem to fail him.

I think I like them a lot more than I’m ready to admit, but for now, I just want to enjoy things as they are.

Thoughts of turning back to the playroom cross my mind, but now that I know Xavier’s okay, I’m becoming increasingly aware of how parched my throat is, likely from all of the screaming I did earlier under their touch.

Once again, I find myself smiling at the memory, biting my cheek slightly as I do so.

Thankfully, the kitchen wasn’t hard to find at all, even in the dark.

I didn’t hear a single stair creek beneath my foot in the oddly echoey house as I moved down to the first floor and over past the counter tops.

Truthfully, I hadn’t a clue where they kept their glasses, and it took me multiple attempts at opening cabinets before coming across one filled with an assortment of different sizes.

Grabbing the one closest to my reach, I quietly closed the wooden door behind me as I walked over to their fridge.

I held the glass under the dispenser, watching as a small blue light came on overtop to show just how full the cup was.

When I was satisfied, I pulled it away and instantly lifted the water to my lips, grateful for the cool path it brought as it slipped past my throat.

Before I knew it, I brought the glass back to the dispenser, but this time, my hand shook and things began to feel off.

***Switches to third person POV***

Madelyn jumped back startled as her hand pulled away from the fridge.

She couldn’t understand why her chest now ached and even the smallest of things became overwhelming, but she barely even registered the loud smash that woke the three men upstairs.

Madelyn blinked, the glass of water once in her hand now nothing more than shattered shards scattered and soaked across the hard floor.

Was it always this cold?

Madelyn couldn’t seem to remember how she ended up on the floor, but when Caleb was surprisingly the first downstairs, his heart raced as he noticed every detail of the sight before him.

Alec and Xavier followed almost instantly behind him, but all Caleb could think about was the sight of his lover on the ground, her knees hugged tight to her chest as her eyes stared forward with a glossy, distant look in them.

“Madelyn?” Caleb said with a soft voice, trying to not reveal the concern and fear he’d felt when he’d heard her cup smash.

He didn’t waste a second before rushing to the floor beside and pulling her into his lap, brushing away the hair that had stuck to her face from sweat.

Caleb’s heart tightened as Madelyn jumped slightly from his touch, and it was an action that both his best friends also noticed as they too kneeled on the wet, glass covered tile.

They would happily take a few cuts if they could ease away the obvious symptoms of subdrop Madelyn was clearly experiencing.

“Hey, you’re okay.” Alec said, taking Madelyn’s hand into his lap despite her lack of reaction, “You’re safe, I promise.”

Madelyn was highly aware of Xavier’s every touch as he gently ran his fingers through her hair, but despite his gentleness, Caleb’s tight hold grounding her, and Alec’s calming words, she couldn’t stop the sudden waves of emotion that passed over her again and again.

Xavier hated that Madelyn was so overwhelmed she’d collapsed to the floor, and this too was his first time ever aiding someone out of a drop.

All three men just wished that they could kiss away every inch of their girl’s distress, but when Alec touched her hand again, Madelyn this time didn’t jump, but instead turned her head to face him.

Her eyes were still glossy, and she wore a blank expression across her face, but this time as she blinked, tears came out with it.

Madelyn felt as if she were in a dreamlike state as many more followed, though she couldn’t pin what was making her feel this way.

She wasn’t in any danger, and she couldn’t coherently think of any reason as to why she needed to cry, but that didn’t stop the hot tears from dripping down her now pink cheeks.

“Can you tell us how you’re feeling, sweetheart? Xavier asked, still combing his fingers through Madelyn’s hair and helping to keep her head upright.

Tears continued to fall at his question, though Madelyn only shook her head no as she reached up to Alec’s face.

Her small fingertips curiously brushed against his short stubble of facial hair, finding the texture and smell of the three men near her oddly comforting.

After that, Madelyn showed no sign of hearing the question, as if lost in her own personal bubble.

The men’s hearts were still racing as they tried to help their girl in every way they could, urging their initial worries that someone had broken in to go away.

“What’s going on in your head, princess?”

Alec’s mouth dropped down and planted a single kiss along Madelyn’s wrist when it was brought close enough before pulling her hand away and taking it gently into his hold.

“I don’t know,” Madelyn’s voice was no more than a whisper as she spoke.

She didn’t know why she was crying, but it felt so easy to just let it all out.

“Caleb?” She says, turning her head to look at him through blurry vision.

“Mhm? You’re okay.” He says, taking her hand from Alec and placing her palm on his chest, his hand remaining on top of hers and allowing her to feel his heartbeat.

“I-I... I just don’t know.” Madelyn stuttered, understanding she’s having a subdrop but not knowing how to get out of it.

“It’s okay, just breathe with me, alright?” Caleb says, “We can calm down together.”

Madelyn only nods in response, noticing every small touch Xavier and Alec are doing.

“Inhale,” Caleb said, encouraging the person in his lap to do the same as they both breathed in, “Exhale.”

All three men do everything they can as they try to calm her uneven breathing patterns.

Alec begins to rub comforting circles on Madelyn’s back, while she tries to focus on their low voices.

Trying to regain control over herself, Madelyn redirects her mind into the feeling of Caleb’s heartbeat beneath the palm of her hand.

While the intense emotions and slight dizziness continues, after multiple minutes, Madelyn feels her breathing begin to slow.

She can’t stop the tears, but she at least feels as though oxygen is actually getting to her brain now with every inhale.

“That’s good, you’re doing so good.” Xavier praised, kissing the back of her head as he felt her breaths steady out a little more, “It’s okay to cry if you need to let it all out. I promise we won’t leave you.”

The soothing tone in his voice gave Madelyn the permission she felt she needed to just give in and trust that they can handle it.

Every single confusing emotion pulsing through her bones was pushed out, dissolving away until she began to feel a little more like herself.

And her men, they held her through every single second of it, never letting her feel alone, or abandoned or uncared for.

Madelyn was able to focus on that until those previous overwhelming convulsions were replaced with the heavy weight of exhaustion.

“I’m sorry.” She mumbled, still feeling a little dizzy, “I d-don’t even know why that happened. I thought I was fine, but... oh god the floor.”

Madelyn became frantic in a whole other way, panicking about the shattered glass and the mess she made.

“I’m sor—”

“Madelyn, it’s okay. You have nothing to apologize for at all.” Alec insisted, his hand reaching up to cup the side of her face and encouraging her to look at him.

Through teary eyes, she did.

Caleb let Madelyn go, transferring her into Alec’s lap as his friend held her face in his hands.

“I know this is a little scary and that you don’t know how to handle it, but I promise we’ve got you. We’re not going anywhere.”

Madelyn didn’t know what it was he said, she soon found herself easing down once again.

At his words, all three men felt a sharp pang of relief inside of them when a small smile appeared on their girl’s face.

A very very small laugh followed as Alec continued to rock her back and forth a little.

“That’s it.” Caleb encouraged, holding her hand as he could both physically and emotionally feel as Madelyn began to steady.

Alec moved his hands and guided her head to rest on his shoulder, both of his arms wrapping around her and hoping to take away the slight tremble that remained in her body.

That’s what all three men did for as long as it took.

Sitting on a ground shattered with glass, the last emotion that passed through Madelyn’s head felt a lot like that one word she wasn’t ready to face yet.


I can’t deny that I felt like absolute shit when I woke up.

My eyes are sore from the endless stream of tears they cried, and my head pounded against my skull as I regained consciousness.

On the soft mattress of a bed and cradled between two bodies, I was honestly surprised to find an awake Xavier on his side, facing me and running his fingers through the strands of my hair.

He doesn’t say anything for a moment when our eyes connect, but then he murmurs a single word.

“Hey.” Xavier whispered, a small smile appearing on his face as his eyes trailed over mine as if to make sure I was alright.

This morning I was, but last night was something I hopefully won’t have to relive.

I can understand the science and logic behind subspace, but experiencing it was an entirely other thing.

What I didn’t expect, however, was how good I would feel the next morning.

It could of course just be a coincidence, or maybe just the fact that Xavier was laying here as well, but things just felt right.

“Hi.” I smile back, nuzzling slightly closer to Xavier’s bare chest.

Caleb and Alec were both on my other side, but I could tell they were still asleep based on the steady patterns of their breathing.

“Are you okay?” Xavier asks, his thumb grazing the side of my cheek in thought.

“Back to normal I think.” I respond, leaning in and placing a small kiss to his chiseled jaw, “Thank you for how good you were last night, Xavier.”

His eyes searched mine as if he were looking for something, but with a swallow, he simply nodded.

“Always, right?” He flashed a true smile that made my stomach flutter and my heart squeeze.

Instead of repeating that word in agreement, I leaned in and kissed him both soft and hard all at once.

I used my touch to say the things even words couldn’t express properly for me and when I eventually pulled back, I knew Xavier understood.

“You’re awake?” Caleb’s voice pulled my attention to him as he pressed me closer to his body.

“Morning.” I said softly, noticing how Alec also began to stir in bed, all of us slowly waking up together.

“How are you feeling?” Caleb asked, causing me to smile at how many times I’ve been asked that and how caring they are of me.

“I’m really good.” I say, answering Caleb knowing that Alec is also intently listening, “Though... I am kind of starving if I’m being honest.”

As if on cue, my stomach let out a low growl to prove my point, despite the massive dinner I had seconds of last night.

“That’s to be expected.” Alec said, sitting up enough that my eyes were able to catch a glimpse of dark brown curls in a perfect mess atop his head.

A boyish grin appeared on his face as I turned slightly to look at him, my eyes also dropping to the tattooed designs inked across his chest and further onto his arms.

I looked at Caleb next, seeing as he was watching me with an amused look on his face.

Before I felt a lot more shy with them, but they were mine just as much as I was theirs.

Only an idiot would pass up the opportunity to take in the three men with me, and I’m very clearly taking advantage of my girlfriend status.

“You better watch yourself, sweetheart.” Xavier murmured in my ear, his breath tickling my neck, “Keep looking at us like that and your roommate won’t be seeing much of you for yet another day.”

Hailey had only teased me when I told her I was staying here for yet another night, though I’ll admit I do miss her and needed to go home sooner rather than later.

“Or you could bring me downstairs so I can actually get some food into me.” I answered, forcing down my butterflies, “Not everyone are super humans like you who seem to have unwavering stamina.”

“I didn’t hear you complaining about our stamina much a few nights ago.” Caleb teased, causing me to sit up before I very well just choose to stay here in bed all day with them.

“What? You’re meaning to say you’re choosing food over our irreplaceable company?” Alec smiled in mock offense, swinging his legs over the bed and making a move to crawl where my feet are.

Moving over Xavier before Alec even had the chance, I tilt my head as I say, “Yes,” in a deadpan tone.

He looks like he wants to pounce on me right now, but Caleb is moving too, placing a hand on my lower back and guiding me to the door.

“I’m hungry as well.” Is all he says as he winks, wrapping his arm around me until the fabric of my hoodie bunches in his hand.

Despite the warmth of my top and tight shorts, Caleb’s touch sends a tingle down my spine as Xavier and Alec both move in beside us.

I hear the soft click of the door close behind just as we begin our descent down the large staircase to the first floor.

I shiver the second my bare feet touch the cold hardwood beneath me, but the sound of the elevator dinging causes that thought to fade away as all four of our gazes move to the metal doors now sliding open.

Before I even had time to blink, Caleb moved me behind him, his hand tightening around my waist at the sight of four armed men stepping out of the elevator, bags in tow.

The one who stepped forward first looked insanely like an older version of Xavier, only this man was dressed from head to toe in dark red, his dark hair shaved close to his head.

“Ah, you must be Madelyn,” The man says, stepping into the house as authority dripped off of his presence alone, “It’s so nice to finally meet the woman my son has told me so much about.”

- End of Chapter 45 -

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