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Chapter 53 : Marcus

Chapter 53 : Marcus
Sunday, August 15th, 2021

I watch as my daughter drives off in the same car she had months ago before I left her behind.

With the exception of that, however, a lot has changed about her in the many weeks of my absence.

She looks stronger, healthier.

I can only imagine those who she’s been associating herself with were a major role in that.

In the six months I’ve been gone, I made sure to keep an eye out on Madelyn the entire time in secret, seeing her in pain, slowly recovering from it, and finding the kind of love I’ve always hoped for her to find.

Madelyn was still hurting a lot— I knew I was partially responsible for that—but I had to make sure she never found me.

It was the only way to keep her safe and ensure I will one day be able to be a part of her life again.

But Madelyn, being the well trained person I raised her to be, made my life in hiding extremely difficult for me.

Her private investigator, for example, found me within a month of being hired.

Well, that’s a lie.

I found Callum shortly after she hired him, and then proceeded to pay him off for both his silence and expertise.

With some persuasion, he did.

Not only did he keep quiet about my location, but I also got him to feed Madelyn fake leads that intentionally brought her to New York.

I knew I needed her here for yet another step of my big plan, and even if doing so unknowingly, with my daughter’s help the two of us are going to bring my entire organization up to power and obliterate the man who started this all.

In exchange for Callum’s assistance in this, it wasn’t hard at all to make the investigator cave after I offered him triple of what Madelyn was giving, as well as taking her money and placing it into the same account I had set up for her.

My little girl has no clue just how many riches she has in her name, but I reckon it’s best to keep things that way for now.

You see, this entire thing has just been small pieces to a much larger puzzle I’ve been creating for the last multiple years of my life.

And the man who is responsible for all of this chaos is none other than Vincent Alcaraz.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done way too many things at this point to be deemed as innocent in this ever growing rivalry between us, but he and his son were the beginning of it all.

The Order is a group I formed the first time I ever crossed paths with the mafia.

It was first merely a small gathering of people who too had been harshly impacted by the four crime families, but it turns out I wasn’t even close to being the only one who had scores that needed to be settled.

There were thousands of people sick of rolling over to their forces, and most of us didn’t have anything to lose anymore.

My experience was only one of many, but I’ve had to spend years in hiding with my entire family hidden under an umbrella of fake identities all because my brother was murdered in cold blood by a father trying to teach his son a lesson.

“You need to learn that this man does not matter, Xavier. He’s not important and you most certainly should not be crying over him.”

Those words, along with many others from that day have been permanently etched into my memory, only fueling the burning need for revenge with every passing second.

Vincent forced a gun into his own child’s hand and punished him when he refused to obey his order to eliminate his target.

The word tasted like ash on my tongue, but that was the reality.

My dear brother, Keith, was murdered at the age of sixteen, and died being told his life was worth nothing more than a lesson in obedience.

It didn’t matter to me that he owed a huge sum of debt to the Mafia and was unable to pay it back; he didn’t deserve to die like that.

I most certainly didn’t deserve to see the videotape of his death in warning of what happens to those who think to cross Vincent Alcaraz.

I know that evil man’s intentions were to break down any form of resiliency he suspected to remain within me, but the effect of his actions were quite the opposite actually.

Here I am now, years later as the head of my own army, having the perfect plan in order.

By the end of this all, Vincent is going to watch as I take down his entire empire, killing every single person he cares about along the way, just like I had to watch as my brother died.

Slipping off the black gloves from my hands, I flex my fingers and inspect the fresh cuts adorning my knuckles.

Madelyn wasn’t the only person I came to New York to visit, but a cheating ex-boyfriend who appeared to have already come into contact with three other men.

“Marcus.” The voice of my second in command, and newly wed wife called from behind me as she stepped out of the shadows.

Turning, I glance over Natasha as she holds her hand out to me.

“It’s time.” She says, raising her chin slightly as I take a step towards her.

“That it is, my love.”

That it is.

- End of Chapter 53 -

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