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Chapter 54 : Alec/Madelyn

Chapter 54 : Alec
Monday, August 16th, 2021

Madelyn makes me feel like a nervous teenage boy all over again, yet I can’t help but like it a little.

Ever since she came back those few days ago, I knew I would never let her go—better yet, I would never give her a reason to leave again.

She deserves to know about who her dad really is, but I know the second Madelyn does, things are going to get bad quick.

That alone scares me, but we’re only digging our graves deeper the longer we wait.

I’ve decided I’m going to run it by Caleb and Xavier first for their support, and while I know it’s going to be a harsh conversation to have, I swore to Madelyn she had all of me.

That includes even the fucked up parts that are hard to admit.

I needed a little time to sort through things though, because I know Xavier will be the most opposed to opening up, especially about the whole reason why we’ve dedicated so much time to killing Marcus in the first place.

Though, I do have something in the works that should motivate him to talk to Madelyn, but if my theory is true, that means a lot of pain for Xavier.

I just need concrete evidence first otherwise he’ll believe my thoughts to be an act of denial for our girl, and not one based on truth and logic.

Either way, things are getting a lot more serious with Madelyn, and while it’s intense, I’m living for it at this point.

That’s mainly why I’ve chosen to put the entire thought of Marcus away for now, because this is our night.

It may make me selfish to stand here at her door, even though I’m sure she’s better off with someone else, but when my girl walks out and flashes me a bright smile, I couldn’t care less what it made me.

I’m here and she is mine.

“Hey handsome,” Madelyn grinned, walking up and rising on her tiptoes to kiss my cheek.

Her lips are soft against my rough skin, and I couldn’t help but find myself intoxicated already just by her presence.

Bringing down and turning my head, I brushed my lips against hers, savoring her taste and smell and simply just her.

“Hey, princess,” I murmured back, already feeling myself relax into her touch.

Looping my arm around her waist, I end up pulling Madelyn’s body flush against mine, my other hand toying with the strands of her hair as though it had a mind of its own.

“Did you do what I requested?” I asked lowly in her ear, enjoying the small blush on her face before I was met with mischievousness.

“Oh yes.” She smiled, her voice as luring as a siren, “I even brought you a present, Sir.”

I clenched my jaw as Madelyn slowly pulled out a lingerie piece of light pink lace from her purse, slipping the underwear into my hand and closing my fingers around it.

When I had told her one of the conditions of tonight was her not wearing anything beneath the silver dress she now wore, I didn’t expect this kind of reaction.

But she listened, and now I also had one of her pretty little undergarments around my knuckles.

“Hm,” I gave her a sinful smile, enjoying this teasing game we had going on, “Just to be sure though.”

I crouched down as though I had dropped something, my hand instantly finding its way to the smooth skin of her ankle before slowly trailing up the inside of her leg as I stood.

The shining material of her dress bunched up as I got higher, Madelyn’s breaths going unsteady as I continued to lift the material in the very much public area.

I made sure to shield her with my large body, certain no one walking by would notice anything, but Madelyn didn’t know that and I wasn’t about to tell her.

I continued my path until I got all the way to the apex of her thighs, my single finger brushing up and coming in contact with a completely bare, soaked cunt.

Smirking to myself at the little gasp that came from Madelyn’s mouth at the action, I only winked as I brought my hand away, more than satisfied with her reaction.

“Ready to go then?” I smirk in amusement at the clear daze Madelyn only now just snapped out of by the subject change.

It took no time, though, before she regained herself, my heart beating a little quicker as her hand slipped into mine.

“And where are we going again?” She tries, knowing I’ve purposely kept my mouth shut about our location.

What she doesn’t know is that I actually plan to take her to two places tonight; a scene and a date.

“Nice try.” I kiss her temple before opening the door to my car for her.

Her hand slips from mine as she gets in, but it’s not long before I’m rounding the vehicle, moving into the driver’s seat and resuming our little touches.

Even though I began driving shortly after, I took the time to really take in her dress and how perfectly she obeyed my orders.

Wearing the gift I sent her, Madelyn’s body shimmered along with the silver material that hugged tight to her skin.

It was out of her comfort zone, and I was proud of her for trusting me enough to still wear it tonight.

With her hair set in loose curls, she looked beautiful, the black wedges I’m sure she borrowed from Hailey setting her a few inches taller.

Madelyn was currently looking out the window, though I had a feeling she was well aware of my wandering gaze over her body.

Everything was perfect for tonight, and I was already wanting to pull over and take her right here in the car.

But, with the little self control I had left in me, I instead settled on placing my hand on her thigh, wrapping around where her legs were pressed tight together.

I smiled as she shifted, and I soon had a feeling my teasing already had her all warmed up for later.

Turning her head back to me, the flush across Madelyn’s cheeks confirmed what I already knew, and neither of us were complaining in the least.

It was just past ten o’clock now, and under the faint red illumination of my car’s interior lights, Madelyn looked absolutely stunning in combination with her dark eye makeup.

We may not have been speaking, but our continuous glances at each other made for a lot of sexual tension with still a fifteen minute drive to Rush.

“I—” Madelyn had just begun speaking when a call came in on my phone, interrupting what she was just about to say.

I instantly moved to turn the device on silent, but the number from my mother’s home office had me reaching for the answer button.

My mom hasn’t called me in years, and the only reason she would be now is if someone was dead or something else important enough happened to set her pride aside and make the first move.

“Sorry,” I apologize as I answer the call through my car’s Bluetooth system.

The looks Madelyn sends me told me it really wasn’t a big deal which I nodded to in genuine thanks.

“Hello,” I say, already tense for the conversation that’s to come.

“Alec,” A small voice cries through the speaker, my little sister’s sobs filling the car.

“Nina?” I startle, but force my voice into calmness, “What’s the matter, angel?”

If my mother knew Nina was in her office, using her phone... I don’t even want to finish that thought.

“Ca-can you p-put me to bed?” She asks through her overwhelmed breaths, stuttering as she tries to keep quiet over the phone.

“Where’s mamma and papa?” I question, not noticing how tense I had grown until Madelyn placed her hand overtop of my own on her thigh.

“They left for a-a party.”

Which means they left her with the housekeepers for the night again.

Nina has never managed well with them, and I don’t blame her either. She deserves her parents to put her to bed, and I know she can’t sleep without somebody more than just hired help there.

Looking at Madelyn, she whispers to me, “Go to your parent’s place. Whatever mystery plans you’ve thought up can wait an hour or two, don’t you think?”

Her words allow a part of me to relax, giving her thigh a teasing squeeze in appreciation.

“I’m on my way, Nina, okay? You listen to what Miss Daphene asks of you, and then I’ll come tuck you to bed in about ten minutes. Can you do that for me, angel?”

I don’t know why I would have expected anything less than understanding from Madelyn, but I’m still grateful for it.

I really needed it right now, especially when I was already so angry with my parents.

Leaving my baby sister at home with practical strangers was just the cherry on top.

“Okay, bye.” Nina’s voice suddenly quickened before the line abruptly went dead between us.

This only made me smile and shake my head because her actions likely meant Miss Daphene, the same housekeeper that watched over me as a child as well, was close to catching her in places we all knew she wasn’t allowed to be in.

With the silence of the call and the low music on the radio beginning to play once again, Madelyn shifted to look at me better.

“That was your sister?” She asked with a small smile, no doubt also picking up on the slight mischievous side Nina too shared.

“That it was.” I say, returning her expression, “I promise this won’t take very long; it’ll just be a story and then lights out—”

“Alec, it really isn’t a big deal.” She brushes my words off, truly not viewing this as a disruption, “I’m excited to meet her anyways. I always wanted a little sister growing up, but it just never happened.”

Honestly, Nina wasn’t a planned child, but I don’t think I could ever go back to not having her in my family anymore.

“I’m sure she’ll love you. She has a really hard time with new people though, so don’t be sad when she doesn’t speak to you. Enjoy it even; once you get her talking, she’ll never shut up.”

Madelyn’s eyes crinkle at the corners slightly as she laughs at that, easing the last bit of worry from my body.

Just this little thing meant the world to me, and she doesn’t even realize it.


Pulling into the extensively long driveway that leads up to my childhood house, I watch as Madelyn’s eyes go wide at the sheer size of everything.

My parents did nothing short of grand and made the place I lived in to seem like nothing more than a small apartment.

I always hated this mansion that was always too echoey and large to be called home, and now is no different.

I’ve put up with it and come here multiple times over the years to see Nina, but my dislike has never changed. Though, Madelyn makes it easier.

Going straight through the gates and nodding in acknowledgement at the guards, I parked as close as I could to the main entrance, sighing as I got out of the car and walked around to open Madelyn’s door for her.

Just because she was capable of doing it on her own doesn’t always mean she should have to.

Plus, I would do it a million more times if I could get to see her cutely blush in thanks again the way she just did now.

Slipping her hand into mine, we walked side by side up the patio stairs until I found myself unlocking the doors to this dreaded place and pushing inside.

Gazing around, I hated how similar it looked with the same horrid memories I can’t shake even decades later.

At least I wasn’t so damn alone this time being here.

I barely had time to shut the door before the sight of a giggling Nina came racing down the stairs, her hand trying to muffle her laughs to hide the fact that she very much shouldn’t be out of her room.

“Alec!” She smiled, so busy caught up in her excitement that she didn’t even notice Madelyn as she rushed passed and threw herself around my legs.

“Hey, angel,” I bend and hug her, her motions clear that she’s tired but desperately fighting it, “You remember me telling you that I met someone, right?” I say, turning my head with Nina as she finally realizes we weren’t alone in the room, “This is Madelyn Adams, my girlfriend.”

“Hi,” My girl says, offering a calming smile, “Alec’s told me so many great things about you.”

As expected, Nina doesn’t say a word to her, though we both watch as she looks Madelyn up and down slowly.

She typically does this with strangers, and I feel her nuzzle slightly closer to me in shyness before looking up at my eyes.

I only give her a wink, silently telling her that she’s okay and that she’s safe.

As if needing to see yet again for herself, Nina looks back to Madelyn in seemingly deep thought before leaning up to my ear.

“Is she a princess?” I hear her whisper, though considering she’s only six, Nina hasn’t exactly mastered the concept of being quiet.

I watch as a grin splits wide across Madelyn’s face at her words, her eyes meeting mine in amusement.

“She’s my princess,” I say in response to Nina, though I keep my gaze directly on Madelyn as I speak, loving the way she smiles for an entirely different reason this time.

I feel Nina nod against me before pulling out of my arms, using one of her small hands to indicate that she wanted us to stay put for a minute.

Before I could say anything else, my sister ran off, back up the stairs and to where I’m assuming to be her room.

“You’re cute.” Madelyn’s voice pulls my attention away from the staircase, my eyebrows raising in question as I stand from my crouched position.

“Cute?” I question with a tilt of my head, that word not being even close to one of the things I’d describe myself as.

“I didn’t realize you were so good with kids.” She adds, taking a step towards me and slinging her arms over my shoulders, “So yes. That was cute.”

I grinned as my fingers found their way to her hips, pulling her in close enough that I could feel her body better against mine.

“Only with Nina,” I say, tucking a small strand of hair behind her ear, “She’s the only kid I’d do this for... well, I’d probably do it for you too if you asked me to tuck you in.” I teased as amusement flashed across Madelyn’s features.

“Last time I checked, I wasn’t a kid.” She says, emphasizing her point by closing that last little bit of distance between our bodies.

“Well you are nine years younger than me.”

Madelyn straightens slightly, her heels putting her much closer than usual at eye level with me.

She used it to her advantage too as she looked at me dead serious and said, “If being twenty three makes me a kid, then you’re a grandpa at this point.”

I couldn’t help the laugh that fell past my lips, this conversation completely useless, but entirely perfect at the same time.

Just as I opened my mouth to retort another comment—one that was nowhere near appropriate for wandering ears, I stopped myself at the sound of Nina beginning her decent back down the stairs.

Madelyn pulled away slightly so that we were now side by side as the two of us watched my sister walk with her hands behind her back, clearly hiding something from us.

Looking at her feet as she moved, I waited for Nina to come to me, but instead she stood in front of Madelyn, gesturing for her to bend down.

I angled my head and kept quiet as Madelyn crouched down in slight surprise, making sure her dress stayed down in the process.

From this angle I couldn’t see what my sister was being so secretive about, but I swear my heart stopped for a second as Nina’s hands came around to her front, her fingers holding a delicate toy crown.

I know Madelyn’s breath hitched as well as the twisted metals of golds and greens were placed atop her head, my sister effectively shocking us all.

“Now you’re a real princess.” Nina murmured nervously, not waiting to hear Madelyn’s response before she was suddenly tugging at my hand.

This was a very huge thing for Nina to do, and I didn’t stop her as she silently told me she was finally ready for bed.

With a nod from a nearly teary eyed Madelyn, I smiled as I was led away, knowing that in a few minutes, the beautiful woman who I get to call mine will be waiting for me.

***Switches to Madelyn's POV***
Monday, August 16th, 2021

“The night is still very young, princess.” Alec says to me as we pull up to the entrance of the nightclub he co-owns.

Glancing up at the dark sky, I feel my heart racing at the sight of where we are.

Rush, even on Mondays, tends to be packed with people, and as Alec and I walk hand in hand through one of the back doors, I found that tonight was no exception.

Saying hi to some of the bouncers, I casually pulled down the bottom of my dress when no one was looking, only to be met with a generous amount of more cleavage showing.

Damn Alec.

And damn his no underwear request.

I could feel the cool air meeting my core with every step I took, my nipples taunt, but surprisingly well hidden by the material of my dress.

Under the strobe lights, I sparkled, loving the way Alec looked at me distractingly from the fact that all it would take is a small bend for some part of me to be exposed.

The content smirk on his face told me he knew it too, expecting this exact problem of mine to occur.

Smug asshole.

He’s lucky I like him, because I’m super on edge right now, even though we’re walking right into the pit of the most exclusive nightclub in New York.

Honestly, sometimes I forget how much money my men have until it’s thrown right in my face.

While I had expected Alec to bring me straight downstairs, I jolted as he suddenly pulled me into the crowd of dancing people, moving so that his front was pressed close to my back.

“Always in such a hurry.” He tuts over the loud sound of music and conversation, lifting my arms until they wrap around his neck behind my head.

My dress rose with the action, but not yet enough to expose me entirely.

“Let me enjoy you for a little,” Alec says, his hands dropping to my waist and guiding our bodies together as one as we danced together.

This was a surprise I didn’t expect, but I cherished it all the same as I closed my eyes and leaned my head back on his shoulder, swaying my hips without a care in the world.

Allowing Alec to take control of me, I simply felt as his hands wandered my body, never inching too high or too low.

It was the perfect range that both left me desperate and satisfied all at once.

The two soon blurred into one big wave of emotion, one that left me entirely consumed by the man at my back.

As I breathed in his smell, I no longer worried about the confinements of my dress, or better yet, my mind.

Alec knew my boundaries, so I put my trust in him, letting him direct where this night went.

For a long time, we remained like this, never once pulling off for a break or removing ourselves from each other.

Despite being in a room with thousands of people, things felt as though it were only the two of us here, accompanied by the fast beat of the music that matched our racing hearts.

At some point, I think I had nearly fallen into some sort of trance, both created and broken by Alec’s touch.

At the feeling of a large hand brushing over my ass from between where our bodies were still pressed closely together, my eyes opened, adjusting to the plethora of lights and colour.

It remained as nothing more than that for a little while, but when I soon felt Alec’s rough fingertips dragging further down and up my thigh, my breath hitched and I pressed back against him.

“Alec, what are you doing?” I gasp, turning my head to see if anyone’s watching only for his free hand to grip my chin, forcing me to look back at his heated gaze.

“What? Do the people make you nervous?” He asks in a cruel tone, false pity underlying his words.

As if to directly counter that, Alec slid all the way under my short dress, two fingers quickly meeting the wet center between my folds.

“You know they do,” I say, a frantic blush forming on my face.

I knew everyone around was in their own world and barely paying attention to us, but I didn’t expect for the fear of getting caught to make me so sensitive.

I was suddenly extremely thankful for the music that covered my moan, Alec’s fingers sinking deep inside of me and curling upwards.

“So if I said I had a public scene planned for us downstairs in twenty minutes, you wouldn’t be interested?” Alec said in my ear, his words causing my heart to race and my clit to throb at the idea.

“You what?” I yell over the music, even though we both know I heard him the first time.

The thought of having people watching me had me nervous just as much as it excited me.

Was I really ready for that step, though?

“I booked a room for us with you in mind. The crowd won’t be as busy today and I picked you up something that I think will help with your confidence.”

When Alec’s thumb then brushed against my clit, I had to tighten my arms around him as I felt my knees buckle slightly.

He was already on it though, dropping his hand from my chin and instead wrapping it around my waist.

The support let me focus entirely on the sensations, all too aware that I was so aroused it had begun to leak onto my inner, upper thighs.

Alec refused to let me be embarrassed though.

His mouth moved down to my neck, nipping the skin and swirling his tongue in the most intoxicating of motions.

I was given no opportunity to worry as my head became consumed by everything Alec.

“Not here.” I barely manage to say, my legs clamping shut around his hand.

I know Alec could have continued if he wanted to, which I’m sure he did, but I sagged in both relief and slight disappointment when he removed his fingers from me.

Turning us, I didn’t have a chance to protest before he was licking them clean right in the open, silently demanding for me to watch.

That in itself had my legs pressing against each other further, but I couldn’t enjoy it for long before I was being guided by the waist towards the VIP doors.

I’m not sure I’m ready for this yet.

Just as the thought passed my mind, Alec leaned down and said, “We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to, but I want to show you the room whether we stay there or not.”

He always knows.

“Thank you,” I relaxed, no longer worried as he led me past the bouncers and into the small lobby.

There, I saw Cassidy who gave me a knowing smile at the fact that Alec was by my side and this time I wasn’t hurriedly rushing away from him.

I guess a lot of things have changed since then.

“Have fun,” She smiles, and while Alec simply gives a small nod in thanks, she winks at me as we pass by.

I don’t get the chance to say anything before I’m being led down the side hallway and through a large set of swinging doors.

I suppose I’m thankful for it though, considering it takes away any chance of me overthinking things.

Just the mere idea of this room has my mind turning in interest, and it doesn’t help my curiosity as Alec steps forward and unlocks the door now in front of us, pushing it open for me to see.

Stepping inside, my eyes take in the dark blue interior, brightly lit by the hidden light strips in various places.

Feeling a hand press on my back, Alec encouraged me to move further from the doorway so he could close it behind us.

“It’s just like our playroom,” He says in my ear, walking up and wrapping his arms around my body from behind.

It really was, just a different colour and much smaller in size.

Along the one wall was a long wooden counter, racks of equipment mounted right above it to be used at Alec’s disposal.

I spotted four items on it, each making me more and more confused in increasing order.

The first two items were a vibrator and a spreader bar, both things I’m now more than familiarized with.

The remaining, however, had me stepping closer.

Some sort of folded black material laid in a neat pile beside what looked to be a lot like a cooler you’d keep drinks in.

Both appeared small in size, but the smirk on Alec’s face showed he had been expecting this reaction.

“Interested yet?” He asks, moving from my back and turning me to face the last wall I’ve somehow failed to notice this entire time.

It looked normal at first glance, but when Alec reached out and clicked a button on the small panel to our left, my eyes widened as the once black area became transparent, revealing a section of the club to us.

The entire wall turned out to be one large window, the size making it seem as though there weren’t any barriers between us and the multiple groups of people engaging in varying activities throughout the club.

“This is the same kind of glass in Xavier’s office,” Alec explains, his hands gathering my hair and brushing it to my back, “No one can see or hear us right now, but they could if you wanted that.”

Exhibitionism is a major turn on for me, but it is also one that makes me extremely nervous, so many of my insecurities rising to the surface at the consideration alone.

I know Alec senses this, planting a small kiss on my bare shoulder before stepping away from me.

“Would you like to see your gift now, princess?” He asks, walking over to the counter and running his fingertips over the black fabric I was eyeing only minutes ago.

With a racing heart, I nodded, turning away from the glass as I savored the way the sensual music of the club spread throughout my body.

“Good,” Alec says, turning his head back to watch me with that usual calculating gaze of his.

Leaning back and curling his hands under the lip of the counter, he tilted his head in a relaxed position as excitement flared in his eyes.

And then, with only a single word, he had me completely under his control.


- End of Chapter 54 -

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