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Chapter 55 : Madelyn

Sexual Content Warning ⚠️

Chapter 55 : Madelyn
Monday, August 16th, 2021


That word alone had my skin heating and excitement coursing through my body, Alec’s hard gaze remaining on me.

Twisting my arm and pulling on the zipper of my skin tight dress, all it took was gravity and a little bit of encouragement as the straps slipped down my arms.

For a moment—just the smallest moment, hesitation had me holding up the fabric flush to my chest, my eyes daring to flick over to the window.

I trusted that no one could see us right now, but visually, I was given the illusion that it was just normal glass between the two sections.

That hesitation wasn’t given the opportunity to spread, though, when a small noise in warning came from the man at my side.

Instead of risking Alec viewing it as disobedience, I took a breath and allowed the dress to slip over my curves until it was nothing more than a puddle of silver at my feet.

That simple action was all it took to leave me entirely bare, goosebumps of both excitement and fear peppering my skin under the blue light of the room.

Bending at the waist and reaching for the clothing, I faintly smirked at the sound of a pleased groan coming from Alec’s lips.

To get him back for all of his teasing earlier, I subtly arched my back just a little more, making a show of rising slowly before taking my time to fold the dress.

I knew he wouldn’t touch me until I was on my knees in front of him, so I decided to take advantage of that.

Everything felt so slow and powerful as I placed both my clothes and purse down on the counter, looking around for a hair tie and finding nothing.

“Don’t worry about it for now,” Alec said, his voice rough and eyes taking in every bare inch of my skin.

I was almost thankful that I didn’t have to braid my hair back for today as I slipped off my painful heels, nudging them with my foot until they were completely off to the side.

All that was left now was dropping to my knees in submission, and while I planned on doing just that, I moved to stand right in front of Alec, holding his eyes as I ever so slowly kneeled down.

I made sure to look at him the whole time as I sunk to the floor, sitting back on my heels and spreading my legs wide out.

I loved the dark lust that pooled in his heated gaze, his eye contact only breaking off on my account when I tipped my head down and felt my muscles loosen into this vulnerable position.

With my hands resting palm up on my thighs, I can’t help but think about how fond I’ve grown of the few moments I get in this state, my body relaxing and mind dropping into the warm mindset it always brings.

For a long time, I simply stayed just like that, my eyes fluttering closed as Alec’s one hand came down to stroke my hair almost tenderly.

It was amazing the effect this position had on me, but I found myself completely unworried about the thought of doing a scene with an audience in these few moments.

My answer wasn’t a solid yes yet, but nothing really mattered right now except for Alec’s soothing touches and the erotic thrum of distant music.

“You may rise now,” His deep voice commanded, my body reacting instantly as though I was a puppet on strings.

The first thing I noticed wasn’t the dark green of his eyes, but rather the black material from earlier now in his hands.

Silently holding my attention, I watched as Alec crouched all the way down before he unfolded what I now recognize to be intricate patterns of sheer and lace.

Tapping my ankle with his one hand, I took that as my indication to step into a hole in the material, doing the same with my other foot.

I leaned into his touch as Alec planted a single kiss right above my knee, pulling the piece of clothing all the way onto me.

My lips parted in surprise at the mostly see through shorts that were now wrapping snugly to my hips, ass, and down to about a third of my thighs.

The black lace wove in simplistic floral patterns, but what I very quickly realized was the fact that the shorts were crotchless, leaving the majority of me bare.

My breath hitched as Alec slowly rose, and it was only then did I realize that this wasn’t for decoration, but instead my comfort entirely.

While there was still fairly every single part of me exposed, the intricate fabric helped to cover two of my biggest insecurities—things that I don’t think I could ever be comfortable showing an entire group of people to.

“Your scars are never something you should be ashamed of or feel the need to cover up, but I just wanted to give you this option. I know you’re interested in exhibitionism, but understandably nervous as well. I promise no one would ever judge you here, but I want you to feel as comfortable as possi—”

I didn’t let Alec finish before I was moving forward, wrapping my arms around his back and hugging him with everything I had to give.

I refused to cry, though I was tempted to.

I will forever appreciate this moment, and how repeatedly, Alec as well as two other men in my life do everything they can to make me feel good.

And I do. Right now, I feel really really good.

“It’s perfect.” I say against his chest, letting out an extremely heavy breath at the feeling of his hands holding me just as tight as I am him.

“I’m glad, princess.” He murmurs back, lifting my head with a finger to look at me, only to plant a soft kiss on my forehead.

That alone has my heart swelling, a huge weight being lifted off of my chest.

“I want to do it.” I say, referring to whatever ideas he has planned for this room as I take a second glance around curiously.

But I’m nervous.

That feeling doesn’t change my answer, though it doesn’t help my mind either.

Alec seemed to recognize this as he pulled away, walking to my back before pulling my hips flush against him.

“You’re too tense,” He quietly says in my ear, nipping the sensitive skin right below it before deliciously soothing away the pain with his tongue, “What do you need to fix that, hmm?”

I shivered as Alec’s finger’s stroked against my stomach, his mouth moving down the column of my neck in a way that ignited a flame deep within me.

“My tongue perhaps?”

A kiss against my shoulder.

“My fingers?”

A teasing brush against my breast.

“Or maybe it’s my cock that has your body growing so needy already?” Alec continues, my breath hitching at his words, “You’re always so responsive—so sensitive.”

As if to prove his point, my body arched into his touch from a mere stroke of his thumb across my nipple.

“Tongue,” I whimpered as he suddenly pulled away, walking us over to the back of the small couch by the window.

I don’t get the chance to even blink before he’s pinning me down over the cushion, my hips angling upwards from the folded position.

I couldn’t help but squirm as his hand came down on my ass a second before I heard him drop to his knees, his fingers wrapping around my thighs and spreading me to his liking.

Only a breath later, I felt his mouth descend on me, his tongue diving right for my clit as he swirled and sucked over the sensitive bundle of nerves.

“Fuck.” I swore as I tried to jolt forward, but his strong hands kept me in place, stroking my thighs in the process.

I felt Alec hum against me, only to push himself farther, not even needing his fingers to make me feel on the edge in a matter of minutes.

It was dizzying how intense everything suddenly became, but I relaxed into it as my head fell forward and my hands reached back.

Fisting his curls between my fingers, I whimpered as his tongue took that as his cue to slip through my folds, pushing deep inside of me.

I couldn’t stop myself from rocking backwards, my hips moving at their own accord against his face in something that could only be described as pure need.

The action drew a low sound from Alec, his moan vibrating in his throat and sending shocks straight through my panting body.

“Sir,” I gasped as he made good on his promise of giving me what I needed, keeping me spread while my legs trembled beneath his sinful fingertips.

My breaths grew labored as his attention drew upwards once again, his tongue darting out before sucking diligently on clit.

I felt his grip tighten around my thighs as a small shake began to take over, every movement of his sending me falling deeper and deeper into a pit of absolute pleasure.

“Look up,” He groaned against me, confusing me until I slowly did as he asked and saw a small group of people now gathered in front of the window, some taking a seat and others standing as they played with their partners.

I knew they couldn’t see me yet, but this gave me a taste of what it would be like.

As if Alec knew this would happen, my eyes pinched shut and my mouth parted as I came all over his tongue.

My orgasm was so sudden I couldn’t help it as my knees buckled, a surprised moan pushing past my lips.

“That’s it,” He murmured, holding my sensitive body still as his tongue continued to lap away every last bit of my release.

He had to have known what my reaction would be, and truthfully, my orgasm just now was one that made me feel unsteady to walk, even though it was only his mouth doing the work.

My body’s response to the watchers surprised me, but I didn’t hate it either.

Pulling back and planting a kiss on my ass, I felt as Alec rose, his hands slowly encouraging me to stand with him.

“How was that?” He whispered in my ear as he turned to look at me, my face flushing at the mess I made on his face.

His once neat hair was now completely disheveled, and his lips were still glistening with my arousal.

The sinful grin he shot me at my staring only confirmed he knew where my mind just went.

“It was good, Sir.” I answered truthfully, my head turning back to where the gathered people were.

My stomach clenched to see that the number had doubled from only seconds ago, my eyes widening slightly at those who I recognized.

“They came as support knowing it’s your first time, but have already agreed to leave if their presence makes you more uncomfortable than at ease.” Alec explains the sight of Hailey and Mila together at the front, both as equally naked as me.

It felt wrong seeing them like this, and my head instinctively looked away from the couple gently touching each other.

“Don’t be shy, little one,” Alec says lowly, lightly grabbing my face and forcing me to look at them, “It’s okay to watch here; most people love it actually.”

I looked as Hailey was at Mila’s back, her hands trailing all over her body and whispering things in her ear.

“She’s my friend.” I say, squirming under Alec’s hold, hating how I was already insanely turned on.

“She’s a friend that would happily fuck you if she got the okay from all of us.”

I tensed in surprise at that, wanting to look at Alec but not being able to.

“The only reason we’re fine with you living with her is because we know she wouldn’t do anything without a conversation first, but I don’t quite think you realize how many people want you, princess.”

My breath hitched as Alec began to copy Hailey’s movements, pulling me flush against his front.

“But she’s with Mila.” I argue, even though I was admittedly attracted to both of them before I started dating Caleb, Alec, and Xavier.

“It would be the six of us together and probably just a one time thing.” Alec says, shocking me at the fact that it seems this is something they’ve all debated doing, “This is a conversation for another time, but know you are more than allowed to look at anybody here, as long as you know that you belong to us.”

My men.

“I’m yours, Sir.” I reassure, even though I know he already knows that.

Pushing back against him, Alec lets go of my face only because he doesn’t have to force me to watch anymore.

My eyes trailed over every single person now here, a mixture of different people all gathered for one thing: us.

“Are you ready to begin?” Alec asks, kissing the back of my head at my most recent words.

My heart was racing and my palms felt clammy, but at the same time, my core clenched in excitement at his question.

With only a slight pause, I took a deep breath and said, “Yes, Sir.”

With only two simple words, I knew things were about to get intense fast.

I could feel as Alec smiled against me, and in the next second, the heat of his body disappeared.

With steady and sure movements, Alec walked over to where the panel to the window was and turned to face me in the same moment he raised his hand.

The look he gave me was primal and more than ready to show this entire club just exactly who owned me.

Little did he know I wanted the exact same thing, only the other way around.

A wink was all I got before his finger pressed down on a button, the blue light that came on beside it confirming the glass was now entirely transparent.

“Madelyn, I want you to present for me in the middle of the room, facing the window.” Alec commanded, and I didn’t waste a second following orders.

Somehow, it was only just now that I remembered a lot of these people here already knew Alec and were probably extremely curious to see the person who he now calls his girlfriend.

Not only did I not want to make him look bad, but I also don’t know if I could handle the humiliation of being punished in front of others.

At this point, my body simply reacted, wanting to do anything and everything to make him feel satisfied.

Already naked and knowing my hair was fine down, all I had to do was kneel as I walked to where he asked, lowering myself to the ground and reluctantly spreading my legs out.

At first, I was nervous—panicked at how many people were watching me and the fact I was completely vulnerable in this position.

At first, I second guessed my decision to do this.

But as that familiar stretch burned through me and my head hung down, I felt a warming tingle spread throughout my body, slowly bringing me back into that content headspace I’ve come to love.

With my eyes closed, I urged my body to not only relax, but embrace the things I hate most about myself.

For years, I’ve hated the parts about me that weren’t thin or unmarked by stretch marks and cellulite, but these men have helped me day by day to relearn how to love myself.

I think I only realized that now, but it’s true.

Right now, despite there being at least thirty or so people watching me, I couldn’t find any of those things unattractive about myself.

I simply felt... calm.

“Do me a favour and pick a number between one and three for me, princess,” Alec’s voice came from somewhere to my left, but his words carried far enough for both me and the people outside to hear.

“One, Sir.” I responded, forcing myself not to shift or lift my head to see what this was about.

Repeatedly, I willed my mind to go back to that soothing place so I didn’t disobey due to my own curiosity.

I could feel eyes on me, bodies near, but my focus soon shifted to the sound of footsteps walking towards me, Alec intentionally letting me hear where he was.

I know damn well he could’ve been silent if he wanted to.

“I want you to hold this on your clit until I tell you otherwise.” He says, crouching down and placing a purple vibrator in my hands.

Sucking in a breath, I didn’t say anything as I took it from him.

My fingers tingled as Alec turned the switch to setting three of ten, allowing me to then hold it on my own as he stood.

With my legs already in a spread out position, it took nothing for me to hesitantly bring the toy down between my thighs, pressing the vibrations close to my clit.

I immediately had to bite down on my tongue to avoid any noises falling from my mouth, the sound of the vibrator loud enough on its own.

I couldn’t look to where Alec went after that, and even though I knew he was never far, he kept each of his steps lethally silent this time as he moved.

For all I know, he wasn’t moving anywhere, simply watching the way I internally struggled against the sensations of the toy.

“Such a good girl,” Alec praises, walking over and crouching down by my side.

My eyes pinched shut as his hand suddenly turned the dial up by two, the sensitivity from my most recent orgasm making me breathe heavily through my nose to keep me still.

“Would you like this for tonight?” He then asks, angling my head with a finger over to the black blindfold in his hand.

I debated it with a stare, the fabric more than tempting, though I wasn’t sure I really wanted it.

“No thank you, Sir.” I shook my head in decision, instantly missing the contact as he removed his hand from my face.

I knew his offer was to help with my nerves, but there was no mistaking how badly I wanted this.

I wanted to see people touching themselves to the sight of Alec and I together, and more importantly, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this—that I wouldn’t let something like my insecurities hold me back from something I’ve fantasized about for years.

“Hmm,” Alec hums, and I can tell without seeing that he was smiling, pride coursing through him, “Then how about a few more hands perhaps?”

Before confusion at his words could settle in, I was suddenly being lifted up, not by Alec, but fingers covered in dark, engraved rings.

“Hey, sweetheart.” Xavier says in my ear, just as another set of hands took the vibrator from me.

“You didn’t think we’d miss your first show, did you?” Caleb grinned, pressing the toy hard to my clit in my placement.

Happiness that they were here spread through me, though it was very clear it was still Alec in charge.

The other two were only here for additional help, and honestly, probably for support too.

Now that I was standing with Xavier’s large arms holding my waist, I didn’t try to stop the moan that escaped my parted lips.

“So pretty,” Alec murmured as he walked up to my pinned body, simply watching me for a moment as I squirmed in pleasure.

I felt my body heat even more under his assessing stare, and as a smile tugged at the corners of his lips, butterflies fluttered in my stomach from that action alone.

Soon, however, watching wasn’t enough for him anymore.

When Alec’s hands lifted to my face, holding me close to him, I melted right into his touch as his lips came down on mine.

All it took was that, and he was completely in control of me, his hands wandering even though I was almost too out of it to kiss him back.

This only seemed to make him more turned on, though, his hand reaching up to tug once at my nipple before pulling away and dropping to his knees before me for the third time today.

At first I was confused, but when I looked down to see the spreader bar by my side, Alec looked up at me with a smile as he slipped each of my feet into a padded cuff.

For a moment my legs remained close together, but I gasped when he suddenly pulled the metal apart, my knees instantly separating and the bar clicking into place.

Now I was completely at his mercy, Caleb turning the vibrator up to the eighth setting now if I could recall correctly.

My knees tried to bow in, but Alec’s hands were quickly there, gently keeping me open and placing light kisses everywhere along my legs.

Everything was just too much, and when the toy clicked up yet again, I tried to move both away and closer to the vibrations.

The brink of my orgasm was coming close, and I knew it would only take a few more seconds of this before it would be too much.

“Can I come, Sir?” I whimpered as my ass wiggled backwards, Xavier groaning lowly in my ear.

That really didn’t help.

For a little while, Alec only gazed up at me, smirking because he knew how desperate he was making me.

“Look at them.” Is his only response, clearly referring to the people behind him, “Look at the effect you’re having on all of these people, and I’ll give you your release.”

He knew I was close, and he also knew I was trying to tune the eyes of others out by focusing on him instead.

I was too scared to see how many people were watching as I trembled beneath my dominants’ grasps.

However, my need for my rapidly approaching orgasm soon overpowered that fear, and I surprised myself as I did as Alec asked and looked up.

My hips bucked forward at the sight before me, every single person touching their partners in some way as they watched me.

Some people had cocks between their lips, while others were simply forced to kneel at their partner’s feet, not allowed to do anything but squirm as they looked forward.

So many people doing different things, yet all getting off on the same visual.

That was all I needed as a choked breath left my mouth, Xavier’s lips dropping down to my neck as Caleb turned up the vibrator to the tenth and final setting.

As for Alec, he forced my knees wide as his tongue dipped inside of me, stroking against my spot and effectively triggering my second orgasm of the night.

As waves upon waves of pleasure crashed through me, one reoccurring thought passed through my mind.

I did it.

Not only that, but it was one of the most enjoyable, liberating moments of my life to be able to let go like this and not feel ashamed in the process.

What was even better was the way I could feel how proud all three of my men were of me, their touches rough, but caring as they slowly brought me down from my high.

By the time I was able to stand on my own again, I was a panting, shaking mess in their arms.

I let out a breath as Caleb turned off the vibrator, walking to place it back down on the counter.

At the same time, Xavier whispered words of both approval and ones that made me wish I could press my legs together more.

“You’re doing so good.” He says for only me to hear, drawing a small shiver from my body.

I have a feeling most around me noticed as well when he hugged me tighter to him in response.

While Alec moves to stand in front of me, I can’t help but look behind him at the group of people still sitting there. Only now I see two new members that have decided to join.

The couple I remember as Caitlin and Dominic are now sitting down together, the former naked and sitting on his lap.

At first it seemed innocent enough, but I soon realized just how wrong I was.

During a moment when Caitlin squirmed, I had learned that she was being filled with her husband’s dick, though she didn’t seem to be allowed to move.

The sight alone had me flushing and looking over to some of the others.

Alec’s hands came up to lazily begin playing with my nipples, and I could see his smile out of the corner of my eye.

Even though none of us had said it, we all knew this was progress for me.

I couldn’t help but be a little happy for myself as I continued to look around.

My gaze ended up on Hailey and Mila after a few seconds, though I found they weren’t looking at me, but rather to my left.

Following suit, my head turned to see why Caleb hadn’t returned, only to wish that I hadn’t.

The thing that I thought looked to be a cooler earlier turned out to be just that, only the glass dildo that was pulled out from it had me squirming in uncertainty.

Alec wasn’t lying all those weeks ago when he told me temperature play was a turn on for him, because I had no doubt that toy would bring the sensations of ice without the risks of ice itself being placed inside of me.

That was what everyone’s eyes were on, but Caleb’s were watching me, gauging my reaction as he took out a white cloth from one of the drawers and wiped off the water from what had melted on it.

“Think you can handle two more orgasms, princess?” Alec smiles, bringing my attention back to him.

That would put me at four orgasms within an hour, and honestly, that knowledge had my heart racing in mixed thoughts.

“Yes, Sir.” I nod, even as I looked worriedly at the dildo being walked over to my side, Caleb smirking as he brought the toy up to my lips.

“Get this nice and wet for us, will you?” He says, positioning the long toy at the small part of my mouth.

Alec stepped to the side as Xavier held me, no doubt to give the audience a better angle as I opened and let my tongue run along the bottom of the glass.

It was unsurprisingly cold against my taste buds, goosebumps rising on my arms as I relaxed my jaw and allowed Caleb to push a little deeper into my mouth.

I never would have expected taking a toy down my throat to be so arousing, but I literally felt myself drip onto my inner thigh as I pretended to be sucking one of their cocks.

I knew the effect it had on all of my men, and when I heard a moan from someone on the other side of the window, I knew they weren’t the only ones.

Who knew this would be so... empowering.

A really small part of me has always wondered if I were maybe a switch, and the thought popped back into my head just now at the power I felt knowing I brought that reaction out of someone else.

My mind was very quickly side tracked though when Caleb hit my gag reflex, my lips sputtering around the now efficiently wet dildo.

Seemingly satisfied by that, I watched as Alec took the long toy from the blond’s hand, teasingly running it down my body and along my already soaked slit.

My hips jolted to the side at the freezing contact, not expecting that feeling even though I knew damn well it would be cold.

Alec only smiled as Xavier gripped my hips hard, allowing them no wiggle room for motion.

I quite literally couldn’t shift now to gain myself relief, gasping as the head of the glass moved back into place, not quite pushing in but simply moving up and down over and over again.

Even that didn’t seem to be enough for them though.

I watched as Caleb crouched down to my feet, choosing to unbuckle the clasps of the spreader bar so he could spread me even wider.

His one hand wrapped around the back of my knee as he stood, lifting it up and out so that not only was I only standing on one leg now, but I was completely open for Alec as he pushed just the tip of the toy inside.

“Ah,” I gasped, my breathing becoming extremely heavy as I fought against Xavier and Caleb’s grip.

These sensations were like nothing I’ve ever felt before, and my heart only decided to join the mix as Alec cast me a smile that countered the cold touch between my legs.

“I wonder how much of this you can take?” He verbally ponders, clear challenge in his eyes as he pulls out only to thrust double the previous length back inside.

While there was practically no weight on my right leg thanks to Xavier, it didn’t stop my entire body from shaking, not from the cold, but from sheer pleasure.

“Sir, please,” I begged, squirming in the only ways I still could.

“Please what, my sweet submissive?” Alec teases cruelly, planting a light kiss on my jaw as my mouth parted open, “What are you asking for?”

“I-I don’t know.” I stutter, my head tossing back onto Xavier’s shoulder for support.

“Mhm,” He hums, his thumbs running soothing circles on my hips, “I think you want more, whether you know it or not.”

Alec took Xavier’s words with intention, pushing until three-quarters of the dildo was fucking into me with every forward motion.

During a small change in angle, it brushed hard against my g-spot, and that was it for me.

I shattered in their arms as I made a sound of a mix between a moan and a choked sob, everything suddenly becoming too much for me to handle.

Nothing could’ve stopped it as a sudden wave of ecstasy crashed over me.

“Can I—”

“Come, Madelyn. Just let go and let us take care of you.” Alec gave me the permission I needed as I exploded around him, causing me to cry out as he slammed the last inch of the toy inside of me.

It was nearly unbearably cold, but I felt so hot and overwhelmed at the same time that the freezing bite only added to everything.

My heart raced as I was so wet I could hear the toy continuing to fuck into me, and my cheeks flushed deeper knowing likely everyone watching could hear it too.

However, I soon realized that thought only increased my climax, none of my men ever letting me go or letting me down from my high.

“One more for us, darling.” Caleb encouraged, repositioning his grip on my leg, but showing no struggle with it either.

All of my thoughts blurred into one at his words, realizing that I had promised two more orgasms by the end of this.

I thought they’d give me a break in between, though.

Stupid me.

They were doing no such thing right now as Alec bent down for a better angle, forcing me to take the ice cold toy over and over again with every motion of his wrist.

I pushed into his touch as he kissed a spot right above my knee in affection, but I was almost too out of it when one of Xavier’s hands came off of my hip, bringing it up to hold my face.

At first, I thought that’s all it was, but when his thumb prodded my lips, I couldn’t help but part them to take the finger into my mouth.

I moaned and closed my lips around it, my tongue swirling and gagging when he suddenly pushed too deep down my throat.

The next second he was pulling his thumb from my mouth, covered in my spit as he moved away.

I relaxed into his touch as he slowly brushed a few fingers down the spine of my back, over the curve of my ass, and down between my legs.

I didn’t even have time to realize what was happening before I felt the finger at my back entrance, slipping smoothly inside as I spasmed around both the dildo and his thumb.

“F-Fuck!” I cursed, whimpering at the intensity of all of these feelings.

“I know.” Caleb whispered, moving down to plant a kiss along the arch of my exposed neck, “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

I could only manage a small nod in response, my body simply reacting now as it took control of my actions on its own.

Without that one hand, I now had more movement of my hips, using the freedom to fuck myself forwards then backwards until I was sweating and close to an absolute disaster.

I was already overstimulated from my previous orgasms, and I don’t know what caused the change, but sparks of a climax soon began to reappear, flickering deep in my core.

“Be a good girl and come for us,” Alec demands, looking up at me the entire time, “I want you dripping down my wrist by the time I’m done with you.”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

“I can’t,” I cried, trying to pull away but only gaining more sensations from Xavier’s thumb.

“You can take it.” Caleb says, bringing his head down to my chest and pulling a nipple into his mouth.

I was already wet, but they had me dripping by now, my moans and cries combined with the sound of my arousal.

“One more, princess.” Alec says to me, the eyes of those behind the glass long forgotten.

Right now it was just us and every sensitive nerve in my body.

One more.

I knew I would have collapsed at this point without them, and I was suddenly extremely thankful for their hold as Alec’s mouth latched onto my clit, the warmth and suction sending me right over the edge.

“Oh god,” I cried from the overstimulation, every inch of my soul being absolutely consumed by the men surrounding me.

I felt free as the intensity of my orgasm spread through my body, soaking both the toy and Alec’s hand like he said I would.

I don’t think I could’ve done it without all three, and as tears began to spill down my pink cheeks and a blissful feeling washed over me, I knew I did it.

Despite my fears, I stood here and accomplished something I never thought I could.

The knowledge of that had me sinking to the ground with a wet face, Alec discarding the toy to the side as he followed me down.

“You did so good, Madelyn.” He whispered as he pulled me into his lap, cradling me as my head nestled into his warm chest.

This was home.

The realization dawned over me so suddenly I didn’t even know what to make of it, but I knew it was true.

Nothing could beat what the four of us shared.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I saw Caleb walk over to the panel to fog the window as Xavier moved to the sinks to wash his hands and the equipment we used.

Mostly, however, my thoughts were on the way Alec was currently holding me in a way I’ve wished to be held my entire life.

The best part about it was that I got to call him and the two other men with me mine.

“I can’t believe I just did that,” I smiled in shyness as I hid my face in his shirt, my hands wrapping around his neck just to gain that little bit more of contact.

“I can.” I heard him mirror my expression, his hands cradling my face and moving me to look at him, “And you’re not going to walk away from this embarrassed, because what you failed to see when your eyes were closed was how many people were wishing to be in our place just to be able to touch you.”

My eyes widened slightly at his words, or more specifically the heat clearly flaring inside of him now.

I suddenly became extremely aware of his hard-on beneath me, but more specifically the different kind of pride to be heard in his voice.

“You have such a power kink.” I laughed, now seeing that there was more than one motive to today’s scene.

“You’re only realizing that now?” Caleb chuckled from behind me, crouching down and revealing the seemingly wet cloth in his hands.

When he lifted it to wipe away the tears from my face, I sighed as I realized he had soaked it with warm water to help bring me down.

“You’re ours, Mads,” Alec said in my ear, hugging me close as Caleb continued to take care of me, “Now everybody in this club will not only know you belong to us, but yes, we also take pride in the fact that we’re the only ones to get to call you ours when everyone now wants you.”

I blushed at that, but simply shook my head in amusement.

“I may be yours, but not everyone wants me.”

That wasn’t even my insecurities talking, it was just a fact.

“I’ve already gotten an email from one of our longest members here wondering what the four of our limits are and whether we’d be interested in letting you scene with him while we watch.” Xavier’s voice and obvious smirk carried from across the room, my head twisting in surprise to where he stood.

“You did?” I ask, not even sure what to think of that.

“First of many I’m sure,” He smiles, knowing that I’m going to turn down every offer there is.

And every time I do, it’s only going to feed more and more into their ridiculously large male egos.

I’m sure that’s just what they need.


“Come on, you’re seriously going to make me wait for this surprise too?” I tilt my head, watching as an amused smile crossed Alec’s face.

Now fully dressed and back in his car, the man refused to tell me why he had no intention of bringing me home until later.

‘A small detour’ is what he called it.

He had given me a lot of time to regain my energy back at Rush, and for a little while, Caleb, Alec, Xavier, and I all sat and talked for a little about our days.

It felt so surprisingly domestic compared to the things we had done at a sex club of all places only minutes before.

It was really nice, though.

It was something I could happily get used to.

Even with all of Alec’s secrecy about where he was taking the two of us, he made me smile until my face hurt and it was a nice feeling to have.

“What about a small hint?” I prodded further, slapping his hand away as he went to poke me for asking yet again.

“It’s the better half of the gift I wanted to give you tonight, and it includes you getting naked again, so it’s a win for me.”

At my raised eyebrow, he caved after laughing at my expression.

I was all orgasmed out for the night, thank you very much.

“Look in the black bag in the backseat,” Was his only response, accompanied by a wink.

Doing just that, I reached out for the handles before bringing the whole thing to rest on my lap, my fingers curiously pulling out the lavender hoodie and heathered grey sweats to go with it.

I felt the soft brush of the fleece lining against my fingertips, the material no doubt expensive and well made.

Looking at him in question, Alec only gave me a light shrug, offering no meaning as to how this was supposed to hint where we were going.

“I promise you’ll love it,” He squeezed my thigh with his large hand, “And if you ask where we’re going again, I’m going to pull over to the side of the road and spank you over the hood of my car.”

His words were teasing, but I knew he was serious in every way.

“Alec?” I grinned, waiting until he looked over to me.

Where are we going?

My eyes flickered over the green in his eyes, his long lashes, and the extremely light dust of freckles across his nose.

He was devastatingly beautiful, and he was all mine.

“Nothing,” I only said, suppressing the brat inside of me tempted to ask that question yet again.

Sinking down slightly in the seat, I simply wrapped my arm around his much larger one, resting my head against him and holding him close.

- End of Chapter 55 -

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